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Ragnar_Danneskjold 164 points ago

I don't think I've ever seen a sub transform from creation and being normal, to turning into the next ChapTardHouse in such a short time frame before. It must be some kind of reddit record.

Keiichi81 119 points ago

I dunno, it was pretty impressive when r/politics went from a pro-Bernie/anti-Hillary sub to a pro-Hillary/anti-Bernie sub literally overnight when Sanders dropped out and Hillary became the nominee.

BeefSupreme29 73 points ago

And then they call our side "bots".

patriotmaga 14 points ago

Lol! I've literally been called a "a bot" on r/politics and other subs. When I reply, clearly as a human, I get downvoted into obscurity.

Wehem one can't actually attack the thought or the opinion, they go for a personal insults. When personal insults don't work, they call you a bot. When you are clearly not a bot, they hold hands, sing kumbaya, and downvote your perfectly well stated opinion so much, nobody can see it anymore.

BonerDonor 27 points ago

I watched it go from fuck Biden to vote blue no matter who overnight.

Usa_All_Day 20 points ago

Correct the Record was formed... I was there! I remember 2016 T_D

patriotmaga 7 points ago

What a glorious time that was indeed!

Yucky 10 points ago

We're at war with East-Asia, we've always been at war with East-Asia.

-1984, George Orwell

IvIA6A 7 points ago

I wouldn't say it went to pro Hillary/anti Bernie. It went to straight anti Trump. Not a damned thing about her policy or why anyone should vote for her.

There was nothing about Bernie, or how to get the supporters. He was just gone.

Tellsyouhow 7 points ago

Yeah that was crazy. We were informed that Share Blue had pumped millions of Soros dollars into Reddit to "Correct the record" but it seemed like r/politics was so far up Bernies ass and anti Hillary that the millions would take a while to start working. Nope

newchina 3 points ago


severence 5 points ago

They are liberals. They think morals are subjective so when they take a stance on something their stance is weak as fuck. Look at open borders. For 4 years they state something, but then when something like a virus that might effect them personally comes along they change their mind in less than 5 minutes. They are fucking pathetic.

wethedownvoted 4 points ago

in "The Naked Communist", W. Cleon Skousen wrote:

Communist morals follow a simple formula. Anything which promotes the communist cause is good; anything which hinders it is bad. Upon examination, that philosophy turns out to be a code of opportunism and expediency, or a code of no morals at all. Anyone who does not conform to the dictates of the Party as to what is good for Communism and what is not, is subjected to the most severe penalties under Articles 131 and 133 of the Soviet Constitution.

severence 2 points ago

Great, now I understand their moral stance and how it changes every other week. However, it's saddening to finally realize this is what's going on. Isn't believing in some old ass backwards thing created by old rich white men against their morals (oh wait, it changed to suit the fact the only candidate they have is an old rich white man).

humblehonkpillfarmer 5 points ago


Vasilisa 4 points ago

I remember when r/politics was pro Ron Paul!

newchina 4 points ago

Pepe farms members too...

deleted 4 points ago
newchina 2 points ago

Mods were bought out for $2M by shariablue. That’s why.

TheOutlawPepeWales 50 points ago

It really has been quite a sight to behold. I guess that's what happens when the sane people leave for their own winning forum. When there's nothing left to hold the commie virus in check it spreads like wildfire.

NetscapeNavigator 37 points ago

I always enjoyed how massive swathes of reddit would go from normal human conversation to scripted NPCs based on time of day. Actual clock punchers from CTR shilling their asses off from 9-5.

ChuckedBeef 13 points ago

I still see a bunch of anti American bullshit in there. It's always amusing to see people in countries with a lower standard of living who are taxed until they can't breath, looking down their nose at America.

UpTrump 4 points ago

The top post yesterday was a hit piece on trump that they flaired as breaks rule 4. Yet they didn't remove it

patriotmaga 3 points ago

There's irony there. Americans will take insults and abuse from people living in other countries all day long, and not really think much of it. Xenophobia directed at America? Common. Actually standard. The second in American says that a system or such works better in America, than another country - and that person is immediately labeled xenophobic. And even then, we really don't care. We might notice it, shake our heads, but it doesn't hurt our feelings.
And if you point out that a statistic, such as the outcome for certain diseases like breast cancer, prostate cancer, many, many more - or fantastically better in the USA than the UK - it's not a point to debate, you are simply being hateful and xenophobic. Yet if they try and share a source or a reason why the UK is better than the USA, it's all good.

And it's all amplified by Americans who hate their own country and their own countrymen.

patriotmaga 9 points ago

r/Coronavirus was a fantastic, pragmatic place to go for information early on. They booted political shit immediately. But two groups took over the sub. One group or the folks who are so frightened and scared, they literally feel we should shut everything down. Basically everything but police, fire department, and hospitals. I literally ran across multiple, multiple comments from people who feel we should shut down on restaurants and grocery stores.

The other group, which overlaps with the people freaking out group - are those who are making a pandemic a political talking point.

I disagree with but I understand people who are freaking out. Some are just playing stupid, some are folks who are anxious about everything. Many people do indeed live with lifelong anxiety issues. I've known some, and it's a sucky situation. The people trying to make political points? Fuck those people. they're horrible, rotten, nasty people. Pitting Americans against Americans coming in a time when we need to put all that shit aside, reach out our metaphorical hands, and lift each other up. Evil, vile, despicable, monsters. That's what they are.

dukeofdoorcounty 3 points ago

once the thread turns into a Trump-hate circle-jerk they usually lock it.

Because it's much more important to place blame then find a solution.

behemoth887 2 points ago

politics made that transformation in less than 24 hours in 2016

upupandaway 115 points ago

They are rooting for the virus. It's insane

thewordwolf 87 points ago

Reddit is pure Chinese Communist psyop propaganda, bros.

It's astroturfed. It's not real.

rauko 27 points ago

the nyc reddit is nuts if its not coumo shills, chinese shills, its straight "orange man bad". most of em cant resist insulting you even you only talk facts

Highdra 12 points ago

The Boston subreddit is real bad too. Check this shit out.


This is all I'm seeing. "See? This is why we need communism."


"Science isn't a religion." - downvoted to -80


They just want handouts and they're using this disaster as an excuse. It's fucking pathetic and I hope everyone remembers who acted this way if we make it through this.

CousinEddie 6 points ago

the chicago subreddit has gone from batshit crazy into unimaginable madness. Check that out if you want to see what TDS + Paranoia looks like.

I moved from there to Florida a few months ago and still like to go back and watch their meltdowns. I don't engage them, I just enjoy watching them fight and rage. They're so fuckin miserable it's awesome.

USA1 13 points ago

Just look at r/covid19 Seems a bit better

HeavyVetting 7 points ago

For now.

skygz 1 point ago

try /r/wuhan_flu

HeftyAdministration8 10 points ago

Insanity in the media is nothing new: The case for letting North Korea keep its nukes

HeavyVetting 7 points ago

If you like your nukes, you can keep your nukes.

thewordwolf 82 points ago

We said it. Trump could cure cancer and they'd be pissed.

The_Peter 39 points ago

I'm still waiting for their reason why the cure is racist and transphobic.

BeefSupreme29 26 points ago

I've dealt with a lot of their bullshit, and learned how they operate. Here's how it'll be racist:

  • Hydroxychloquine is a treatment for Malaria
  • This is a map of regions where Malaria is a problem
  • These areas are populated mostly by non-white people
  • Trump wants to use hydroxychloquine to help Americans
  • Trump wants to prioritize saving white people over saving non-white people
  • Therefore, orange man bad.

It'll take them a while to get there, because they're retarded, but I suspect this will be their attack vector eventually.

TruthyBrat 22 points ago

Because TRUMP! Because #OrangeManBad! Can’t you SEE!?

Ricky_CIA 16 points ago

"Uhhh... that drug is for malaria patients only! If you use it all up then there won't be any left for malaria patients. And who predominantly are the victims of malaria? Black and brown people. So you are a racist monster!"

There is no end to their mental gymnastics.

IvIA6A 4 points ago

It hurts minority doctors hardest by putting them out of a job!

AlohaSnackbar 2 points ago

It might look like this:

As a antimalarial drug, it's clearly not been tested heavily in sickle cell positive brothers and sisters. Therefore, it's clearly racist to prescribe it, when we have no idea how a small sunset of one race will react.

-a leftist

randomusename 48 points ago

That sub deletes anything against the panic narrative. It deletes anything that is slightly critical of China. It is nothing but a Chinese propaganda sub. They have 1 month old accounts for mods deleting shit. Deleting info on hydroxychloroquine https://imgur.com/pGOwycS

There was a post on r/science a day or 2 ago on the front page asking 'coronavirus has no cure, how does the body defeat it' or similar, bullshit title was pushed to the front page and ANY info on any treatment, hydroxychloroquine, plasma, anything, was deleted by mods in it.

Fuck reddit. They just want to protect china and create a panic.

LetFreedomRing 17 points ago

I believe there is a coordinated effort to make sure as many people die as possible in America. They're anti-Trump and anti-America. Look how everyone, including business, media, etc., who are "fighting against COVID-19 misinformation", but don't really talk about the possible cures and medication that's available. Lots of company websites have a Chinese virus information page to try to convince people they care, but they really don't. They don't want a cure, they want mayhem. But luckily, our wonderful President is too smart and sees through their shenanigans.

Tellsyouhow 6 points ago

Even if the death rate is high, I'm sure once the benefits of Chloroquine is universally accepted and it's noted that everybody's relatives died because they weren't given the drug, even the most idiotic leftist will remember when it was championed by the President

Djt2029 14 points ago

I literally got banned from the sub for "downplaying situation, uncivil to others". When I posted the difference in reaction from this to H1N1. That sub is poison.

UpTrump 8 points ago

Oh, you didn't know? It's illegal to be optimistic now

Necrovoter 10 points ago

It is nothing but a Chinese propaganda sub.

There are Chinese shills who forget to convert from Renminbi when citing prices in the US or other nations. And they don't get called out for it, either!

Joesf23 9 points ago

Some beta on r/trump told me that chicoms eating bats was irrelevant. What matters was trump "literally did nothing" and now "millions will die". I nuked him with laundry list of facts and timelines, I may or may not have called him a stupid faggot and the mods booted me. Mods on r/trump are like rino version of the_donald. Gotta keep the chinese masters happy so they dont hate us.

Tellsyouhow 6 points ago

If r/trump is allowed to exist on Reddit it's controlled by shills.

based_ob 3 points ago

Can you share the facts list here?

nothomo 47 points ago

7 points
· 12 days ago
This seems to be the standard operating procedure in South Korea to treat patients with either chloroquine or hydroxychloquine, 200mg twice daily for 7-10 days, and so far South Korea has the lowest death rate for countries that have had substantial COVID-19 infections. hydroxychloquine was developed to treat Malaria, normal use was for 1 to 2 weeks, and when it's used for the normal 1-2 week period it has minimal side effects. It seems like hydroxychloquine allows zinc to be transferred into cells and the zinc interferes with the replication of the COVID-19 virus. Watch the video for a detailed explanation of how hydroxychloquine works to slow down COVID-19 the explanation starts at 1:30 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U7F1cnWup9M References http://www.koreabiomed.com/news/articleView.html?idxno=7428 (Treatment protocol) https://medlineplus.gov/druginfo/meds/a601240.html ( side effects)

that's the comment i saw 12 days ago. completely objective and informative. before reddit got their hands on that sub and turned it into another arm of r/politics

Pedeville 26 points ago

Probably threw out the mods and installef their own like they did on t_d now when they shut it down

BigMikesBigBlackCock -24 points ago

Whats up with that "fitton" faggot who plasters a million selfies of himself flexing his gay gym muscles in shirts that don't fit?

ProdigalPlaneswalker 10 points ago

a million selfies of himself

You like it?

his gay gym muscles

You know you like it.

ItsTooMuchWinning 6 points ago

He's just posting as he always has but with all the other posters blocked he dominates the show.

Magentapede 28 points ago

It's almost like what began as a free speech platform has been taken over by ideologue pinko faggots or something.

publ1us 15 points ago

Lol.. Similar to the shift to "Wuhan Virus" being suddenly racist... I felt like I watched that morph in real time and it was bizarre.

Keiichi81 12 points ago

This was before they got their marching orders that Orange Man Bad and therefor HCQ Bad.

killerkram 9 points ago

They've been rooting for the virus for a while, its pretty strange. You would think we would cling to hope and always look for a bring side or way out. but nope, they dwell on negativity and depression. thats why i like it here, always upbeat, always awesome, always positive.

raybiker73 3 points ago

I think positive people (and communities) are always happier, and healthier. Not in any New Age Energy bullshit kind of way, just in general. We're happy warriors here!

Ebbie8708 8 points ago

That forum is probably the most anti-American forum I’ve ever lurked. So hateful and filled with despair, I don’t even know how.

unable_afternoon 8 points ago

I remember reading about this cure back in February on /cvg/, or maybe even before that.

LugNuts 7 points ago

Reddit hates you and booted this community. Don't give them credit for anything, even egg on their face.

baufan2025 6 points ago

I tried following that sub for useful Virus info. But by every thread you'd think you could open your door and see people dying in the streets at any given time. If some estimates 100k will die they'd be seeing it's wrong and the actual number is 100 million.

SD_Pede 6 points ago

Belgium's cases increased 8x in 12 days, from 1200 to over 10,000.

They went from 10 deaths to 513 deaths over the last 12 days.

Their case mortality rate is 4,1%.

Population is 11 million.


Brucesky420 9 points ago

Europe is the epicenter of this at the moment. The media is ignoring it because "being more like Europe" is what they want from the US.

If you rank by percent of population, we're not even in the top 10 in terms of cases. Same with Death rate.

In fact, spain just recently allowed 120,000 feminists to march on the capital, and now they're racing to pass Italy by the looks of it. Oh and many of the cabinet members went to that march, and now a few of them have it too

trumplandslide 8 points ago

Do not trust the official numbers. Here's why: World wide more than 600,000 people die on average per day! What happens in at least Italy and parts of US, probably also in Belgium, is that a death is counted as a Corona virus death if they had the virus, even if they had none of the virus symptoms! So they die of heart attack or cancer, but had the virus and they get counted as Corona virus death.

They lie.

misterLahey 6 points ago

LOL. I received a desperate email from my local (communist-run) city warning people to not use using chloroquine because it's unproven.

IAbsolutelyDare 3 points ago

Screencap and post! I'd love to see that.

Nucka574 4 points ago

I was watching the news the other day, bad idea I know, but I need to be reminded of how crazy these people are from time to time, and they said that homeless people were not to blame for the spread of the virus. I was like you mean the camps of people that are ignoring social distancing? They immediately pivoted to another topic probably because they realize they are full of shit.

coup13 4 points ago

r/coronavirus was started because r/chinavirus was censuring everything in Dec/Jan.

Then when /r/coronavirus got popular, it went the way of all other major subs on reddit and is being used for propaganda, misinformation, and blaming Trump

Win4Don 3 points ago

Seriously it's like r/politics 2.0 Reddit sux, most of the place is a hivemind of liberal socialist propanganda and oh yeah orange man is bad

j_mobbin 4 points ago

The communist Reddit tag is fantastic. Eat bats spez.

ThatsDoable 4 points ago

I'm always had a theory after what happened in 2016 that the admins have the magic button to bonk posts and comments up thousands of votes.

vicentezo04 [S] 2 points ago

It's pretty easy. They have direct database access, and as spez showed they don't hesitate to use it.

DirtyMikeandtheboyz 4 points ago

POTUS is the man right now. He took over the Republicans, and decides what Democrats are for and against simply by deciding where he stands.

ShampocalypseWOW 4 points ago

Bunch of doomer fags on that sub.

deleted 3 points ago
treetrunks 3 points ago

Within the first week that sub was opened, one of the top posts was someone so freaked out by the sensationalized headlines there, that they were mulling killing themselves..

Khryn 3 points ago

That subreddit is CCP Propaganda, pure and simple. It's so obvious.

1A2A 3 points ago

Who's still going to Reddit? Why continue to feed them your personal information along with forum views which they use for profit?


Littleirishmaid 2 points ago

There is another sub called r/coronavirusUS which issnt as toxic. Yet.

NoBrakes2020 2 points ago

It's on a Chinese website.

Littleirishmaid 2 points ago


BonerDonor 2 points ago

Corona virus bad, but not as bad as orange man

IvIA6A 2 points ago

Should cross-check these people with TDS and call them out on their bullshit

2016again 2 points ago (edited)

I had a post on that sub about chloroquine removed two days ago. Was harassed every time I posted about it on the coronavirus sub. There are a bunch of vicious foreign shills on that sub. Liars. I've been posting about it (chloroquine) for awhile. First post here was 24 days ago. POTUS should give me a job.

Not kidding.

edit- In fact when Trump went to India, I looked at my significant other and said: "I would bet a million he is on chloroquine and he is in India to make a deal and get enough of the base materials for us." Out there, but that is what was said. !

not_a_shill 1 point ago

How come all these archive. whatever links come up as "403 Forbidden" then say "CloudFlare" under them?

Is my ISP blocking them?

StompTheLeft 1 point ago

yep i got banned from that site when i posted the stats comparing EU to USA


EU: Total Cases: 405.024 Total Deaths: 25.192

USA Total cases: 143,006 Total deaths: 2,523

And the virus was in the USA first.

Libertas1796 1 point ago

Poor Reddit, R con is slowly but surely being invaded by leftists and never trumpers. It’s sad, the sub is invaded all the time if it gets somewhat popular, and everyone blames Trump for the CCP virus.

Dudemanfoo 1 point ago

Chloroquine Deniers now....