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TonyGucciano 9 points ago

Imagine being so cucked you boo slashing regularions

MakeItalyGreatAgain [S] 6 points ago

That's a BIG thing, the entire wolrd car industry will be affected
Here in Italy we have even more draconian regulations and the new Euro 6 restrictions hit the automotive market in a bad way. I hope we will have too our share of deregulation after that

cuckslasher 3 points ago

make maserati great again

Afeazo 0 points ago

Regulations must be simple and to the point. Propose new regulations, slash the old ones.

ronburgandy 3 points ago

Safer, more affordable, and environmentally friendly usually means plastic shitbox with a turbo 4 cylinder, no thank you as far as i'm concerned.

Inspector_Cheez 2 points ago

Hope this helps make automakers move back to V6 and V8 engines instead of the turbocharged 4s they've been cranking out lately.

Also, maybe they could make a couple of actual cars to go along with the sea of SUV/CUV, but that may be asking too much.

katsumi27 3 points ago

My f-150 is a V8. When I step on the gas, he says “yes ma’am.”

GUILE 1 point ago

Inspector that is old school thinking. Fur initial torque and displacement, sure a V8 is great for towing etc,

But lets be real. A 4cyl turbo these days is so incredibly powerful and efficient, it makes no sense not to make vehicles lighter, smaller, and use less materials. There is nothing but a win-win for making smaller and more powerful engines.

Also in regards to displacement and torque, this will be mitigated as all new vehicles are moving over to a hybrid solution. You could have a very small 4cyl engine with a turbo like the Ford Ranger, but use the electric for the first 10-15mph for instant torque, which is exactly what Toyota's entire next lineup will be.

The idea of a V8 by default meaning power, is no longer generally true. Also one last note, think about GM's v8 lineup, with variable valve displacement. Their V8 engines cut off 4 cylinders while driving at freeway speeds, using the transmission and torque convertor in its place, thus improving gas milage, wear and tear etc, and has been in GM's lineup now since early 2000s.

Dialectic 2 points ago

Lower prices would be great on new stuff, but I can't foresee myself affording a new vehicle for years. Plus I like my old truck

GUILE 1 point ago

Are there any cars that are primarily built in America? I don't mean assembled, I mean over 51% of parts are manufactured, and the vehicle is assembled here?

I will get downvoted hard on this, but Ford & GM cars are pieces of shit. I've owned both, and every Toyota I have had, is lightyears ahead, and either was built in Kansas, or Japan.

I won't buy a piece of shit Ford or Chevy if its built in fucking goddam Mexico. We all hate China right now, but let us not forget, Mexico was an enemy long before China was, and still is!

Cuz99 1 point ago

Prob is the auto companies will just keep the prices where they are and take that 3500 as profit. Not sure how you stop this from happening.

Yucky 1 point ago

This is huge, and has been in the works for years.

For a quick summary:

-The Obama era rules would have mandated a 5% average fuel economy increase every year for 5 years from 2021 to 2026.

-Trump scaled that back to a 1.5% yearly increase.

There are plenty of other technical aspects, and the rule is very long, but this is the main sticking point.

I think this is the right way to go, and think 5% per year was likely unattainable.

That said, nothing is stopping anyone from going out and buying a Prius which is probably one of the most efficient vehicles per dollar spent around. It's had 20 years to iron out all of the engineering kinks, so it's probably going to be tough to beat for the price.

Summary: Trump is right here, the Obama rules were unattainable, and no, the air isn't going to get "dirtier". It's going to continue on its trajectory of getting cleaner and cleaner. However, this will immediately go to court as "green" groups sue, and will eventually get upheld by the Supreme Court.