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taavofficial 20 points ago

Copy and pasting my thoughts on this from my political blog, if that's okay (context, I'm Chinese American):

The COVID-19 pandemic only heightens my sadness for the country of China and its people. I have no sympathy for the CCP. In an ideal setting, I'd be able to root for both China and America. However, as long as the CCP rules China, I unfortunately cannot be proud of the country. It's heartbreaking knowing that the oppressed people of China cannot freely express their voices or ideas, especially if they're against the Communist regime. The beauty of being an American is that you can criticize your own president without the fear of being locked up in a labor camp, being killed, getting your family jailed, or all of the above. There's Chinese people like myself that wish for success for the country of China, but just not under CCP rule. The country was once a prosperous country when under the rule of the Nationalist Party. For reference, the modern day Japan is what China could've been if not for the CCP taking control during the Chinese Civil War.

And yes, fuck China, specifically the CCP.

sodypop 7 points ago

Eh, the Chinese seem pretty happy with the government. There's an old saying that rings true here: A people usually has the government it deserves.

So many Chinese run around the West defending the CCP. It's super pathetic. And no offense: it's not really that amazing a culture at all.

taavofficial 1 point ago

There are Chinese people in the west that defend the CCP and I agree, it is pathetic. But that is their opinion and I don't think it is a good representation of the whole population. I keep my distance from those people.

sodypop 1 point ago

They should be deported, immediately. They didn't build the West, we did. If they like the rat-infested shithole that is China, let's ship them back.