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“I think Tony would disagree with me … [but] we have a pandemic, we have people dying now,” Trump said, adding that he’d recently spoken with FDA and been frustrated by the agency's pace.

“They indicated that we'll start working on it right away. It could take a year,” the president said. “I said what do you mean a year? We have to have it tonight.”



FDA authorizes widespread use chloroquine to treat coronavirus https://www.washingtonpost.com/business/2020/03/30/coronavirus-drugs-hydroxychloroquin-chloroquine/

“I think Tony would disagree with me … [but] we have a pandemic, we have people dying now,” Trump said, adding that he’d recently spoken with FDA and been frustrated by the agency's pace. “They indicated that we'll start working on it right away. It could take a year,” the president said. “I said what do you mean a year? We have to have it tonight.” https://www.politico.com/news/2020/03/29/fda-emergency-authorization-anti-malaria-drug-155095 Result: FDA authorizes widespread use chloroquine to treat coronavirus https://www.washingtonpost.com/business/2020/03/30/coronavirus-drugs-hydroxychloroquin-chloroquine/
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PikeyCaravan 98 points ago

TRump wasn't kidding when he said They were coming after us .

Sum_devil 48 points ago

We should be Coming for them. Usually we don't because we have jobs and things to do. Whole lot of bored, jobless folks right now.

_bryan 28 points ago (edited)

No because the schools, judiciary, police and military truly are on their side. Imagine what would happen if you went after even a single violent liberal. They would hunt you down and lock you up for the rest of your life. Even if it was the bike lock guy, your life would be over.

Those "proud boys" were attacked, defended themselves, and wasn't one of them sent to jail? Guy was married to a black lady and everyone says "he's rayciss."

Your own police really only care about their paychecks at the end of the day. Boss man says "arrest rayciss conservatives" they will do exactly that. Look at Portland and Seattle.

All I can do is try to enjoy the ride to the bottom.

deleted 19 points ago
HungNavySeal300Kills 9 points ago

Couldn't you print out all the incidents where an illegal who gets a sweet deal to avoid deportation goes on to murder people, then just stick the news article here and there on occasion?

I really do think the truth will set us free and is our most powerful weapon. These marxists are killing us, why cant we even talk about that.

Walrus_Tooth 5 points ago

Luckily haven’t had anything like that in my county. Mostly it’s just endless driving with no licenses or domestic stuff

HungNavySeal300Kills 5 points ago

My standard is harsh. Anyone who the state had the responsibility and the opportunity to deport but did not, any further crimes is fully on the state.

In my county every weekend illegals are splattering people on the freeway and disappearing to Mexico. It's sometimes even cops who are executing traffic stops.

Oh and sex trafficking everywhere.

My friend is a teacher, majority of class is illiterate, only a few can speak English. What a joke, like this is all going to work out. And we have dozens of entire schools just like this. Teachers have actually given up teaching in english and just use their Spanish.

Out here on the frontlines, good luck to your quite abode.

HartianX 8 points ago

The Proudboy dude got 4 years for defending himself

spezisacuckold 24 points ago

They literally want us dead.

Yawnz13 6 points ago

So they're trying to use a virus that is infecting their own more? wut

Darkheartisland 1 point ago

Kinda like Iran shooting down a plane with their citizens on it

Yawnz13 -2 points ago

Neat false equivalency.

4Liberty 11 points ago

“It won’t be safe for these people to walk the streets.”

uvontheterrible 51 points ago

One year? That's a rush job for them.

vlkam [S] 52 points ago

Chloroquine costs basically nothing. It's not interesting for Big Farma

uvontheterrible 26 points ago

I don't think it has anything to do with big pharma. The FDA is just too dam bureaucratic and slow.

MAGA_Master 29 points ago

FDA probably does have some ex big pharmaceutical guys on their board, and Vice versa.

solarsavior 24 points ago

Say it with me now, "regulatory capture".

Kimball_Kinnison 3 points ago

That is a thing, but the simpler explanation here is game theory. If the FDA approves something and it's bad, they lose bigly. If they don't approve something good in normal times, few notice. So they have a bias towards not approving. It's basically CYA.

DoesItWorkAlready 3 points ago

it's probably both regulatory capture and CYA

HungNavySeal300Kills 3 points ago

Rhymes with rent seeking

residue69 9 points ago

Revolving door!

mdfl 19 points ago

Bureaucracy is just a cover for these jerks.

_bryan 17 points ago (edited)

Bureaucracy has always been a way for lazy assholes to find a job and pretend they have value. They drag their feet on every task and exclaim "It's not my fault it's the bureaucracy!" It's like a recursive infinite loop of being a lazy worthless piece of shit while patting themselves on the back and touting about their "33 years of experience" therefore they deserve the six figure salary taken from the American taxpayers at the point of a government gun.

Scroon 5 points ago

Exactly. Bureaucracy doesn't necessarily inhibit action, but it does give incompetent people ample cover.

mdfl 6 points ago

Incompetence is one thing, but I think they are just using that for a more sinister motive. Just all the social media sites actively censoring Chloroquine or smearing folks remotely related to a fast cure is just one clue.

ArdentGrasshopper 3 points ago

But if the despot, for whom his own arbitrary decision is the only principle·of government, appoints a governor and says to him: "Be my deputy in this province," he makes the deputy's arbitrariness supreme in this province. He renounces, at least temporarily, his own power to the benefit of the governor.

In order to avoid this outcome the king tries to limit the governor's powers by issuing directives and instructions. Codes, decrees, and statutes tell the governors of the provinces and their subordinates what to do if such or such a problem arises.

Their free discretion is now limited; their first duty is now to comply with the regulations. It is true that their arbitrariness is now restricted in so far as the regulations must be applied.

But at the same time the whole character of their management changes. They are no longer eager to deal with each case to the best of their abilities; they are no longer anxious to find the most appropriate solution for every problem.

Their main concern is to comply with the rules and regulations, no matter whether they are reasonable or contrary to what was intended.

The first virtue of an administrator is to abide by the codes and decrees. He becomes a bureaucrat.

Thenew23rd 13 points ago

You are talking about the entire bloated Fedzilla bureaucracy. Red tape, delays, inefficiency and corruption are its mainstays.

handpeople 7 points ago

Has everything to do with it.

Razeontherock 5 points ago

Big pharma = FDA same-same

WinstonSmith1984 4 points ago

^This Bureaucrats, power-mad + CYA-happy = no or very slow innovation

NocturnalPatrol 1 point ago

A federal administration is bureaucratic and slow? Stop the fuckin' presses.

jzed 1 point ago

Lobbying and influence peddling is not limited to congress. Big pharma has huge influence (the $ at stake are massive). Don’t forget congress can trade based on insider information... like some new product being approved. Swamp is real.

residue69 11 points ago

Spoiler: It would have taken them a lot longer than a year.

Under25BMI 3 points ago

Just long enough for the Virus to make "Mail in Voting" the only way.... and "Ballot Harvesting" the only way to get votes to the polls.

ChilledCovfefe 42 points ago

They act like this is a new experimental drug never tested on humans. It probably has less side effects than fucking aspirin. Brits in India drank the natural version of it every day in gin and tonic since the 1800’s for Gods sake.

WinstonSmith1984 14 points ago

Aspirin could never be approved for use today. It was grandfathered in.

vlkam [S] 5 points ago

I wonder how many drugs weren't approved because of that

LoneStarDangler 4 points ago

Several studies have shown aspirin to have long term health benefits. Lower rates of cancer and heart disease.

WinstonSmith1984 2 points ago

Agreed, and they might have been able to FDA approval to prescribe it for heart disease, at $100/pill. I doubt they could get OTC for it, as nobody could ever afford the studies

tr808 2 points ago

So true

zwiebelsaft 1 point ago

Does that include prostate cancer?

LoneStarDangler 1 point ago

Pancreas and liver from what I can remember.

DoesItWorkAlready 2 points ago

Aspirin could never be approved for use today.

It turns out in very high doses Aspirin used back then made the 1918 flu pandemic kill far more than it should have.

There was a headline from the time that said "Germans via Bayer's aspirin has killed more of us than German bullets". It was probably true. The homeopathic treatment was far safer (wet clothes to cool high fever)

So the FDA is useful for stopping new drugs from killing lots of people.

HCQ isn't a new drug. Probably the most used drug on the planet besides aspirin. Most of the bad side effects are for chronic use. Only need to use it for a week or two for the Chinese Corona Virus.

HCQ is safer than aspirin and ibuprofen for Corona-chan. Frens make sure you are taking Tylenol only.

Thenew23rd 11 points ago

They act like the government. It's not there to help.

Razeontherock 7 points ago

It's been used in medicinal form for 400 years. Before that in S America since prehistoric times.

donald_zuramp -11 points ago

It probably has less side effects than fucking aspirin.

Stop spreading misinformation.

It can actually cause serious harm if not taken properly. See this poison control data sheet:


If you double or triple dose this drug because you want it to work "faster" (and believe me, retarded dumb dumbs do this shit all the time), that could kill you after doing it maybe two or three times.

If a child is accidentally given the wrong dose, either by a parent who did not want to pay for a separate doctor visit or prescription for the kid, or just by pharmacist error, that kid is toast. Dead.

Death is fast. 1-2 hours. Might not be possible to save somebody when it occurs that quickly.

"Small therapeutic window" is medical speak for "you fuck around with this and you're dead".

This is why some states are moving to ban out-patient prescription of the drug. I agree with them. It's not safe in the hands of dumb people, sorry. And every idiot that kills himself abusing this drug, is going to get thrown in Trump's face.

Should only be prescribed and used in a clinic or hospital setting.

Brits in India drank the natural version of it every day in gin and tonic since the 1800’s for Gods sake.

Almonds contain trace amounts of cyanide. Wouldn't you want to drink a distilled, potent version of that substance too? I mean, it's "natural" right?

CaptainAHab 16 points ago

“We should not allow people access to a life saving medication because people are dumb, and or can’t follow instructions.”

With that logic, we should not give anyone medication for that matter, or allow people to drive cars, or allow people to use knives in the kitchen, or allow people to use a hair dryer cuz they could jump in a bath tub, or eat chicken wings cuz they could swallow the bone, or...

I’m not down playing the fact that yes, people can get hurt and die if they misuse and abuse medication, but you can say that with anything.

The logic, in my opinion, is flawed. Don’t save people’s lives and give them meds, cuz there are dumb people in the world. Darwinism will work it’s self out.

tr808 8 points ago


DoesItWorkAlready 3 points ago

Don’t save people’s lives and give them meds, cuz there are dumb people in the world.

This. Most People are Idiots. (MPAI)

The smart shouldn't have to die because idiots.

donald_zuramp -10 points ago

I didn't say they shouldn't have access. I'm saying they shouldn't be able to take the stuff out of the hospital with them.

Just look at this fuckin' forum dude.

Look how prevalent the notion that HCQ is basically all reward no risk. A sure fire "cure" that is pretty much safe in all regards.

If you even speak out against this circle jerk you're often called a concern troll.

That's the exact sort of community attitude that results in people hording the drug, giving it to their kids, giving it to their friends, selling it to other people, etc. In a drug that has to be pretty well targeted to an individual based on age and bodyweight etc or else it could kill you.

Gold-Eyed-Cat 14 points ago

They hand out hydroxychloroquine to people traveling to a county where malaria is common. Before this Wu-Flu freak out, you could get hydroxychloroquine for your vacay. KEK. My hubby took it for years. A LOT of people also take it for Lupus, and Lyme disease. Not to mention the millions of American soldiers we've given it to for decades.


I'm not sure what you are so scared of. If some retard eats 100 pills of ANY med, it's hazardous.

DoesItWorkAlready 2 points ago

hey hand out hydroxychloroquine to people traveling to a county where malaria is common.

They hand it out to Africans. Go check the average IQ of Africans.

Dude, you can OD on the antibiotics they hand out like candy in this country. Or the Tylenol. Or the <fill in the blank>

Gold-Eyed-Cat 3 points ago

Exactly. You can not stop a stupid person from doing something stupid. And yet hydroxychloroquine has been saving lives for decades. :)

We can't restrict the use of everything that is potentially misused. Water (hyperhydration) can kill you. But we'd never suggest water be doled out to people in the proper proportions by a medical expert. KEK.


Again, somehow people have been successfully using hydroxychloroquine to save lives for decades. Most people ARE self reliant enough to follow simple dosing directions... even in Africa. :p

MAGA on!

donald_zuramp -7 points ago

If some retard eats 100 pills of ANY med, it's hazardous.

Read that sheet I posted.

This is not a case of eating "100 pills", we're talking eating maybe 3-4 instead of one.

I don't know if the therapeutic dose is the same as a prophylactic dose. My guess is that it's much higher and therefore more dangerous if instructions are not followed precisely.

But what I am so "scared" of is that this is not the same environment as the one you mention. People are panicking and stupid and thus more likely to use it inappropriately,

Gold-Eyed-Cat 10 points ago

Recommended dose for Wu-Flu is SAME dose as my hubby took. 1 pill (200mg) hydroxychloroquine daily. Along with some zinc, and a z-pac.


You clearly do not have a lot of experience with this particular drug. That is OK. But it's a cheap and relatively safe, VERY well tested drug and should not be irrationally feared or relegated to hospital use only.


The tabloid news wants you to fear hydroxychloroquine and think that it is dangerous or untested. That is simply untrue.



Scuffers 4 points ago

that's not enough to kill you, unless you keep at it for months.

the dose recommended for this flu treatment is 2 a day (12 hours apart) for 4-8 days (along with Z-pack once a day)

deleted 3 points ago
CaptainAHab 6 points ago

I understand your point. But again, disagree. All meds CAN have side effects, mild to severe. Doesn’t mean we should only prescribe them if patient is under the direct supervision of a doctor.

Let’s play a game of guess which medication gives you these side effects, that can result after taking the normal dosage:

headache (severe or continuing) increased sweating mental depression muscle spasms (especially of face, neck, and back) muscle weakness nausea or vomiting (severe or continuing) ringing or buzzing in ears (continuing) stomach pain (severe or continuing) trembling uncontrollable flapping movements of the hands (especially in elderly patients) or other uncontrolled body movements vision problems

Answer: Pepto-Bismol

tchouk 4 points ago

The point is that by the time you get into a hospital, you're already suffering ARDS and by that point it is entirely too late to be taking anti-virals.

No is letting you stay in a hospital under monitored drug use for just the first symptoms, there aren't enough beds for that.

So what you have is the following risk-reward equations:

-A % of idiots who cannot follow strict doctor's instructions will die + a very small % of sick people

  • 5% of those infected by coronavirus + all those people who can't get treatment for other things + longer terms quarantines which will also cause death through poverty and suicide.

It's pretty clear which is the better option.

HocusLocus 1 point ago (edited)

It really sounds as if you're making an argument for the type of 'Gun Control' that must end in confiscation, because reasons. All the theme elements are there. Be responsible! Restrict guns to the range! Lock 'em up there!

There's poison underneath the sink of course
But there's also enough formaldehyde to choke a horse

~Tom Waits

donald_zuramp 1 point ago

It really sounds as if you're making an argument for the type of 'Gun Control' that must end in confiscation, because reasons.

I'm sorry, are you implying that healthcare is a constitutional right? Didn't know we had some BernieBros on this board.

LostViking1985 3 points ago

Your own argument defeats itself. What happens when it becomes common knowledge that chloroquine clears up the symptoms effectively, but people can't get access to the drug? Oh, that's right, stupid people will start taking stuff containing it, like... say... fish tank cleaner. Congratulations, your fix to the problem is only going to make it worse. You can't fix stupid, so why pressure them to do something even stupider.

DoesItWorkAlready 2 points ago

h, that's right, stupid people will start taking stuff containing it, like... say... fish tank cleaner

Corona-Chan brings many benefits.

Weeding out the terminally stupid should be one of those benefits.

There was a sci-fi book written about 15 years ago where an Alien race decides to genocide stupid people so they have better human slaves. They given everyone a simple disease where if you take a simple pill it is easily cured. Else it kills you. So stupid inattentive people died.

I have to say I sympathized with the aliens.

LostViking1985 2 points ago

Read that book series, fantastic read. Troy Rising by John Ringo. The only symptom of the disease is a small weird patch on your skin. Those that seek treatment are very easily cured. Those that don't die. Also, super lusty and fertile blondes!

inquimouse 38 points ago

FDA is swamp too.

chuckachookah 23 points ago

Came to say this.

GUARANTEED that there is a TDS-infected "leader" at the FDA that is part of "The Resistance".

It can't be said enough -- the Left and the Democrats want death, (economic) destruction, and human despair.

"These are sick people" - DJT

4Liberty 13 points ago

Whoa hold on now, you’re going to hurt the feelings of the government worshippers who fear anarchy and how we’d have heroin in Tylenol if it weren’t for the FDA.

runonce 8 points ago

maybe just don't buy it from chy-nah

inquimouse 4 points ago

Just this morning as I was struggling to get the seals off something and cursing, for the ten thousandth time, the Tylenol killer who started that, I had to admit that so much moral rot has gotten into society that we need those seals now. Too many people ready to lick things and post their badass selves on Instagram.

Keiichi81 25 points ago

A YEAR to approve a drug that has been in widespread use for nearly three quarters of a century with well-understood side-effects. During a pandemic.

This is why private sector beats public.

dorsal_fin 22 points ago

Boggles the mind on why people want bigger government.

cajun_robear 19 points ago

The FDA, the CDC... they both need cleansing of the deep state virus.

4Liberty 1 point ago

They just need eradication, and to be replaced with independent versions.

vlkam [S] 16 points ago

Just imagine a Parliament republic managed by that kind of bureaucrats only. That is why EC won't be succeeded

Razeontherock 3 points ago

Are you in Europe?

Scuffers 8 points ago

I am and that's exactly what the EU is.

Basically run by the EU commission, they are NOT elected, can;;t be fired, and have power over everything.

The EU parliament is toothless, it's there to provide the illusion of democracy.

Razeontherock 1 point ago

Thanks. Now let me return the favor and give the American perspective, given that I grew up in the 60s and 70s in the NYC metro area:

we KNEW that the EU was the beast of Revelation. Didn't matter if you were an atheist, this stuff was more real than the newspaper! We followed the development and history, wondering how we would be affected by the impending doom. I think the only reason that's died down is the Eurodollar doesn't trash the USD anymore.

St George the Dragonslayer! He's a cool dude. None of us thought it would come to war. Glad it hasn't. Rather amazing it didn't come to direct war with USSR. We consider that winning.

Scuffers 2 points ago

Hence Brexit!

Every day, that decisions looking better and better.

Razeontherock 1 point ago

We luv it here! Heard some disappointing news since, but I figure there's bound to be some bumps in the process. The Pound is healthy! That's an important sign, I think. BIG spikes whenever BoJo does something good. It'll be interesting to see how the market reacts if he kicks out Huewai

handpeople 13 points ago

Reminds me of hitchhikers guide to the galaxy when bureaucrats were arguing that they needed to do a study on why people would want fire, instead of just cooking their food... "Do we actually know why people would want fire"?

Industry4 9 points ago

Exactly. I've thought of this before. Those aliens who recite poetry and get caught up in red tape, but never solve problems... They remind me of Democrats.

anotherunperson 3 points ago

Their poetry is just as bad.

Scuffers 3 points ago

Douglas Addams was a genius at this stuff

spezisthedevil 11 points ago

The corrupt players in the FDA wanted to hold out for a vaccine that could be patented and sold for billions instead of approving an 80 year old drug that costs $0.20/dose.

Scuffers 5 points ago

it's certainly looking that way...

deleted 1 point ago
_bryan 10 points ago

Fuck Fauci and fuck the FDA.

Jcholl9 6 points ago

Okay so let me get this straight... The FDA what's a whole year for a drug that's been on the market for a long time know?

I smell DNC at work here. What they want is for all this to PLAY out through the election.

MAG_n_KAG 6 points ago

The good ole Trump Pill. Thank the media for attaching Trump's name to an effective treatment, or possibly the "magic bullet". In their latest failed attempt to smear Trump, they end up making Trump look good while they once again look like dumb fags.

cusp-of-carabelli 5 points ago

by themselves, the media is just a bunch of twigs. bundled together they make a mighty faggot. (stolen from a meme that always makes me laugh)

Caferrell 6 points ago

The FDA is staffed by Never Trumpers. They do not want Americans to think that Trump was right about chloroquine, therefore they are willing to play God and delay the testing of this drug, even after it has become clear that it works.

The swamp is full of snakes and lizards

2honks 6 points ago

The beaurocrats must be terrified. They just eliminated thousands of jobs where paperwork sits on a desk waiting for another bribe.

IlxTheGreat 5 points ago

Should assign a Deputy AG to look into the investments of the FDA principles. I think you might find that they've got a vested stake in the outcome of some high priced drugs proposed to use for Covid 19 treatment... Principly Sildenafil.

pursuitoftruth1776 5 points ago

FDA: Listen guys, we need to wait until AFTER the virus is gone or mostly gone.

Trump: WTF?

FDA: What you got a problem with that?

Trump: You bet I do. Start doing it now.

FDA: Why should we?

Trump: Because I said so. Do it or I'll call you low energy.

FDA: shudders Okay, fine.

DoesItWorkAlready 2 points ago

Do it or I'll call you low energy.

See cucks, this is why the last 4 years of Trump tweets have been so important.

Establishing leadership and a little fear, so they can be used in a crises.

I know OP was joking but it's a real thing.

Dialectic 5 points ago


Harambesbegottenson 5 points ago

that politico article is hot trash

habanero 4 points ago (edited)

Those who want a double blind study are welcome to suffocate in agony. Me? I'll take them Trump pills, no problem. Sell them over the fucking counter, too.

And there's a randomized study on moderately ill patients now: https://www.medrxiv.org/content/10.1101/2020.03.22.20040758v1. None of the patients in the treated group progressed to "severe" illness.

deleted 4 points ago
rbobjones69 4 points ago

The FDA cares nothing for the lives of Americans. They are just a gatekeeping bureaucracy protecting big pharma.

22xwing 4 points ago

Government workers are the worst of the worst ... most wouldn’t get hired at McDonald’s in a competitive job market.

Beer-_-Belly 3 points ago

The FDA has worked with Big Pharma to create a system so complicated & expensive that it is a impediment to competition. It is nearly impossible for a small company to compete.

rbobjones69 1 point ago

And after what they've done and are still doing to Amarin.......

Baryonic 2 points ago

This drug has been around since the 1930s and Z-paks are used commonly. This thing is not unsafe. I have taken it on travel to South America to prevent malaria. Its crazy to me that these lefitst nuts are trying to keep people from trying to use it.

still-at-work 2 points ago

What I don't understand is how is it we are anticipating 100,000 dead in the next three weeks or so when we have a drug that apparently helps 99.9% of those infected.

Shouldn't we, I don't know, just spit balling here, USE THE DRUG TO SAVE LIVES!

But no, lets all cower at home and watch the economy collapse because New York and New Jersey are run by morons.

How about this, Trump orders the federal government to make available in large supply enough of this drug to account for the worst case infection rate, we lock down new york and new Jersey and let the rest of the states get back to work.

DearCow 2 points ago

A year to pass a drug which has been around since 1934 and been used by Millions if not Billions of people already.

Chopblock 2 points ago

’I’m from the government and I’m here to help’

Awesome 1 point ago

Stand tall and stay strong, we will defeat them.

22xwing 1 point ago

FDA is evil and crooked also

TheNatureOfBobo 1 point ago

I mean, science takes time, and the FDA is accustomed to having many months to fully study a drug and its effectiveness before putting its stamp on something and saying "yes it is effective in this way and in these cases in this time period" So I get it. But it is a cheap and accessible drug that has been used by billions of people worldwide, the side effects are well known, and doctors can already prescribe off-label to patients. Oh except in those states run by TDS governors who banned it because they'd rather their citizens to die to make the orange man look bad, looking at you Cuomo, good job, you utter tool.

tonightm97 1 point ago

Same with it all tbh. They are even talking about 8 months of animal trails of the vaccine. Then months of human trails.

While people are dying and suffering. Just take your time lads. No rush.....

Hexagon 1 point ago

The reporting on this would be completely different if Obama was still president.

deleted -2 points ago