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holytrpbatman 43 points ago

The only kids who will be set back are the ones with dumbass, ignorant parents.

EPic 35 points ago

Those kids were just disrupting the other kids at school. Net positive.

Snooptwo 23 points ago

My parents were neither dumb nor ignorant, I was a disrupter because that shit was fucking stupid and boring. Kids shouldnt be forced to sit in a room with desks in a line listening to some woman blab on for 8 hours a day. Especially high energy little boys that need way more stimulation, or they go fucking crazy. Then they drug them with amphetamines and say its "fixed." Fuck school.

Speaking of which, I have a test due tomorrow in my maternal/infant nursing class so I gotta go get started on that.

AngelMark 10 points ago

Kids who are disrupters are usually smarter than other kids n disrupt out of boredom! ADHD is another reason some kids disrupt! Either way I want a Partial REFUND on my property taxes if we have to teach our own kids

disqus11 5 points ago

I was a disrupter because my teachers REFUSED! to tell me why i needed to learn anything, so I figured if they can't think of a single reason then obviously wasting time learning it is bullshit so lets have fun instead. So I did just enough to pass and everything else was wasting time.

VietNAMBLA 8 points ago

Like parents that’ll tell them that ‘gender is a social construct’ or that they’re whatever gender they feel like they are when they wake-up that morning? I’m with you, bro.

BasedMedicalDoctor 7 points ago

So pretty much every kid who has the misfortune of having a liberal for a parent.

ThomasGiferson 26 points ago

The idea that missing the last four months of the fifth grade is going to set you back for life is idiotic. In fact, if parents took a proactive role here, the education of their children could be enhanced.

HockeyMom4Trump 3 points ago

It isn’t even four months.

RedditStillSucks 16 points ago

Oh no - they will never learn about how Johnny has two mommies.

How will they ever recover?

liberalfetchmycoffee 13 points ago

WaPo getting BTFO in the comments by a million to one:


msean3231 12 points ago

The children have been freed from having to go to General Population (Gen Pop) for 6 hours a day.

deleted 7 points ago
superalienhyphy 7 points ago

I never understood how 1 teacher with 30 kids could be perceived as favorable to 1 parent with 2 or 3 kids, assuming they both have access to a legitimate syllabus.

trout007 6 points ago

We homeschool but the teachers in my neighborhood are so needy they organized a car parade and drove through all of the neighborhoods honking their horns waving to kids. WTF?

Hotdog804 5 points ago

They 100% would NOT be doing this if they weren't still getting paid for the remainder of the school year.

deleted 5 points ago
RedPilledPreacher 4 points ago

This virus is having a bigger reset than people think. Families are learning they can get by on a single income. They're learning that their kids are doing better not only with at least one parent home, but that they seem to be learning better too. They're finding this situation to be far more fulfilling and wondering why they need to even send their kids to a school that doesn't seem to be doing much for them.

And the leftists hate it because it strengthens the family and helps break their grip on culture.

thelakeoutwest 3 points ago

Homeschooling, is absolutely phenomenal. I dont understand ppl who think homeschooled kids are weird, ive never met one that wasnt more intelligent and well rounded than my classmates. They also are with other children, its not like theyre socially secluded either.

thelastlast 3 points ago

do they have to all reveal their agenda at the same time? cmon ds dont be this obvious make it sporting.

AngelMark 3 points ago

How about if the counties give us a REFUND on our property taxes since the schools are closed! The teen I take care of has 1 hour session w teacher in am and we(her mother n I) are expected to teach the other 5 hours! The teacher has THREE special needs kids she teaches (gov run public school) and we are expected to do the BULK of the work! PLUS the teacher is finally realizing our teen has been pretending to be more mentally and physically handicapped at school. Teacher looks like a DOPE!

Hotdog804 2 points ago

So basically they're saying you cannot be trusted to properly educate and raise your own children. Only mother government knows how to do this.

crusty_curmudgeon 2 points ago

BTW, this is the original Fake News and has been for years (probably because the HS movement was founded by Christians).

The real story is that homeschoolers are the opposite of “set back”

Just one older article, but Duck-Go it for yourself if you’re interested: https://www.home-school.com/Articles/the-facts-are-in-homeschoolers-excel.php

Madnote1984 2 points ago

Parents are all complaining. Everyone making memes about how teachers aren’t appreciated by society...

Meanwhile, my 7 year old daughter has NEVER been more focused, calm and gotten more done than she has at home with my wife. Her general attitude has also gotten way better. My wife and I have see. Such a drastic improvement, that we are considering homeschooling from now on.

I’ll bet we aren’t the only ones...

Kek_Johnson 2 points ago

I wonder what it would take to make a family a "Charter School" and collect the funds.

Kilroy83mikey 1 point ago

From an academic standpoint, homeschooling kicks the shit out of public schools.

Learn to code WaPo. You are less than useless to society.

Caferrell 1 point ago

Most children will do better with homeschooling than they would with the liberal bullshit fed to them by America's teachers

OozingMachismo 1 point ago

Technically true. My kids are missing months of their curriculum.

1A_FTW 1 point ago

Oh nooooz, they might break the conditioning!

cook_does 1 point ago

My kids have been learning just fine. We did a complete History if WWII and WWI last week and now they are scouring my set of encyclopedias from 1999 for other instances like the photo of Arch Duke Ferdinands license plate of the vehicle he was assassinated in accurately predicting the exact day WWI would end.

Poonjazzler1 -1 points ago

I’ve taught my kids at home that you should always be kind to people and before you box someone out you need to walk a mile (imaginatively) in their shoes.

That being said, we don’t support the idea of Transexuality but we aren’t going to be dicks to people either.

In fact, we make it a mission to befriend anyone we meet who is trans so we can be an anchor in what is most certainly a confusing time in their life.

We don’t push our political or personal beliefs but if the discussion ever arises, we respond with science and compassion.

RlzJohnnyM [S] 9 points ago

No kids should be transitioned. PERIOD

If they decide to when they turn 18, so be it

Cesare_Borgia 5 points ago

Trans people you meet? You encounter the .005 or whatever of the population with actual gender dismorphia often?