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WalkFastGoHome 48 points ago

Did one of those dick heads finally have their sex change?

Plutossextape1 11 points ago

Damnit beat me to it!

EPic 32 points ago

Left: Trump is a fascist

Also left: Trump is killing being by not being enough of a fascist !

deleted 12 points ago
iactuallylovetrump 3 points ago

"It's the economy, stupid"

Mad_Hattie 17 points ago

The brothers puppet account?

fear_my_pronouns 16 points ago

There's another Krassenstein? That should be illegal

Luvmyhub75 2 points ago

His beard

MrSnappy 15 points ago

the Left is in perpetual fear....always ready to panic and flee...hates the messiness of real life...People like this should not be in control of anything!

RawJa777 6 points ago

This is the truth. That's why they're so easy to convince and control.

MAGAsizeME 15 points ago

I’m just gonna say it - majority of the people pushing crazy lockdowns are women.

BillyBobBarseau 2 points ago

Yep, noticed the same thing here locally.

rossagesausage 13 points ago

Test 350 million+ people?

Does her husband know she is using his computer?

RussianLimbaugh 8 points ago

We are 50 separate sovereign states, you dumb bitch. Read the 10th Amendment. We the people created the states & the states created the federal govt. The federal govt only exists with our consent. We have got to make “social studies” civics again.

DinosRFake 7 points ago

But ban the Trump Cure, obviously,

Man, these fucks are going to bore us all to death again with another Peachmints aren't they? Truly a movie that should never have a sequel. Like The Matrix.

Also, is that a dude?

FUSnowflake 7 points ago

Execute Krassenstein him for treason. Then consider the autofellatory Twerp who owns Twitter for giving bots like this prominence.

Greenetarpaulin 7 points ago

They don’t know basic history and government. Shocking.

TeflonJon 7 points ago

Trump Genocide?? Um excuse me dumb bitch, you don't even know your husband fucks his brother, so doesn't surprise me u don't even know what Genocide is.

deleted 7 points ago
ProphetOfKek 6 points ago

All of those things are, in fact, impossible. But even if you could test everyone, who’s to say that wouldn’t simply test positive tomorrow?

Calabash 6 points ago

Skilled in the Subtle Art of Persuasion, I see.

GottliebPins 5 points ago

And anyone who refuses we will force them to wear a yellow star.

Luvmyhub75 2 points ago

Funny that the people we died to rescue are doing this to us... ironic isn’t it?

Salt-N-Pepe 5 points ago

Who is this kapo?

Proud_American 4 points ago

Sanctuary states will be lucky if we don’t permanently Balkanize their asses.

Dialectic 4 points ago

4-6 more weeks? Well, most people around me won't comply. So come with guns, faggot

trauncher 4 points ago

We're a republic. this idiot doesn't even understand what kind of country he lives in. pathetic.

LibertyorDeath45 4 points ago

State boundaries? It should be county. No, neighborhood! More Fascist! - almost everyone in the entire country

publ1us 3 points ago

These demands are completely untenable, unreasonable, and would destroy the economy, and the possibly even the nation’s spirit to boot. They’re only based on hysterical fear, and has no basis in reality whatsoever. Let the adult handle the crisis, please.

epaminondas 3 points ago

I guess her next steps must be "put Asians in interment camps" and next "shoot anyone who resists". Authoritarianism runs right under the surface with all Democrats.

publ1us 2 points ago

I’ve noticed that many times. Someone who I thought otherwise was a good person will let their inner authoritarian slip and it shatters the illusion so I’ll never see them the same way again.

Meddlesom 3 points ago

Know what? I hope this hits the democrat strongholds hard enough to wipe out at least half of them.

MythArcana 3 points ago

You haven't been to California lately, have you? Because this is what you get in California.

Ekgamut 4 points ago

That shit is confined in Bay Area and Los Angeles.

MythArcana 3 points ago

It ain't like the 80s was, my friend. I see an attractive woman here like once per year now.

Ekgamut 3 points ago

Yeah, I concur.

_bryan 3 points ago

She’s dumb.

KingMoonRacer 2 points ago

Okay, guy who obviously never had anyone’s best interests at heart! These ideas sound great!

Pedeville 2 points ago

Krassenstein doesnt sound very American. Everyone knows Americans are called Smith or Smithson

Shockrocks 2 points ago

Ms. Ass-in-steam is gonna fuck around and find out.

deleted 2 points ago
BillyBobBarseau 1 point ago

They've realized these lockdowns are ineffective and just pissing people off, so they now want the cover of the President declaring a nationwide lockdown to bail them out.

They have realized their unconstitutional tactics have backfired horribly and know they are about to pay a heavy price in November. I wouldn't be a bit surprised to see my blue state's legislature go red over this.