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BananaWalrusWafer 31 points ago

Especially after leaking the letter and now leaking information through his USNA classmates. C'mon, he's making the situation more about himself than his sailors. Also the captain established the culture on that ship where sailors are recording speeches and releasing those recordings to the press? He fucked up in his command long before that letter was written. Modly is correct and has big brass ones for that speech. Is it a dramatic speech? Yes. But I think he is trying to fix all of the problems that the current generation of Navy commanders have caused...the same Navy commanders who were brought to their current position during the Obama administration.

BananaWalrusWafer 20 points ago

Not to hammer home a point but does USNA even teach that "loose lips sink ships" anymore?

DrCowboyPresident 13 points ago

The rot is far deeper than we realize. I fear our next war may not go as we anticipate.

We are not who we used to be.

pede-o-saurus 14 points ago

Well it's time to fucking fix that shit!

Trumper007 9 points ago

Wait there will be more firings apparently Admirals (plural) ok'd a 5 day sea leave in Vietnam on March 1st

VetforTrump 6 points ago

Ah, you nailed it. Je did not have control of that ship. I see this pattern way too often lately. The officers I served under were bad asses who would the a ship anywhere. I hear these Obama Era fucks can't drive in typhoons