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Granny 18 points ago

How fortunate we are, that we can withstand this virus disaster so much better, because Geotus worked so hard to strengthen our country.

TheRealMaga 16 points ago

If these people ever realize how absolutely fucked we would have been without DJT...

TheDespotofCartoons 9 points ago

Don't worry. They won't. #willfulignorance

terrichris 2 points ago

Hillary or Obama would have asked their intersectional advisors and corporate donors what new virus policies would hasten the defeat of the white male patriarchy

dickwagger 11 points ago

It's called having character and being a man of his word, coupled with large brass balls. Something you were lacking in your Contract With America, Newt.

magabirdlady 7 points ago

Amen Speaker Newt.

deleted -2 points ago
GGJanitor 5 points ago

Shhhhh. The whole state can be surveilled, watching the watchers

Pray4USA 3 points ago

Yup!! That’s how we do it at home! We make it happen!!

sun_wolf 2 points ago

Trump thinks outside the box and he doesn’t let bureaucrats bullshit him. The whole drive thru testing concept seemed pretty genius to me too.

VoxVulgaris 2 points ago

You're damned right: that's why I voted for him. If you can get the NYC government, the Unions, and the Mafia to come together to build a skyscraper in NYC, you can do anything.

Trump is the Albert Einstein of leadership.

DudeNoOne 1 point ago

Government by its very nature is slow cumbersome expensive and ineffective. Private industry will always respond faster and cost less. Ive worked for government. You can never just do what needs to be done.