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iVote 171 points ago

Anderson throws a hissy fit because he’s realizing how insignificant he is.

Captain_Triips [S] 62 points ago

i think that's the real story

the public is getting info directly from the briefings which make these media whores unnecessary and irrelevant

Whoopies_tds 25 points ago

You need to keep an eye on the other “half” of the media and that’s the entertainment industry as a whole. TV shows have become virtue signaling parrots

Frankly_George 12 points ago

TV shows have become virtue signaling parrots

Production of new shows/episodes are shut down and most people I know are watching reruns from the 80s and 70s.

lerm4comptroller 10 points ago

Somehow, Alan fucking Alda is less toxic than these assholes. I'd rather listen to Hawkeye explain why the US and Republicans are bad for hours than watch almost anything made after 2000 for more than ten minutes.

... Probably should mention, I'm in my early 30's. My favorite shows from the perspective of nostalgia should be 2000-2010. That's how badly they fucked up: a whole generation just turned them off entirely.

Grady_Wilson 1 point ago

Have you delved into the series Frasier?

It's well written and they don't have the SJW crap on blast.

Granted, it was filmed many years ago but it is a very enjoyable show for a TV sitcom.