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Whoopies_tds 216 points ago

I wonder how far down the list we go if you remove far left sanctuary city New York from the US total?

_bryan 107 points ago

New York shit hole.

Hillandbill 37 points ago

I heard Cuomo is gonna tax the Kung Flu so it leaves NY just like everything else.

side_o_beef 16 points ago

word is he told hillary that covid has info that will lead to her arrest so i expect this to be over soon

CT_MAGA 4 points ago

Ha, you have figured it out. All we needed to do this entire time was fool that side of beef into thinking CoronaChan had something on her.

That virus will be found dead with 2 gunshot wounds to the back of the Corona.

deleted 2 points ago
DJTrump 1 point ago

Robbery gone wrong, and somehow after the murder the robbers accidently forget to take Rolex and rubber-banded wad of benjamins.

elfmyself 1 point ago

Make the meme!

Keiichi81 65 points ago (edited)

Well, New York alone makes up nearly half the total infections and deaths in the country, so...

(But yet somehow the left thinks Cuomo is a hero while Trump has of course completely bungled the national response.)

HockeyMom4Trump 27 points ago

NYC with their public transportation and high density housing.

-Lumenatra 21 points ago

And their huggers

HockeyMom4Trump 14 points ago

Virus or not, hugging random strangers on the street is something I would avoid

nodoublestandards 13 points ago

"I'm a Chinese, not a virus."

What a fucking strawman.

mty_green_go 2 points ago

Please hug me.

spicy_maymeigh 3 points ago

Why is this poor pede being downvoted

mty_green_go 3 points ago

Please upvote me. I'm a bot, not a virus

krog 12 points ago

Jesus. Just like Italy.

booblitchutz 9 points ago

and their CHINA TOWN.



marsajane1949 20 points ago

For real, they can't even see or realize that almost all the first few weeks deaths are attributed to Cuomo from him not being prepared and how they were telling people it was no big deal and telling people to gather. They can't comprehend anything. They scream "Trump didn't help fast or good enough" but if Cuomo had been prepared and not wasted the tax money on other things and used the tax money for what it was supposed to be used for then the Federal government wouldn't have even needed to help nearly as much. Democrats are stupid and only look for reason to blame others and bad mouth others.

Keiichi81 9 points ago (edited)

It's really incredible. The only thing more incredible is how many don't see it.

Trump forms the coronavirus task force and locks down American travel to and from China on January 31st and Democrats attack him for "racism and xenophobia." He warns about the virus in his State of the Union speech, and Nancy rips it up and calls it "lies". Democrats as recently as early March were telling people to "defy Trump's fearmongering" and go party in Chinatown. Cuomo in early March was insisting that New York was "fully prepared" and everyone should go out and enjoy themselves.

Now the narrative is "Trump didn't take things seriously in the crucial early days" and the MSM is elevating Cuomo as the "Hero of New York" despite his ineptitude directly contributing to NYC becoming the epicenter of the outbreak with nearly 5,000 dead under his "heroic" leadership. There are at present 140,000 confirmed cases in New York and more than 4,700 deaths, which is astronomical compared to any other location in the country (for example, the entire state of California only has 16,359 cases and 388 deaths, despite having 4X the population). If you remove New York from the national figures, we'd only have like 200,000 total infections and about 6,000 deaths, which would make us look pretty goddamn good globally all things considered.

marsajane1949 1 point ago

Yep! You said it exactly how it is!

Mexicola1976 9 points ago

Go to the NYC sub on Reddit (I know). It's surprisingly based and extremely critical of both Cuomo and Deblasio. They're starting to get antsy- I would say a few more weeks of this and NYC is going to have civil unrest. The people who are paying 2k a month for a 1bd room are having trouble coming up with rent money for May. They have had a hard time purchasing groceries (a lot of the delivery services have flat out sucked). Many residents aren't pleased with the fucking drones telling them to worry about staying home and social distancing. The New York unemployment office has also been a complete clusterfuck.

Meegs294 4 points ago

Didn't they literally put a massive eye of sauron looking thing I'm the middle of the city to scare everyone? Yeah new york is fucking dumb

WhateverNecessary 1 point ago

Many residents aren't pleased with the fucking drones telling them to worry about staying home and social distancing

Who isn't sick of them, to be fair. It's basically just another cringy social media trend everyone hopped on so they felt included.

Eric-CIA-ramella 2 points ago

New York + NJ are 47% of country total. Basically the same place.

NADSAQ 60 points ago

works with gun crime too

deleted 36 points ago
DoYouBelieveInMAGA 25 points ago

Or a small demographic

Ameronaut 14 points ago

About 1/8 to be exact

TheMemoryHole 9 points ago


LoveTrumps---Hair 6 points ago

You get deported on here for even suggesting this unfortunately.

UpTrump 6 points ago

This isn't reddit anymore

LoveTrumps---Hair -1 points ago

And yet the censorship remains the same here.

DemigoD 7 points ago

So I'm kinda on the fence about that issue. It's obviously not as bad of censorship as reddit, but there is a bit. BUT, I kinda think you need to at LEAST enforce polite discussion.

The problem is that if yo just let people say whatever the fuck, you get a Voat or a 4chan. It's just a pile of gross pictures and racism- which instantly repels "normal" people and allows the left to straw man and say - just look at these alt right boards, everyone there is crazy racist

Even though it's our board now, it's still important to maintain a baseline air of politeness. There's a way to talk about elevated crime rates among African American communities without sounding extremely racist. It's a fine line to walk, though

lanre 3 points ago

Can't we politely talk about the problem though?

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DoYouBelieveInMAGA 0 points ago

Nah don't think so

Basedkekistani2020 26 points ago

You know, that ineffectual racist Republican stronghold, NYC.

HockeyMom4Trump 16 points ago

It’s interesting how AOC says it is racist because the virus is killing minorities in her area. Here in MN, it’s almost all whites.

Basedkekistani2020 8 points ago

Maybe the Chinese Virus is getting "woke" at her proposal

SisterCovfefe 4 points ago

I think at the end of the day the deaths will roughly match the demographics of the region.

HumbleMemeFarmer 2 points ago

And correlate to obesity and type 2 DM.

Guess what those correlate to?

SisterCovfefe -3 points ago

Americans in general?

HumbleMemeFarmer 1 point ago


Non-Hispanic blacks (49.6%) had the highest age-adjusted prevalence of obesity, followed by Hispanics (44.8%), non-Hispanic whites (42.2%) and non-Hispanic Asians (17.4%).

DJTrump 1 point ago

42.2% of adult whites are obese, wth?

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SisterCovfefe -2 points ago

please, spare me your racist bullshit

non hispanic white will still outnumber non hispanic blacks based on demographics

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HockeyMom4Trump 2 points ago


mty_green_go 3 points ago

Here in MN, it’s almost all whites.

Subhanallah ?

HockeyMom4Trump 1 point ago

That have the virus. I think over 70 percent of cases are white and 81 percent of deaths are white. Must be people more likely to travel in MN or something at this point.

EdnaMode 4 points ago

NYC is the new MAGA Country.

Warren_Puffitt 18 points ago

Stacked to the sky assholes

yuge_igloo 9 points ago

NYC is at least 1/3 of the total deaths in US

infinitysupreme 4 points ago

To be fair, it was Chinese then European travelers who brought the virus to NYC, most of them not illegal aliens, most of them businessmen and vacationers.

Cup_O_Covfefe 7 points ago

They have a very low hospital bed to population ratio.

The hospital they keep bringing up as apocalypticaly over-crowded is the only major hospital in all of Queens.

HockeyMom4Trump 4 points ago

Almost to the bottom.

Ladybug87 1 point ago

I did a quick estimate on the total, based on the current numbers:

US total number of cases/mil: 1348 US total cases/mil without NY: 839

US total number of deaths/mil: 44 US total deaths/mil without NY: 25

SlipperyFire 1 point ago

It is with this current crisis as it is with gun crime; get rid of the liberals and you get rid of 80% of the casualties. But nope, those 'enlightened' coastal elites couldn't go a fucking week without going into crowded coffee shops and spreading the virus around and don't worry, it's just the "boomer remover" after all so us young-and-hip Millennials have nothing to worry about.


Seventeen_70_sickkkk 1 point ago

I've wanted to see the stats without NYC too!

UpTrump 1 point ago

Ah yes, NYC, the greatest city on earth

IlxTheGreat 1 point ago

No place in Europe has fewer. There are a few countries that do, not many. Maybe a dozen.

KnobGoblin 1 point ago

Well considering they make up almost half the deaths I guess the number would be around 18.

SMTTT84 1 point ago

We'd go to about 20 deaths per million so just under Germany.

deleted 143 points ago (edited)
squanchingonpao 86 points ago

Im an ex health ins broker of like 8 years. I can't handle Reddit when it comes to healthcare and insurance.

All you have to do is be a resonsible adult and you will have the best healthcare in the world with relatively little to no out of pocket expenses.

People also never like to bring up the fact how much they are fucking taxed in socialist countries. I can't imagine having like a 20% sales tax on top of higher income tax and other bullshit taxes.

If you make a decent living you will quickly see how you would end up paying so much more in taxes in those countries your "free healthcare" ends up costing me more than my monthly premiums and my yearly deducitble.

If you are a basement dwelling Reddit cuck you don't understand this concept.

ZacPetkanas 56 points ago

If you make a decent living you will quickly see how you would end up paying so much more in taxes in those countries your "free healthcare" ends up costing me more than my monthly premiums and my yearly deducitble.

And there's the problem. The lefties pushing for "free" shit for the most part don't have decent jobs with good pay. They have no/useless skills and are working jobs more suitable for teenagers. There's no reason a 30 year-old should be slinging coffee; a junior in HS can do that.

TNpedefosho 31 points ago

The lefties pushing for "free" shit for the most part don't have decent jobs with good pay. They have no/useless skills and are working jobs more suitable for teenagers.

My experience in the games industry says otherwise. It's overrun with leftists who don't comprehend that they ARE the ones being taxed heavily. My experience with them is that they think free healthcare only means taxing people richer than them. They also spend their extra income on new games, new merch, new drugs and can't understand why someone would save up to buy a house or investments.

superalienhyphy 5 points ago

I've seen similar in my industry. We hire kids straight out of college paying $50k and they don't know shit about the world. We were out drinking after work and I asked one of them "do you believe the government can spend your money more effectively than you can?" He emphatically responded "YES!!!" I was speechless.

End-of-the-world 4 points ago

Maybe just an inadvertent confession of his own financial irresponsibility?

arebee 2 points ago

That sounds more like a young person making fun at his own financial decisions. Possibly not fully understanding your question.

While it's fun to poke fun at young cunts who say dumb shit.... I reckon a good % of the people here had some retarded opinions teens/early 20's.

I didn't even start thinking about any of this shit until 25+

Remember... the political opinions in general of a pede revolve around justice, fairness and self responsibility. That kids level of justice and fairness revolves around if hacking in a videogame is okay or not.

The problem is(I see this in myself, and a lot of other young men) is we're partially growing up as we're getting older, but not all of us are hitting every marker we ought to be. I see my own shortcomings and feel clueless to fix them, almost mistaking them as personality traits. I am approaching 30.

So many distractions, so many things to get wrong, so much misinformation. Figuring it out on your own is hard. Morality has been warped, justice has been warped.

It's sad. No wonder male suicide rates are so high.

TNpedefosho 1 point ago

Even when I was pretty apolitical, I never would have believed that! That's insane

HockeyMom4Trump 7 points ago

Agree. Some jobs are merely entry level, not careers

Mr_Dr_Jullian_Dunbar 6 points ago

Too right.

But when the "good jobs" are outsourced out the ass (from programing to manufacturing), and also REQUIRING a 100k bachelor's degree for an entry level job.

Even in fucking tech sales, where back in the day was making a company millions a year in profits to get over looked and not even interviewed.

My friends a VP and knows my skillset - zero chance of hirings due to this insaine requirement. Their CEO put it in place 5 years ago - he sees it as ironic that he doesn't have a degree (been with the company 10 years)

Yet "more jobs than people" to fill them, why can't we find good people shit.

Well cucked HR and insane prices of college.

Some of the best sales people I've seen in my life are stuck waiting tables in their 30s.

soyboybetafaggot 2 points ago

a lot of them are "artistes" and "creatives" tho, aka drawing shitty ecomics on Tumblr and thinking they are the next Walt Kelly or Garry Trudeau. They need time to "pursue their singular vision and joy" and a "traditional workspace" wouldn't give them the "nuturing, sustainable environment" in which to pursue their role of "social satirist".

commies0ride0free 26 points ago

Also how long it can take to see a doctor. Free healthcare is great until you’re sick. Read of someone who had a breast lump- had to wait 9 months for an (ultrasound or MRI, can’t remember) and of course by them she had full blown cancer (she may have before, but at least she could’ve started treatment 9 months earlier)

Meanwhile my son has a condition that often comes with heart abnormalities so as a PRECAUTION, not a treatment, he was referred on a Monday for an echocardiogram. He had the echocardiogram that Friday. (He is fine)

IronMaiden 11 points ago

Glad your son is ok!

commies0ride0free 2 points ago

Thank you!

Vanyle 3 points ago

I have a friend in Denmark who had breast cancer. the only option they gave her was a full mastectomy even though other procedures existed and are widely used. She was at least able to get reconstructive surgery 6 years later.

commies0ride0free 1 point ago

Reminds me of a YouTube channel I used to watch about what life in the USSR was like.

He said they would pull all of people’s teeth at the first sign of cavities and give them full dentures- guess they thought it’d be cheaper in the long run. Same with your friend.

Cut off their leg to prevent them from rolling their ankle. This is the final form of mEdIcArE fOr aLL

killerbunny88 2 points ago

It's craziness!

My husband and I live very comfortably on one income in a state with no state income tax. We pay $260 a month for health insurance for the two of us through his employer. We own our own home and have almost no debt. It's really not that difficult! Medicare for all would ruin our lives! We would pay a fortune in taxes way more than the $260 we currently pay for our health insurance.

Temp_004 2 points ago

All you have to do is be a resonsible adult

That's the issue right there, lol

Winrar_ChiknDinr 2 points ago

I thought I'd check this out comparing US to Australia as I've always wondered what the difference is.

Background: Australia has guaranteed healthcare available to everyone. It has optional private insurance for improved care if you want to pay for it.

Australia's total spending on healthcare is half the US. It looks like the US pays more than everyone. I think that means most other OECD countries pay less per year for healthcare. OECD Data

The standard of care could be different in those countries.

Comparing resources Australia has (per capita) more doctors OECD Data and the same number of nurses OECD Data more beds OECD Data more CT scanners OECD Data less MRI machines OECD Data less mammography machines OECD Data slightly less radiotherapy machines OECD Data

Australia has higher life expectancy OECD Data similar (slightly higher) deaths from cancer OECD Data

Australia's government is relatively smaller OECD Data

Australians pay relatively more tax (~4% of GDP more), but that doesn't seem to be due to health care spending.

Health care spending as in the US healthcare costs 16.9% of GDP, and 9.3% of GDP in Australia.

You can skim through this data to see where US spends more or less in a sector than Australia. OECD Data

neverreddit 19 points ago

You’re out of your mind. USA has 35 ICU beds per 100,000, Australia has 9. This is the most important metric right now. Everyone knows we have the best healthcare in the world, that’s why we send our doctors to care for our allies’ leaders when they get sick.

And you’ve got to wonder what goes into the calculation for GDP% spent on healthcare. Does that include R&D? Do you know? Those numbers are calculated by people trying to shove commie healthcare down our throats. Don’t go throwing out these kinds of cherry picked stats if you don’t know what you’re talking about.

When I was a poor as shit student (pre-Obamacare) I went online and bought barebones health insurance for $70/month. I spent three days in a neurological ward and came out with $5000 in debt. I called the hospital and told them I would have trouble covering that, was there something I could do? They asked me to fill out a financial hardship application and my final bill based on assets and income? $0

The rest is bullshit. Even if I had had to pay off $5000. Is that crippling debt? If you knew how many fucking tests and scans they did on me you would be amazed that my bill was only that.

In this country we value personal responsibility. Get your insurance or maybe you’ll get fucked over (though probably still not.) my idiot sister (huge SJW OBV) went skiing without health insurance and fucked up her knee requiring several surgeries. She got a huge bill. After paying it diligently for 3 years (and complaining the whole fucking time) the hospital forgave her debt. Despite this miracle of generosity she’s still obviously demands uNiVerSal HeaLthCare.

Magabeliever 5 points ago

After paying it diligently for 3 years (and complaining the whole fucking time) the hospital forgave her debt. Despite this miracle of generosity she’s still obviously demands uNiVerSal HeaLthCare.

So instead of paying her debt for 3 years, she wants to be enslaved to pay debt (taxes) for all her life? That's a mighty poor trade.

neverreddit 4 points ago

Exactly. Her TDS is beyond cure though. There is no red pill big enough.

soyboybetafaggot 2 points ago

America really already has a form of non governmentalized socialized health care in that the rich get soaked at the hospitals for total radical cashectomies and literally any illegal alien or poor person can walk into an ER and get treated for free. The big difference is, the fucking hospitals make you haggle over a bill like you are at an Egyptian market.

Winrar_ChiknDinr 1 point ago

The claim was that countries with socialised health care spend more on healthcare.

That doesn't appear to be the case.

In the case of Australia the US spends more on health care per capita.

There's no doubt more variables. But on the whole its not obvious from OECD data that spending is greater, or quality of care is vastly different.

ICU beds is a variable that's not in the OECD data. In this environment its helpful, but at every other time it is likely a waste, adding to cost with no benefit. It appears that the best model for dealing with scenarios requiring much more beds would be to have an action plan for rapidly expanding ICU beds when needed.

BoughtByBloomberg 4 points ago

The reality is just that US healthcare is more expensive because it is on demand and a lot of problems get created by the government through attempting to increase access, which means an increase in demand, whilst dictating profit margins to insurers and hospitals. Also there is the problem of those who use the service without paying. For example illegals get free healthcare in many states. Who pays for it? The American taxpayer.

For example the ACA which has inflated medical costs significantly with it's 80/20 rule. An insurer MUST spend 80% of it's premiums on healthcare... do you see the problem? If I have to spend 1000 to earn 200 I could also spend 10000 and get 2000. Otherwise they'd have to write a rebate check in 3 years for too high a premium. Not to mention that doctors are very happy being paid extremely well sometimes twice or three times as much as their counterparts in universal coverage countries.

Here is the experience of a GP moving from the NHS to Universal Coverage.


Note that he still makes roughly 2/3rds of the wage a US Family Physician would.

https://www.payscale.com/research/CA/Job=Family_Physician_%2F_Doctor/Salary https://www.averagesalarysurvey.com/doctor/canada https://ca.indeed.com/salaries/general-practitioner-Salaries


So to summarize the whole mess of government regulation. The hospital is happy cause it gets more money. The insurer is happy cause it's premium can go up and their margin gets bigger for the same care. The US used to spend barely 5% of GDP on healthcare. And the more federal programs were introduced and the more regulation was put in place the more the cost shot up.

This may be an interesting read on the subject.


Winrar_ChiknDinr 0 points ago

It's surprising to me that people seem so positive about the current US system considering how expensive it appears to be.

The argument from the left that the system is not working as well as it could be appears completely acceptable.

The solution from them doesn't have to be accepted to accept that premise; it's not like socialising health care is the only option to try.

BoughtByBloomberg 2 points ago (edited)

Well I have dealt with all types of healthcare system. I traveled a lot and have seen all systems. From legit third world pay the ambulance a bribe for the extra distance so they take you to the good hospital, to full blown socialism and the European mixed system.

In all of them you had to pay extra for proper care. The European system only partially covered your costs and you paid large amounts in taxes. The fully socialized medicine just had you pay insane amounts of taxes. I can guess the third world speaks for itself. Money talks. You don't have it, fuck you.

I paid in Universal Coverage taxes what I payed an insurer in the US for a full coverage plan. Like literally dollar for dollar the same cost for the same coverage. A healthy chap like me, non smoker, non drinker, complete square healthy guy can get away with 300 bucks a month for full coverage. Or I could pay 200 bucks in taxes and then another 200 bucks in insurance fees in Europe.

The only difference is a higher deductible and the tendency for US doctors to prescribe BRANDS instead of generics, which you should always ask for. Instead of paying 11 dollar per pill you pay 2 dollars just with that one question.

Also a lot of prescriptions are written anyway. I can remember a journalist being OUTRAGED that he had to pay hundreds of dollars for a flu antiviral prescription. The medicine in question is so useless that socialized medicine doesn't even allow it's prescription. A doctor will be reprimanded if he prescribes that shit for the flu! The only thing he CAN prescribe? Rest. Rest and call us if you have seizures, shortness of breath or you stop peeing for more than a day (because then you're dehydrating).

So like I said the DEMAND for care has SKYROCKETED whilst the government has repeatedly intervened and made it impossible to compete across state lines. It's ILLEGAL to do so. Doctors can also not practice across state lines. We then have again the ACA basically giving companies an incentive to jack up prices immensely!

The US system is flawed. But it is the only one where I wasn't told to wait a week to see my doctor. That costs more... but not a lot more unless you mess up and pass something like the ACA.

Ingerimm 4 points ago

"Australia has higher life expectancy..."

I wonder what Australia life expectancy would be if they had a segment of their population insistent on throwing birthday parties for a 1 year old in the streets (look up LAPD stops birthday party on YouTube) during a pandemic, or insistent on going to Spring Break / Mardi Gras, or blatantly ignoring social distancing until under threat of law, etc.

The point I am getting at is we have some really, REALLY stupid people in this country who do some really stupid things with their health. Whether it is abusing prescription medications, eating horribly because of living in a country of excesses, to just being willfully ignorant of taking care of themselves and amplifying bad habits and bad health choices.

Is it any wonder the people who make medications and provide health care here aren't swimming in even more money when these people gleefully and foolishly ruin their health?

HockeyMom4Trump 7 points ago

Right. Take out some of these sanctuary leftist cities and then compare.

We have ruined many of the things we had working for us with illegal immigration and taking in so many refugees. Look at education. MN used to be pretty solid. Not so much these days.

zwiebelsaft 2 points ago

Honestly, it’s not just the refugees ruining the education system. Bored, spoiled whites (usually of the progressive Swedish Lutheran variety) are awful people to be around in general. Edina used to be the pinnacle of the upper class, but now people pay a million dollars for a basic cracker box or a tasteless split level and send their kids to schools that brainwash them into thinking they have white privilege.

HockeyMom4Trump 3 points ago

If you are ever bored, go to greatschools.org and look up some of these schools rankings and test scores. It's an eye opener.

zwiebelsaft 3 points ago

My Alma mater, Osseo, unsurprisingly went to shit. I know that much.

... continue reading thread?
2020to2024 4 points ago (edited)

I bet I can guess what type of birthday party it was without even watching the video.

Did it look something like this? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=shvNAq6jv9g

This is the culture by the way, nothing to do with race.

IntrepidBurger 3 points ago

They also include all gun homicides and car accidents in the mortality stat, among other non-health related factors. The US has more guns and hours-driven than Australia.

MagnanimousDonkey 3 points ago

More importantly than all of that are healthy habits. We're one of the most obese nations on the planet, which has a large impact on life expectancy, yet absolutely nothing to do with the healthcare system.

pedefromohio 3 points ago

Cherry-picked data. Good to know, but only tells part of the story.

Winrar_ChiknDinr 1 point ago

This article was interesting.


I think you can accept the argument from the left that health care is expensive whilst also not wanting socialised health care.

squanchingonpao 2 points ago

The entire country of Australia has less people than Texas.

Everquest4Life 1 point ago

Also a smaller economy by every conceivable metric.

Texas economy: $1.9 trillion (29.4m people)

Australian economy: $1.37 trillion (25.4m people)

Let's compare Luxembourg to the USA next...haha

squanchingonpao 1 point ago

I am just saying healthcare gets tricky the larger the population.

UpTrump 2 points ago

I've had people argue with me that you're really saving money with Medicare for all... Bullshit

mty_green_go 1 point ago

If you are a basement dwelling Reddit cuck you don't understand this concept.

Well these are the people who have the worst diet and exercise of the US population, so it makes sense they want more free health care as a result of their own terrible habits and stupidity.

Andweknow828 33 points ago

Canadian here. I try to explain this to people but nobody ever gets it. People couldn’t fathom having to pay copayments or working through insurance to see a doctor, but we do it all the time for dentists and optometrists. Don’t be too hard on us pede’s. There are people fighting for Canada, we’re just not there yet.

IronMaiden 12 points ago

We love our Canadian bros.

RiverFenix 21 points ago

It's because If we (Canadians) travel to the USA we need travel insurance, because getting sick/injured while visiting CAN cost an arm/leg.

I'm not sure on the exact price structure but I recall watching something a few years ago where it costs like 8000$ to re-attach your pinky finger, 12,000$ for the index finger, 18,000$ for a thumb... So if you're paying out of pocket and you cut off 2-3 fingers at once you can basically choose which one is most important and forget about the other(s)..

In Canada, they'll re-attach them all 'for free'. It's not free of course, it's paid for by hard working Canadians through personal and business taxes.

Even though everyone thinks Canadian healthcare is 'free', it also doesn't cover a lot of us. Sure, it's free to get a bed in a ward with 30 other people, but a semi-private room (sharing with one other person) will cost you over 1000$/week.. (which I guess seems cheap compared to most peoples' rent these days)..

Also insurance companies were explicitly saying they won't cover you if you get COVID-19.. so that's why 100% of snowbirds flew/drove home back around March 15th.

Florida must feel kinda strange these days with no Canadians around..

NoStepeDePepe 18 points ago

Honestly, a few thousand bucks for the medical marvel is reattaching body parts seems like a bargain

spezisacuckold 12 points ago

People are largely spoiled and can’t spot a good deal if their life depended on it.

IronMaiden 10 points ago

Fuckin right I'd shell out some g's to get my fingies back.

RiverFenix 5 points ago

The human body is pretty amazing. You can essentially crazy glue/duct tape things back on and they'll 'take'...

The tricky part is making it take with minimal scar tissue and not at a weird angle.

NoStepeDePepe 3 points ago

Well damn! You just saved me $12,000!

HockeyMom4Trump 4 points ago

I wish all hospital beds were private. Cramming sick people together would just make me sicker.

RiverFenix 3 points ago

I think there should be an army of Doctors who make house calls.

Why did Doctor House Calls ever stop being a 'thing'?

HockeyMom4Trump 2 points ago

I agree. Why would the sick person have to crawl out of bed and drive to the doctor while sick? The doctor could come to the sick person and it would make more sense.

mty_green_go 2 points ago


RiverFenix 0 points ago

I don't see your point.

Charge 20$ per visit and have it covered by your insurance or whatever..

If there's a will there's a way.

I don't see $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ being a problem when it comes to sending out welfare checks to hundreds of millions of people

mty_green_go 2 points ago

Are you serious? Doctors used to do house calls when they lived in towns are areas of a few hundred to a thousand and they could fit all their tools in a bag. The percentage of doctors has not grown with the population and now with the amount of red tape and paperwork, it's easier to have an office where the patients come to visit and you can see 20x as many patients in one day and earn 600k a year instead of $100k (the rest of the income pays your employees and the clinic overhead) and you can do lab tests and radiography on the spot within minutes and have it all uploaded to the patient's file kept in the cloud somewhere

RiverFenix 1 point ago

Good points, but where there is a will there is a way. There could be something like Paramedic Doctors who don't do the specialized stuff like Xrays and lab tests, but it would be a big step forward if doctors could show up with the tools to cover amputations, casts, suture, etc..

Plenty of construction workers carry everything they own with them in their truck/van. Doctors could do similar.

It wouldn't remove the need for clinics and hospitals, just be supplemental to keep sick people in their homes and not in the ER.

WindsOfWinter 13 points ago

The only people I've ever known with crippling medical debt here in the US are people who:

  1. Made a habit of going to the ER when uninsured
  2. Made decades of terrible lifestyle choices (read: substance abuse and/or they weigh 800 lbs from cheeseburgers and soda)

I believe there's discussion to be had about the extreme costs of certain kinds of medical care (why the fuck are my kids' epi-pens $700+ each if insurance doesn't cover them?), and I think that some fundamental structural reform to the entire industry is needed to better emphasize preventative health care, and to put doctors more in charge of treatments than insurance companies, but people who believe that the US system is a dystopian nightmare where nobody can receive medical treatment is complete fake news.

Ballind 8 points ago

Your kids epipens are expensive because a democratic senator was able to use his influence to place his daughter as CEO of the company that makes them and used the FDA to block all competitors so they can charge whatever they want.

In short, socialized healthcare causes those prices

MuadDon 3 points ago (edited)

It's the difference between wanting to spend money on something, needing to spend money on something, and a healthcare cost that you didn't see coming/HAVE to pay. We don't mind spending tens of thousands on cars, a ski trip, a pool, etc. because we want it or need/want it. Having to spend 100k to save your life is obviously money well spent, but it's still annoying. Icing on the cake is insurance and hospitals playing yoyo with prices, making the one with the wallet feel not as great about justifying actual costs. Just a frame of mind thing.

HockeyMom4Trump 11 points ago

Agree. My sister in law thinks nothing of spending thousands on a one week family vacation. But her daughter had a sledding accident and she was calling my in-laws (her parents) because the MRI was around $1,000. Now this is a 55 year old woman calling mom and dad simply because she does not want to spend her money on medical stuff, because her money is for the boat, the vacations, the cabin, But mom and dad are supposed to cover the MRI, cause she can’t afford it. Maybe pay the MRI and skip the vacation weekend. Needs v wants, like you said.

WindsOfWinter 6 points ago

Medical costs definitely need to be disclosed up front. Health care is the only industry I can think of where you purchase a product and then find out its price afterwards.

Sass 12 points ago

My dad has had both knees replaced, a hip replacement, and back surgery. No debt. The only difference is if he were in Canada or the UK he would be still in crippling pain waiting on his hip replacement and probably one of the knees.

spez_this 6 points ago

We have an excellent healthcare system, no doubt. No emergency room will turn away a patient based on their ability to pay. There was a day that part of admitting was to take your insurance information. Now they don't do this until after you have been treated.

My main gripe is with employer-based health insurance. Limited choice, and can change yearly or when you change employers. I would prefer that everyone have an HSA that employers can contribute to. This would allow each person to select and keep the plan best suited to their situation. Then use the HSA money to pay the premium.

dudeduderson 6 points ago

They have to believe that in order to continue paying the outrageous taxes for their benefits, and still believe their system is better.

zwiebelsaft 4 points ago

I have amazing health insurance and I live in a red county in a red state. $200/mo, $6000 deductible with a network that goes anywhere in the country.

BoughtByBloomberg 2 points ago

You see Euros and Canadians have hidden medical costs. They pay like 7000 euro, pounds or canuck bucks a year for their personal healthcare plans through taxation.

Meanwhile any full coverage healthcare plan that will treat everything you could ever catch from heart disease to cancer is available for the same annual price. The problem is that you have to work to afford it or to get it covered by your job.

That's where their understanding breaks down. They don't understand that only the poorest will get limited medical aid from the state and federal government instead of everyone being on this plan.

hillaryforprison 1 point ago

Even better is to 'self-insure' and save all that money and just pay cash and go to any doctor you want. It's 100% 'covered' by your own savings, you can negotiate price in advance, it's often cheaper than using insurance for minor things, and you usually save money.

Specter 1 point ago

I pay the highest deductible type plan there is, and focus on preventative medicine (nutrition, exercise). When I do go to the doctor I pay out of pocket but get seen immediately. Love our system.

deleted 1 point ago
AlphaNathan 57 points ago

Health coverage is not health care.

Chodeus 24 points ago

Valid point but this just proves their health care is abysmal even though they are covered...

Umilmi81 11 points ago

If we had a single party left wing system we'd have zero cases... just like China. Trump BTFO.

Onlinespec 1 point ago

Zimbabwe has universal healthcare

SisterCovfefe -9 points ago (edited)

not true

it's more than adequate unless a pandemic comes along

does it occur to anyone that Europe has been testing and expanding upon the treatments used in Asia? and that in turn the US is doing the same? or do you all think the global medical community operates in a vaccuum?

The_BIGGEST_FUCK_YOU 10 points ago

"adequate" LOL

SisterCovfefe -8 points ago (edited)

That's been our experience, yes

We pay 60 euros each month for insurance as a condition of our visa.

Bro Covfefe has had a hernia operation and one on each leg to relieve circulation problems. Our copay 0 euros. Our waiting time less than a month from diagnosis to surgery. Less than a week for the hernia. (tbf we're in the private system)

We have a cousin who had colon cancer. He had surgery and went through treatment and gets regular follow ups. His out of pocket 0 euros under the public system.

Are the facilities bright and shiny? No. Do they go about things differently? Yes. (for example they didn't want to prescribe any painkillers after the hernia operation) But that doesn't stop Spain from providing decent healthcare to everyone who needs it.

You don't know what you're talking about.

sooperscuper 6 points ago

So their death rate from coronavirus is just because they're all so friendly with each other?

SisterCovfefe 0 points ago (edited)

You've brought up a good point.

Spanish culture is very touchy feely. It's something I've struggled with as an American. Not only are people concentrated in cities but they like to socialize in groups. There are tons of social clubs, for example, and they tend to meet outside the home vs going to someone's house and hanging out, which puts them in contact with other social groups.

Before things got bad in Madrid there was a march for International Women's Day on March 8. And then everyone took off for the pueblo when the govt started locking down the Pais Vasco and Cataluña.

We're seeing the same in the US with Mardi Gras, Spring Break and Lunar New Year gatherings.

But to answer your question their death rate is highest among the elderly and their demographics skew towards an elderly population. PLUS they have been developing treatment options while their sysyems were under pressure they don't normally experience.

jimsite66 28 points ago

Where can I find this chart without the extra drawing?

yuge_igloo 16 points ago


jimsite66 13 points ago

Thank you. Always good to have legit charts for red-pilling friends and family.

yuge_igloo 13 points ago

Another good red pill are the ever-changing IHME models from UW.


Their initial estimates (based on assumptions) for the death toll are down significantly in the last couple days. Funny how using actual data in a model makes it more accurate...

6star_Gen_Washington 3 points ago

Incidentally, that site hasn't updated their death projections since April 4th. They also list the same daily deaths (1,745) for April 4th and 5th, neither of which is accurate. Daily deaths on April 4th was 1,330 and on April 5th it was 1,165.

patriotX 8 points ago


jimsite66 5 points ago

Thank ye!

DoYouBelieveInMAGA 0 points ago

Why would you want to?

jimsite66 3 points ago

Because they are friends and family?

DoYouBelieveInMAGA 2 points ago

I was just making a joke

jimsite66 1 point ago

Oh...all good! 👌

PyroSphere 21 points ago

Health care is like any other commodity, you get what you pay for. You go cheap, your loved ones weep. - Baby Yoda 637 A.D.

Bramble 18 points ago

I've recently been downvoted to hell for pointing out on Reddit that per capita testing doesn't matter because the virus primarily exists in hotspots, so testing equitably and randomly would be stupid and a waste.

Also that the reagents for the tests are made in Europe, so it's not surprising they have first and faster access to the tests, making it more difficult for the USA to get as much as wanted.

sooperscuper 7 points ago

Get the fuck off that website. Let them have their echo chamber of shills lying to useful idiots.

BlackPeople 5 points ago

It sucks, man. I tried going to GameFAQs.com just to check the PS4 message board (hadn't been on in forever) and the shills were on there too! So annoying..

sooperscuper 3 points ago

Remember, it's only the leftists who produce these surplus populations who can be used to produce no value as they slave away for the state.

If they were capitalists, they wouldn't waste labor this way.

Bramble 1 point ago

If I get through to even one person it was worth it.

Plus it's fun to concern troll the shit out of lefties.

sooperscuper 2 points ago

Brother\sister - I feel you from the bottom of my heart.

I ran myself over that cheese grater and you know what happened when I stopped?

Others stepped in. And the open hatred the leftists legitimize through their moderation on Reddit becomes an echo chamber. They hate reality more than they hate us. They can kill us...

If you're on there, you're driving traffic. You're helping their bottom line. Any drama or facts you put forth only incentivize others to do the same.

Fuck them.

Their echo chambers damn them to a hell of false expectations.

I applaud your care, though. Thank you.

pizzzzaaaa 3 points ago

But why isn't every single person in bumfuck west virginia being tested 8 times per day?!?

SisterCovfefe 1 point ago

Good point. They've expanded testing here in Spain and the number of infected people has gone up. To me it indicates how many people are unknowingly infected. How the govt will react I don"t know.

I'm interested in taking the antibody test myself. There was something nasty going around in November and what I experienced sounds a lot like COVID19.

Which makes me wonder if we are experiencing the second wave now.

cccpneveragain 13 points ago

But, but, those 33 per million in the US are all poor brown people. In Spain and Italy where access to healthcare isn't dependent on your ability to pay, the rich white people also have to contribute their fair share of dying as well.

_bryan 11 points ago

Where’s China?

StillplayenSometimes 10 points ago

Either they admit trump is doing a good job, their projected math was wrong, or the free market stepped in to fix drumpfhs mistakes, either way they lose, big

CaptainChrisPBacon 6 points ago

It is called The Double Blind Trap. Trump is a expert at using this trap.

Thingthing22 10 points ago

How the fuck does Iran have that many tests per million? I smell smoke.

Imransgarage 9 points ago

The good stuff from Chy-Na.

kshoggi 3 points ago

They were hit early on, so I'm sure WHO sent them a ton of tests.

Thingthing22 1 point ago

Everyone was hit early on. Why do **they get preferential treatment?

Perhelion 9 points ago

Mannnnnn, I hope our GEOTUS brags the FUCK out of this point. As long as he strays from “mandatory vaccines”, this recovery would solidify something I’ve already been telling people—that he is the GREATEST PRESIDENT THAT THERE EVER WAS AND EVER WILL BE.

spez_this 9 points ago

One of the major strengths of the US is the ability to adapt and respond to emergencies. It also helps tremendously that we have a President that thinks like a businessman and not a politician.

Bramble 7 points ago

Also consider this is with counting every death during this crisis as a covid death.

yuge_igloo 7 points ago

“We have successfully eradicated the flu, pneumonia, lung cancer and heart disease from the Earth” 😂

freespeech4all 6 points ago

Germany is the only country that hasnt suffered compared to Italy, Spain, France... shit even the UK has a bad mortality rate

Faffz 3 points ago

5th Reich

ProdigalPlaneswalker 4 points ago


Sorry, misread that! Need to get my covfefe.

Staatssicherheit 3 points ago

Germany is at 22 DPM. They had their highest death toll yesterday at 226. Germany appears to be one week behind us and hasn't hit their peak yet.

NateProtactinium 2 points ago

Getting taxed out the ass sure helps!

Business_Antelope 1 point ago

just wait a week or two. they got started later than everyone else.

Tonightm01 1 point ago

Depends how long it takes to spread into the population. It was fast as fuck in Italy and Spain. Not so fast in France and Germany. But the end result will be the same.

Lockdowns in placed early enough just slows it down. Doesnt stop the spread in its tracks. This virus can live outside the body for a long long time.

OlDirtyBarrister 6 points ago

And this is with us having done more tests than anyone else BY FAR. So we have actually identified patients.

deleted 6 points ago
Pumpingiron_Patriot 4 points ago

I was gonna post this:

Look at the numbers. US has had almost 2x number of tests as Spain + Italy.

And they say US healthcare is crap...lol

Gstreetshit 4 points ago

Also weird how all of those guns are flying off the shelves, largely by anti gunners, and we aren't all dead?

DocOne 4 points ago

I gotta be honest, I'm not gonna cheer the deaths of innocent people because they're caught in a shitty country. I'm thankful to be an American and absolutely despise communism, socialism and anything related to them but many of the people dying over there didn't ask for this.

commies0ride0free 7 points ago

No one is cheering their deaths.

We’re not leftists.

deleted 4 points ago
dakin116 3 points ago

If the EU counted themselves together you would find they have far more cases than we do. Spain/Italy/Germany alone

EnoughGunControl 3 points ago

Hong Kong: 0.5

Japan: 0.7

Taiwan: 0.2

And they all wear masks

LittleBlackKat 3 points ago


Magakekdon33 3 points ago

But didn't Hitlery Clinton say America is number one in deaths...

commies0ride0free 5 points ago

It’s almost as if we have a huge ass country

Farmerbob1 3 points ago

And this is with Democrats actively working to prevent people from getting access to medicines that actually work.

I wonder if anyone is considering class action lawsuits against the governors who made prescribing hydroxychloroquine for Covid19 illegal?

Snarfbot 2 points ago

Are these deaths caused by coronavirus or are they like the 7mo old who died of smothering while having the virus

basedtexapede 1 point ago

The second thing, recorded as the first thing. Because, as everyone knows, Orange Man Bad.

Rothbard 2 points ago

Switzerlands system is more private than the US. Go checkout Aus and NZ destroys the US and Europe.

Afeazo 2 points ago (edited)

Why does the left make it seem like people are going billions of dollars into debt for a general checkup, and if you get a serious disease your family will be paying medical bills for generations?

I never seen a medical bill much more than what my copayment is. My grandmother before she passes was in a nursing home then in hospice, which we all know is very expensive and her Medicare took care of it. No one I know in real life has ever said something along the lines of “I don’t want to go to the doctor/hospital because it is too expensive”.

The fantasy situations the left pushes are situation of people that are poor and unemployed, yet we have systems in place to take care of people in these situations. On top of that, if you are poor and unemployed, does it even matter if you rack up a ton of debt? You can declare bankruptcy and there will be nothing to seize because you apparently have nothing. But this is a very rare situation, and usually the fault of the person because again, we have systems in place to take care of everyone.

I think the whole healthcare thing is such a big issue on Reddit because you get kicked off your parents insurance I think at age 25, which is an age lots of Reddit users are around. They don’t want to get a job, they don’t want to pay for their own insurance, and they don’t want to lose the quality of care of their parents good insurance so they bitch and moan.

Jammerculture 2 points ago

Can I have a source for this?

TurdSammich 2 points ago

Still a little early to say this, once infected people aren't dying for a few weeks.

Eric-CIA-ramella 2 points ago

This is true, absolutely. They didn't take stuff seriously, much like DeBlasio and Cuomo, and NY suffered similar consequences in death tolls.


Jefferson 2 points ago

But Germany, though. Seriously, what's up with Germany's numbers?

kshoggi 2 points ago

They're counting differently. Deaths from/with covid-19 are counted as deaths from pneumonia or whatever.

ohiopede 2 points ago

They have been using the hell out of hydroxychrloroquine

raven0ak 2 points ago (edited)

total cases: 2,308
deaths: 34
tested : 34,900
test per 1M: 6,299
deaths per 1m: 6
and we laugh at swedish government,trying to shut our borders towards them
(also, most of cases are centered on southernmost municipality only, now that its locked out from rest of Finland, cases spreading is going down quite much)

deleted 2 points ago
DPerman1983 1 point ago

That fucking drawing. Kek!

Blacktaxi2d 1 point ago

interested to see how this table looks after we have "gone through the curve" as they say that Spain has. I would concede it is premature to compare right now though

Conservativechick 1 point ago

But it's so much more "efficient" when you just let people die...

bergsoe 1 point ago

Your healthcare system is really terrible though. Medicare and Medicaid is way to expensive and too inefficient. You would be better off just getting rid of it altogether and give everyone 500$ a month to spend on a private option of their choice.

nothingberg 1 point ago


fuggin' RAI-GORS

habanero 1 point ago

Our number will go up too though, over this week and next. People who are dying now got sick a week or two ago. I think our numbers should roughly track those of Switzerland, because healthcare systems are pretty similar and not underfunded.

siliconia 1 point ago

This is pretty funny in that it's a reversal of the shitty way of trying to make the United States look bad for having more cases.

It would be more accurate to compare New York to Spain and Italy, and then compare New York to Wisconsin or to compare the United States to all of EU.

de9ebkmd7 1 point ago

Don't worry, we are still 2 weeks away from everyone dying here.

f_bastiat 1 point ago

I was just admiring this very graph at the site, I'm pleased someone saw the meme value in it. The west is the best.

SMTTT84 1 point ago

8 of the top ten states by deaths per million have Democratic Governors.

6 of the top six states by deaths per million have Democratic governors.

krepoisbest 1 point ago

Germany seems good!

xBigCoffinHunter 1 point ago

Needs some asterisks next to countries that aren’t honestly reporting each stat. Like the one next to US deaths.

KekistanPM 1 point ago

I infer that death just means people who died while afflicted with CV. I wonder how many were in good health versus having one or more previous conditions that weakened their immune systems.

lifeisahologram 1 point ago

Socialist healthcare sucks. But honestly I think the death rates are being propped up artificially because of lack of testing.

All of those countries combined have only exceeded US testing by 10-15% lol

As long as confirmed cases/testing remain low, every death can appear more statistically significant. Because if you test everyone and reveal a microscopic chance of dying, people wise up and realize "oh this is a disease like any other diseases and we don't have to cower in our homes, weird!"

prattle 1 point ago

It is even more telling when you consider the cultural problem in the US with being overweight. If health care systems were equal, this should show up in the numbers as somewhat worse for the US to reflect the higher obesity rate as a potential underlying condition.

tcriv 2 points ago

source on USA being more overweight than spain/uk/italy/etc?

prattle 1 point ago (edited)

Here is one which has the data. Looks like spain is 62, Italy 92, US 16. WHO

This is from 2014, and I believe that more recently Mexico had moved higher than the US though the closest European country I had thought was the UK.

Edit* Here is one with more recent data from a few sources which has similar rankings: obesity rates by country

2020goUSA 1 point ago

What is the source for this, plz?

redrambo 1 point ago

This whole shitshow is global leftist propoganda.

1776-or-1984 1 point ago

I hear Spain isn't satisfied they wanna roll out UBI shortly to fully bankrupt their nation.

WassermanSchultz 1 point ago

I like this chart. Really just commenting to save a chart of US vs anywhere corona survival rates.

Pelosis_xanax 1 point ago

I found the data here thanks to some other comments, but how did you manage to sort by Deaths/1M pop? https://virusncov.com/

nrjk 1 point ago

If you click on the top of the column, where title is, it'll sort by high to low or vice versa.

Tenenmous 1 point ago

More importantly, our for profit system is the one making most of the innovations in the field!

wendys_spicy_tendies 1 point ago

Juanita Broaddrick has exposed the perverse incentive U.S. hospitals have to overreport Chinese flu deaths. When the patient is uninsured, government aid covers the cost. Without this, we would have more honest data and less public panic.

Get-schlonged 1 point ago

The best that money can buy vs Free and Rationed. No contest.

Frost033 1 point ago

Where can I get this chart without the drawing on it?

Keiichi81 1 point ago

Dat total number of tests tho.

ignorant_slob 1 point ago

Those numbers would be worse if they weren’t only counting people who made it to the front of the healthcare ration line.

dandylionsummer 0 points ago

Fake News. USA is currently at 639 deaths on this same chart you used. virusncov.com So either 500 people died an hour ago or this is an older screenshot. This should not be stickied.

MAGANYficent 3 points ago

LOL. are you fucking kidding me about trusting virusncov? Data compiled and analyzed by virusncov.com and provided by: National Health Commission (NHC) of the People’s Republic of China Health Commission of Hubei Province, China

DragQueenTruckDrag 0 points ago

Remember theyre counting comorbidities as covid responsible even if the person was old or had terminal cancer.

VinnysMagicGrits 0 points ago

IF the Democrats were to take the White House in November, will the Wuhan flue miraculously disappear?

deleted -2 points ago
Geekatlrg 9 points ago

this is not reddit

deleted 8 points ago
deleted -2 points ago
deleted 3 points ago
deleted -2 points ago
deleted 1 point ago
RedSocks157 0 points ago (edited)

It's literally just a picture of my dumb white face with my username and a timestamp, but please keep throwing insults at a fellow Trump supporter. I really enjoy being attacked by the same people that are supposed to be in this together with me.

Spez: had to crop it because potentially identifiable stuff in the background...I don't want to get doxxed, even though my boss is a die-hard Trump supporter and wouldn't care.

patriotX 0 points ago

Ok mong.

RedSocks157 0 points ago

I don't suppose you'll apologize, but at least the hatemail stopped.

RedSocks157 -2 points ago

Remarkable...literally Chinese sockpuppets in real time, following the exact same pattern as called out here: https://thedonald.win/p/FMXUmiDT/ill-take-things-you-already-know/

buco 5 points ago

You are only coming through in waves

Your lips move but I can't hear what you're saying

RedSocks157 2 points ago

Do I just have a face that nobody listens to?!

RandArrow -2 points ago

Some numbers are wrong, dog. New US deaths today is 1200.

Copenhagen23 1 point ago

That was yesterdays #s from Sunday deaths. They havent put up yesterday yet. Usually numbers are all up by now.

RandArrow 1 point ago (edited)

Chart showed 72 deaths for US. We had that total Mar 21st, never had that for daily deaths, went from 0 to 110 Mar 21st. We got more than 55 dying per hour, they deserve to be counted.

I'm all for cringing at Euro numbers, but get it right and use current numbers.

Spez: Fixed numbers

Staatssicherheit 1 point ago

He is highlighting and sorting by deaths per million population, not the daily death toll.

RandArrow 1 point ago

Daily death toll is wrong though. Even if sentiment is correct, will get this all accused of being fake.

deleted -4 points ago
MAGALauncher 4 points ago

Fuck off if you don’t like it. This is TDW, we actually practice free speech unlike that faggothole site reddit.

CaptainChrisPBacon 2 points ago

What shithole Country are you from. Maybe you should mind your Country. I bet China where they burn you alive. And the Wall Is Doing Great. Trump is building the wall and has plenty of money to build it.