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NormaJeanRocks 56 points ago

I despise our media as much as I do China

tcriv 48 points ago

I hate the media more than China.

I KNOW where China stands. They are supposed to be at odds with us. The media are treasonous.

The enemy within is FAR worse than any traditional enemy.

Fredo_Cuomo 15 points ago

^ this guy psychoanalyzes

DrBJTester 5 points ago

Excellent analysis of the situation.

ClownTamer 18 points ago

Didn’t China freely borrow or get donated a bunch of masks and such from Italy, and then now they’re just SELLING the aid THEY were given back to Italy?

Global leader? More like global scum.

Mast3rmind 16 points ago

Not to mention sending literally billions of dollars’ worth of faulty or counterfeit testing kits to countries all over Europe. France, Italy and Spain spent more than $1b combined on kits from China which are useless. Ukraine purchased more than $600 million worth of testing kits from China, and when they received them they found they were normal flu test kits which are useless for COVID-19.

You have to wonder: Do the Chinese have no shame? And they claim they “donate” these supplies.

ClownTamer 4 points ago

China needs to be thoroughly put in its place. I have no issue with them being happy and prospering. Them being asshoes should not be allowed to continue. They’re getting the benefits of capitalism from trade with the US and elsewhere, and the benefits of authoritarianism at home. Without nice people they’d be sunk.

Let’s fucking sink them until they nice up.

Captain_Triips 6 points ago

china is mask hoe

ClownTamer 2 points ago

Haha, this is great!

DrBJTester 2 points ago

China is Assho.

maxkenn 1 point ago

They bought out medical supplies around the world according to news articles written at the time, the threatened the rest of the world with cutting them off in the midst of a pandemic they caused, while engaging in a widespread disinformation campaign to make the response as bad as possible.
And when they did send supplies. they came pre-infected.

RatsCatsBats 10 points ago

What’s the difference?

Whoopies_tds 47 points ago

Well NBC is owned by Commiecast so why is anyone surprised?

PyroSphere 12 points ago

This is no more surprising to me than finding out Rosie O'Donnell ate the last Krispy Kreme in the box.

DevilDog 8 points ago

That selfish bitch!

LoveTrumps---Hair 19 points ago

Thank you for archiving Fox News! They are nearly as fake as all the rest with some glimmers from a select handful still there.

WynnBigly 16 points ago

Fuck you Chyna, you godless commie fucking pieces of shit! Mao murdered 54 million innocents! Tiananmen Square is stained with blood! Bolsheviks genocided 30 million Christians! Communism is a fucking Cancer upon the free world!

4moreyears 11 points ago

No shit their numbers are low if they are burning people alive before they can die of Coronavirus

DrBJTester 2 points ago

Did our leftist ChiCom loving media investigate humans being burned alive?

ladypede_killer 11 points ago

"Somehow forgot"

As in, deliberate propaganda.

SimplePede 8 points ago

No they didn't forget

AlphaNathan 7 points ago

Deanereys kinda forgot about the Iron Fleet.

Ladybug87 7 points ago

Did you guys see the video that Steven Crowder made with the NBC reporter who broke the news on that couple who drank fish tank cleaner? He called to ask her if she new about the wife being a long term democratic donor, Trump hater and about some assault allegations in the marriage. She said no. And when he asked if she'll update her story she hung up.

10FeetHigher 6 points ago

It’s amazing how the media will trash us Patriots and our President to infinity but will NEVER criticize China.

Sea_Still 6 points ago

They would never bite the hand that feeds them

mercynurse 5 points ago

BREAKING: Zero deaths by tank reported from Tienamen Square

MikeVicksAstrologist 4 points ago

NBC has been chicom lies for a while now, good to see them doing it so blatantly that even my Democrat friends are pissed

TennesseePride 4 points ago

"With Italy in dire need of medical equipment, an economic superpower stepped in to help. No, not the United States," the article read. "It was China."

Gee, could it be that China was able to do so because they have been hoarding every fucking peice of PPE they could get their hands on for the past year and a half? Nah, couldn't be that they were triyng to corner the world market on PPE, that's conspiracy talk...

basedtexapede 3 points ago

Imagine hating Trump and his supporters so much that you literally believe Chyna over Trump.

TearsMakeTheBestAmmo 3 points ago

Ruhle seemed incredulous when she asked Rubio about this tweet. “I need to ask you this, because I’m a journalist. We’re not just some personalities. You called out journalism. And I need to understand why on earth you did this," she said.

Because almost everyone in the MSM are lying scumbags?

One_Man_Militia 3 points ago

NBC = Nothing But Commie faggots

FliesTheFlag 3 points ago


Kekistani 3 points ago


cook_does 3 points ago

Omission of convenience. In the satanic contracts world, omissions aren't considered lies. Its why due diligence was created. The consumers of NBC and the MSM in whole do zero due diligence. Every source of data consumed by even a idle couch potato is a contract and you wither accept it or reject it. By accepting it, it forms your world view and the outcome of every action.

wethedownvoted 3 points ago


TDAF 2 points ago

National Buttkissers of China

phate451 2 points ago

I hope Trump goes scorched fucking earth on these news outlets after November.

Hexagon 2 points ago

Just pushing Chicomm propaganda for free

mk81 1 point ago

Everyone who sticks China's numbers on the same graph as the rest is aiding and abetting this shit.

ShempAllah 1 point ago

They are all lying. Its bullshit to make people dependent on government.There is no pandemic.

wakingmajority 1 point ago

My brother has had a large number of young Chinese women message him on Tinder just to talk about how well China is handling this.

Are these commies really that nefarious?