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genjiworks [S] 88 points ago

It's a waste giving it to them. They would just donate it all to Bernie Sanders or waste it on video equipment trying to make a career as a Youtube Celebrity. [snickers]

IlhanOmarsFagBrother 40 points ago

Pretty sure I've seen most of these "girls" on the last page of Chaturbate

pepe_lives_matter 13 points ago

Ooof 😅

Pickinpox 5 points ago

Research I assume 🤔

FergieJR 3 points ago

It's risky clicking that deep in pages there!

Also is that place still around? Long long ago a girl and I used to fuck around on there for fun lol good times!

Nalgahyde 2 points ago

More likely on /r/HottiesForBernie

joew 2 points ago

You win today's internet.

Huntercole 16 points ago

Hey leave them alone it’s their choice if they want to be broke the rest of their lives. Besides Bernie needs another vacation home no refunds.

LibsOnSuicideWatch 7 points ago (edited)

They would just donate it all to Bernie Sanders

There literally is a guy on S4P who said he is donating his entire $1,200 check to him when he gets it.

EDIT: Proof lol.

pepe_lives_matter 9 points ago

It’s really Sanders’ alt account, Kek.

oshanman 45 points ago

Before the Pandemic I ran into A couple of with similar appearances at the mall and one of them was trying on sunglasses and the other said don't get that pair, they make you look stupid. LOLOLOLOL!!!!!

olliec420 29 points ago

I was in chicken fil a drive the other day and Starbucks is right next door. Was closed down with paper over the doors and windows. Three nasty women that looked a lot like those pictured here were standing in the parking lot looking at the building. They didn’t know what to do with with out their poison coffee like beverage. Non functional human beings.

IvIA6A 8 points ago

Anyone that drinks that crap is a moron. Electric kettle, French press and coffee grinder is all you need.

SwampSwan 23 points ago

"...do these leggings make my 275 lb ass look fat?"

"It ain't the leggings fault, dear."

DJTrump 2 points ago

It's not leggings at all. Things like the beasts pictured don't shave their legs.

SwampSwan 1 point ago

Ewwww...but you're right. They think their armpit & leg hair is sacred, or something.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch...the soy "men" are 'manscaping,' waxing their balls & bleaching their anuses.

Clown. World.

PodunkTexas 42 points ago

An island should be set up where we can send these Bernie Socialists and have them try to set up their 'perfect' political system. Give them raw materials to use to survive and see what happens. We could televise it as a reality show "Lord of the Flies - Socialist Edition".

TychoDurandal 15 points ago

Bikini Atoll

cook_does 5 points ago

Glow in the dark socialists

ADAM_SCHITT 9 points ago

It's called Cuba

IvIA6A 2 points ago

You mean Cuber

BeaverIslander 6 points ago

May I suggest Lesvos?

DrBJTester 5 points ago


Mexicola1976 5 points ago

Just send them on a cruise ship and sink it.

Mithrandir1776 3 points ago

BASED Bill Burr

FliesTheFlag 2 points ago

He's a libshit but talks crap about both sides, what all comedians should do.

ClownTamer 4 points ago

Socialist countries exist. Nobody wants to go there, especially not people in America claiming socialism is great and every country is better than America. Not one of them moves.

masshole3 20 points ago (edited)

I hear the circus needs more bearded women for their freak shows, so that could be a glimmer of hope for these layabouts.

labajada 16 points ago

That sounds, suspiciously, like a job. Ain't gonna happen.

DrBJTester 9 points ago

The horror of gainful employment.

Rainman 7 points ago

Yes it's so demeaning to actually work

justwanderful 6 points ago

Remember, under all that makeup, circus clowns (and SJW's) are all depressed.

Watch the movie, 'Shakes The Clown'

Peace-maker 17 points ago

This is hard to look at.

xiao_maga_part2 4 points ago

The one in the center looks like Shrek come to life. Nightmare fuel.

SecularConserv 13 points ago

I'm sure a lot of them are part-time Baristas

So if they were making $10,000/yr before they're making $50,000 a year now for sitting around smoking pot

SemperFree 13 points ago (edited)

Unpopular Opinion:

If the money is going to be spent, which is basically out of our control besides voting every 2 years, I would much rather see it go to Americans.

Even if they waste it on pot, booze or whatever, at least it would support the American economy. The money that was allocated to foreign countries has no chance at helping Americans.

SecularConserv 15 points ago

Oh don't get me started on the 11 billion to Africa or these 350 million to illegal aliens

SemperFree 8 points ago (edited)

Right, it is complete garbage. All of that money should be for Americans. Breaking protocol and rushing a bill through, to fund NPR, Kennedy Center, foreign countries and law breakers. gg

SecularConserv 7 points ago

And Nancy has more rounds in mind

DrBJTester 5 points ago

Picture a tactical nuclear explosion, that's my level of rage on this issue.

Titan93 12 points ago

Back then the bearded lady was a circus act

xiao_maga_part2 3 points ago

It's Ma'am!

Pelosis_xanax 10 points ago

If they don’t get their checks the blue hair dye industry could collapse. Those are honest, hard working people. So please give Trump bucks to these hapless Bernie supporters to keep the good hair dye manufactures working.

Anyslogan2 9 points ago

If they are being listed as a ‘dependent ‘ by their parents, which I am sure they are, and they did not file for taxes in either 2018, or 2019 they are ineligible. Period.

Barbieblonde 3 points ago

What is even worse for them is that their parents already filed for 2018-19 and will have to file amended, taking their children OFF as dependents, from Mom and Dad's returns, to let their little 'angels' have a stimulus check.

Why would parents have a problem with that? They have to file a 1040-X and explain in writing why the amendment should be accepted.

An actual person at the IRS has to now peruse their tax returns and might just find some other irregularities.

There are going to be epic family arguments in basements over the next two weeks... you can bet on it.

Southernbasedbelle 8 points ago

They sure are easy to recognize in public, with their “not my president!” haircuts and all.

nakedjay 8 points ago

It feels great knowing that 3/4 of r/socialism won't be getting a check because they still live with their parents.

Magentapede 7 points ago

If given a check, it would not be used to pay down loans. It would be spent on video games, toys, and pot. These people are children.

Horseradish 2 points ago

Ima spend mine on hookers and blow!

Hey, hookers spend money too.

Pity all our penicillin is from China.

TheLeftTastesSour 6 points ago

I wonder what all those idiots are thinking when they wake up a bit, and see they have "die cis scum" permanently tattooed on themselves. The cost of removal of tattoos is astronomical and there will always be a scar.

The hair dye staining the walls in their bathrooms, the cost of those clothes which costs more due to their message, and telling mummy and daddy to give up their life savings to their snowflake child because they need more money to buy ramen and weed.

They'll never hold a job and if they do they'll quit within a couple months and say they kept them down because of the company not valuing them for what they have done for them, whereas they're lazy fucks who want everything given to them, and labor or work is just too much for them.

Kinda rambly but true.

roostergold1776 4 points ago

What a disgusting collection of people in that image. I can taste my breakfast again at the back if my throat.

katsumi27 4 points ago

Blue hair top right shirt’s says: No Honey, You’re Thinner Than Me, Not Prettier. 🤮

AbrahamLincoln 3 points ago

I think it would be pretty difficult to be uglier.

512531Patriots 4 points ago

it's all there, black and white clear as crystal. You get nothing, you lose. Good day sir! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M5QGkOGZubQ

PitStains 4 points ago

Is this true? If you are a dependent, you essentially give your 500 to your parents?

SwampSwan 3 points ago

Um, if you're a 'dependent' it's literally your parents' money.

Can't give 'em what isn't yours. It's no different than a parent with a 12 yr old at home - the parent gets $500 per child.

ViT4MinT 3 points ago

It is unfair that there is a gap of ineligibility for college students who are working part time. Being listed as a dependent due to loans despite still working and there not being any support provided for any dependant over 16 is pretty unfortunate. My girlfriend is going to school for STEM, is temporarily unemployed due to her work closing during this mandated quarentine, pays her own rent for living, and it was pretty unfortunate for us to discover that she wouldn't be receiving any support.

Her age excludes her parents from receiving the $500, and it doesnt matter how she earned in 2018 or 2019 while working. The cutoff for support should have been based on earnings. These unemployed college kids have no earnings so they should have been ineligible for support based on that. Meanwhile I'm putting in overtime to make ends meet. All due to China and mainstream media feeding the hysteria..

guacisextra 3 points ago

While I understand the reasoning, I wish there was an exception for those of us who worked. I didn't take any loans or grants, worked 2 jobs through school and Currently still working them, and only was claimed as a dependent because I live at home (did my under grad, now waiting for grad school to start). Little disappointing I won't be getting some extra help this month even though I'm working in a medical field during this pandemic, especially considering that I'm shit out of luck when it comes to doing quarentine practices. Can't exactly work with nurses from 6 feet away, or from home.

smackdownUSA45 3 points ago

My eyes! MY EYES!!!

Trumpdidit 2 points ago

Future Democratic congressional members.

westrock2000 2 points ago

“Die cis scum” rofl. Life choices.

ryvrdrgn14 2 points ago

Whoa, good thing I already had dinner before I saw that collage. D:

pedeypete 2 points ago

I tried to play the mental game where I had to pick one to fuck.

I lost.

somenobody 2 points ago

Is there any way to check if you're eligible or how much you'll get other than just waiting?

SwampSwan 1 point ago


POWERS-humger 1 point ago

College is a waste of money and a communist indoctrination institutions too hyper sexualize our public and teach the new students communism too ready them for the future too teach the youth next generation too open their eyes too communism

ClownTamer 1 point ago

I can’t take people like that who are also attempting to look tough seriously, like the dude with the bat. If they actually tried committing acts of violence on the sane people they loath the most, I don’t think it would end well for them.

xAnswerTo1984is1776 1 point ago

not entirely true, those on unemployment are getting another 6 weeks or so of support

deleted 1 point ago
genjiworks [S] 1 point ago

Good for you! I'm using mine to help Small Busines. Going to use a local reliable mechanic to put calipers and brakes on my cars. Fuck you Jiffy Lube!

Neonentity 1 point ago


UsurpTheNarrative 0 points ago

Good. Let them soak their rich stepfathers for some more cash.