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namaste_trump 2 points ago

lol. you are a decade late and a Euro short.

namaste_trump 2 points ago

This is definitely a wake up call for the US. The last capitalist economy (closest) and country which still has people fighting in congress to slow/reduce government overreach is the US. Obama already changed the face of Minnesota and parts of Michigan by mass import of immigrants and concentrating them in specific areas.

I am not against legal immigration but it needs to be organic, controlled and should not be forced and there must be assimilation. Otherwise like there are mini Mogadishu's in Minnesota, this will be a reality soon everywhere.

BecMonTchew 1 point ago

And Maine. Lewiston/ Auburn is just as fucked, and Portland is just a gnat’s lash behind. Did 0dumbass just hate states that started with the letter “M” or something?