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blubberdong 72 points ago

Don't hold your breath, they hate America and the freedom it represents.

BathouseBarry 43 points ago

I always forget now that 1 comment means someone actually commented and it's not the censorship bot.

MyTeenageBody 23 points ago

America isn’t very free these days. Most of us lost our everyday freedoms in the name of safety.

blubberdong 9 points ago

Good point, but we'll be back. Begone, leftist shitbirds!

wolley 4 points ago

So shouldn’t CNN and The NY Times lose some freedoms too? Only seems fair

PurestEvil 3 points ago

The US however still represents freedom the most though. For the rest of the world, freedom is just a moderate to mostly abandoned concept - or even a necessary evil for the elites to struggle with.

This is why all leftists in the world - be it Socialists, Communists, Social Democrats - continually rail against your country in any way possible. By tearing you down, they can tear down the remnants of liberties in the rest of the world.

Trump's presidency might have saved not only you, but also Europe in terms of the cultural war. His continuation of the presidency is also essential.

CaptRied 3 points ago

This country went through worse during WWII when it comes to sacrificing liberties for safety & security. This is possibly a weapons-grade virus created by China. It is extremely contagious. Those in positions of responsibility had and have some extremely tough decisions to make. They will be second guessed no matter what they do.

UpTrump 2 points ago

And many of these freedoms won't be given back to us, in the name of preventing future viruses

Thenew23rd 9 points ago

Yes but he slapped them in the face with the truth. It's like sunlight on vampires. They'll hate it but they won't forget it.

NormaJeanRocks 8 points ago

They'll probably go into overcharge now, matter of fact I know they will.

Art-Vandelay41 48 points ago

The fact that there are still Americans who don’t recognize Fake News blows my mind

DonLemon 20 points ago

Guaranteed way to shock an NPC. It takes 10 minutes of preparation but well worth the effort and it can be used many times.

Go to Google Yahoo Bing duckduckgo and dogpile. Do some simple searches and screen shot the auto fill results. I searched "Hillary Clinton" and "Uranium One"

Ask the NPC if they're aware of the bias on Google. They will either be ignorant or downplay it because "There is bias in everything, right? "

Show them your screen shots and give a quick explanation. They will immediately grab their phone to "fact check". Then they get quiet.

Key points: The screenshots work well because they don't have to wait between sites and they could compare side by side, back and forth (which they did). It's so immediately apparent that they can't ignore it and walk away.

Of course I showed them "Hillary Clinton" but "Uranium One" blew their mind because they had never heard of it and were SHOCKED to learn there was some controversy (Google doesn't mention it). Hell, two of them were surprised to see the term "Clinton body count" for the first time ever.

Try it, it works.

MoscowCommie 4 points ago

Holy shit. Never did this one. Literally nothing pops up under the Google one.

1776-or-1984 3 points ago

Redpilled my brother HARD with this. Idiot is a Trump supporter who still believes MSM.

I told him to search same thing on Google and DuckDuckGo. Told him Google censors conservatives.

His face told me everything I need to know. He got Redpilled on MSM.

Right now, hes in the spiral of continuing to fight against his urge that MSM would, never, ever, lie. It's great to watch. Accepting that MSM is lying and hates America is more of a tough pill to swallow for him than Google censoring conservatives.

BathouseBarry 14 points ago

They haven't taken the red pill. It's a necessary first step. You can't go back, and the conditioning is hard to break.

acebart3 10 points ago

I have an aunt who claims to be a conservative but hates President Trump, still loves GWB, and posts CNN articles on Facebook all the time. I gave up trying with her.

1776-or-1984 2 points ago

Do the Google/DDG test on her next time she's concerned. Concern/fear is a great time to pull back the curtains.

deleted 8 points ago
MoscowCommie 6 points ago

It's very unusual that s lot of this crowd is fairly well educated, and usually pretty good at the work they do. They seem like normal, well adjusted smart people. But then they spend 25% of their life tied up in fake political news that sounds similar to the gossip mags at the grocery check out.

TD_Covfefe_Crusader 4 points ago (edited)

They refuse to recognize it, thus they never will. There are millions of people in this country that only want to hear Orange Man Bad, and will unquestioningly believe anything that validates that.

1776-or-1984 2 points ago

Well. We'll have to change that. Won't we?

DonLemon 23 points ago

Was watching CBSNow (don't ask why) and right as he said "fake news" they cut away and showed a CBS logo, not a commercial…just a logo and music. After about 30 seconds an anchor person says "we'll take you back to the President". My 13 year old happened to be watching and asked why they cut away like that. Because they're mentally ill, that's why.

MAGAnic316 14 points ago

I don't know how the arrogant condescension itself isn't the biggest red pill of all.

"You're too stupid to think for yourselves, so please enjoy this test pattern while we decide what you can and cannot be allowed to see..." 👍

TD_Covfefe_Crusader 4 points ago

The useful idiots applaud such measures to keep them and everyone else from hearing the President. They don't want anyone to hear him.

DonLemon 1 point ago

IMO, it's less about them thinking people are too stupid. To the contrary, I think they're afraid of the people hearing the truth and being discovered for the evil they are.

CrackasaurusRox 15 points ago

The fact that he brought this up at the beginning of the press conference shows that he is only getting more confident.

uvontheterrible 14 points ago

“Certain media outlets should stop spreading false rumors and creating fear and even panic with the public,” Trump said.

He, and the other members of the task force should be repeating this each and every day.

Art-Vandelay41 10 points ago

Good luck getting Fauci and Birx to do that.

Block_Helen 2 points ago


Afrikaner_Vrystaat 12 points ago

There's definitely collusion between the deep state, MSM and the ChiComs. Luckily with president Trump at the helm America will never falter or panick.

Bye-den 11 points ago

We are witnessing levels of Kek never anticipated

CoronaT_Virus 7 points ago

And let a crisis go to waste?! Trump has too much faith in the humanity of partisan journalism

StumpSmasher 5 points ago

I don't think the idea is that they'll do it, but to try and provoke a reaction of "No we won't, fuck you Drumpf!". Make them officially embrace being the guys who wouldn't stop making shit up during a crisis.

Ghostphaez 6 points ago

They will never stop.

Not ever.

Ifinishfast42 5 points ago

Thanos voice “ impossible”

PelosiHalitosis 5 points ago

Since the progs live in opposite world. They think he's telling them they're doing a great job, spreading real news.

Yoloist 4 points ago

GEOTUS delivering the people's elbow. Love it.

wolley 4 points ago

If the government has the right to tell churches they can’t congregate then the government also has the right to tell the press they MUST report fairly and accurately in a time of national crisis.

I’m fucking serious. Trump should put out an executive order. Any media outlet the spreads false information during this emergency gets BTFO.

RealityCalling 4 points ago

We the people need to be the new journalists. #EmptyHospitals is trending on Twitter as people go to see for themselves what is happening. Check the videos.

myredditnameisfake 4 points ago

News Flash: They wont

Only_Rosie_ODonnell 4 points ago

Wait, GEOTUS face looks natural. No orange filter, wow

TRUMP_IN_SPACE_2021 4 points ago

With the election coming up and the clear lead Trump has over Biden, the DNC controlled press will start taking marching orders to spew Fake News from their slave masters, coronavirus or no coronavirus.

nothomo 3 points ago

he knows they won't stop. he's asking them to double-down. which in the news cycle means going back to EVERYTHING they ever said about him in this crisis and gather it all up into a nice tidy list, AND REPEAT IT for all the public to see once more

he's doing this because as soon as they do that, and he announces covid is cured, they're basically done

no one will watch those channels ever again

they're fucking DONE

MythArcana 3 points ago

But then they'll have to read and research like the old days. It's so much easier to get a random blurb off Twitter and spread that around instead.

basedtexapede 5 points ago

And besides, Orange Man Bad.

Mavdick96 3 points ago (edited)

It's like the cucked mayor of Houston, TX asking criminals not to do crime until this pandemic is over. Mayor is one big fucking moron.

HeavyHebrew 2 points ago

Did the President just furlough Jim Acucksta?

TyrannyBuster 1 point ago

No one really expects them to stop publishing bullshit.

deleted 1 point ago
Dueler312 1 point ago

Better idea. Hold off on the Fake News forever.

deleted 1 point ago