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jiujiujiu 342 points ago

This perfectly illustrates TDS. My Pillow guy is trying his best to get his private company in position to help the country in our time of need. These TDS fools cannot see it. It is information that can't be understood by their primitive minds. It's true that Trump could literally cure cancer and they'd despise him for it.

daomino 162 points ago

Help the country, his workers and his family. Win win win, except for the TDS people.

ChuckedBeef 116 points ago

Fuck the TDS people. Seriously, fuck all of em.

Jeb4HOABoard 60 points ago

No thanks. Not even with Rosie O'Donnell's dick.

SordidPontification 28 points ago

You could just use a well-weathered broom handle.

Edit: Or a cactus.

cosax 27 points ago

Cigar? Maybe?

WinstonSmith1984 20 points ago

Is that you, William?

philnmdg 10 points ago

Pineapple like in Little Nikki what the Devil does to Hitler every day at 4 o'clock.

KS-76- 3 points ago


SordidPontification 3 points ago

Would that require a mask?

vereavem 10 points ago


deleted 7 points ago
Side-o-Beef_Curtains 6 points ago

are you shneerious? Luv little Nicky lol

SordidPontification 4 points ago

I like the way you think!

nutup_orshutup 14 points ago

What about Mike Obama’s dick?

fat50 13 points ago

Not sure I could handle that monster.

It's bigger than a baby's arm!

Side-o-Beef_Curtains 5 points ago

But why does it have an elbow?

Madman2020 4 points ago

Quaid, start the reactor...

CQVFEFE 2 points ago

Not even with Big Mick's swingin'' dick

TommyLasordasBallBag 10 points ago

I'm not even ashamed to say I hope they catch it so they can wish these companies would save them. When they drive to the hospital in their Subaru forester, I want them to be hooked up to a Ford ventilator. Fuck them at this point. The best of people comes out in crises, unfortunately so does the worst.

JimmyStrudel 3 points ago

I’m stuck living in CA lockdown with two people who have full blown TDS. They watch MSNBC and Rachel Maddow every day. It’s a fucking nightmare.

spezisacuckold 3 points ago

I'd rather nobody fuck them that way their genes don't reproduce enough and their idiocy naturally dies out because even sperm and egg banks wouldn't help enough.

Side-o-Beef_Curtains 2 points ago

This would cause a new pandemic of Chihuahua sized crab lice.

Joesf23 2 points ago

They are miserable evil people hoping for mass death and poverty because they think orange man will leave the whitehouse. It's beyond sick. These people need to be in padded rooms with straight jackets on

mimefortheblind 1 point ago

Hey, we're all trying to avoid infectious diseases here. I mean, have you SEEN the TDS people?

deleted 1 point ago
skicker -2 points ago

"Fuck the TDS people. Seriously, fuck all of em."

I think Covid 19 is currently doing that... Really hate to hear its in all the big cities...NOT...

Benblishem 2 points ago

That's a pretty vile sentiment.

Examiner717 3 points ago

Leftists desperately want this country to fall apart and millions to die just so they can see Trump leave office. They are terrorists.

RatsCatsBats 1 point ago

TDS is just another term for CCP teet-sucking ghouls

NormaJeanRocks 54 points ago

I'll be buying a couple of those pillows now, been seeing a lot of pedes on here saying they are great. They just seemed damn expensive for a pillow to me, but I'll give em a shot

coolhandluck 33 points ago

Not the price, think of the value. And it is a superior pillow. Crap I've been buying at BB&B was made overseas. And they were bad pillows. You won't be disappointed.

sunnyingreenfield 25 points ago


xzars_folly 4 points ago


China is asshole! We need to on-shore our production and stop buying garbage from china. Nothing they sell works right or lasts, and half of its dangerous. Meanwhile they steal all our trade secrets, and the government is helping them rob us.

Fuck china. China gave us wu-flu. China cut off shipments of medical supplies in a crisis.

China is the ENEMY. Why are we enriching the enemy?

Oh right the entire DNC is traitors for China.

OscarWhiskey 2 points ago

Well, Chinese food is ok. But ironically only when made in America!

xzars_folly 1 point ago

Well of course!

If you want real Chinese food, not the stuff the beasts of the mainland eat like cats and bats, look at what they eat in Hong Kong and Taiwan.

Mainland China eat like they are gutter hogs because during Mao's catastrophic mismanagement of the State-run farms the uneducated, illterate, street-shittig rice paddy farmers started eating anything that moved, their pets, stray dogs, the rats, the bugs, baby chickens, piss covered eggs, the shit from their livestocks... And you will never convince me they didn't eat each other. One probably doesn't even want to know how "healthy" of a trade of human flesh is among the Chinese underground.

And like the inbred retards they are, they kept eating it even when times got good. So they keep eating rats, bats, bugs, and shit, even when they have plenty of pork, beef, can chicken because "mah tradition."

Mainlanders are three clicks lower than barbarians.

MeatloafFvck 18 points ago

This guy gets it

MagaCat45 23 points ago

And machine washable too!!! I got the premium one and love it.

Cray_cray_ 8 points ago

That shit is the most underrated feature tbh.

Edit: Machine wershable AND dryable

K-Harbour 2 points ago

Machine washable? I did not know that. Their value just went up by a factor of 10.

Crackcrank 2 points ago

And when you wash and dry them the foam "blocks" get even more broken up and it gets even awesomer. It seriously has changed our sleep game at our house

2_Scoops_ICE_cREEEam 20 points ago

American produced goods and wages are expensive compared to $3 Chinese pillows from Target

Brookes 13 points ago

They are awesome! The sheets are really nice too. Have both. They do wash up beautifully and dry them in the dryer. Love my pillow.......do I get a kick back for this ad? lol!

trumpORbust 2 points ago

Affiliate credit

mintyfresh 10 points ago

Just ordered two. Use a coupon code.

CookiesNCream 8 points ago

If you decide to get some, use HANNITY as a discount code.

NormaJeanRocks 1 point ago


mrcoolj90 2 points ago

Dude, I literally have a Norma Jean song in my head right when I saw your username

NormaJeanRocks 1 point ago

What you're feeling is the loneliness of god

DicksOutForHarambe 7 points ago

my son loves his!

DragonEnergyBunny 6 points ago

Worth every penny

Swampy 6 points ago

We have 8. Of various sizes

quartz 5 points ago

Head's up, if you think there is too much filling for your liking, you can send it back and they'll take some out to make it thinner for you. Or you could just do it yourself and make a travel size pillow. I've had mine pretty much since they came out a few years ago and I'm a fan. It's also nice for minor neck traction exercises.

Looks like they're $40 on amazon, which is cheaper than the $50 I paid years ago. (not saying you need to buy from there, but if you do, use smile.amazon[dot]com and choose Judicial Watch as your organization to support.)

NormaJeanRocks 4 points ago

That's exactly what I have my smile Amazon go to ;)...and was just looking there comparing prices lol. It's a sign to buy

Crackcrank 2 points ago

Use "Hannity" in the discount bar to get a big price cut

Kbing007 5 points ago

Almost hate to admit it with such corny ass commercials, but it's legit the best damn pillow I've ever used. And as mentioned elsewhere, its machine wershable.

Benblishem 4 points ago

I hadn't bought one because of the price, and because I was skeptical--I mean- how good could it be? But then a friend who raved about them bought me one as a gift. This is the best pillow by far I have ever had in my life. I really have no idea how it could be so much better than other pillows, but it just is. I absolutely love it.

deleted 3 points ago
Ryoten 3 points ago

I have 2 of them. Got em 2 years ago. If they go flat, you just throw them in the dryer with a damp wash cloth for 15 minutes and they puff right back up again.

inquimouse 3 points ago

They are good, mine still fluff up firm after a year.

not_a_shill 2 points ago

One really good $40(i think a set of 2 is 79?) made in american pillows over say 10 years, or like 20 shitty $12 China shilled in Target pillows over 10 years.

And if you say yuo're getting more than a few months out of those pillows from target, you're lying to yourself or you dont sleep on them.

Detective51 2 points ago

They are great. I’ve had mine for over a year. Washed it at least 20 times. Still acts and feels like new. You get what you pay for. I will never not have one of these pillows. Not a sponsor.

Caferrell 25 points ago

Lefties aren't good at making things. They can't fix anything either. Have you ever seen a trans mechanic? Yeah, Me neither.

They hate and look down on anyone who actually makes something and think themselves superior because they have learned to believe the lies that they are taught in America's universtites.

Therefore some douchebag journalist thinks that he is better than a guy who is actually saving lives. Fuck the lefties... with barbed wire

nutup_orshutup 9 points ago

But I have 4 degrees you little plebe.

SpaFixr 9 points ago

How’s that lesbian dance therapy job hunt working out?

not_a_shill 3 points ago

Things Lefies are pretty good at making:



-Fake hate crimes

-Fake news

-White people hating themselves

-Dead babies

whocaresguy420 3 points ago

lefties couldnt even figure out that they had to pay their student loans

magabirdlady 16 points ago

Most Americans love this kind of stuff. God Bless him...

Please_Clap 12 points ago

This perfectly illustrates TDS. My Pillow guy is trying his best to get his private company in position to help the country in our time of need. These TDS fools cannot see it. It is information that can't be understood by their primitive minds. It's true that Trump could literally cure cancer and they'd despise him for it.

^ Well Said ^

stjdalen 8 points ago

Ali's getting torched in the twitter replies

Mathelm 8 points ago

Trump could literally cure cancer and they'd despise him for it.

Headline: Trump puts oncologist out of work.

OGpsywar 7 points ago

"My Pillow guy is trying his best to get his private company in position to help the country in our time of need"

Plus, extra comfy masks from using three types of filter material. 😄

_TheConsumer_ 6 points ago

Leftists keep screaming about masks, beds, and ventilators and then they fucking laugh when they hear non-mask, bed, and ventilator companies are answering the call.

Fuck them all.

I_Love_45-70_Gov 4 points ago (edited)

My Pillow guy was on Hannity last month. My Pillow guy is a recovering crack addict.

His life story is pretty crazy, but he is genuinely a really nice man who turned his life around and is now giving something back to society.

FuckReddit4545 2 points ago

Oh they understand it just fine, they just don't want it to work. The more sick people the better chances Biden wins. Also they'd love to show the "failures of capitalism" by screaming the private sector did nothing to help fight the China virus. These people are literally rooting against our country, this can't go on forever. Eventually we will have to deport them.

Twitter 2 points ago

so mentally sick that they can't handle anything positive or good, they are so full of toxic putrid hate.

OscarWhiskey 2 points ago

Stupid white men and their shuffles cards ability to retool their entire business to help a country in need!

Slick_Willys_Nutsack 1 point ago

I think they do see it. I think it's more sinister than them being cognitively dissident.

They understand it perfectly just like us but they see that as a threat to their power, therefore, they have to undermine it as much as possible and spread this nonsense to their voter base.

Dems aren't dumb they're just really fucking evil and would kill every single one of us if they could if it meant they have power. They are our enemies through and through.

DickTick 0 points ago

Many of them would just as soon die as opposed to taking a cure that Trump created.

nothingberg -18 points ago

His pillow absolutely sucks---its like you put a memory foam pillow thru a chiipper shredder and stuff the chunks back into the sack--lol. seriously it's a bad pillow. I think his dog maybe ate his nice pillow and he gathered it up and put it back into a tshirt and said, "hey, fido, we're ON to something here...now lets see if we can do late nite tv ad and get this thing into CVS"

I'm glad though that he's good enough of a person to try to help out in the way he can by making masks. I'm glad for him and his success

myswedishfriend 2 points ago

Your opinion is bad.

deleted 2 points ago
tcriv 1 point ago

the pillow isn’t for everyone that’s why he offers a full refund if you don’t like it

personally i bought a set 3 years ago never looked back

Kanbesto 90 points ago

Gutfeld is a man. Respect.

WOMP_WOMP_FAGGOT 44 points ago

He's so savage. And since he's goofy he gets away with it.

OGpsywar 8 points ago

Perhaps the source of his post, he himself used to be a slightly left-leaning fence sitter -- when he came to Fox News from being the editor of Maxim UK (iirc).

The (anti-)American Left caused that change in him. Anyone occassionally catching The Five back to 2015 could just Watch it happening. 🇺🇸

Aquamine-Amarine 8 points ago

Yes, I remember him saying he used to be liberal in school? I know now he's a conservative/libertarian. He was definitely critical of Trump back during the 2016 election, but gave him credit on his tough stance on terror. Greg despised Hillary because of the server scandal. He believes in having strong cyber security and she clearly didn't.

In the first chapter of his latest book (the monologue one), he explains how he slowly started to realize that there was a method to Trump's madness in 2016 all along. That's why Greg's stance on Trump has slowly started to change in recent years.

travistd6789 76 points ago

I loved one of the comments: "I bet those masks are comfortable as hell."

DittoHead 24 points ago

Probably made of Giza cotton.

Major_Nutt 5 points ago

I kinda want to collect a mask from every manufacturer. Everyone made 1911's during WW2, and some of them are ridiculously expensive now. Not that masks will be worth a lot, but it would still be neat to have as an heirloom.

bangbus 5 points ago

News report 86 years from now “the world is on lockdown as a man opened his great grandfather’s mask collection and unleashed a heinous variety of diseases that we can’t cure anymore because the smart people were killed or stopped reproducing...”

SpaFixr 61 points ago

Big thanks to the My Pillow guy. 👍

donald_zuramp 9 points ago

Big thanks to all the "bumpkins" that liberals love to sneer and look down their noses at.

Like the farmers in flyover states who are going to keep all these coastal libs fed while they're shut into their homes because cities are unsanitary shitholes. Like the truckers working their asses off to bring them this food and other goods that they need to live their lives of comfort. Like the members of the armed forces busting their asses to build hospitals and crew the Comfort and Mercy.

"What are you doing to help"


_TheConsumer_ 7 points ago


Ok, cool. I’m going to make masks so there aren’t any shortages.


_bryan 5 points ago

I have one pillow and the bed sheets they’re really good products.

deleted 50 points ago (edited)
FreedomFromGovt 11 points ago

"Who is this ghastly man?"

"Another activist, McGuire."

"Humm....Activist, yass...hem, hem..."

--Elitist 'Monopoly Guy' and his condescending, snobby wife in Ace Ventura II

CIANSAFBIhateUs 46 points ago

I love the "take no prisoners" Greg!!!!

MuadDon 8 points ago

He learned from Oderus Urungus. RIP!

DeliverancePrime 2 points ago

Upvote for playing the Gear card.

couranto 40 points ago


Ebbie8708 38 points ago

You can tell that Mike really believes in what he does. Instead of laying off people left and right, he is keeping his people busy.

The best welfare program is a job.

hilboggins 2 points ago

check out his story, dude.. its incredible.. the dude was a drug addict and completely turned his life around. He puts a lot of effort into being that helping hand people need because he was there.

FeelinTheHeartBern 32 points ago

The media is suck a joke

dakkath 28 points ago

What is even more scary is that there are people replying telling MSNBC to stop broadcasting this because they're "HATE RALLIES".

TDS is fucking crazy.

FeelinTheHeartBern 5 points ago

They just can't stand to let GEOTUS sound and appear competent without all their edits and fabrications. They have always been a joke but this is crazy

LoveTrumps---Hair 28 points ago

Twitter is such a toxic cesspool of a joke.

SordidPontification 10 points ago

I'm pretty sure the only people left on Twitter, for the most part, are some of the lowest forms of life on earth.

CJBarnacle 6 points ago

a.k.a. commies

SordidPontification 2 points ago

+1 unfortunate truth

GodKingHarambe 24 points ago

Gonna need a little Giza to rub on that savage blistering

Blazeron 10 points ago

I wonder if the masks will also be made with giza cotton.

TwoStar 8 points ago

How good is that stuff?

CaptainQuip 5 points ago (edited)

Couple of blurbs from a Quant search:

Why Egyptian Cotton? | King of Cotton


Throughout the past three centuries, Egyptian cotton has prevailed as one of Egypt's biggest competitive advantages. With an established reputation of being the "best" cotton in the world, its softness, strength and superior characteristics, have positioned products made of Egyptian cotton as the world's finest

Egyptian Cotton | What is Egyptian Cotton? | Crane & Canopy


Is Egyptian cotton better? Not always. Learn about staple length and shop for linens like an expert with our guide to Egyptian, Pima and Long Staple Cotton.

EDIT: Here's one on Giza in paricular:

Giza Cotton - The Best Type of Cotton | StudioSuits


Giza cotton is a type of high-end cotton that’s grown and harvested in the Middle East. It is a type of Egyptian cotton and is unique in the sense that it’s grown and harvested close to the Nile river, giving it some unique qualities that simply aren’t found elsewhere

TwoStar 8 points ago

Thank you. One of my favorite things about this community is that other pedes tell me stuff.

CaptainQuip 4 points ago

YW. I believe life to be a non-stop learning experience. :)

deleted 2 points ago
ShartMaster 2 points ago

They are pretty good. Not the absolute best, but I like them.

Gadsden 22 points ago

Gutfeld is the best. Consistently funny and always on point.

ChairmanMauMau 9 points ago

It's the one show I never miss, and that includes Netflix, Hulu and all that other garbage.

iRubGuacOnMyArmpits 6 points ago

I never miss his shows!

UsurpTheNarrative 19 points ago

I like Greg as well. He is like me. Nobody can tell him what to think, and he will never consider if TRUTH as offensive.
Like me he considers people offended by facts to be sick and like me, insists that the problem is 100% on their end and that he need change nothing about how he speaks.

Good on Greg. He is a real Man. That's rare on Network television these days.

He's not Gay is he?

MAGAbutter 10 points ago

No, I think he's got a wife.

basedBlumpkin [S] 12 points ago

A Russian wife, double reeee

Talason 10 points ago

LOL A Russian wife a that! :)

BoughtByBloomberg 17 points ago

Based pillow merchant! Fucking bureaucrats pulled his better business bureau accreditation cause he never stops offering the get one, get one free deal.

somenobody 14 points ago

That also explains all the youtube shilling trying to smear his products. Their pillows for fucks sake, who cares if they aren't the best thing in the world?

Bidensdementia 13 points ago

We have 4 and love them. I worked for a chiro for several years and these pillows are better than the ones they offer.

somenobody 6 points ago

I figured as much. If they were actually crap you'd see it in online reviews or whatever before an overly advertised youtube video, always be wary of anything that can get on the front page, that looks like it had more money put into its production that pillow man has in his entire business.

BoughtByBloomberg -1 points ago


Fabius 13 points ago

These people are so disrespectful. This guy made 50k masks. What the fuck did these blue check morons do?

Worthless human garbage.

Navy_Seal_Jeb 13 points ago

I love Greg, glad he told this barrel scraping commie POS to eat shit. I hope Mike Lindell comes out to Stone Cold's music and Stunners this loser during the next briefing.

Binski 13 points ago

My favorite dude on the 5

cbonez416 11 points ago

He is 100% correct.

deleted 11 points ago
SordidPontification 5 points ago

I think so. Otherwise Trump's approval rating wouldn't be so high.

Increasingly, I'm seeing people who claim to be dem voters saying they're disgusted by this charade. While there's no evidence to believe they aren't trolls, I'm inclined to suspect that it's reflective of what some of them certainly have to be feeling.

Anyone who's human with even the tiniest shred of compassion should be looking at this and wondering what the hell is wrong with the left.

EpicTrump 11 points ago

Bless Mike Lindell. He’s CEO of a successful company that has repurposed his manufacturing plant to help out with PPE in a super fast turnaround time. What the hell is “you cannot make this stuff up” about that? President Trump is thanking lots of business leaders for stepping up. He’s putting a human face on these companies that we’ve all heard of and that the Left tries to denigrate as greedy. America loves these briefings because we get to see, without filter, who is actually solving problems and who is just bitching about insignificant things. Trump and company are kicking ass!

MAGADUDE 11 points ago

That Ali clown is getting flamed on his tweet

TrumpLovesPussy 10 points ago

I'm not a particularly religious person but even I can see that the My Pillow guy wearing a cross in his commercials is likely why they are coming at him like this. If it were harvey weinstein they'd have no problem with it.

Mithradates818 10 points ago

Ali Veschi is not American. This is another non-American mainstream media talking head who was hired for his "objectivity'.

From Wikipedia... "Born in Nairobi, Kenya, and raised in Toronto, Ontario, since moving there in 1971, he is the son of Murad Velshi, the first Canadian of Indian origin elected to the Legislative Assembly of Ontario, and his wife Mila, who grew up in South Africa. He is an Ismaili Muslim ..."

Pelayo 10 points ago

The Great Man.

FakeNametag 10 points ago

LOL Greg kicked their ass in a pillow fight.

Yeti 10 points ago

Ali was begging for that slapdown.

Staatssicherheit 10 points ago

"My N95" guy.

hollow_fang 8 points ago

Damn Gutfeld’s had enough of people’s shit.

here2red 8 points ago

damn Gutfeld coming with the thunder these past few weeks. Im glad he and Juan have been Social Distancing on The Five. He sounds like he's gonna kick his ass.

Wagonwheel 8 points ago


DittoHead 6 points ago (edited)

Seriously. How does one even come back from that, without a full self reflection on why/how your head is so fucked up??? 🤯

neurojerk 8 points ago

The "My Pillow Guy." Translate: not one of the elites our vapid top echelon of media puppeteers have told us we should like.

Criostoir 7 points ago

Apply cold water to the burned area.

MeatloafFvck 7 points ago

My Pillow Mike said he converted 75% of his factory to make masks, guy is a patriot

somethingnew 7 points ago

Trump has been inviting CEOs to speak for some time now. Why the fuck did these morons only start freaking out when the my pillow guy did the same?

Is it because he's a Trump supporter? Christian? Both?

pelosis_liver 7 points ago

Gutfeld has emerged as a hero

Haram__ 7 points ago


moto455 7 points ago

10-8 Greg

MythArcana 6 points ago

Pull the thumb out y'ass, Ali! You're Fake News, pal.

Block_Helen 6 points ago

Cancerous replies to the original Ali Veishi tweet. Fuck these cretins.

Impala 6 points ago

I just bought 2 kingsize pillows and a body pillow from mypillow

SimplePede 5 points ago

I love that dude's pillows. Best pillow I've ever bought

Luvmyhub75 5 points ago

This is why you limit people with names like Ali velshi from being here in the first damn place. So tired of it

Stonesolo 5 points ago

I got a "My Pillow" 1 1/2 years ago and it's still holding up great even after getting washed and dried several times

minotaurbeach 5 points ago

My Pillow guy is an American success story. It is Awesome that he did th!is!

MythOfNeutrality 4 points ago

Mike Lindell makes living in Minnesota bearable. He is a red gem in a sea of blue here in the Minneapolis metro area.

MySidesGoUp 4 points ago

And Mike had a beautiful message at the end minute 19:00.


Like so many- this guy has been through hell and back. God bless him, President Trump and this great nation.

1776ThereIsaidIt 4 points ago

Everyone that gets a check should buy a couple of My Pillows

FuckReddit4545 4 points ago

The spice! Greg is awesome, he plays dumb but anyone that watches more than 10 seconds of him speak knows he's on top of things. Glad to have him in our corner.

iRubGuacOnMyArmpits 4 points ago

Scroll down the comments on the Ali's tweet. Perfect way to know who's infected with TDS.

hereticpatriot 4 points ago

I’m having a difficult time finding the proper words to describe these people that are hoping the virus continues hurt the country. It’s depressing.

YouKnowWhatItIs87 4 points ago

Anybody who shit talks a private company willingly doing something to help the American public at break even or probably a loss can get deported. This is fucking disgusting that there’s so many pathetic Americans reveling in the hurt and destruction of our economy and way of life. I’m upset by all the suffering from this, but those people should and will suffer, they’re bitter, good for nothing, complainers not looking for hope, only hoping that our President and country fail. Almost worse than an adversary at a time like this.

UpTrump 3 points ago

Unbelievable. CNN cut away from his speech

GuerillaYourDreams 2 points ago

First the Democrats boo God and then they censor Him.

Lyndhurst 3 points ago

November, November. Come on November. By then even the old dems will be red pilled a few times over. If there is a Trump curse, then these idiots are all at the top of the list.

oshanman 3 points ago

Ali Velshi is Just another sanctimonious gotchaist who everyday shows America how stupid they are.

deleted 3 points ago
FaddyMcSaddy 3 points ago

Look at the tweet from this Ali Velwhoeverthefuckheis. Look at the echo chamber these people live in and retweet.

I honestly want to knock Lawrence O’Donnell’s eight front teeth out of his mouth.

Ryoten 3 points ago

"when people do great things to help others, the media mocks their religion. imagine, if it were the reverse: someone did EVIL things, and then you mentioned their religious extremism. the media would be calling you a bigot. screw these hypocritical assholes." -Greg Gutfeld

3/30/2020 on Facebook

beacray 3 points ago

Gutfeld has been letting loose. Always been my favorite anyway.

deleted 2 points ago
AmishSegway 3 points ago

It stills boggles my mind that Mike Lindell was a crack head.

jormungandr 3 points ago

Haha one of the replies is "I bet those masks are comfortable as hell." Good stuff and good on Mike Lindell.

drsowells1fan 3 points ago (edited)

But if he called up Beyonce to sing a "song of unity" or some nonsense, Ali would wet his pants.

Need4Pede 3 points ago

GF loves her my pillow. I do need new pillows and this guy won me over. His speech today was of a man who loves his country and cares. I want people like this in the world.

GenrikhYagoda 3 points ago

Thank you Ali for helping me notice that great speech. It was a wonderful speech, the best speech, 2015/16 shitposting Trump great. We have the best CEO's folks.

Viewer01 3 points ago

Greg be getting feisty as fuck.

covfefe2525 3 points ago

He's getting battered on twatter... Good.

GuerillaYourDreams 3 points ago

Yay, Greg!

ticl 3 points ago

Fucking moozie got shot straight to the face with that napalm.

CQVFEFE 3 points ago

TBH Velshi....not the sharpest tool in the drawer

Still a tool, though

Gutfeld is tbe best Fox has to offer, bar none

hilboggins 3 points ago

Greg's been extra spicy since he grew his hair out...

stjdalen 3 points ago

Why is Ali interested in U.S affairs

Warren_Puffitt 2 points ago


Canuck4Trump2020 2 points ago

PAGING Dr. GUTFELD to THE Burn Unit !!!!

deleted 2 points ago
deleted 2 points ago
drflowback 2 points ago

I second that, Greg is, pretty much, the only reason I still tune into Fox.

BrianSolo 2 points ago

Greg is, pretty much, the only reason I still tune into Fox.

bclautz 2 points ago (edited)

I don't think Mypillow will be advertising on pmsdnc. Anytime soon

NMCCW 2 points ago

Fucking useless cunt can shove her unwanted opinion up her ass.

deleted 2 points ago
Vernon_Mansae 2 points ago

Thumb in the ass You know she probably already likes and does that.

_TheConsumer_ 2 points ago

Pompous Gender Studies Major 1: LOL. Trump thinks the My Pillow guy is going to save us? What a drumftard thing to do. Loser failure. We need masks not pillows!

Pompous Gender Studies Major 2: This. Is. Disgusting. We need real leaders to give us real results. Where is Obama when we need him?!

Middle America: Did you just hear that? My Pillow guy halted pillow production and started making 50k masks per day. Wow.

CaptainChrisPBacon 1 point ago

I seen these letters used the other day. I think they are very appropriate here.


The_Kuru 1 point ago

Leftists are terrified to open the medicine cabinet.

PichaiLiedToCongress 1 point ago

Dumb fuck

solarsavior 1 point ago

BOOM! Headshot!

Og_Silentcell 1 point ago

I just watched the video on the MSNBC YouTube and read the comments. I really don't understand what their problem is....Like should he NOT be trying to help with what's going on? I don't get it.....

Gingersmom2009 1 point ago

Oh man, he's going to wind up like Trish Regan. 🙄 Watters as well.

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nothingberg -5 points ago

I wonder if he made the masks like he makes his pillows: take normal masks and chunk them thru a chipper shredder, then put them into a sack with 2 elastic strings