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rimper 5 points ago

Are Chris Hayes and Rachel Maddow actually the same dude?

FreakyFredout2 3 points ago

Yeah, ok. They should have had some uptight woke-scold up there to lecture us about muh diversity instead.Piss off, Hayes.

Formerlurker92 2 points ago

I can't edit that fast and I'm not smart enough to comment in real time. I'm sad that I cant manipulate the sheep when he does this. How dare he take my power

OrganicVandal 2 points ago

"If you like your Dr. you can keep your Dr."

Landslide_2020 2 points ago

Let me take a wild guess here Chrissy. I bet you're ok with allowing Cuomo to make his "I'm running for President" - disguised as a Chinese Virus update - campaign speech every freaking day.

Orange Man Bad. Governor Slowmo Good.

Choomguy 2 points ago

Yeah, they play the shit out of old nipple rings. I would seriousness question the intelligence of anybody who listens to what that little fag has to say.

Barbieblonde 2 points ago

Hey Chris... if you don't carry it live... we can always use the Emergency Broadcast System. Got it? Good!

MindsetRoulette 2 points ago

i mean who does this guy think he is, the president?

watching the president was required when i was growing up. Parents were just fine letting their kids ignore the news, that's the adults mess to clean to. But if the president is talking, we all sat down for it.

and I'm only 35, I'm way too young to be busting out the "back in my day, we actually wiped our own bums" speeches.