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GGJanitor 126 points ago

“Zero deaths” but lines to the hospitals can be seen from Satellite

patriotmaga 79 points ago

I've been beyond amazed at how the left and the left-advocating MSM have behaved the last 4 years. But their support and defensive China? It's blowing my mind. I mean absolutely, completely, fucking with my brain.

The left has called out the right for not punishing China for their humans rights violations for years, and years, and years. The left has complained about China, for years, and years, and years. But the second Trump starts a trade war with China, China rocks! We love China now!

They know God damn well when people complain about China, they are complaining about the Chinese government, and not the Chinese people. They know God damn well that the Chinese people live their lives basically held hostage. If they try to fight back against the single party, call me in a system, they will be disappeared. And by fight back, I mean posting something negative on Chinese social media. Try to gather a big crowd and fight back against the police and military? They will disappear you, your brothers and sisters, your parents, your children, possibly your grandparents, possibly your cousins. Sometimes disappear means 6 to 12 months and every education camp, reeducation camps are generally for minor violations of wrong think. Say the wrong thing enough? Yeah they just kill you.

The left is supporting a regime that now has upwards of a million people in re-education camps, for the crime of being Muslim. And a Chinese Muslim folks aren't like some nations Muslims, they're actually pretty chill.

StumpSmasher 33 points ago

China's dystopia is the natural end state of Leftism. The Leftist leaders don't actually care about most of the stuff they push, it's just means to an end to get the foolish on their side.

Isolated_Patriot 23 points ago

China is 1000% the model for the NWO. They WANT that. For everyone, everywhere.

Make no mistake, it is not a natural end, it is the unnatural goal of everything the globalists are doing.

terrichris 14 points ago

Xi's Totalitarian Communist Government is promoting his virus successes on MSNBC and, America's most popular morning program, TODAY Show via his YouTube's front page "suggested videos".

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z-iEGgPKFBU https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gU4U7Wlw9Ig

While Xi's YouTube censors the citizens rioting with the police, the million subscriber drop in cell phone service, urns, and other things.

Wyrmshadow 19 points ago

Thanks to One Child Policy, they don't have cousins, or Aunts and Uncle either.

MrShoeguy 7 points ago

Trump didn't start a trade war with China. He just changed some things that were very bad for us. If China wants to start a trade war over it that's on them.

AstronoMink 3 points ago

I would argue they've already started it.

inquimouse 2 points ago

About 30 years ago.

SellTheSun 5 points ago

The left is supporting a regime that now has upwards of a million people in re-education camps, for the crime of being Muslim.

Wtf I love China now

PraiseBeToScience 3 points ago

Now you know why they were pushing so hard on the Russia narrative: it's typical liberal projection.

They are completely owned by the Chinese. Every single tech company has Chinese fingers in it. Nearly every media outlet. Half the damn property in liberal cities is owned by Chinese nationals.

So basically, they assumed that since they are owned by China, therefore the rigiht must be owned by someone.

arebee 3 points ago

muslims are chill until they have the numbers. They don't have the numbers in bernie's paradise utopia-china

MoscowCommie 1 point ago

You gotta follow that paper trail. The Chinese clearly have money in our media. It's way bigger than it was even during the cold war. The paper trail leads straight to the Chinese and the globalists wanted our boy gone by any means necessary. We can't let it happen. He is bringing our country back and they are kicking and screaming, poisoning the minds of as many people as possible.

KekistanPM 32 points ago

The Chinese government saw your post and just ordered another urn...better watch your back for a while!

Qualityproduct 20 points ago

Oh, is this Reddit?

Titanium 17 points ago

We need someone to make a u/spez account and just have it rant nonsense all the time

Atomicplaybro 15 points ago

There should be a spez bot! I for one welcome our automated overlords.

spez_inthe_turdpond 7 points ago

Yes! 🤖


CovfefeAndDoughnuts 6 points ago

I think you just nominated yourself. I second it.

Qualityproduct 2 points ago

That's good. I like that.

KekistanPM 6 points ago

No, but shills still come from there trying to downvote and concern troll.

CentenialIPA 16 points ago

sauce? Friends need a wake up.

unspecified_user 8 points ago

raises fears China is underplaying nation's official 3,300 death toll

Idunno does anyone REALLY THINK THEY'D DO THAT???????

The scumbag MSM is STILL and CONTINUOUSLY peddling China's utter bullshit lowball numbers

"The United States has surpassed China and Italy as the country with the most coronavirus cases. The number of U.S. cases passed 85,000"

Seriously? They are going to take China at their word? They know better, but China's narrative is more harmful to the West, so of course they publish that.

STILL pumping out heading to scare investors every morning and evening. STILL doing everything they can to sow panic and discord at every turn.

DaayTerkErJerbs 5 points ago

'They are going to take China at their word?' If one wants chinabucks one doesn't question

ProphetOfKek 76 points ago

China lied, people died.

DrBJTester 14 points ago

On a scale we may never fully know. We will get anecdotal evidence that might suggest real numbers, hopefully GETOUS is getting better numbers and will tell us.

DaayTerkErJerbs 6 points ago

It took 10 years to find out they lied about Sars total infections so we'll probably find out the truth in 2030

SameCookiePseudonym 5 points ago

Well, we’ll see how many people die everywhere else

MAGA_APN 5 points ago

But muh USA has most cases......really MSM? and I have another leg you can pull

DarthFuckinVader 67 points ago

That's probably just the people the Chicoms felt deserved urns. I'm sure the rest got plowed into a ditch in some far-off corner of their shithole nation.

ProphetOfKek 29 points ago

They are fertilizer.

Necrovoter 23 points ago

New protein powder for baby formula discovered in China!

DrBJTester 12 points ago (edited)

That's probably more accurate than we comfortable with.

CovfefeAndDoughnuts 3 points ago

Prions have entered the chat

solarsavior 1 point ago

Soylent Green is PEOPLE!

JesusMaga 12 points ago

Soylent greens

JudicialDredd 5 points ago

Soylent Sauce

DrBJTester 6 points ago

Checks out. Mass Graves seen from orbit.

Trump2020MAGA 10 points ago

For real. I was actually thinking it seemed odd they cared enough to use them.

Bob383 4 points ago

Also, 5000 isn’t a whole lot more than 3300. You could easily get rid of that amount of ashes without ordering extra erns. This one seems kinda silly

DJTrump2020 15 points ago

There are 7 other mortuaries in the city.

NotProgCensored 4 points ago

Good thing they have a Ralphs nearby.

sunnyingreenfield 6 points ago

All their hospitals offer an ash back guarantee

Mona1950 40 points ago

Underplaying the death toll?? No shit?

LoneStarWinner 26 points ago

Ok, so 21,005,000. IDK. All this is very anecdotal. It’s very easy to suspect that things are bad there, but how many people die there normally? And if it’s 21,000,000, they are about 19,995,000 urns short.

There is no way to know because the Chinese (is it racist for me to use that word?) have a tight lid on any news from that area. It’s all guesses.

chinita_atx [S] 16 points ago (edited)

Unfortunately, anecdotal and bits and pieces coming out are the only things we have. Despite being welcomed by the world, China still has a hermetic system especially when it comes to information.

EDIT: And I'm not saying add the numbers. I'm saying add to the anecdotes that China is not telling the truth.

Independenceforever -3 points ago

The only things we have? How about brains courage and common sense.

We seem totally out of those.

Wake up.

Independenceforever 16 points ago







Dialectic 0 points ago


MYHM 6 points ago

I definitely think China has been lying about everything since this started but if Verizon and other carriers here did not promise to not cut off service for non-payment we would probably be losing a large number of subscribers too with all the unemployment. Lots of people in China have been out of a Job for months at this point due to the Chinese response. It will be interesting to see how many of those subscribers stay lost over the next few months.

callaway86 5 points ago

You are actually onto something here. Living in Asia a bunch, I can tell you cell phones there don't really have plans. You get a sim and you top it off when it runs dry. Once it's dry or inactive for 30-90 days based on the carrier, it's dead. Also people switch sims and providers all the time there.

Here in the USA we have plans, so it's easy to tell if someone is not using the sim / account. Obviously their numbers are BS, but there is no way they buried 21 million bodies without anyone noticing. It would take 1/2 their army months of around the clock work to do that; almost impossible to cover-up in this day and age.

CentenialIPA 5 points ago

Who said the majority get that sort of respect?

deleted 4 points ago
deleted 21 points ago
Barbs 17 points ago

China is definitely lying about their numbers, but I don’t think it’s in the millions of deaths yet. It could be that those missing mobile accounts were dissidents trying to get the word out, and got their access terminated, or China keeping people from communicating from within quarantine zones to the outside.

They are a totalitarian regime after all. That seems to be what happens when they want to do evil shit, they shut everything down to keep people from talking about it.

ecotHEraPIST 8 points ago

If the citizens are having employment/money issues, cutting off a phone bill seems like something people would do.

1776forever1776 4 points ago

This, phone data usage alone doesn’t prove that ~8 million people have died, rather 99% of that is probably economic displacement.

Spez: but OPs post definitely is an indication that Wuhan’s numbers are likely understated

Asun 2 points ago

Cell data subscription is incredibly cheap in China. It doesn't make sense for people to cancel their account in face of lockdown. There has to be another explanation.

1776_DN 2 points ago

I estimate at minimum under-reporting by a factor of 10x (more likely 20x+) in terms of deaths from West Taiwan. Bearing in mind that people still die from accidents/heart attacks/strokes during this time, that would account for the ash heap they're trying to scoop up.

deleted 17 points ago
uzi5v2 13 points ago

Shocked I tell you, I’m shocked.

5000wattsx 10 points ago

We know that China is downplaying the numbers but the media is going along with it so they can use it as another way to attack Trump.

jdovejr 9 points ago

I’m betting the phone issue was that people had to decide between food or their cell phone. We would know for a fact if that many died.

TD_Covfefe_Crusader 9 points ago

Communists lying? What is the world coming to?

Kanbesto 7 points ago

Those MF's we're dragging people out of their homes. Do you really think they'd hesitate to kill a few? The death toll for corona is 3300. The death toll by bullet is in the 10's of thousands.

xzars_folly 5 points ago

China's real death toll is in the low millions. Cellphone services don't "just" loose 21 million subscribers in a month...in an economy that is supposedly growing. They are LYING.

stay_mad_45 0 points ago

Like you're some sort of expert on Chinese cellphone invoice trends, you can't even spell lose.

_bryan 6 points ago

How many people fit in each urn?

Liberty-Or-Death 5 points ago

Apparently 11 astronauts fit into a Volkswagen Bug, so I don't know.

_bryan 1 point ago

How do you get 40 babies in a backpack in China?

Use a blender.

Liberty-Or-Death 6 points ago

So what is it? One minute people on here are saying it's all bullshit and the numbers are too fucking high, and Trump is overreacting. Now they're saying the death toll is higher. FFS! 😡

rbobjones69 4 points ago

Have we been infiltrated by the enemy? (The rest of reddit)

DabaseDabase 2 points ago

It's probably around 30k deaths country wide. I can't explain losing that many subscribers, could be people getting blocked, could be the poor shutting off for awhile I dunno.

muslimporn 2 points ago

China already had 100 to 200 million more subscriptions than it has people so it's not a very reliable representation of population.

The subscriptions are probably work related.

The_Him 5 points ago

So which is it.. the virus isn’t all that bad and the media is blowing it out of proportion or it’s killing oodles and oodles of people? This sub is all over the place on this.

drmcnulty 4 points ago

I know. The fog of war is very thick on this. Of course I want to believe China's numbers, but we know they are just not true. So does it mean millions died? It's possible. I think instead of trying to take care of them, they just welded the people into their homes and I think an untold number number of them died without getting care. I really, really hope the treatments that are out there really work.

mikeroolz 3 points ago

Underplaying lying


ChaplainTappman 3 points ago

Do we know the baseline for urns to the funeral homes in question?

Kinda important to see how big an uptick this is from normal death levels.

deleted 2 points ago
RuralRedPill 2 points ago

China was hit with African Swine Fever, it has decimated a high percentage of their swine production, pork is their primary protein. You can see video on live leak of pigs being pushed into a hole, fuel dumped on them and lit ablaze while alive. They couldn't manage the spread of that disease or fully censor it, there's no way in hell they have COVID-19 under control.

tonightm97 2 points ago

China wants to be seen as "clean" of the virus so it can start to ship off more super spreaders out into the world again.

destroyer713 2 points ago

I think the urn number is more telling than the loss of cell phones. With their industry shut down I bet a lot of those missing phones are the click farms and paid Twitter likes. So one person running a couple hundred phones or more before they were quarantined.

thewordwolf 2 points ago

Imagine actually thinking 21 million Chinese died of this.

Lord help us.

DerrickBowser 2 points ago

Millions are dead in that country. Guarantee it.

AloweiseEdelHuberIII 2 points ago

China gonna lie but how do you unsubscribe from your mobile service if you’re dead?

Kaiheitai 2 points ago

'Underplaying?' are you seriously accusing a communist dictatorship with no human rights and a dictator for life where they sell the organs of political dissidents and liquidate whistleblowers of being dishonest? China is obviously an honest and peace loving beacon of freedom. Good day, sir.

Centipedeboy 2 points ago

Doesn’t this tell us that things are worse though?? Why would we want that?

chinita_atx [S] 15 points ago

It's not that we want more deaths. Nobody with a heart wants that. It's that we want the truth and accountability.

xiao_maga_part2 9 points ago

And never forget China is asshoe.

somenobody 9 points ago

Because it's proof that yet another media narrative, in this case the "dup made america the most dangerous place for the outbreak" is absolute bullshit.

Centipedeboy 3 points ago

I get that, but most of us supporting trump and his mission to get back to work would rather things not secretly be worse. If millions died there then we have bad news coming here rather than hopefully getting back to work.

somenobody 5 points ago

That would only be the case if these deaths were all coronavirus related and I guarantee you they aren't. They just used it as an excuse to murder dissidents.

xiao_maga_part2 9 points ago

It's to discredit the notion that China did a great job combating the Wuhan virus and by virtue claiming the USA hasn't. The USA has been doing a better job even with our dumb fuck democrat politicians national and local.

But the media has been pointing to the USA surpassing China in total number of cases as a signal that we've been doing something wrong. Anyone without an agenda and not an NPC knows China is lying.

IAmNotSuicidal 4 points ago

Because the numbers clearly don't add up. How do we surpass infections over a country of over 1 billion people. Sure they took extreme measures but it should be impossible to control the spread. They are packed in together like sardines in a can. Plus the hospitals were clearly overwhelmed.

My only explanation why it isn't as bad here is they took extreme measures to hide this particular strain by burning the bodies. The rest of the world leaders probably knew or had suspicions and took advantage of the situation.

KekistanPM 1 point ago

Nothing to worry about folks! They're just stockpiling them in case the rest of the world needs them.


Allegory 1 point ago

We have satellites that can read your watch from space. Our government knows they are lying.

SAW2TH 1 point ago

The urns were just for the wealthy.

Plebeians were probably burned in mass graves.

MAGANYficent 1 point ago

Sauce for China Unicom subscriber losses during Oct, Nov, Dec, Jan, Feb (first losses in mobile subscribers on record): https://www.chinaunicom.com.hk/en/ir/operating.php

Click on the download link below the quarterly tables for the full excel sheet going back to 2016.


CaptainChrisPBacon 1 point ago (edited)

They have lost over 8 Million Subscribers. https://i.maga.host/rAf1Y84.png Edit: Interesting Mini Mike Bloomberg News is saying 21 Million. https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2020-03-23/china-s-mobile-carriers-lose-15-million-users-as-virus-bites

fuckoffspez 1 point ago (edited)

That’s 5000 urns at just one funeral home.

Eric-CIA-ramella 1 point ago

Glad to see this here, red pill the normies fellow pedes

deleted 1 point ago
Rugar22 1 point ago

Oh I bet they are.

try4gain 1 point ago

Do you mean Chyna might be lying?


I never

DaayTerkErJerbs 1 point ago

At their peak they were adding 3k new cases a day.. every day.. no matter their totals. Now they add 50-56 cases every day.. no matter the day. It's almost like they're just making shit up.

AngelMark 1 point ago

They are dirty lying COMMUNISTS! Why would anyone believe anything China's leaders say? They are CORRUPT THIEVING FILTHY COMMIES!!

keepwinning 1 point ago

Omg, I'm literally shaking....... Only the absolute worst possible explanation ever happens!!! Literally ever. With everything in life. Especially with medical models and forecasts.

I'm going back underground to my bunker to hug my tp.

rbobjones69 1 point ago

Sure. Ever see Andromeda Strain?

husker91 1 point ago

I'm shocked...

PENNY 1 point ago

China tends to go full SkyNet logic: virus can't kill people if they're already dead.

rbobjones69 1 point ago

Chinaman is Asshoe!

YuugeNews 1 point ago

Imperial palace carpets getting lumpier as Xi sweeps more bodies under the rugs

Dead people? What you mean? Bluce Wirris? Spoirer, Wuhan victims were arr-leady dead!

Keiichi81 1 point ago

raises fears

Fears were raised like a month ago. It’s pretty much a goddamn certainty at this point that China is and has been fudging their numbers.

habanero 1 point ago

Even assuming flu-like levels of mortality (and US levels at that, which are much lower than theirs), there should be about 10K dead in Hubei province alone. Likely more.

rbobjones69 1 point ago

Dead chinaman need no phone!

freedomconnoisseur 1 point ago

They are 18% of the worlds population. We have to deal with them, but as long as the CCP is in power, we should never believe a word they say.

phate451 1 point ago

Chyna also has huge labor camps consisting of thousands of slaves

deleted 1 point ago
CheckorHold 1 point ago

You really think communists won't lie? Lmao... Trump knows they're full of shit and just waiting for the bombshell where he can then gain more leverage over them during negotiations by claiming a loss in trust.

MaxineWaters4Prez 1 point ago

Just imagine how many can't even afford urns and the bodies are just disposed of.

prescient 1 point ago

Lose your job, you don't need your work cell. That's the explanation being offered and it does make sense.

johnmrson 1 point ago

China is asshoe. They're lying pricks. Their death toll will be huge. They are reporting between 40 and 50 new cases a day, everyday. Made up fucking number. It's about time the rest of the world went back to treating China like the Communist, manipulating shithole that it is.

Tendiestomper 1 point ago

Uh, no Durr!

redstampede 1 point ago

I am shocked, shocked that China would lie.

KnobGoblin 1 point ago

If they didn’t die in hospital they don’t count !!!! China probably

mischiefpenguin 1 point ago

That travel ban should remain in place until we can at least get a feel good feeling the virus is no longer a threat of returning.

Bigwhistle 1 point ago

No truth from the CCP, LIARS!

Melthesender45 1 point ago (edited)

In a city of millions I mean 5000 urns isn't really that many, people die all the time way before wuhan flu came along.

nachosamplerREBORN 1 point ago

So people are finally ditching their smartphones and having symbolic funerals! China is gonna have a lot more time to get better at academics now!

inquimouse 1 point ago

This is my gripe about everyone projecting on the death rate, saying it's like seasonal flu or not as bad as diarrhea, or whatever: we don't have a correct picture, because China and Iran and probably a few others are lying or perhaps don't even know they have people dying from it. Plus it has been around since September in China, but that isn't even six months yet and most stats you see are for a year. The best we can do is take western countries' data and make guesses. It does seem from these indirect measures like urns and SO2 emissions that China has a higher rate than anyone else, and that is a little worrisome. Why? Is it important to us? There is a genome project already forming to explore what DNA might be more or less susceptible.

Ursus 1 point ago

If you take into account migrant workers and students going home, they still appears to miss six million users. Possibly they can afford their bills but that doesn't really make sense in China. As part of the total surveillance state, phones are used for everything. China is increasingly cashless. You pay with your phone. Not having one means no commuting, no dining, no groceries from supermarkets, no paying bills, not paying your rent etc.

We also have reports from one funeral home in the beginning of the outbreak that gives the impression that they already at that time had cremated more bodies in that one facility, than what the Chinese Communist Party has admitted as a total so far.

All Chinese statistics is bogus.

GottliebPins 1 point ago

At the Wuhan Hospital you can check in any time you like, but you can never leave.

ChinAisAssHoe 1 point ago

Hello. China is ass hoe

MyTeenageBody 1 point ago

Nothing is this article mentions lost of Mobile subscribers

rbobjones69 2 points ago

An article from a week ago.

killacommieformommy 1 point ago

much as i hate chicoms, i feeling it for the ppl stuck in that commie shit hole country. hopefully they seek vengeance against those commie oppressors.

Lawless 1 point ago

You know it, i know it, we all know it ...

f_bastiat 1 point ago

I dont think anyone believes their official numbers, i dont care how much Xi dick you suck, you know those numbers are bullshit even if you wont publicly admit it.

xzars_folly 0 points ago

Commies must die...

But the Pinkos are far more dangerous because they are not named and understood for what they are.

The pinkos must die along side the commies.

Luftpirate 0 points ago

And yet many people here still refuse to accept reality.

AmericaTheGreat 0 points ago

Okay I'm confused here. I see posts downplaying the virus, basically laughing it off. Then I see other posts where people claim China is hiding the death numbers because the tally is so high. So, do you people think it's a deadly virus or do you not buy into it?

CaptainChrisPBacon 1 point ago

No one here has dismissed the virus as not dangerous. It is. Thankfully Trump shut the border down whne he did.It may be what saves America. Also it is a Biochemical Warfare agent that was released.

AbrahamLincoln 1 point ago

China is a smog-filled dump and their healthcare is shit, so of course it's killing tons of people there. The commies in charge don't care.

The USA is not a smog-filled dump and our healthcare isn't shit, so we can handle it easily.

Choctaw 0 points ago

I wouldn't be surprised if the number was 10, 20, or even 30 times higher, given the population density. If you know your history or at least know someone that lived under communism, communists LIE LIE and LIE some more.

deleted -5 points ago (edited)
pastaroni 1 point ago

You’re kidding, right?

deleted 1 point ago