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King 12 points ago

its the new Big Lie

the real goal is the new ways they will make us submit to their demands

thelastlast 3 points ago

where are the videos? can we collect them?

the fuck are the mods doing on this site?

Arwyn3x 2 points ago

I read that in New York some morgues are changing the cause of death from natural to to coronavirus caused -
Now that there is 6 trillion dollars up for grabs.

Chopblock 2 points ago

Why are these people standing here with all their luggage, when the train tracks are empty?

LibertyorDeath45 1 point ago

What are the chance we're actually preparing for a FUTURE attack?

snuggs316 2 points ago

prez maga said something to that affect either yesterday or friday...."if this should happen again, God forbid, we are completely prepared."

2020magavision 1 point ago

Pretty good chance! And I'm so grateful Trump, like always, has used the power of the enemy against it. In this case, the globalists threw the mother of all curve balls at the USA but Trump is knocking it out of the park! We, as a nation, will NOT be held hostage to the next nasty disease that comes from China or elsewhere, whether natural or not.

generalshermansballs 1 point ago

Just wait until all the hospitals they’re building and the navy hospital ship are just full of the usual NYC junkies and homeless fucks.

Moraljedi 1 point ago

I'm in queens and this is not exactly true. Suburban hospitals like Northwell and Winthrop are not over run yet but they are reaching capacity fast. Elmhurst is a disaster with sick people lining up in the ER.

I have friends who are ICU nurses who are shaken up about how sick the people coming in are.

The media exaggerates and flat out lies. But lets not fight lies with more lies.

SD_Pede 1 point ago

Do you really think Trump and Pence are building four hospitals in NYC, four medical centers, and sending the Comfort because they're too stupid to know it doesn't make sense?

Fuck this anti-Trump faggotry.

whocaresguy420 0 points ago

dont know what to believe anymore.

SD_Pede 1 point ago

Believe Trump. Not shills.

whocaresguy420 1 point ago

following his lead no doubt.