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nuhbin 110 points ago

seems out of character for them...

are we sure they didn't harvest any easily accessible organs first? eyes or ears or whatever...?

NoStepeDePepe 62 points ago

Diseased parts are probably not in high demand.

SadPangolin 68 points ago

The people who sold poisoned baby food will have no qualms about selling diseased organs.

NoStepeDePepe 22 points ago

That's a fair point.

Maybe there's simply such a massive surplus, it doesn't matter.

Though that said, I probably wouldn't choose a pandemic as the best time for getting a transplant.

IncredibleMrE1 15 points ago

Not to mention the things they have no problem eating.

mintscape 4 points ago

They did fake vaccines also.

DrBJTester 4 points ago

Cuts down on repeat customers tho.

Sorry pede that repeat business is important.

HankHollywood 3 points ago

No refunds huh.

TD_Covfefe_Crusader 18 points ago

You would think that cooking oil made from sewage and industrial waste wouldn't be in high demand either, but you would be wrong.

Dontpanic42 3 points ago

Chapter one of world war z

PyroSphere 20 points ago

Nothing says lovin' like chun-king your people in an oven.

deleted 13 points ago
OliverWillis 6 points ago

Ho lee fuk

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deleted 3 points ago
ryvrdrgn14 9 points ago

They only get organs from people who are kept alive then put into 'brain dead' state before being operated on to get it fresh. At least for the high paying clients.

ChuckedBeef 3 points ago

"Hmmm wets see if dis kews heem"

Thracka951 2 points ago

If they were furry better check their gallbladders to make sure the bile wasn’t harvested.

Only_Rosie_ODonnell 50 points ago

Wouldn't be surprised if this was true, but the article and the source they're quoting say that it's unsubstantiated

NoStepeDePepe 52 points ago

That's solid enough evidence for ABC etc.

IncredibleMrE1 17 points ago

But only if it's bad for Trump. Bad for their CCP overlords automatically means it's irrelevant.

Necrovoter 7 points ago

DNC: "What's this I hear that China is doing? Really? Can we start doing that to people who are violating quarantine by being in their own backyard?"

publ1us 1 point ago

Don't give the Democratic governors any ideas.

Necrovoter 2 points ago

Gavin: "Is that Greta calling again?"

Aide: "She's threatening to sail to Los Angeles if we don't purchase enough carbon credits to offset our plan."

Gavin: "We can't afford those carbon credits, and now that Rand Paul is back, Nancy can't slip the funding into the next bill either."

Aide: "You realize we'll have to set those Amish people free, even though they tested positive for traditional family values."

Gavin: "Maybe we can counter it by declaring Drag Queen Story Hour an essential activity, and mandatory for all school kids to attend."

spezisacuckold 4 points ago

Hell, that's pretty much conclusive proof for them.

Iteachfuckingscience 14 points ago

They’ve interviewed truckers talking about shipping pallets full of thousands of urns daily between funeral homes. There’s also satellite evidence of SO2 levels spiking directly above the crematoriums.

Only_Rosie_ODonnell 10 points ago

China is absolutely lying hiding etc, the real number of deaths. That's never been in question

Southern_Belle 3 points ago

21 million, perhaps.

Kek_Johnson 2 points ago

"That's it?" - James Comey

MuadDon 9 points ago

Fake news goes both ways.

AmericanJawa 4 points ago

Whether it's actually true or not, it's definitely a believable story all the same.

MondayCoupleIsDead 42 points ago

The woman in the video mentioned people put in boxes. I wonder if she was talking about the type of box in this video?

MakeAmericaGreat9 14 points ago

That's fucking insanity.

ChrisTheSoberITGuy 8 points ago

I showed this to some libs and they tried defending it, saying it was just an impromptu ambulance due to the shortage of regular ambulances.

What kind of ambulance crams two people together without enough room to lie down or even sit down? Why did she start screaming?

mintscape 7 points ago

That's China.

Ladimir_Wewtin 12 points ago

Omg. Those screams after they lock the door....

Kek_Johnson 4 points ago

There's probably stinky bodies in that box. China is asshoe.

Tallgingergirl 1 point ago

Omg, nooooooo 🥺 fuck China!

tigressroars 11 points ago

I feel sick after watching that.

Breakfaststout 32 points ago

If they are capable of nail gunning houses to trap infected people inside, this is not that far fetched a report.

IncredibleMrE1 27 points ago

They still claim no one died in Tiananmen Square. I need little convincing to believe this report.

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SameCookiePseudonym 7 points ago

Maybe if you live in China? Search it anywhere else in the world and it's front and center. Don't spread bullshit.


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SameCookiePseudonym 12 points ago

If you talk like you write, it’s no wonder it can’t understand you

ChokingOnARedpill 4 points ago

I just tested Alexa with it. Thankfully she gave a pretty thorough explanation with dates and what not.

nuhbin 5 points ago


this is exactly what we should expect to follow the unsealing of all those houses

StillplayenSometimes 31 points ago

What happens when you believe in the rights of the group over the rights of the individual. Suddenly all these things that make us shudder, become, somehow, OK

physsijim 23 points ago

I hope this isn't true, but still, as many have pointed out, "China is Asshoe".

exorthderp 3 points ago

Taiwan numba oneeeee

minotaurbeach 22 points ago

When the young people started getting sick and had a better chance of recovering on the few ventilators they had, they pulled elderly people off ventilators as 'dying anyway' and zipped them up in body bags while they were in a weak state.

Funeral homes hired many with posted ads that said- 'Must not be afraid of ghosts', and someone made a comment that said, because some still had enough breath to scream when they are being burned alive.

This is why we can't be offering free money and free healthcare to anyone in the world who is poor, but dumb enough to storm the boarder.

muh_russia_hoax 12 points ago

This video has the longer version of the clip of the woman in the article. It has different subtitles but same message. It also talks about and shows the hiring ads previous poster is talking about.

AlphaNathan 21 points ago

Thank you Taiwan for investigating this. There is war coming.

Necrovoter 5 points ago

KJU: "Can I test out some of my nukes there?"

Joesf23 19 points ago

Seriously don't doubt this. I mean, look what they do if you accidently have 2 kids. Godless barbarians over in that commie shithole are as bad as the savages in the middle east. Come on reddit lurkers, please give me some more of your leftist virtue signal bullshit about why america sucks because of orange man.

PurestEvil 16 points ago

Well, they killed 50.000.000+ of their own people for the sake of communism and oppressed their entire population, still going on. Killing what, a few thousand or tens of thousands to save their beloved government's face from a little shame is comparatively nothing to them.

UsurpTheNarrative 14 points ago


Why do we do business with them and give them a pass? Are Chinese lives worth less than the lives of Europeans and Jews murdered by NAZIS? Since MAO they have killed over 100 million and erased the history of China so thoroughly that to learn about China you have to go to a museum in Taiwan.

We have an obligation to help the people of China remove the Communists from power. That is what we should be doing. Not making them more wealthy and powerful.

WTF is wrong with out leaders?

CovfefeAndBacon 4 points ago

Our leaders became wealthy and powerful at the same time, that's what's wrong with them.

daty_dato 12 points ago

This is what the left wants for us. WTF is wrong with people that support Bernie? This is what he's pushing for leads to. Psychos.

alloffoglesfootlong 11 points ago

Remember when that Hotel "Collapsed" in the midst of all these infection?

sustainable_saltmine 10 points ago

Socialist medicine. We TOLD YOU death panels were REAL

Bax101 10 points ago

I have been saying this for over 2 weeks. I talked directly to my coworker in China who said the army had mobile incinerators and not only killed the infected, but also some of the protester leaders from Hong Kong.

Rojo4mac7 9 points ago

In theory, communism owns all resources, including trace minerals in human body, reducing humans to matter only - no God created soul.

If chicoms are incinerating their living elders, I wonder what they would do to us if given the chance?

Faintlight 8 points ago

They cook the dogs they eat alive. Maybe it seems normal.

JebSurge 8 points ago

Bring out yer dead!

makemyday007 6 points ago

But I’m not dead yet!

2020isKAGtime 2 points ago


makemyday007 1 point ago

But I’m still using me kidney.

CatPartyUSA 7 points ago

Not really the type of behavior that espouses loyalty.

DragonEnergyBunny 7 points ago

This is so distressing. We all know it is probably true.

K-Harbour 6 points ago

I recall something about this on Monty Python......

deleted 6 points ago
CaptainChrisPBacon 6 points ago

Soooo China pulled A Nazi Hitler and burned people alive. According to eye witness reports. China Asshoe.

4moreyears 6 points ago

Explains the low death count. Can't be killed by Coronavirus if you're cremated alive.

ProdigalPlaneswalker 3 points ago

insert finger thinking meme here

Firestealer 5 points ago

WHO director praises China on it's efficient use of heat to combat the Coronavirus.

Guess we know where the sterile cubes carrying screaming people eventually end up.

Block_Helen 4 points ago

Lord, have mercy.

IncredibleMrE1 6 points ago

No mercy for the CCP.

WearyDeplorable 4 points ago

This is batshit crazy

Tonightm01 4 points ago

The Great Leap Forward. Millions dead.

Don't think they would even notice people being burnt alive. It's just everyday life in China.

uzi5v2 4 points ago

What in the actual fuck.

RandArrow 4 points ago

Now we know why they are saying no one has been dying of virus in China. They die before the virus can kill them.

ProdigalPlaneswalker 2 points ago

Death by Communism!

nodoublestandards 4 points ago

The easiest way to keep your statistics down is to no longer classify them as human.

MeatloafFvck 4 points ago

Fire cures corona virus, Trump owns gasoline stocks - REEEEEEEEEE !!!!!!

GodKingHarambe 4 points ago

"You can't have new casualties if you burn them alive"

(thinking man)

GottliebPins 4 points ago

Well if they die in a fire that doesn’t count as a Coronavirus death now does it?

magafi 4 points ago

Sorry, but the greater good.

commies0ride0free 5 points ago

The fucking wot, mate?

Is your brain broken?

HilarityComplex 6 points ago

I think that's sarcasm.

commies0ride0free 2 points ago

I think you’re right- thought about it for a few minutes after and realized.

There’s so many trolls around and there are honestly some leftists and corona fear mongerers I could so easily see saying this unironically it got me a little off kilter.

Sorry magafi, downvote redacted!

Thep1mp 2 points ago

Exactly. If even one life can be saved by burning coronavirus patients in an oven then isn’t it worth it? It’s the kind of shit the leftists say when trying to ban guns.

HeavyVetting 4 points ago

Go ahead, MSM. Keep telling us how well China handled this and how we should follow their lead.

PaigeAshley 4 points ago

Horrific, please don't be true!

trump_lsd 4 points ago

The Chinamen communists are soulless bug people? Solution: can we somehow psyop the Japanese into stop being incel anime jerkoff faggots and go back to their ultra-nationalist roots? They can tear through China again, then we crush them out when their job is done.

SameCookiePseudonym 4 points ago

seems legit

Kind of like when Iraq was killing babies? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nayirah_testimony

I don't want war with China, do you?

Evei 3 points ago


This is what democrats want for people who voted for Trump and believe in things such as freedom and morals.

TheMadManDidItAgain 3 points ago

With as bad as a story like this is... even if it is exaggerated. Even if it is completely made up........... the media is still a bigger enemy of the people of the US.

spec17 3 points ago

China is scum of the earth!

GarudaOne 3 points ago

Remember: Biden, Sanders, and Cuomo would love to do this to you.

DinsdalePiranha 3 points ago

"AMAZING! You'll never believe this way to get Coronavirus deaths to zero based on modern Chinese cell-altering techniques!"

GGJanitor 3 points ago

Bejing protests Ver 2.0

RiverFenix 3 points ago


If we're reading this, Trump is reading this.

_fuckallofyou_ 3 points ago

This is fucked up. No regard for human life at all.

Lawless 3 points ago

You all know this happened

Omgwtfbbq 3 points ago

They harvest organs of live Falun Gong practitioners.

rbobjones69 2 points ago

Dead men (or "mostly dead") tell no tales!

Scroon 2 points ago

Without evidence this is just an unsubstantiated rumor. We get on the left's case for believing stuff just because it lines up with their ideology.

Let's not be like them. Maybe China did do this, but we do need proof. Not just some rando saying they saw something.

LuvHarambe 1 point ago

Agreed. And most of it isn’t even some rando says he saw something, it’s some rando is saying someone else told them they saw a video of something, etc. This is CNN level reporting.

We need hard proof. Tracking the distribution of the urns in a more detailed way will be key I think. That’s probably our best chance of getting to the bottom of this.

deleted 2 points ago
RedditIs4Retards 2 points ago

This is clearly trumps fault

dukeness 2 points ago

They all died in a fire, not covid-19. Numbers legit.

HankHollywood 2 points ago

Makes you think how lucky we are to be Americans.

Ghostphaez [S] 4 points ago

For now we're lucky. If Bernie and AOC's acolytes get their way (after GEOTUS's second term), our luck may run out.

GhostOfMyFormerSelf 2 points ago

Save them some time, send in the nukes.

TaggartCiscontinenta 2 points ago

How’s that for a “single-payer healthcare system?”

MehNahMehNah 2 points ago

With the Individual Mandate!

AngelMark 1 point ago

They have been burning people alive for years!

UsurpTheNarrative 1 point ago

Once they knew the bodies were no use for the organs they figured they would skip a couple steps. Chicoms are nothing if not efficient.


Supertots 1 point ago

How else would they get rid of the protestors? They're not even testing people anymore..I mean their test kits don't even work lol

mykillk 1 point ago

Now they can legitimately state that cause of death was not COVID-19. No wonder their death rate has stopped increasing!!!

no_step_on_lion 1 point ago

Reason for death: Chinese Communism

ordinary_love 1 point ago

I don’t buy it. Surely they would have killed them first

deleted 1 point ago
Bouddika 1 point ago

Melamine pet & baby food?

remember1776 1 point ago

Soulless fucks

deleted 1 point ago
deleted 1 point ago
SimplePede 1 point ago

I've got my doubts...that with any other country would lead me to think one way...but it's China so I'm willing to overrule those doubts because there's nothing I wouldn't put past China

Bestboy143 1 point ago

Source doesn't seem too reliable. I really hope it's not true.

SJBHamilton 1 point ago

There were videos on Youtube about two months ago of a Chinese woman talking to her cab driver, the translation - if reliable - said she saw critically ill people still alive being hauled out for the crematorium.

orc_lives_matter 0 points ago

One woman's account with no verification. Upvotes

CaptRied 0 points ago

Fake News. Come on people, why post this garbage here? Do you honestly believe they would burn them alive when they could simply let them die on their own and then cremate the bodies?

deleted -1 points ago
CarlosCornPopDelecto -2 points ago

I'm going to go out on a limb and say I don't actually believe this. Yes, China is asshoe, but not like this. Even Nazis would gas you before putting you in an oven. I'm going to guess this is fake news.

RiverFenix 6 points ago

It's fine not to believe it, but your premise that even Nazis would gas you before the oven is inaccurate and grossly naive.

There have been some pretty twisted scenarios I won't go into detail on, suffice it to say being put in an over alive is probably more humane than other ways of going. Those ovens burn pretty hot, pretty fast. Being sodomized with a rifle or being forced to fight to the death against other prisoners, hunted by dogs for fun.. dragged behind a truck... to name some of the milder ones.

Look up what armies do when they have to kill more captive people than they have bullets for.

HilarityComplex 3 points ago

The nazis held women upside down and poured liquid cement into their wombs.

I really wish that I hadn't remembered that fact.

The japanese vivisected people. Dissected them while they were alive.

Evil is real. It returns when mankind stops remembering.

The Rwandan genocide consisted of men hacking their neighbors apart with machetes.

Men, women, children, the elderly. People they had grown up and worshiped with.

They recognized who to hack to death because they knew them.

RiverFenix 3 points ago

I hear you.

It amazes me when I hear someone say "I don't think" or "I don't believe" such and such would be so bad...

Complete ignorance = bliss, I guess.

PalmettoState 1 point ago

The Germans did not do any of that. It is a complete and utter hoax. One of the biggest lies in history.

HilarityComplex 3 points ago

In the late 90's I came across a website claiming that the moon landing(s) was a hoax.

I was amazed that anyone could believe that and assumed that it was just a handful of people and I would never hear of such nonsense again.

Less than ten years later I was talking to a girl and she casually brought up the fact that the moon landing was a hoax. I was shocked.

Holy shit.. these people are real and there must be lots of them!

So I'm not amazed that people like you exist either.

I just wish your nutbaggery was as harmless as the moon landing hoaxers.

NancyGhouloski 5 points ago

Look up liveleak videos of how cruel and sociopathic your average chinese citizen is- Now imagine the ones paid and encouraged to do it.

linkinu 4 points ago

I'm with you on this one. I'm going to need a little more evidence than rumors and hearsay for a claim this shocking.

Lets not fall into the "too good to check" trap.

CarlosCornPopDelecto 2 points ago

Exactly. And I don't know why I'm getting down voted. We should be careful not to spread fake news, because if we do, we're no better than Jim Acosta, and we can't really claim the high ground. I want nothing in common with Jim Acosta.