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Cameron 194 points ago

And the leftist media couldn't be more giddy. True colors, they are the scum of the earth.

I root for America no matter who leads. These fucking clowns saying they resist trump because they love their country couldn’t be more obvious that they are fucking lying.

Shakakka99 70 points ago

Lying, evil, and brainwashed. And miserable. Let's not forget miserable.

Cameron 29 points ago

Unbelievably miserable, it’s not healthy to be so perpetually angry all the time. So sad to see.

0v3rKill 9 points ago

Exactly, I hated the fact that Obama got elected but I always respected the office of the President of the United States and always hoped for the best (for the good of the country) and didn't want to see him fail.

The democrats literally hate our country and want to see the president fail.

SolaScriptura 3 points ago

And yet they think they need more of the hatred to make them happy again. So bizarre. It's like an addiction.

Cameron 4 points ago

They call Republicans hateful yet live every waking moment of their lives consumed by hatred. They justify violence by saying the victims used violent language LOL.
The left is fucking retarded

patriotX 19 points ago

They believe if Hillary was president the virus wouldn’t be an issue.

And they’re right. The bioweapon would not have been used. 😒

the_big_cheef 13 points ago

At this point what difference would it make?

SweetMAGA2020 5 points ago

With a cloth?

Wyndthough 2 points ago

Wouldn't be tossing bodies into the back of freezer trucks like a side of beef

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crusty_curmudgeon 4 points ago

Either that, or it would simply have been ignored (like BO ignored h1n1)

AenAllAin 5 points ago

I have never thought making someone hate you and then pushing them till they have nothing to lose was ever a good idea... But that's just me, I guess.

President Trump didn't play politics, he made sure everyone was getting jobs and a piece of the pie. I mean someone who has a job and a bright future would be reluctant to do anything that jeopardizes it no matter who is in power, or what their political corruption and abuses are (vis-a-vis Obama/Clinton) ... but pissing all over their ideals and then trying to make sure they have nothing else to lose... that's just not smart.

IFBEnforcer 3 points ago

Almost "I wouldn't mind a civil war leading to the destruction of the DNC, the fake news media, and every other globalist organization and hand in American politics" kind of retaliation from what, in my honest opinion, would be a Trump made dictator for life with dictator powers to carry out true justice until the US can be made truly free after all of the corruption, be it moral, economic, legal, doesn't fucking matter.

I know, not exactly the most popular opinion, but at this point, it's gonna take an entire generation to fix this whole mess, one that, if you ask me, was a series of problems that didn't need to have occurred had the Independent Fundamental Baptist church remained the cultural center of the US like it did in the 50's!

SweetMAGA2020 1 point ago


IntrepidBurger 4 points ago

Sucks to be them, turns out Trump is an absolute boss and a solid leader in a crisis.

They got their wish but it ended up only making him look like the strong leader of the world that he is.

They just can't stop losing!

hai_Priesty 4 points ago

With MSM's help they've gotten years of Muh Russiagate Drama. 2+ years of impeachment Drama. 2 Years of "Urakingate" Drama. The visuals of protests which climaxed at Nancy tearing up the Presidents address on national TV like a 4 year old and followed through with triggered AOC's wranging her hand in the air literally Trigglypuff-styled ranting like a 4 year old as well.

It's not because they weren't given the chance. It's because they are who they are (and they let everyone see them as that).

Afrikaner_Vrystaat 103 points ago

I like using "0bama"

He had the opportunity to unite the country as the first black president. Instead, he doubled down on a far left agenda, bankrupted the country and choked small businesses and split the nation across racial lines it may never heal from. Worst president in the history of this incredible nation.

Ekgamut 49 points ago

That’s because he is a deep state’s puppet.

YouKnowWhatItIs87 48 points ago

This, I don’t think he really did much of anything other than destroying the Health Insurance market for many working Americans especially small business owners. Made that a cornerstone of his presidency, otherwise he was a puppet. We all know damn well Obama could not have stood up in front of hostile reporters and field questions for 2 hours everyday of the week, totally off-script, off the cuff, no teleprompter. He simply couldn’t have done it; so for all the damage done to our economy, I’m thankful we have a POTUS who’s more than capable and willingly working non-stop (for free) to get this shit storm over with and get things back to normal ASAP instead of peddling “the new normal” bullshit.

TxAg 20 points ago

Gates and Clinton have both basically admitted to killing Osama behind his back because he couldn't make a decision.

YouKnowWhatItIs87 31 points ago

Yeah, and I remember that day vividly because I was living in NYC at the time and everyone was partying and happy, Obama took all the credit and everyone celebrated. These days, Trump has done the exact same thing killing high level terrorist and what we see is “madman, he’s going to start WW3, an austere religious scholar...” but it was the same thing, public enemy no. 1 and Trump gets criticized, you know Trump didn’t waffle given the opportunity. Plus, I was always rubbed the wrong way by them giving Bin Laden a respectful burial at sea, should’ve plastered his dead body all over the place and let bugs eat his rotting corpse.

FatDickNick 2 points ago

I for one do not believe the burial at sea. I was in the Navy at the time, we were the first ship to arrive post the Captain Phillips incident. He was warned sternly prior to taking that route btw, he is no hero to say the least about that situation. To the point I knew several people on the carrier he was dumped from. What everyone said was the chopper was coming in and everyone was to stay in place and not go topside. Basically no one on the ship saw it or the ceremony, nor was there any video confirmation.

RallyinStJohnsWood 0 points ago

what was

the Captain Phillips incident

and how does it relate to bin Laden buried (or not) at sea ?

FatDickNick 1 point ago

I clearly wrote back to the original point in my statement. The reason it was related is that they are both clearly infamous situations of the government lying to you.

... continue reading thread?
ADAM_SCHITT 3 points ago

I guess that's one thing Clinton is good at LMAO

stjimmy92 11 points ago

Yeah the ACA was the Deep State’s biggest goal for that time. Even hedged their bets with Romney going against him. Romney wasn’t going to touch it even if elected.

I’m pretty sure war in Iran, Syria, and/or North Korea was up next with Jeb/Hillary but Trump fucked that up for them!

YouKnowWhatItIs87 5 points ago

Democrats have shown themselves to be ‘Pro War’. Trump shifted the paradigm and due to TDS, they must oppose all of his policies which means being pro-war. You’re right, with Hillary we’d be in so many non-Congressionally approved ‘conflicts’ there’d be very little military support available at home. When Trump pulled troops he got crapped on even though it was the right move, they showed their hand which is “we want our own American citizens to die defending a 3rd world country where we have very little interests in the first place.” Still waiting on the mass genocide via Turkey/Syria

Monzie 3 points ago

Yep, I think it's been a goal since Hillary tried to push for socialized medicine as first lady back in the 90s, and finally got it through. Soros and co. were even trying super hard to push out the Bushes (deep staters too) to try and force it. Even among deep staters they probably disagree about how to proceed, thank God.

ohpleaseuhhelpame 10 points ago

Well said and on point.

AngelMark 6 points ago

He is a total soy boy for sure!

PolarBears4Trump2020 5 points ago

Great thoughts

Myrdoc 6 points ago

He’s also big mikes Penis Wallet

AngelMark 21 points ago


magabirdlady 6 points ago


remember1776 13 points ago

here's the thing though, he's HALF black. Liberals conveniently forgot about his WHITE half because of 'white man bad' and as we all know, white males are the root source of all that's wrong in this world. These are probably the same people that would have agreed to Hitler's one drop rule.

nutup_orshutup 13 points ago

“You didn't build that...”

“Those jobs are never coming back...”

ZacPetkanas 9 points ago

He had the opportunity to unite the country as the first black president.

Eh, I think whites have gone above and beyond when it comes to unity. The ball is in Black America's court. Putting his policies and political views aside, 0bama's mixed heritage was a "no-op" for a lot of us

AngelMark 5 points ago

If not for white people Oblubber would have never been President!

YouKnowWhatItIs87 40 points ago (edited)

Please pray for Rush’s recovery and upcoming treatment tomorrow. When his diagnosis was first announced, sadly my first thought was, well he’ll go out with a bang because Donald Trump being elected and serving as POTUS for the past 3.5 years has been a culmination of his life’s work; and I hate to say that because it’s the highlight of my work day listening to his radio show. This past week, I’ve had to lay off a few people and run on limited staff, this means I’ve had to go in to work every day and do a job I happily pay others to do. Honestly I’ve had a blast doing it though, since I’d hired folks after the first couple years so I could focus on paperwork and other things; but when noon arrives, I tell my limited staff “alright I’ll talk to you after 3, don’t bother me for the next 3 hours just figure it out.” But now we need him more than ever to go against the grain. These are crucial times and Rush Limbaugh speaks the truth unfiltered.

IntrepidBurger 8 points ago

I don't want to spread false hope, but the US is literally #1 in the world for cancer treatment. Rush has the best in the world at his side.

Let's cross our fingers and keep him in our prayers.

YouKnowWhatItIs87 4 points ago (edited)

Absolutely right, we have the best and brightest and Rush certainly has the best care available including experimental treatments from wonderful docs. It is no guarantee, but I sincerely hope everything turns out okay, because his love for this country and enjoyment of working through the radio empire he’s created is so contagious. I might wake up and dread going to work like a lot of folks, but I know Rush is on, and he is speaking to millions with a disease where he really should be home but he likes doing it and it inspires me more than I can describe.

It’s that mindset that makes this country great. To anyone reading this, with this bullshit pandemic that everyone is talking about, and you keep watching the numbers go up, relatively they are small, but know that American ingenuity is why we have the ‘most cases’ because we have the tests, we have the best people in the medical field in charge and the last thing we should ever do is be afraid. All the dumbasses talking about “well USA is #1 in cases” are so stupid. If you are in the US, then you should know, that’s where everyone else wants to be, because of people like Rush and the fact we have Donald Trump in the WH. Anybody who disagrees with this, I’m sorry but they’re pathetic worthless pieces of crap. We’re in unprecedented times and we have someone in charge who actually cares about society and our way of life. Please excuse my frivolous rant.

Basedkekistani2020 26 points ago

Captain Kenya was the worst

President_Trump 3 points ago

Fuck that Muslim.

freespeech4all 23 points ago

Obama’s 2nd term was fucking horrible. The fact so many people still voted for Hillary was a disgrace.

Rubberbunnies 14 points ago

They are lunatics focused on the total destruction of America. I seriously remember reading about them complaining that President Trump would destroy all of the hard won work by Buraq Hussein — specifically the wonderful Obamacare.

bigtimepie 7 points ago

They can't help it, they're dead.

IntrepidBurger 2 points ago

His first wasn't exactly peachy either. His disastrous midterm election in 2010 was a testament to what a fuckup he was.

MAGAnic316 19 points ago

Rush once again on point. Trump's absolute worst numbers still far surpass anything Zero ever accomplished

spezisthedevil 15 points ago

So true. At least with President Trump in office you feel like there is hope to turn things around. While Obama only created more despair.

ladypede_killer 14 points ago


minotaurbeach 13 points ago


I bet President Trump will bring back Americaia's economy, if not surpass it before the end of summer.

Melthesender45 7 points ago (edited)

I made a meme stating exactly that.

This one: Wuhan flu https://imgur.com/gallery/rroimpa

SwampSwan 1 point ago

Do share!

SwampSwan 2 points ago


twats on imgur dv'ing it to hell, the commie bastards - but I upTrumped it for ya.

Melthesender45 2 points ago (edited)

Thanks bud. It got voted down awhile back I posted it a week or two ago.

I post on imgur for hosting purposes only not for the upvotes. One upvote here is worth a thousand there anyway. ;)

SwampSwan 2 points ago

Yeah, I see your point! I always sicken myself if I read comments on imgur, so didn't even look any on your meme. I stole it, will share on twatter & just assume you won't mind unless you say otherwise.

Melthesender45 2 points ago

Of course not run and have fun. https://youtu.be/TJJ_qnoF_yI

AngelMark 7 points ago

Burn!!! 🔥

FreedomFromGovt 7 points ago (edited)

Rush is forgetting to mention that at least now:

Obama's not at the podium piously reminding us that we deserved this 'punishment' for all our past [ insert Social Marxist sin here ].

PotentialWizard 6 points ago


SCOTUS 6 points ago

I was wondering where this statement was going, then I got to the end - "Dayamn, dude is right."

_fuckallofyou_ 5 points ago

And yet, many if you dumbasses seem to think...excuse me, seem to be certain of, is that President Trump can't bring the economy back after this bullshit blows over.

cbonez416 5 points ago


magabirdlady 5 points ago

That was just brilliant Rush as ever.

MythArcana 4 points ago

Pepe Farms 'members. 🐸👎

nachosamplerREBORN 4 points ago

I bought that Obama dip - worked out great - will be up again after all this so long as Trump is in command.



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HowFreeIsIt 0 points ago

Get the nooses

hrc_pantsuit 2 points ago

I graduated from university under Obama and it was tough in terms of finding work. I never entertained the thought of voting for Obama but in those eight years, he failed despite me hoping he would be a better president/leader than he ended up to be, and it just angers me that people like him in a celebrity status kind of way, though most will refuse to admit it and make excuses for his poor performance.

Stirring panic through the media is deliberate because nothing else at this point has brought Trump down. Wondering what the reaction will be when Trump STILL wins come November.

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guitarmastershredder 1 point ago

That’s a big fact!!!

FatDickNick 1 point ago

That is a powerful point.

VetforTrump 1 point ago


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godblessnolanarenado -14 points ago


I'm going to put my head on the chopping block and risk getting banned.

Since about 2014, our side was always, unfailingly, the actual voice of the people.

In the past few days, that has completely changed.

At this point right here, our side has lost the plot and we are now the out-of-touch ones.

This is dangerous. And it needs to stop. Right now.

Nobody gives a shit about Obama any more. No one cares about dunking on Acosta either, quite frankly.

At this point, the guy who promises people economic security and financial safety is going to be the guy who takes November.

It doesn't matter whether the press calls him a Tyrant or what.

There is no point at all in discussing Obama any more. Or Epstein or pedos or whatever. We can do all that once people have jobs again.

You can ban me if you want. I obviously have no power.

But don't say that nobody warned you. You cannot say that any more. You cannot say 'omg we never saw this coming. PEOPLE ARE RETARDS!!!', 'HOW COULD THIS HAVE HAPPENED??' etc.

No. Someone did tell you that a lot of what is happening now -that will decide the future- is totally counter-productive.

NormaJeanRocks 12 points ago

That's the whole point of this post. When things are great, well it was aaalllll because of Obuma..according to the left. But the minute anything starts to go downhill it's all 100% Trumps fault. Doesn't work like that

Bouldabassed 11 points ago

I mean you are right that its dumb to keep harping about Obama unless he is otherwise brought up. But you are being a bit excessive saying "we are the out of touch ones." Limbaugh and other Twitter personalities saying meaningless shit doesnt mean jack shit. With all of the left clamoring to discount hydroxycloroquine and trying to spend all their time pinning shit on trump instead of actually being productive, are you trying to imply they are the ones that are in touch? Please spare me.

godblessnolanarenado 8 points ago

Beware of the communists atm. Really, beware of them. We need to get ahead of them asap.

Trump really needs to get people back to work and totally vilify any Democrat governors and mayors, besides the ones in NY and CA, who keep postponing the end-date.

bubbletoots 11 points ago


Sting 8 points ago

I kinda get it. I also disagree with a lot of it, but it’s silly to talk about banning you for something like this. You’re more than welcome to your opinions. At least I hope so.

The truth is, none of us here, with a couple of exceptions, have anything to do with writing policy or game planning in the Trump administration.

It isn’t always exactly productive, you’re right, to joke around and poke fun at certain subjects or to talk about things that are mostly in the past. But this is really the only place where people who are like minded when it comes to trump can commiserate.

So there will be all kinds of different conversations about all kinds of different things sometimes with purpose and sometimes just for fun. Just check out the threads you want to and ignore the other ones. Have fun!