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Thenew23rd 44 points ago

Live in Canada, diss President Trump.

Move to USA, beg for handouts.

Ray Charles could have seen this one coming.

Snipthetipandsip 29 points ago

I'm an English National, American Citizen. I may of been born a red coat but I'll die a patriot.

Spez: fuck the royal family.

Thenew23rd 15 points ago

I don't go as far as you. Like President Trump, I respect the Queen. Hoping William turns out well also. If they found a way to skip over Charles, that wouldn't be a bad move. He drank the Muslim Koolaid.

Mrsattorney 11 points ago

Charles is a real dunce and I think it's why the Queen hasn't turned things over to him. She knows he's a big dope. William and Kate seem to have their shit together.

Thenew23rd 7 points ago

This is my impression also.

Strike08 1 point ago

Doesn't Charles have corona? I think they've found a way to skip him.

SVGA2020 2 points ago


Fuck those parasites that live in the lap of luxury off your money. What do they do for you? Nothing but steal your money.

Mirarid -6 points ago

You virtue signalling pathetic fool. Should be ashamed.

Snipthetipandsip 7 points ago

Ill virtue signal my pride for this country to high heaven thank you very much.

Mirarid -7 points ago

It was your remark about the royal family that annoyed me the most. So disrespectful to your heritage.

NvJohansson 12 points ago

His heritage is English, not royal.

Pedeville 4 points ago

European royalty are just tax payer leeches. They dont actually do anything productive for their countries. So fuck royalty, my loyalty is with my country.

wompwompman [S] 20 points ago

After all the trash talking and attitude, they thought they would get handouts. Not on TRUMP'S WATCH, you fucking losers!

Vests123 10 points ago

Didn't they also say that they would never live in the US as long as Trump was President? Such hypocrites...

buco 7 points ago

Have ICE send them back to Canada.

wompwompman [S] 2 points ago

Yep. They didn't take their baby to UK citing coronavirus concerns but now they have no problems taking the child to LA. They are also trying to shop around Malibu for a new house, making the most of the entire quarantine/lockdown to get one for cheaper prices. Markle has cucked Harry really badly. The dude has no power or voice over her. He has fucked up.

Vests123 2 points ago

Yes, he really has.

I wonder if it's because he lost his mom at such a young age and hasn't had the proper guidance in life since then?

Randomroxks 2 points ago

Yep, can confirm. I lost my mom at a younger age too. Ended up marrying a white Meghan Markle, divorcee, single mom, child with not the one who she divorced. It took me a divorce and divorce rape to get uncucked. What a pathetic simp I was.

Vests123 2 points ago

Sorry to hear this. Glad you're passed all of that now.

Pede 14 points ago

Funny how they thought any country they moved to would worship the royal family like gods.

Mirarid 9 points ago

They aren't royal any more. Stupid move by Harry to listen anything Meghan says. Shouldn't have married her at all..

ClownTamer 7 points ago

Almost nobody outside of the country where they were royal, and no longer are royal, gives any shits about them. Plenty of countries have royal families, like Thailand, and most people don’t even know they exist. They’re just C list celebrities at this point. More people probably care about 8 year old kids unboxing toys on YouTube than them. And they should. At least people in political offices actually have a relevant position.

wanderingUlysses 10 points ago

They are reaping what they sowed.

Edit: Also, I still believe Meghan is calling the shots in that marriage.

hilboggins 6 points ago

she clearly is.. but I wonder what's puppeting her?

wanderingUlysses 6 points ago

Probably her ideology or emotions. I have no idea to be honest.

What are your theories?

hilboggins 3 points ago

The only thing I'm noticing is shes got this drive to return to LA and hollywood even if it means splitting the royal family or it's... I don't know if it's her trying to use the royal family name to become a star in hollywood or get hollywood an in with the royal family.... all I know is the bitch is acting crazy after getting married.

wanderingUlysses 1 point ago

That makes sense. I noticed she has broken the rules that all the royals are supposed to obey several times now. I'm happy she left because she's undeserving of royalty.

Southern_Belle 4 points ago

The cabal.

I believe she's a cabal operative sent to take down the royal family.

It's working so far, isn't it?

the-new-style 1 point ago

We chopped off a King's head and then restored his son to the throne.

We had a King abdicate for an American divorcee.

Someone who didn't want to remain Royal buggering off isn't doing anything.

DeplorableLA 10 points ago

Love it. The President supports the Queen and not the bratty grandson. Works for me!

txladyvoter 9 points ago

Fair is fair.

Mirarid 9 points ago

Harry made a massive mistake with Meghan.

Vests123 7 points ago

How long do you think the marriage will last? It doesn't look promising and he may regret leaving the royal family and listening to her.

Fabius 5 points ago

He's slowly realizing that, and in 10 years when her looks begin to fade into garbage, he'll be stuck with an SJW shrew that will drive him into divorce or suicide.

Bimbam 9 points ago

From the line of succession to talent manager in a few short weeks, they will probably get a book deal and their own netflix show.

ClownTamer 9 points ago

“Boning a Bimbo — The Fall of a Prince”

CT_MAGA 8 points ago

And meat pies. They can buy/bring those too!

Jmricht 7 points ago

I’m sure there’s an Aesop’s fable about this one. *cue Disney, stage left.

Jmricht 6 points ago

Oh, the irony.

Vstablegenius45 6 points ago

I bet the Queen laughed about this tweet.

Fabius 5 points ago (edited)

It's hilarious because these celebrities have absolutely nothing to do now. They spend their days fucking off and getting worshiped and now they're forced to stay home alone.


Even better, now they're trying to compete for attention in the social media space, and they're getting BTFO from all the actual talent out there. They're slowly realizing that their celebrity is manufactured from gatekeepers and media marketers. Left on their own, they wither and die.

They took their fame and celebrity for granted, thinking that they didn't have to worry about creating art or being entertaining and could just bash Trump all day. Now it's going away and all they want is to be recognized for their talent again. Hilariously, they're finding out that their talent isn't shit when compared with Youtube talent. Their success was enabled by how many dicks they sucked, or people they schmoozed. And it's fucking great.

Dillybar22 5 points ago

Incoming Queen drive by in Hollywood.

TyrannyBuster 5 points ago

I vote deport immediately.

Kek_Johnson 4 points ago

Harry: hey me and the boys are gonna go out tonight. Can I have my dick back?

Megan: Nope.

deleted 4 points ago
magabirdlady 4 points ago

They are going to live in LA. Phonyville.

DearCow 2 points ago

Should we start taking bets as to when the "paparazzi" chase Meghan down a tunnel? Poor Harry (literally); he can't afford that level of Illuminati sophistication. It'll be two crackheads dragging her into an alley.

Wanderlust 2 points ago

Why they only living in white western countries? So racist.

wompwompman [S] 2 points ago

Because that's where Hollywood and the big money is at. You think Meghan and Harry could live in India like me?

SVGA2020 2 points ago

Royalty is a fancy way to say parasite.

Tendies_merchant 2 points ago

Absolute madman!

1776ThereIsaidIt 2 points ago

Do they actually think the American taxpayer should pay for their security detail? Didn't they say they wouldn't live in the U.S. as long as Trump was president? I used to kinda respect Harry when he was commanding tanks and flying helos but cotdam what an absolute henpecked cuck this guy is. Now she is dragging him around by the ear while she pursues an acting career. She'll dump him within 3 years, get a huge divorce settlement and he'll have to go begging the family for forgiveness. What some guys will do for the hoo hah just amazes me.

DJTrump2020 2 points ago

Trump can say the federal government won't pay, but in the end we will, at least to some extent; I'm sure the FBI or Secret Service have some division that watches over foreign dignitaries due to the issues that would arise if they were assassinated on US soil, as well as large cities like NYC and LA having similar divisions in their police departments. So no, we won't be providing them with security as they'll almost certainly have some sort of private service, but them being here will cost us money.

independentbystander 1 point ago


Loser Prince Harry can stick that silver-spoon where the sun doesn't shine. Screw that idiot Left-tarded Soros Puppet.

If he wants to blow his legacy and embarrass his country by imitating his uncle's failures, that's his business. But he can do it on his own dime. I don't owe that dickhead a damn thing.

Secret Service protection is for Our President, his family, and others deemed to be of importance to our National Security. Failure Prince Harry and his ho do not fall into that category by any stretch of the imagination.

I do not want to hear any talk of my/our tax dollars going to any form of protection/support for these foreign invaders. Maybe if he wants to set up a GoFundMe to let people pay to line up for giving him a swift kick in the buttocks, I could contribute to something like that.

But I don't want him here. I don't want his ho here. The baby is cute for now, but is in reality no different from any other foreign invader's infant that is used as a sympathy ploy. Screw 'em all.