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Mikeyy5000 141 points ago

They want us all to die...

sciencebeforegod 61 points ago

Yup, it’s pretty obvious at this point.

deleted 14 points ago
TreeTop300 31 points ago

Yes, the Chinese their western media and their democrats do not want us to come out of this without the most damage possible. They are all in.

DrBJTester 27 points ago

That may be an understatement.

Redlaundryfan 9 points ago

Nah, they know the WuFlu isn’t actually very deadly. They want us all to keep panicking, watching their shitty news and platforms, and giving away more and more of our rights to the government.

tonightm97 4 points ago

To harm Trump?


Oskar 1 point ago

No. They just want us cowering in fear at home until after the election.

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tchouk 1 point ago

Not everyone, but 20% is a good number to put the others in their place.

couranto 119 points ago

This is the most bizarre thing in the world. Some evil shit is going on.

FluManChu [S] 79 points ago

They said he posted false information because he said the French study had a 100% cure rate. (Fact: It had a 100% cure rate for everyone that completed the study). This is the same twitter that did not remove the millions of tweets earlier in the week that said someone died from taking Chloroquine (instead of saying Fishtank cleaner).

Source article: https://mashable.com/article/twitter-removes-rudy-giuliani-coronavirus-tweet/

SD_Pede 30 points ago

He said it more generally. That HCC was 100% effective in curing WuFlu.

Still totally fucked up.

Now Twitter is officially taken on the role of deciding what is factual when people post stupid shit. Are they going to do this with blue checks too?

Keiichi81 19 points ago

Yeah, it’s only been 99.9% effective, so it obviously warrants removing his tweet for “misinformation”.

westrock2000 2 points ago

Better add it to 17,000 million zillion lies from the Trump administration. ( no joke, that is the kind of shit they attribute to their 17,000 lies).

There’s one where they say because of the way he said the sentence that Latvia has a better economy than the USA. Who the fuck would think Latvia has a better economy than the USA?!??

“Many other countries have faster growth rates, including China, India, Latvia, Poland and Greece. Trump would have more of a point if he specified that he was comparing the United States to other highly advanced economies, rather than all countries in the world.“

Greece?!??? The country that was literally selling beach front government land to ANYONE that would buy it?!???

Sporadica 0 points ago

fugg. I heard this same shit for commies comparing USA and soviet communism and how the USSR had faster economic growth. But yeah, it's true when you go from shithole to 3rd world middle class, but it's another when you go from the top (USA) to even more of the top.

Like a salesman thinking his doubling' of sales from 3 to 6 is better than the guy who went from 30 to 36 sales because he 'only' grew 20%. It's not the same comparison.

These morons don't know how statistics work and how to know a denominator.

1776ThereIsaidIt 5 points ago

60 percent of the time fish tank cleaner works all of the time.

deleted -5 points ago (edited)
JW_Rock 16 points ago

It was Chloroquine Phosphate. Not for consumption by humans. For treating parasites in fish. Not at all the same substance.

Commiessuck 5 points ago

They also each took 2 tablespoons of it. Seems a bit much.

jjacksonRIAB 4 points ago

I don't know the weight of this chloroquine salt but two tablespoons of ordinary table salt would be 13,950 milligrams and the french paper says 400 mg of Hydroxychloroquine sulfate, a different substance. Nevertheless, assuming they both had the same dosage regimen and weighed the same as salt, a lethal dose of HCQ is 2000 mg - meaning they took 6.9 times the lethal dose (and 35x the recommended dose) even assuming it was the correct substance!

westrock2000 2 points ago

2 tablespoons of plain salt would be barf city 🤢🤮

jjacksonRIAB 4 points ago (edited)

Hahah yep. I can't imagine anyone looking at any salt and saying to themselves, "you know, I think I should consume two tablespoons of that shit". These people were very, very stupid. Ironically if they had just taken the 400 mg they'd probably be OK.

soyboybetafaggot 2 points ago

It tastes like Dr. Pepper from what i've heard so that's why pets and retards like it.

MAGAnic316 1 point ago

It's true, you can breathe H2O because it has oxygen in it

-Fredo Cuomo (probably)

45isthebomb 4 points ago

Pay fucking attention. It was a different substance

christianknight 3 points ago

Its all part of the plan.

MusicToMyEars 40 points ago

This drug may save my life:


The media is evil.

FluManChu [S] 16 points ago

Thanks for the link, glad to see that NY doctor being interviewed.

308win 35 points ago

Wonder if they will do the same thing when we find the cure for cancer.

TyrannyBuster 3 points ago

If Trump is president at the time, you can guarantee it.

SDsc0rch 21 points ago

twitter = enemy of the people

RockyMin 17 points ago

This Mashable site looks just as bad. 'Misinformation'? Really?

blackestknight 15 points ago

Mashable is SJW shit.

westrock2000 1 point ago

Would it be plus or minus imgur?

SD_Pede 10 points ago

Mashable is Vox with more techy articles.

Covfefe_Crusader 17 points ago

The people running twitter should be put before a military tribunal.

MondayCoupleIsDead 11 points ago

I watched a video last night and they talked to a doctor from South Korea about how they're handling the WuFlu situation and what medications have been helping. Guess which drug is one of the medications they are using with success on critical patients? You guessed it, Chloroquine was one of them. The other was an AIDS medication i can't remember the name of and they also mention they were starting to test Remdisivir.

That war against chloroquine in our media is simply more TDS on full display and it may cost people their lives.

JamesSunderland 5 points ago

There is no may. It is costing people their lives.

MondayCoupleIsDead 3 points ago


And i have to play Silent Hill 2 again soon.... 😁

JamesSunderland 2 points ago

I got a letter. The name on the envelope said 'Monday Couple.'

redstampede 11 points ago

Truth = misinformation, apparently. Hope he sues these Orwellian assholes into the ground.

Gramma53 9 points ago

Come here, Rudy!

TruthIsForceOfNature 8 points ago

Time to DPA Twitter

magaorg 8 points ago

This is war. Fuck the media, dem govs and chucked tech

Emperorvoid 7 points ago

At some point, all these lying propaganda machines need to be dismantled, and all who took part in the lie, publicly executed for treason. The truth of liberty lives in the light. These fuckstains are part of putting the truth in darkness, and killing liberty.

I hope they all fucking die, and I hope all future media people know that to be dishonest in a profession that should require the utmost honesty means death when they betray the nation.

DebunkTheLeft 4 points ago

Does that mean this tweet by Rudy is a replacement for the deleted tweet, because it's still there:


The censorship is in such fucking overdrive, it's hard to keep up.

Oskar 1 point ago

Such low energy cancer in the comments

JamesSunderland 4 points ago

Fight the propaganda. This is a matter of life and death. And the media is complicit in the propagation of death.

AenAllAin 3 points ago

We should delete the Twitter Corporation.

maganify 3 points ago

I hope they see actual murder charges

mercynurse 3 points ago

Dr. Twitter, MD

MAGAlikethis 3 points ago

Please watch Giuliana's podcast from today with Dr. Vladmir who came up with the regimen:

Hydroxychloroquine 200mg twice a day for 5 days

Azithromycin 500mg once a day for 5 days

Zinc sulfate 220mg once a day for 5 days

Podcast: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1TJdjhd_XG8

ShavenHavenRaven 3 points ago

When it's accepted it works Rudy may have to run for office

Lawless 3 points ago

its just weird that the left is trying to hide this possible cure

Smurfection 2 points ago

So when is the FDA and all the governors banning Hydroxychloroquine for treating coronavirus because it's off label, going to do something about the more egregious and disease inducing catalyst that is the off label puberty blockers and opposite hormones being given to transgenders? Endocrinologists and other medical professionals have documented the disease associated with transgenders taking off label prescribed medications and the the diseases that are induced but I don't see any governors or the FDA cracking down on that? Why the heck are they cracking down on an off label drug use that has a really good chance of ending this pandemic? Also, Hydroxychloroquine isn't all that off label to begin with. Chloroquine and hydroxychloroquine have been used to treat and stop the spread of malaria in Africa for decades. Also, there are studies going back to 2005 related to the other coronavirus, SARS, that demonstrate that hydroxychloroquine is an effective treatment. The left is just damn evil and hates Trump so much, they'd rather condemn a treatment that has almost a 100% success rate in treating patients than admit that Trump, Guiliani and other conservatives are right. The medical overlords in positions of power are just too shoddy and full of stupid and unwarranted self righteousness that they'd rather focus on a vaccine, which may be impossible to produce, than a treatment that works. India, Brazil, France and other nations are now using hydroxychloroquine and have virtually stopped the coronavirus dead in its tracks, but no, our so-called experts, aren't worth the damn paper their credentials are written on when it comes to actually using a treatment that works.

mdfl 2 points ago

If you google RG, all the results use the term "misinformation". Smearing us all to death...

Cornpop 2 points ago

I hope Trump retweets it

DisgustedByMisleadia -5 points ago

What was the "misinformation"?

Would you please link the article, instead of a screenshot?

deleted [S] 3 points ago (edited)
DisgustedByMisleadia -12 points ago (edited)

I don't know what study he cited, but the first French study didn't have a 100% cure rate. You had to read the entire paper to catch that detail.

What it said: while all six patients tested negative after 6 days, one of them tested positive again (at low concentration) on the 8th day.

The latest French study didn't have a 100% success rate, either. 81% had been discharged, but one was still in the ICU and another died. The remainder were still hospitalized in an infectious disease (ID) ward.

Of all that were tested, the PCR assay showed a sufficiently low score to no longer be considered contagious on day 12 (or earlier). But, that doesn't necessarily mean cured (i.e. completely virus free).

blackestknight 6 points ago

The new study on 80 patients is what he cited.

DisgustedByMisleadia -5 points ago

While I think deleting the tweet was over-reacting, Rudy could have chosen his words more carefully.

The treatment is definitely promising. At least one doctor here says he would prescribe it in a heartbeat for anyone with COVID-19, as long as they aren't contraindicated (it's apparently risky for people with certain heart conditions).

But, let's not call it a "cure".

FluManChu [S] 2 points ago

I suspected you were a moron when you didn't know how to search for an article yourself. But when a pill eradicates the virus within 5 days ... that's called a cure, even if it's not 100% of the time. It seems the media brainwashed you into thinking otherwise, but you being an imbecile doesn't change reality.

DisgustedByMisleadia -6 points ago (edited)

I don't bother to search for an article when you aren't courteous enough to provide a link.

As I explained in my last response, the study did not use "eradication" as the criteria for discharge: it used "not contagious".

This will be my last response to you, as I'm deporting you for rule #5 in the sidebar.

Goodbye, and have a nice day.

blackestknight 2 points ago

Blah blah blah Concern concern concern blah blah blah.

DisgustedByMisleadia -2 points ago

Please go read the 80 patient study. Then, we can talk.

It's linked in Dr. Raoult's tweet:


couranto 4 points ago

Did you know that the docs in NYC are all taking Hydroxycloroquine as a preventive med. It pretty much guarantees to ward off virus for those no infected yet.

... continue reading thread?
blackestknight 4 points ago

Dude, you had your chance to fucking redeem yourself and stop your goalpost moving, your concern trolling and outright shilling.

" A rapid fall of nasopharyngeal viral load tested by qPCR was noted, with 83% negative at Day7, and 93% at Day8. Virus cultures from patient respiratory samples were negative in 97.5% patients at Day5. "

The patients were "Cured". In layman's terms, this is a cure. In scientific terms, this is a treatment that vastly improves the patient's body's ability to combat the infection, but that rolls off the tongue as well as cinder blocks.

Just shut the fuck up with your bullshit trying to downplay this breakthrough that will help America get back on track.

... continue reading thread?
FluManChu [S] 5 points ago

You seem be the Misleadia yourself. That isn't how studies work ... at the end of the study the results are recorded. 8 days later that patient might have caught a different strain of the virus or be one of the 14% that could catch it a 2nd time. The facts are at the end of the study that patient was no longer testing positive for the virus. For someone disgusted by the media ... you seem to be spreading their bullshit.

DisgustedByMisleadia 2 points ago

No, that's not what the second study says.

If a patient had two successive PCR assays with Ct >= 35, they were discharged to their home or another unit for continuing treatment -- to make room for new untreated patients. They also discharged people with lower scores later in the study to make room. You can find this statement on page 8 of the study, under "Criteria for discharge".

Ct >=35 means "not contagious", not "virus free". You can find that statement at the bottom of page 8.

It also says they continued to followup when possible, but if you look at the graph on page 20, you'll see that the number of patients tested dropped from 80 on day 0 to about 12 on day 12. So, they didn't continue to test every patient throughout the study.

I actually read the study. I encourage you to do so, too.

This is the Twitter shortened linked from Dr. Raoult's tweet: https://t.co/31ZO4OPyRv

dandylionsummer 3 points ago

Who the heck is downvoting this? It's what the study said. It doesn't change the reality that thi medication is good stuff.

mykillk 2 points ago

You're right, it wasn't 100%. It was only 93%.

Quote from the new trial paper:

"A rapid fall of nasopharyngeal viral load tested by qPCR was noted, with 83% negative at Day7, and 93% at Day8"


DisgustedByMisleadia -1 points ago

Please read the rest of the paper. You'll find that "negative" meant "no longer infectious", not "cured".

I wrote more detail here:


The big success was not curing the patients, but getting them well enough to transfer out of the infectious disease ward in a mean time of about 5 days and making room for more patients.

newchina 1 point ago


DisgustedByMisleadia 1 point ago

So, the best you can do if you disagree is to call me a shill?

C'mon, you can do better.

newchina 2 points ago

Alright, good point. Either you’re an exceptionally talented shill and paid well, or you’re a fellow pede who deserves an honest reply. Dic.com def CURE: “A drug or course of medical treatment used to restore health.” I’d say a 95% success rate is a cure pede. Not sure what else you would call it? A “treatment”? Well if it’s a “treatment” it gets an “A,” maybe not an A+, but an A is acceptable no?

DisgustedByMisleadia 0 points ago

That's a fair description of a cure. But, the second French study's criteria does not meet that definition. Their criteria was "no longer considered contagious", not "virus free". Patients were discharged to continue treatment elsewhere to make room for new patients.

The study says they tried to followup and monitor the patients after discharge, but the data shows they weren't successful in all cases.

I provide more detail here:


I also provide a link to the study. I encourage everyone to read it, rather than accepting my (or anyone else's) interpretation. But, you have to read the whole thing, not just the parts you want to hear.

newchina 5 points ago

So if you’re no longer contagious, and in recovery, what does that mean? Serious question. I guess I’m unclear when someone is declared “cured.”

... continue reading thread?