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MAGARevolution 137 points ago

Back in Fall 2019, several people I know had a respiratory illness. Flu test came back negative. They eventually recovered but nobody knew what it was. Lots of people have stories like this. Sounds like the Chinese Virus was already spreading around at that time, we just didn't have a name for it yet.

RahkeemTheMachine 74 points ago

Dozens of people at work had it late January, cough that wouldn’t end. Some tested negative for flu, some positive so who knows

BadManOrange 38 points ago

Around Christmas time I had an awful cough that lasted for like a month, but no fever. Wife got a milder and shorter lived version and had a low grade fever though. I've speculated that it could have been it, but who knows?

45fan 29 points ago

Same for me. Wife and I felt miserable. Not the flu.

RedSocks157 28 points ago

Where I work we all caught something nasty in mid-February. I don't think anyone got tested for the flu, but we've all been wondering whether it could've been the Kung Pow Sicken. I guess we'll find out whenever they start testing people for antibodies, I will be very curious to see what the results are.

Thingthing22 19 points ago

Kung Pow Sicken.. lol. You made me squirt my Dragon Energy drink out my nose.

LoveTrumps---Hair 3 points ago

I stopped reading at "You made me squirt," and was very amused and aroused.

Dialectic 0 points ago

Not your proudest fap I take it?

Tranny_Fluid 13 points ago

lol Kung Pow Sicken, haven't heard that one yet, take my upvote.

magafornian 12 points ago

I'm in CA and I am 99% sure I had it mid-January. I had the exact symptoms and stayed home from work for 3 days + 2 the weekend (I usually never get sick, so this was unprecedented use of sick time for me). Absolutely miserable. Cough would keep me up all night and I have asthma so I really felt like I couldn't breathe. I had a fever but it never went above 101 that (at least I never measured it above that). I usually run cool (a bit under 98) so even a temp of 99 is noticeable to me. I never went to the doc though. I went back to work the following Monday but still had sporadic coughing attacks that would knock me back into my chair wheezing for minutes on end. I just stayed away from everyone and got through it. The (unproductive) cough finally let up after about 6 weeks.

farquhar 7 points ago

I think I and my family may have had it too. I'm in CA and it went through us like Grant took Richmond

magafornian 7 points ago

I forgot to add earlier: It went through my whole school too! Tons of kids and teachers with this horrible cough that wouldn't stop. All in late December through January, long before Wuhan Coronavirus was talked about (at least that I heard).

HockeyMom4Trump 5 points ago

There was some nasty stuff floating around here in January and February, for sure

BestTimeToBAlive 12 points ago

I have a friend in NYC that got it after visiting CES in Vegas at beg on Jan. High fever, couldn't breathe for 5 days, felt that she was dying. And she's young.

This shit's been around for longer than we knew

Pickles 4 points ago

My wife and I had the symptoms back in early October, she was very sick and we worried about developing pnuemonia because of her lingering dry cough. We then went to an industry convention in November (a full 3-4 weeks after recovering) with manufacturers from all over the world, including China. Who knows, maybe I spread it to THEM, lol.

DocOne 3 points ago

Boss had it the same time. Nasty dry cough, a little shortness of breath and a fever.
The cough lasted a month or maybe more but the fever and SOB only lasted for like 4 days. Not sure it was covid though, nobody else caught it and we're a small office and interact with him directly and often.

Chalwa222 35 points ago

Same shit happened to my family and I back around December. We were joking at the time that it was the Chicom virus, but now that I'm thinking about it, it very well could have been.

pmurTJdlanoD 25 points ago

If they get large scale antibody testing going it will be fascinating to discover that a bunch of Californians already had it. Will be a HUGE red pill as well. No panic no panic no panic impeachment fails SHUT DOWN EVERYTHING AND PANIC

Thingthing22 17 points ago

Because "they don't know enough" and refuse to ramp up this antibody test. Ramp. It. The. Fuck. Up. This "study" should be a higher priority than anything else right now. It's national security matter, GEOTUS.

MAGAnum_PI 8 points ago

It's not just Cali, my family and other people I know had a month long thing and were in the North East

pmurTJdlanoD 9 points ago

Fair enough, it's just particularly shocking that California's not more of a hotbed like New York.

BestTimeToBAlive 10 points ago

LA doesn't have mass transit. Nobody walks... only drives. In NYC everyone's way more crammed tgthr than in Cali.

LostValkyrie 3 points ago (edited)

We have 40 million people here and the flu spreads just fine every year. In addition, LA had a direct flight from Wuhan that resulted in 5000 Chinese arriving every week. Driving does do wonders to prevent spread compared to New York public transit but with as contagious as this thing is, there’s no way it wouldn’t have spread.

Then again maybe I’m sick of living in a blue state and just want something cool to happen to us for once.

cusp-of-carabelli 2 points ago

I think Missing Persons wrote a song about that over 30 years ago...

BestTimeToBAlive 2 points ago

lol, yeah. Its very apt.

sigsol 4 points ago

Same here. We are smack in the middle of Philly and Baltimore. They had to shut down a middle school to clean it so many teachers and students got sick from a mystery illness.

Most tested negative for the flu.

Whole family was such for a month or more.

Cyer6 10 points ago

Rush has been on this topic several times bringing up stats and studies. He's convinced, and I agree with him, that CA has developed a herd immunity. There's just no way to explain the state's low death numbers and curve going flat so quickly. They started social distancing and stay at home orders around the same time as NY.

trainrekt 2 points ago

My question to this theory is where are the deaths? If there are freezer trucks of people that died from it in NY right now, wouldn't that also have been the case in California in the fall?

Barbs 1 point ago

They’ve identified six different strains (mutations) of the virus so far. They range from mild to severe symptoms, so California could have gotten the earlier, weaker strain and the more virulent strain, that mutated from the weaker strain, is now circulating in NYC, Spain and Italy. The west coast was probably infected earlier and seems to have fared much better than the east coast.


Not even that I think this thing has been in CA since November at the latest. My mom was sick with a respiratory infection took two months and she's in the "High risk" category because of a accident she suffered when she was younger.

I had the same type of cold (got from her). Mid grade fever, lethargy, pretty much felt like I was slowly being cooked alive in my skin all the while unable to breathe properly. I lived on my asthma medication for a whole week....that was miserable until my fever broke and I recovered.

Other than New York, California has the highest Chinese Immigrant population and my god their areas are dirty as fuck in L.A. You can tell the difference between the cultures (Japanese and Korean areas are clean, even some of the Latino and Black areas look cleaner in comparison) moving from one area to the next.

I wouldn't put it past that the virus was already out in the open, breached containment and fluttering around Wuhan like a ripe bat being plucked from the caves.

FRONT_TOWARD_LEFT 21 points ago (edited)

Air travelers walk through crowded buildings, line up inches away from other people, sit down in seats strangers just vacated, and touch things that were touched by other people whose hygiene habits nobody has a clue about.

That is all done before standing in another line to board an enclosed metal tube to sit inches away from strangers who will all be breathing the same air for the next couple of hours (and yes, I know the cabin atmosphere is recirculated, but it's tough to get six inches of social distancing let alone six feet).

These travelers then disembark to walk through another crowded building and then go to their homes and families or into office buildings to meet their coworkers. Perhaps they take a city bus or subway or public taxi on the way to their destinations.

There is no way in hell if this broke out in Red China late last fall and is as contagious as we have been panicked into believing that it did not burn through the modern world's population within a month.

Let's see what the serum antibody surveys turn up.

spez: I meant the cabin atmosphere is mixed with fresh air when recirculated

FuckTheOtherSide 19 points ago

Something for sure was spreading. No doubt about it. I have my doubts that it’s the same thing though unless it mutated & got worse.

chuckachookah 14 points ago

I think this is legit.

I recounted my situation here: https://thedonald.win/p/FMSqQSeW/x/c/HYLU6j1q

Long, mostly west coast (LA, SEA, SFO) business trip from just after XMas to mid Feb.

Had a week were I was wrecked --dry cough, hacked up never-before-in-life yucky stuff, head ache, disoriented sleep, sore lymph nodes).

Came back home and saw doc, "just some virus; here's a zpack script and stay hydrated"

A week later, I was fine.

DicksOutForHarambe [S] 6 points ago

I too had something end of december, slight fever and worst hacking lung congestion ever, no throat soreness.

chuckachookah 4 points ago

Yeah, no sore throat either. But my lymph nodes (my neck and jawline) were super sore. Didn’t hurt to swallow, per se but kind of.

sigsol 3 points ago

Myself and a coworker were both sick for a month or more. Wife and kid got it after me. I had the lymph nodes on the right side back of my head and neck swell and get sore.

Freaked me out as it was the first time in my life I have had that happen.

It's interesting.

lmao 3 points ago

lmao, if this is the case, then the shutdowns are for nothing lol. It went through California unnoticed months ago. Herd immunity without overloaded hospitals,

chuckachookah 2 points ago

Herd immunity seems to be a real thing, so it logically makes sense.

And with the traveling, the body's immune system is usually being taxed more than normal. So, for sure I was in a state of being immuno-compromised, which is one of the prime factors for being infected.

I definitely want to have the antibody test (if that's the right name) done. That might make this reaction truly a folly.

The irony here is (and you can already see this), MSM will make this Trump's fault. They will write all kinds of bullshit angles that try to paint him as being responsible for "trillions" of economic losses. What they fail to realize is that We (America) will build this back and We will all win (which just so happens to be what the President has been trying to do, despite the democrat & media's best attempts otherwise).

DonJr2024 12 points ago

Heard many many stories like this. I really believe this thing has been around since Oct/Nov and has hit many millions already.

acada 11 points ago

I had something really bad after a trip to California. If you look at my post history you'll see me mention how I did not believe it was Wuflu, now I'm starting to wonder, and the fact they're looking into it has me starting to think maybe I did have it.

It was a persistent dry cough, but no fever, and it lasted a month. I was treated with a Z-pack and a steroid. Once I started that treatment the symptoms started to go away almost immediately.

For Christmas when we went to California, we returned and my wife got a similar illness that lasted 6-weeks. Mine still may have been bronchitis, since there was no fever, but now I wonder. Both times we flew in and out of LAX.

MW23232 5 points ago

I had same as you describe. First week of January. I am in CA, So Cal, between LA and San Diego on coast basically. Dry cough I remember thinking I now know what they mean by a dry cough. Felt like I had to cough something out, had to turn my head or neck to a certain angle to cough and have it help at all. But it still dry basically. Weird. To the point I practically gagged myself coughing. Or trying to. Other people in family would come to see if I survived my coughing fits. I got it from my son. We did not go to doctor, either of us. Figured it would go away eventually. We both got it twice, it started to go away came back. No fever, I don't think. TMI I know ... but just checking if anybody could relate to what I described. Why didn't it spread worldwide at that point in time ... I wonder???

Tonightm01 11 points ago

I mean there are loads of bugs and shit that fly around. The timing is way off for early November in America. But then again it's just what we know officially. So who the fuck really knows tbh.

MAGARevolution 20 points ago

We have a poor sense of timing because China did what they could to cover this up for as long as possible.

chuckachookah 8 points ago

Well, there are some stats that this flu season started earlier than normal and it started...back in early November (which is earlier then '18, '17, etc).

Something fucky is going on.

mrs.rose 10 points ago

This may be really early, but my whole family, all 8 of us got a super nasty respiratory flu after we visited Yosemite (Chinese everywhere) in early September. Makes me think.

maga_2020 10 points ago

My sister said she thinks she might have had it in December. Michigan.

MemeSquad 7 points ago

I’m in MI and lived in Wayne county at the time. I’m fairly certain this is what I had in late Dec/early Jan. Was exposed to it by a high level Ford employee and I figure there was probably only a few degrees of separation between me and some Chinese.

GreatNW 8 points ago

Know multiple people who had similar illness late fall onwards along the i5 coordinator between Portland and Seattle. Weird fevers, red eyes/"hot eyes", body ache, headache, no or dry cough.

If not a coronavirus it was something novel.

The_Him 8 points ago

I'm 100% positive I had it in December. I'm in Oregon but was traveling quite a bit in October and November. In December I got sick like I've never been sick. Started with a cough then one day I felt really weak and drowsy. I laid down and couldn't get out of bed for three days. I was so weak I couldn't even make it to the bathroom on my own. I had a fever and chills that were unreal. After three days I still felt like shit but could finally take a dump on my own but was extremely out of breath. The weakness and inability to breathe lasted until new years day.

The description I just wrote doesn't even do it justice. I'd rather die than live through what I went through again. I should have gone to the hospital but didn't have insurance until January, which is when I finally felt ok.

banumerchantmarine 7 points ago

I had pneumonia for 6 weeks in November/December. All the Wuhan symptoms. When it got so bad I couldn't catch my breath going up the stairs, I went to the ER. They couldn't find anything, nothing in my bloodwork, just pneumonia in the x-rays. I was thinking it was fungal, now I think it was this. My whole family had a fever and cough and shitty flu-like symptoms but I was the only one to get sick-sick.

I can't get tested right now, but the head nurse at my local hospital is my neighbor and she's interested in getting me in. I'm willing to bet that I have the antibodies.

I'm willing to bet that millions and millions of Americans have already had this and this entire self-inflicted torture is completely unnecessary.

Isolated_Patriot 6 points ago

Same thing here in Ontario. Nearly every single person I know commented how it wasn't anything like a normal flu or cold. Lots of people in my local area have been saying since this all began that it already went through here. Nobody has a clue what ever justified the shutdown.

BasedRedPillZeus 6 points ago

So a regular flu season. Got it 👍🏻

MAGARevolution 8 points ago

Aside from the fact that they were testing negative for the flu.

Thingthing22 5 points ago

It's crazy to me that Obama apologists chose to crash the economy and not run millions of these tests before doing so. And then, go off and claim science to back up all their bullshit projections--from hospitalizations or ventilators.

Gobberwarts 5 points ago

Back in 1981 I had a severe respiratory illness with a temperature of 103. I was pretty much totally out of it for a week. I was the very first person with Covid-19 and the rest of you are all posers.

nero2003 3 points ago

We found patient zero!!!

kicklucy 5 points ago

I’m not in the “this is all a hoax” crowd. But I’ve said all along, how could it NOT have spread much earlier than we were aware? Chicoms were lying and covering up, flying all over the world. I’m pretty sure I had it in upstate NY end of February. I know that viral load is a big factor in how severe it is, so maybe it took some time to reach critical mass and become more apparent...or it mutated a bit. I’m looking forward to the antibody testing being widely available. Once we’re on the other side of this it will be interesting to see just how it evolved.

acebart3 5 points ago

All three of us had that happen. Poor hubby and son got it the worst, horrible body aches like they’ve never felt with the flu, high fevers, etc.

deleted 3 points ago
SordidPontification 3 points ago

My dad had a really bad respiratory infection that started off with a tickle in the throat, progressing to a terrible cough in December 2019. Flu test also came up negative.

Now, I don't think it was COVID-19. Someone here on TD.win suggested there was another coronavirus going around during that time with flu-like symptoms, so that might've been it.

...however, to say I'm a little suspicious is a bit of an understatement. Took him ages to recover before he finally started feeling better.

Knight_Swolaire 3 points ago

Myself and my women did get ill for a couple weeks in early January

nero2003 2 points ago

How many women do you have?

Crimson_Identity 6 points ago

Hopefully as many as he needs.

Knight_Swolaire 2 points ago

Oh lol I meant woman singular. Sorry for that typo

nero2003 2 points ago

I figured, just having fun :)

helenvsgladys 3 points ago

Los Angeles resident here. I came down with what I thought was the flu in January, followed by a strange dry cough that lasted for several weeks despite having no other symptoms. During this time, I also experienced temporary loss of smell, which was recently identified as a common symptom. This is purely anecdotal since I haven't been tested, but the timing and specificity of the symptoms has me suspicious.

ngratz 2 points ago

I went to New York City in late December. Came back with one of the worst sicknesses I’ve had. Figured it was bronchitis since I get it most years. Went to the dr, no tests, it’s bronchitis most likely and viral so can’t give med fix. Take mucinex and DayQuil and rest up. Do that like normal and figure it’ll be done in 3-5 days. Shit lasted a month with the worst nightly coughs I have ever had, couldn’t catch my breath, couldn’t stop hacking up a lung even with the meds I was taking light fever the whole time. Now that this shit is spreading I think back and wonder.

MAGAMAGMA 2 points ago

Same here. Me and my whole family got "the flu" in mid december after a co-worker had just go back from China Dec 1. Never got tested though, we all just slept for like 2 days straight. Didn't feel like a normal flu as I didn't feel sick or want to throw up. Just super high fever and very tired and a bit of a headache.

LordScatmanJohn 2 points ago

I was out that way in early november and I got pretty sick. It was strange, ultra sore throat and could hardly speak, but otherwise I felt fine.

Now I wonder if it was the WuFlu, there was a heavy chinese presence in the hotel/area I was staying. Im gonna get the antibody test when I can.

M8kMdlErthGr8Again 2 points ago

'#MeToo' wait, did I just do that?

Crimson_Identity 2 points ago

Here in Idaho, EVERYONE had something crazy around the end of January. Same story.

thisisatestof2 2 points ago

Connecticut pedestrian here,I had Similar minor symptoms in early January, didn’t see a doctor but recovered after about a week and a half. I know of at least two others that had more severe symptoms in mid December were tested for the flu but came back negative.

Fredo_Cuomo 30 points ago

Spoiler alert - it did.

Simple fact check - subpoena the anonymous community hospitals health records to see spikes of patients from zip codes matching ChinaTown

10FeetTaller 26 points ago

Working in the medical field I can say that I had a few patients that were negative for influenza but had flu like symptoms with SOB, pneumonia confirmed on chest xray. Treated with several rounds of antibiotics but the pneumonia did not improve. However, the fever did improve so it was deemed successful treatment even though the lungs took several weeks to return to normal function...

DonJr2024 19 points ago

Fuck. If only anyone cared enough to listen to all these stories.

I swear this whole fucking thing is happening because of people bored with their 9 to 5 jobs who want to play Rick Grimes buying toilet paper.

maddog_dad 11 points ago

My cousin's wife is a know-it-all nurse, and when I explained to her my wife and I very likely had it mid-January (cough, headache, URI, pre-pneumonia) she said it could not have been because clinicians weren't seeing the type of pneumonia it causes that early. Really?

DicksOutForHarambe [S] 11 points ago

They were not looking for it.

10FeetTaller 10 points ago

Was treating cases with similar symptoms in January.

DicksOutForHarambe [S] 23 points ago

Copy and pasted headline, should read WUFLU !!!

LoveTrumps---Hair 22 points ago

I've been parroting this for months now. This shit has been here already. This has been nothing but a media ploy after the sham impeachment bullshit failed. People are so fucking gullible. How convenient was it that this was plastered across TVs immediately afterward.

Demig80 4 points ago

I don't believe they made up a narrative.. I do believe however they the media drummed up panic and turned this into a bigger thing than it is. After this is all said and done, they will find more people have antibodies than they know.

The number of deaths.. While horrible and higher than the flu.. Will also be found to be fluffed by the media's willingness to blame covid19 for even unlikely deaths.

We should wash our hands. We should be careful.. But people walking around like this is Chernobyl is getting ridiculous.

MakeAmericaLegendary 4 points ago

I'd be on board if this were isolated to the U.S., but we aren't the only ones who got hit. Did China release it to hit us? Maybe, that's not far-fetched. But the idea that it's a global media conspiracy has a bit too many moving parts.

LoveTrumps---Hair 9 points ago

Not really, a handful of media corporations own pretty much every mainstream news organization around the globe. There's a reason they have all reported on this in a similar manner. The only people questioning the narrative are small time journalists and private news websites that you have to actively seek out beyond the grasp of Google.

FliesTheFlag 18 points ago

Its been here since end of Q3 of last year.

Change my mind.

USA1 5 points ago (edited)

I cant. I agree.

Hope they dont take this opportunity to make flying in airplanes even worse. Can you imagine the TSA having to swab ur asshoe for wuhan syphiliaids

Afeazo 16 points ago

I live in that state and I believe I already got this flu, showed minor symptoms, and got over it. I have been out and about in the area since and do not feel at risk at all. I believe there are many, many more people the same way. Those that we see hospitalized are the unlucky that react severely to this.

Cyer6 2 points ago

Herd immunity in CA.

nowrongwrong 16 points ago

California is the gateway to Asia. So it makes perfect sense that it would have come stampeding through here back before anyone knew to screen or quarantine for it.

I know it's anecdotal but I have so many California relatives that got some kind of flu in like December despite having gotten their annual flu shot. A lot of them are reading the COVID-19 symptoms and wondering if they got it, got over it, and are now carrying antibodies.

JackBurton 14 points ago

In January I had something like I've never had before, and so did my gf. Hard, hacky dry cough that jarred my whole body and sometimes made the back of my eyes hurt, a fever that wasn't prolonged, but no other symptoms. My bosses (married couple in their mid-70s) came back from their Hawaii trip and she had the same thing. She got pneumonia from it but recovered. I remember distinctly calling my Dr wanting a powerful cough syrup because whatever I had wasn't productive and it was painful, but he was out of town. My boss on the other hand got some of that stuff and it helped her to sleep.

My gf had the same symptoms which were bad, but like us didn't get looked at (they told us all over the phone there is a nasty flu this year no need to come in) but she recovered after two weeks.

All three of us strongly think we already had this and healed. I wish we could test for it to be sure.

acada 6 points ago

same here, and while it was diagnosed as bronchitis, I received a Z-pack and steroid and the symptoms started to go away almost immediately. If only I started that 3 weeks earlier.

JackBurton 4 points ago

This is the first time I've posted this online but I've seen dozens of people on facebook and elsewhere say the same thing we are only to be shut down by 'internet doctors' that would say "No that was the flu this is a virus they are different".

We don't know for sure but neither do they. Certainly we should get tested...

HiddenDekuScrub 3 points ago

Did they really try to tell you the flu isn't a virus?

lpt1009 3 points ago

You mention Hawaii. I didn't think about but they have only 5 deaths. So close to China, you figure they would get rocked. Did they get it already too?

xBigCoffinHunter 14 points ago

I had a buddy that was sick as all get out in December/January. All the Wuhan symptoms. Flu was negative, same with strep. He swears up and down he had it and I’m inclined to agree.

beacray 12 points ago

Funny that “scientists “ are always last to know. I was sure I had it and pretty much everyone in my community thought they did too.

chuckachookah 5 points ago

I was sure I had it and pretty much everyone in my community thought they did too

But most/all of you wrote it off as a bad "flu".

Proves that the overreaction has had little impact on outcome, but only a devastating impact on our economy.

And, yet, Dr Fauci and Dr Birx continue the charade still. Hmmm?

callaway86 11 points ago

I believe I contracted this about 4 months ago while in Philippines. I flew through a few Asian countries so who know where it came from originally. It was the WORST flu I've ever had and it left some lingering respiratory issues for a few months. I recently returned (in a hurry) from Philippines via Japan and honestly I feel I may be already immune due to that sickness months ago. All of this is anecdote, but lots of people have similar stories; getting a strange flu that's like no other all in the past 6 months in many places in the world.

EDIT: I've never had the flu before.

FL2PC72LE 11 points ago

I know several of my students got the flu (or what seemed to be the flu) pretty bad back in Oct/Nov, so this wouldn't surprise me either. I'm in L.A.

fazzman23 11 points ago

it was almost certainly here by December, if not earlier. thats why a quarantine in march does nothing

Supersaiyanbroly737 10 points ago

A lot of Chinese virus home owners there.

Wouldn't be surprised if the same case is true in Vancouver, BC, PRC.

MythArcana 10 points ago

The real virus came in November of 2018.

nero2003 3 points ago

Actually, it was October 26, 1947.

Fucktheclintons2020 10 points ago (edited)

This is crazy and hits home. My father was almost hospitalized for bronchitis last December, testing negative for everything, with only fever and a bad dry cough. Fast forward to my daughter having to go to the emergency room at 3 am in late January because as she was at my parents house and my mom noticed she was struggling to breathe that night. Same thing. Negative flu and strep test. Only a fever, and breathing issues. They gave us a nebulizer and sent us home.

TLDR; Father and youngest daughter had 100% Wu-flu symptoms in Dec/Jan.

acada 7 points ago

My weird month-long bronchitis came in mid November just about two weeks after an end of October trip to California. bad dry cough, no real fever, but I did have a small one with some food poisoning right at the beginning. It's possible I aspirated while vomiting and infected my lungs with a little bacteria, but there;s a lot of coincidence. My wife got something after another trip to California for Christmas, and for her the symptoms were more mild but lasted 6 weeks.

The fact so many other people got it makes the vomiting aspiration theory seem less likely.

Alabama_Front_Butt 10 points ago

It's already been said... but in the fall I had a gnarly fucking cold and a cough that lingered for like 3 weeks. I had never been sick like that before. A lot of us got sick. I'm pretty sure I already had it.

covfefe-time 6 points ago

Ree-post from a few days ago:

I felt pretty crappy in late December and finally crashed on day 3 with fever for 3 nights in a row. Seemed kind of strange at the time. No sore throat but had the 'dry-cough', which left me with a lingering 'reactionary' cough for many weeks.

Felt like a long recovery too, since I rarely get sick much any more than a day or two, especially after quit smocking.

homebrewedhero 9 points ago

CA. Resident here. Myself, my parents, and my gf all got horribly sick back in December early January. Same symptoms, thought it was the flu. GF had a fever of 104 for a day then 103 for another before finally breaking. She had it the worst. She lost her sense of smell and taste for about 3 weeks after feeling better and had a cough that lasted about as long with no phlegm.

Then I went to NAMM in Anaheim back in January with my buddy and the amount of sick people walking the show floor was pretty typical for a flu season but with all the Chinese equipment mfgrs present with their reps, who knows what got passed around NAMM.

I didn't get sick from the show but my buddy did and his symptoms were the same as my GF only his onset was about a week after NAMM so LATE JAN early FEB. Was following the CVG threads at the time and warned him he might have it and to treat it like the flu. We're all fine now so it's great to see someone studying for antibodies. Let us get back to work!

PinkoTheClown 9 points ago

Funny how that lines up near perfectly for when talks of impeachment really started ramping up.

deleted 9 points ago
DicksOutForHarambe [S] 10 points ago

it came from chyna!

yuge_igloo 4 points ago

Read the headline. “Came” implies it began somewhere else.

deleted 2 points ago
yuge_igloo 2 points ago

CCP and WHO report that timeline. I’d be shocked if it were true. We had a series of strikingly similar respiratory cases here in the Western US in Oct-Nov so highly likely CCP is lying about date of first case.

deleted 1 point ago
Wal_Mart_Security 8 points ago

This will be very interesting if true


You mean China's beachhead?

GodKingHarambe 8 points ago

The comments on this article are....oddly very based and sane for the SF Gate...

OneBreathe 8 points ago

Pretty sure my mom and her entire co-workers had this around Christmas. Severely ill. A few ended up with Pneumonia.

patslimmy1 8 points ago (edited)

Wouldn't be surprised if it got there first. Lived there and so many fucking H1B Chinese there around the Santa Clara area. Brought it right the fuck in.

Sassafrass 7 points ago

Ha. I’ve been saying this all along. It’s been here for months already.

FuckTheOtherSide 7 points ago

I’m not in the camp that’s quick to say “Oh I probably already had it” but there was a cold that bounced around very quickly here in the fall.

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Joesf23 7 points ago

My wife for sure had it in february. Negative flu test, sick as fuck with dry cough and fever for 2.5 weeks..zpack was the only thing that broke it. Her coworker had been sick and was in california (Im in st louis) the week before he infected the whole office. Somehow all my kids and I got a touch of a runny nose and nothing else. I take zinc daily though 🤔

festering_wound 7 points ago

But how could it have gotten here and to Italy?

I mean, it's not like there were 150+ horny Italian 20-somethings in Wuhan in the fall... or nearly 200 almost-as-horny Americans there, flying through Tacoma airport in Washington state?



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artifex_mundi_x 5 points ago

I had quite a bad sickness in 2019. Flu symptoms and high fever. It's a family trait that I don't normally make a fever but this time I did and I was really sick. My wife and kids as well. We were out for a week. Very unusual stuff.

In fact it sounds a bit like the symptoms of my sister and her family who went through corona. Did I already get it and I'm immune?

superalienhyphy 5 points ago

One of my coworkers was hospitalized with pneumonia sometime around the end of last year. He is in his late 20s. Who knows, but it could've been Wuhan Virus.

krog 5 points ago

I was looking through the pneumonia death rates over the past few years and there was an uncharacteristic spike at the beginning of this year two months before any cases were reported in the US.

This would explain that.

shithotseaman 5 points ago

Rush Limbaugh brought up herd immunity last week on his radio program.

Folks, listen to Rush while you still have a chance!

CaptainChrisPBacon 5 points ago

So In 6 years Under The Obama Administration appox 184,000 die from the Flu. 52 Million people had the flu.

The overall burden of influenza for the 2015-2016 season was an estimated 24 million influenza illnesses, 11 million influenza-associated medical visits, 280,000 influenza-related hospitalizations, and 23,000 flu-associated deaths

The overall burden of influenza for the 2014-2015 season was an estimated 30 million influenza illnesses, 14 million influenza-associated medical visits, 591,000 influenza-related hospitalizations, and 51,000 flu-associated deaths

The overall burden of influenza for the 2015-2016 season was an estimated 24 million influenza illnesses, 11 million influenza-associated medical visits, 280,000 influenza-related hospitalizations, and 23,000 flu-associated deaths

The overall burden of influenza for the 2013-2014 season was an estimated 30 million influenza illnesses, 13 million influenza-associated medical visits, 347,000 influenza-related hospitalizations, and 38,000 flu-associated deaths

The overall burden of influenza for the 2011-2012 season was an estimated 9 million influenza illnesses, 4 million influenza-associated medical visits, 140,000 influenza-related hospitalizations, and 12,000 flu-associated deaths

The overall burden of influenza for the 2010-2011 season was an estimated 21 million influenza illnesses, 10 million influenza-associated medical visits, 290,000 influenza-related hospitalizations, and 37,000 flu-associated deaths

From April 12, 2009 to April 10, 2010, CDC estimated there were 60.8 million cases (range: 43.3-89.3 million), 274,304 hospitalizations (range: 195,086-402,719), and 12,469 deaths (range: 8868-18,306) in the United States due to the (H1N1)pdm09 virus.


yuge_igloo 5 points ago

(It did)

MakeAmericaGreat9 5 points ago

Part of me believes that it was here earlier than believed, but why the sudden death increase now? Why weren't we getting increased death in November?

Isolated_Patriot 12 points ago

Because there are normally 3000 deaths a week from pneumonia, just in the US. Nothing at all abnormal enough to make a story out of it, until they started tagging the deaths as wuflu, and the pneumonia death counts are way down.

nero2003 2 points ago (edited)

I'm kinda wondering if the original wuflu made it to CA early, and then it made its way around the globe the other way, to Iran and then Western Europe, and a mutation caused it to be more deadly when it came from that direction, and that's what hit NY. The 1918 Spanish flu made its way around the world and was more deadly the second time around.

MAGAngelo 4 points ago

My family got hit HARD around Thanksgiving, it lasted and circulated between us well into January. All of us tested negative for the flu, multiple times.


h203h 4 points ago

This has been going around after President Trump started the beatdown tariffs on the communist China. They were mad but they lost and so they spread this throughout the world

lpt1009 4 points ago

Little did they realize, this will cause a great shift back of manufacturing.

h203h 4 points ago

Someone I know had caught a really bad fever that destroyed them and they had trouble breathing and this was in December of 2019...they were still working but left early most days and even called out a few. I’m pretty sure they had the China virus without knowing...fever...coughing and chest pains. 🤔

Rockmanneo 4 points ago

I had a flu during December that lasted a month. Body ache, fever, asthma. It may very well be CCP virus. But.. since many people thought it was regular flu and didn't have it treated seriously, did we have high death due to pneumonia during that time? That's one way to prove it.

SuperBriz 4 points ago

Wife and I were sick as fuck I'm January. We live in Colorado though and also didn't go to the doctor because we don't go to the doctor every time the wind blows. But I'll tell you the symptoms were a lot like what some people are saying the wuhan flu is

Chalupamancer 4 points ago

Damn, if it was fall 2019 I probably got this in the beginning of February in Michigan. I had a terrible respiratory infection which was in my chest for about 3 days and wasn't fully over it until 3 weeks.

silentmajority2020 4 points ago

I'm 99.9% sure I had it. I was incapacitated Dec. 31st, and better functioning the next day. Finally relieved of symptoms end of January. Mid-January, I actually even contracted pink eye, which the following day had spread to both eyes.


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DicksOutForHarambe [S] 3 points ago

I think its because CA is like Germany, Japan, South Korea while NY is like Italy, Spain, France.

mae_daisy 3 points ago

November after convention in Chicago, dog sick for three weeks with fever, sore throat, unproductive and hacking cough. Semi recovered, got sick again, flu positive. Horrible!

Tranny_Fluid 3 points ago

Another anecdotal story here, had something during Christmas that hit me harder than anything I've ever experienced. Lost 8lbs, similar symptoms to what they are saying about the wu flu. Burned it's way through my work and family like it was crazy contagious. I am super curious to know if that's what it was or not. I am in a state that has super low numbers for infections and death, wondering if we already had it.

DannibusX 3 points ago

Remember all those people dying from vaping? I do.

Rigel2112 3 points ago

All of my family got this respiratory infection in Washington state in January I bet if we were tested we would come up as having had it too. So far none of us have Pooh's Flu this round.

DicksOutForHarambe [S] 2 points ago

Pooh's flu love it

Wulfschilde 3 points ago

It probably helps to not mark heart attack and stroke victims as COVID deaths.

YouKnowWhatItIs87 3 points ago

Wow, that website is almost as bad as I hear the city of SF is. What a train wreck, I get these people need to sell ads but damn it’s nearly unuseable, videos popping up everywhere. It so easy to build a functional nice looking website these days, and yet people still find ways to botch it.

keithkman 3 points ago

My whole family got sick the week after New Years. Lasted a week. Cough, sore throat, fever for 2 days.

doodaddy 3 points ago

Gas station clerk here in Seattle speculates it's been here since December. Says people were coming in coughing and complaining that they couldn't figure it out.

archdog99 3 points ago

It totally did. It was a practice run.

Rigel2112 2 points ago

I am in Washington state. This is from my doctor in January when I was sick:

01/14/2020 02:02 PM

"Based on your symptoms reported to us, it sounds like you have an upper respiratory infection (URI) such as the common cold. Colds can be treated at home. Colds are caused by a number of different viruses and are most commonly transmitted from person to person via hands and then afterwards touching the eyes, nose, or mouth. Usual symptoms are nasal congestion, runny nose, and sneezing. A sore throat sometimes happens on the first day but gets better quickly. A cough can sometimes develop some days later, usually when the runny nose and congestion are getting better.

Because the common cold is caused by a virus, antibiotics will not treat the illness, and in fact can cause harm. As a result, antibiotics are not useful and won't help you feel better any faster. "

RoboChomo 2 points ago

Something came through our downtown SF office in early January and put like a third of us on our asses. Everyone was getting sick. I normally only feel symptoms for a few days but this took like a week and a half to go away. Makes you wonder.

Criss_P_Bacon 2 points ago

I got sick on New Years Day, just a couple days after flying back from California. It started out as feeling like a normal cold, but ended up moving to my lungs. It hurt so badly every time I would breathe, I thought I had pneumonia. Whatever it was knocked me off my feet for a solid week. I’ve been wondering exactly what it was l had.

GeneralBoobs 2 points ago

"Time begins and then time ends, and then time begins once again. It is happening now, it has happened before, it will surely happen again."

Keknballs 2 points ago

I seriously wish if I did Have to get it I would have gotten it early in the game/ before anyone knew what it was. There is way too much fear attached to this virus since it can go so bad so fast. I bet the fear now makes it way worse for people that come down with it.

TehAgent 2 points ago

Ive been saying this has been stateside since November/December. Theres no way it just arrived a week before we started testing for it.

no-one 2 points ago

East coaster here. I’m pretty sure me and my wife had it in late Dec/Jan.

Many people at work were getting a cough that lingered.

Epicsoundwaves 2 points ago

How can we participate in this study?? I want to get tested, pretty sure I got it at the beginning of the year

h3xAd3c1m4L 1 point ago

My wife thinks she might have had this in December. All the same symptoms. We live in Texas.

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Ktt8404 1 point ago

Those are the majority of the “symptom free” group. They merely have the antibodies from it due to an earlier infection. The tests only look for the antibodies, not the virus.

Gobberwarts 1 point ago

Everything you need to know about this study:


DicksOutForHarambe [S] 2 points ago

the hoover institute is also from stanford


Piotrsama 1 point ago

Now watch China use this as propaganda to say it started on the U.S.

Pres-Trump 1 point ago

Back in September of 2019 I had some lung shit that lasted for three days and I couldn't sleep because of it. I normally don't ever get sick even working in healthcare, so it took me by surprise, that said I didn't get treatment and it stopped after the third day. From what I hear what I had wasn't covid-19. IDK what the shit was but, it didn't kill me.

SouthernGirlforTrump 1 point ago

I was sick as a dog in Feb. Flu like symptoms, lost my sense of taste, my eyes watered constantly. I was miserable for at least two weeks. My kids both got sick. My husband did not. I wouldn't be surprised if I found out I had the antibodies. I'm in Indiana. My family all visited a large international grocery store a week or so before we got sick.

Dialectic 0 points ago

Quick, retroactively close restaurants and cite surfers to flatten the curve.