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Inspector_Cheez 98 points ago

It was Arnold of all people who was forward-thinking enough to sign legislation funding the mobile hospitals and emergency healthcare equipment stockpile to prepare the state for a pandemic.

And Jerry Brown got rid of it, probably to give more money to public employee unions and illegals.

I'm surprise the LAT is even reporting on this.

Magakekdon33 55 points ago

California has a state pension crisis. One of the rare crisis the left doesn't use. They hide this one because they cannot hurt conservatives with it. The state is in meltdown, but desperately covers it up with lies. The streets are crawling with homeless and trash everywhere (except where the useful idiot-Celebs and politicians' mansions and vacation homes are)

silentmajority2020 19 points ago

Welcome to the problems in IL as well. Unions and pensions are destroying our state.

ADAM_SCHITT 9 points ago

And NJ!

Granny 9 points ago

Govt employees must be switched from pensions to 401k's. For the sake of our kids' and grandkids' future!!!

Konsaki 5 points ago

Government retirement has been changed to be very... unprofitable for the employee, assuming you've been hired after 2013.

Basically, 4-5% of your annual wage is 'paid back' into a mandatory 'retirement fund'. Then, if you manage to survive until age 62 and retire from government work, you get 1% of your annual wage back per year for each year you worked.

Basically, factoring in any interest you could have been earning on that money for all those years you worked, you have to survive at least 7-9 years after retiring to 'break even'.

So, yeah, the government retirement system's already changed. Right now, it's waiting for it to propagate through the entire workforce.

Granny 2 points ago

Didn't know. Is that federal? Or which state?

Konsaki 3 points ago


SlickMahony 1 point ago

I know my local city takes up to 15% from employees to fund the pension, but their pension is much more generous than outlined above (I believe)

SuperPlah 1 point ago

Kentucky too sadly

thedave 27 points ago

No you got it all wrong! Didn’t you read the story! Jerry Brown was just a “fiscally minded Democratic governor.”

nufosmatic 8 points ago

FIscally-Minded Governor Moonbeam

nufosmatic 8 points ago

He ran out of other people's money...

MW23232 8 points ago

Like is fiscally-minded bullet train money pit. Do not get me started.

Awesome 16 points ago

That is because he is a reprogrammed T800 and knew Judgement day was coming. It was all in preparation for John Connor to arrive, but then Skynet sent in the latest models of robotic NPCs and Soros5000 to ruin his plans.

nufosmatic 4 points ago (edited)

We're still working on Skynet™, man, the virus won't stop us...

Landcruzer94 3 points ago

"Skynet is the virus!"

nufosmatic 3 points ago

No - Coronavirus, aka WUHAN CHINESE COMMUNIST RED DEATH™, is the ChiCom Skynet™, which is not as good as ours. Ours is great. You've never seen a Skynet™ like ours. It's the greatest Skynet™ the world has ever seen, or will ever see!

7_17_24 7 points ago

Unfortunately he allowed for Proposition 14 on the ballot (Jungle Primaries), which gave us a Dem Super Majority.

MAGAMillenial 6 points ago

Given that CA is so earthquake prone I’m surprised they didn’t already have something like this decades prior.

Donald4thewin 3 points ago

They dressed it up saying “fiscally minded” Brown dismantled program during the economic crisis.

jasper_db1 2 points ago

The LAT is only reporting this because the illegals and the homeless are impacted by this problem as well.

KekistanPM 2 points ago

And when this is all over, like, years and years later...they'll just decommission them again.

zwiebelsaft 1 point ago

LA Times is interesting. They seem to lean a bit neoliberal overall, which is pretty much to the far right of the rest of LA.

NvJohansson 1 point ago

That can red pill a few.

Side-o-Beef_Curtains 42 points ago

California once had competent governance... But then it went blue and dismantled it

kag-2020- 36 points ago

Our suicidal immigration policy is to blame. They've been trying to replace us for decades and Cali/New York were their main targets.

Side-o-Beef_Curtains 27 points ago

Damn right my man. I grew up in Cali and I'm old enough to have watched it happen in real time. Southern California was a Paradise when this state was Ruby red.

kag-2020- 21 points ago

I'm from MN so I got to see them do the same thing just later on. They plopped down all these foreigners and let demographics take care of the rest. We've been betrayed.

buco 9 points ago

North Carolina is the same. Large parts of Charlotte look like mini Mexico, hard to believe it could happen here.

zwiebelsaft 2 points ago

I'm a native Minnesotan and I'm sure as hell never going back.

Owl_Eyes_Alpha 10 points ago

It was a crazy thing to witness myself. I would go to malls a lot. That is where I really noticed the shift. I would play a game with my wife in 2015 called, "count the white people." I could on a normal day count on my hands. Only time that I couldn't do that would be on holidays.

Side-o-Beef_Curtains 2 points ago

My wife and I know that game well.

HarryHood 1 point ago

California was an awesome state when I visited it despite homelessness, shit in San Fran, but I don't think I could ever live there in its current state. Which sucks because I want to experience west coast life.

Side-o-Beef_Curtains 2 points ago

West coast life is over rated my man. Next time you are in LA take the Hollywood tour. Everybody thinks it's glitz and glamour but over all it's gross. One of my daughters college friends was thinking of moving to Hollywood a few years ago. She won't even come back to LA on vacation lol

f_bastiat 27 points ago

I disagree with Arnold on quite a bit but this was a wise investment and Brown let it go. Prepping gets a bad rap because its almost only pushed by conservatives, but it is such a vital thing that can be done to make lives easier in disaster. You should always have some money saved up, you should always have at least a month of food and supplies stored up if something goes wrong. People think of these rare disasters as the only thing people are prepping for and its wasteful, but any reason you are not able to work is a disaster if you are the head of the household. Relying only on the government to take care of you is a ticking time bomb, because the government is made up of people like you and i and they are just as susceptible to failure, and then what do you have?

nufosmatic 8 points ago

Prepping is to protect the middle class. The Democrat Party exists to destroy the middle class (see Alinksky, Rodham, and Obama). Therefore, prepping is anathema to the Democrat Party. QED.

Gabbagabbaheigh 17 points ago


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msean3231 10 points ago

California had to use the resources for a high speed rail. Woo Hoo.

inquimouse 8 points ago

To all the conspiracy theorists who quote Fauci saying that Trump was going to be surprised by an epidemic, here's the frustrated doc in charge of the Cali program:

“It’s the nearsightedness of political decision-making,” said Backer, who retired last year. “If you talked to the experts, we knew that pandemics were going to come around.” And every PH doc knows that and would say that.

krazikofiman 8 points ago

How about that! Stupid is as stupid does.

OrganicVandal 5 points ago

Illegal aliens first baby!

tonightm97 5 points ago

Well tbh every time bird flu had a few cases break out in Asia the media would hype it like crazy. I heard every time someone became sick in China due to bird flu. Then I would hear that is was the end of time and space because of it.

H1N1 was bad but for whatever reason wasn't something hyped by the media at the time as the end of time and space. It kind of came and went. Looking back it was mainly to protect Obama.

But this time around its the end of time and space again.

EbolaInAmerica 4 points ago

Stop posting these paywall bullshit websites.

minotaurbeach 3 points ago

The problem with stockpiles, is that they need to be rotated, because supplies expire. Jerry Brown did not see a reason to replenish the stock, and was more interested in looking good to people he thought was above him, and giving away resources for California's poor - to cater to non-citizens wanting welfare set aside for poor and elderly Americans.

maga_maga_man 2 points ago

I mean how would they have known that it was racist to have them at all?

SupremeDick 2 points ago

And then came jerry brown...

maga7373 2 points ago

I'm so confused! Is this an April Fools joke or just more sick Democrat bullshit that they will blame on Trump?

nufosmatic 2 points ago

FIFY - I'm so confused! Is this an April Fools joke or just more sick Democrat Socialist bullshit that they will blame on Trump?

And the answer is fuck, yes...

magabigleague2 2 points ago

We tax and spends hundreds of millions a year to combat homelessness in San Francisco alone... we spend probably around 90k a year per homeless person and yet every single one of them is still homeless yet we can't spare 5 million a year to maintain medical supplies.

Rattler1775 2 points ago

Welfare state doesn't pay for itself.

deleted 2 points ago
TrumpCard1776 2 points ago

Need to archive these shit papers.

Winterds001 2 points ago

ventilator is not the cure, its putting a bandaid on a fucking bullet wound.

givethismanacoat 2 points ago

How do you get around the.paywall?.

nufosmatic 4 points ago

Create a new user profile on your browser (Chrome, Firefox, Brave, dunno about IE/Edge) and you get another month's worth of reads for each one. You can also dink with their cookie, but that's a lot of clicks (there might be a plug-in to deal with that).

anotherunperson 2 points ago

People are sometimes confused as to how the USA works.

If your state needs the Feds to step in it is because your state fucked up and didn't sufficiently prepare.

Yeah, I'm looking at you, NY.

Cutter 2 points ago

The left is steadfast in their thinking... if they can't see a use for it, they try to destroy it, like what they are attempting to do to our country. If it's a shiny new toy, play with it; otherwise smash it.

Former_RM2 2 points ago

To be fair, if they had mobile hospitals, they wouldn't be able to deploy them anywhere because the homeless have set up tent cities on all the vacant land.

sunnyingreenfield 2 points ago

$26 billion deficit in 2011? What did they spend all their money on??

nufosmatic 2 points ago

You'll never know. Nobody will ever know. And the taxpayers will keep paying. That's the idea.

nufosmatic 1 point ago

And all of this is coming to a state/commonwealth near you...