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PelosiHalitosis 83 points ago


Am I right?

TheCommonCustodian 52 points ago

Riddle me black, Riddle me blue, What is thirteen percent, But also fifty-two?

Toughsky_Shitsky 35 points ago

It's more accurately 6.5% .. and even less, if the most applicable 15-50 age group is analyzed. Also, 90% of the victims are members of their own community. And we haven't even talked about the product of Margaret Sanger's grand plan yet ...

Destruction of the family unit for one specific demographic .. for the sole purpose of creating and maintaining an enslaved voting block.

Thank you, LBJ ... and every democrat voter since 1965.

Democrats never change. Democrats are evil.

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AlohaSnackbar 2 points ago

54, but with Trump, it looks like it won't make it to 55 years.


I know the quote you are referencing, just thought it odd how close he was, and how close he came to having his prediction doubled if not for our favorite President.

Ameronaut 1 point ago

It was 200 years, not 50

MrPoorRichard 1 point ago

50 years were up in 2014. Time to be liberated.

AlteredBeast 6 points ago

And after they destroyed Black America they took that formula to destroy all other American families.

Thanks Lbj

DoYouBelieveInMAGA -5 points ago

Maybe people should take responsibility for their actions instead of blaming LBJ for violent crime statistics in 2020.

AlteredBeast 4 points ago

The men-hating/father-hating policies of LBJ is the exact reason why you can’t leave your doors unlocked, massively high insurance costs and overall a complete compromise to human development.

Maybe you should go hold a sign for some faggot/whore/ape worshippers.

DoYouBelieveInMAGA 0 points ago (edited)

The men-hating/father-hating policies of LBJ

Do these policies only apply to one demographic?

You realize I'm arguing that the people committing crime need to take personal responsibility while you are arguing they are poor victims of circumstance.

Maybe you should go hold a sign for some faggot/whore/ape worshippers.

No idea what this even means you absolute nut.

And before you waste time trying to educamate me on LBJ's crap policies and how they've hurt the black community. I'm aware. I don't care. I blame the criminals for being criminals. I blame their cultural of promoting violence and crime. Save your breath. Maybe you should go hold a sign for reparations, or something, I don't know how to respond to your retarded attempt at an insult.

This sub is about as conservative as Ben fucking Shapiro. Holy shit.

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Razeontherock 16 points ago

Major problem with that statistic:

50 some % of all violent crime is not committed by ALL black people, but by black males age 16-45. So just reducing that to black males, you're already down to about 6.5%. To further reduce it to the age group committing the majority of violent crimes, the number obviously goes down. We don't have the date to know exactly how much.

4% of our population commits well over half of all violent crime in the US? Something like that anyway. Less than 6.5%, probably more than 3%.

To try to turn that into a per capita number to compare to whites, north africans and middle easterners are lumped into the statistics as "white.'" So, all muslim jihadists. And latinos too. Some statistics exist that try to separate them out, but if you don't see those groups specifically mentioned separately, they're all lumped in as " white."

I forget the exact last numbers I saw, 54%? Of all US violent crimes committed by blacks. Significantly more than half.

Truth matters!

Guruchild 9 points ago

If you really want to make their heads explode, cite how most white men are shot by white cops.

Razeontherock 2 points ago

Is that true? Most white men that are shot by someone else, are shot by a cop? I haven't seen that.

I've seen that if you're a black man and you're a victim of murder by gun, 80% chance it was a black man that shot you . If you're a white man, 80% chance you committed suicide. I remember that because it's such a striking contrast.

I remember seeing a graph of interracial violence, and black on white being the biggest category by far. White on black being tiny compared to everyone else.

I also know that cops on duty have the worst aim. At a distance of less than 6 feet, miss half the time. So if we're getting shot that much, how much are they trying to kill us?!?

Guruchild 3 points ago

It's a good point to investigate, for sure. I may be wrong. But, I might be right. We aren't agenda-driven here, just truth given. I'm willing to sacrifice some face for someone to find out the truth and prove me wrong. I am just going by what I remember.

Razeontherock 2 points ago

Like a true patriot!

I'm old enough to remember when people on both sides of the aisle could conduct themselves like that.

PichaiLiedToCongress 13 points ago

Those statistics are racist. How dare you!

Viiiii 4 points ago

It’s even less, it’s more around 6% commit 50% of the violent crimes in America as it is predominantly black males, whereas 13% includes both male and female.

MythOfNeutrality 6 points ago

Based black Trump supporters talk about this and it's starting to pay off.

Harcerz 3 points ago

Women (of any ethnicity) generally are rarely criminal offenders with notable exception of lesbian space crime.

Ameronaut 2 points ago

Despite making up 5% of the population, lesbians commit 100% of space crime

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PurestEvil 2 points ago

That may have to do with the Pareto Distribution. Still, the 13-50 statistic differentiates only between race.

That's not how it has to be though. Things can improve, but not while Democrats keep throwing oil into the fire.

FAQ-REDDIT 2 points ago

The females can be counted as another 50%. As they are actively raising the next generation of males, thus continueing the cycle.

kornesque 10 points ago

Subtle...yet effective.

redditadminssuckit [S] 6 points ago

I just used this thanks

PeesOnDucks 2 points ago


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publ1us 5 points ago

As an engineer who understands how statistics and "models" such as that work:


grenades_and_ham 3 points ago

I laugh when my Controller asks for me to forecast the next 3 months.

Toughsky_Shitsky 19 points ago

OP is fucking rayciss, obviously.

Razeontherock 4 points ago

Just a friendly neighborhood block party. Baltimore?

Shadilay_Were_Off 1 point ago

Are you feeling culturally enriched yet?

Razeontherock 1 point ago

Such diversity!

Ameronaut 1 point ago

A group of fine young gentlemen on their way to church

PelosiHalitosis 1 point ago

Has nothing to do with that, denying it, you may as well say the earth is flat.

redditadminssuckit [S] 15 points ago

Being stickied here is the best compliment... better than having all the Reddit gold and platinum and silver or whatever other bulshit they invent...combined

deadindian 15 points ago


Razeontherock 6 points ago


13% includes ALL black people in the US. Violent crimes are committed by black males, ages 16-45. Way less than 6.5% of the US population

Leatherwood 13 points ago

PDJT made it very clear today that it hurts our cause for a state to request ventilators or any other equipment that they do not need. Any state that does this is potentially taking equipment away from another state that might have an immediate need. It is absolutely criminal that NY had ventilators stored in a warehouse that they were not using, while at the same time, Fredo was crying on national tv about not having enough,

residue69 9 points ago (edited)

Cuomo needs to hoard them till "we reach the apex", only then do you need to deliver them to hospitals. Don't be so grossly uninformed! /s

Cuomo pretty much says this in the video.

Razeontherock 1 point ago

Don't think anyone has gone without a ventilator yet. I agree with you in principle.

Let's distribute supplies! Can I get 15 pills of HCQ? No? Ok how bout 9? .5g is strong safe dose for an adult. 2 a day is the most China tested, and then only 2 or 3 days before cutting that in half. S Korea only tested 1/2 that. Stopping entirely after 5 days to give the body a chance to catch up seems like a successful approach. Then after a day off maybe take more if you're not better. Basically, no one needs a lot, and we have millions.

JetJocky 13 points ago (edited)

Cuomo whined for a week that the NYC hospitals were in critical need of more ventilators. He said he needed 40K, POTUS said you don't need that many. The next day Cuomo lowered the number to 30K. Then POTUS found out that 2K (now 4K) of the 7K that POTUS had already sent him were collecting dust in a warehouse.

So after getting busted Cuomo changed his tune when a reporter called him out today. Cuomo's response was that the info is misinformed, that of course they had held back a reserve and suddenly says the hospitals don't need them yet. This was after screaming for 2 weeks that they did. He is a POS.

BananaWizard 11 points ago

abortion, minorities and crime, trans being a fucking meme that makes you kill yourself, illegals murdering eveyone, illegals don't pay shit into the system, 9001 genders, they believe in science but only their science

Razeontherock 3 points ago

Banana science, can we call it? To go along with their banana republic?

Canadean 10 points ago

corrupt governors are plentiful

MAGAnic316 5 points ago


Unless they're facts about immigration, Islam, chromosomes, political corruption, voter fraud or Chy-nah.

Bring any of that up and we'll howl and screech and squeal until you are silenced and deplatformed.

People who KNOW that the facts are on their side are never afraid to debate

DisrespectfulNipples 5 points ago

Everyone loves Cuomo right now but Andrew always looks like a genius compared to Fredo.

DisrespectfulNipples 8 points ago


redditadminssuckit [S] 5 points ago (edited)

HHAAAAA. I actually heard this in my head in Fredo's voice .... picturing that 6-head

Razeontherock 1 point ago

Mom picks sides between the brothers, apparently

Liberty_Prime 4 points ago

Never take sides against the family again.

grenades_and_ham 1 point ago

Mommys favorite.

astro_eng 3 points ago

Mental gymnastics is their business, and business is GOOD!

EPic 3 points ago

You need to operate on our evidence, not racist evidence.

IncredibleMrE1 2 points ago

No! Not those facts, you Nazis!

Razeontherock 1 point ago

Yes facts! Ve haff vays of making you enn-choy!

catbertz 2 points ago

ahem...Check check...is this thing on? Reeeeeeeeeeee. 🤪

ArchieInTheBunker 2 points ago

It's so....strange. a friend's wife put a hysterical rant on FB lamenting about Trump's "failures." Almost every item she listed is an "authoritarian" action (national lockdown ?!) that Trump, nor Congress, could enact even if they wanted to.

kag-2020- 2 points ago

Commie rules apply: Some evidence is more equal than others.

AbrahamLincoln 1 point ago

Left operates on 100% feels. NBC is fake news.

chingtok 1 point ago

"But they are Trump cronies" they would say.

mehemson 1 point ago

Lol, I don't recall seeing posts like this back on Reddit, let alone the very top post.