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Smurfection 17 points ago

I'm still wondering how the SEIU got that many masks. I'm also wondering why Obama didn't replenish the supply of N95 masks like the CDC and Homeland Security recommended after the H1N1 pandemic was over. The SEIU says it's restaurant workers were worried, but why would restaurant workers be that worried before March? Where is the evidence that restaurant workers were worried? Phone calls? emails? Minutes from meetings?

I don't believe the SEIU.

BunnyUnderTheBed 6 points ago

Just like Apple had a huge stockpile. Seems many lefties were hiding these things. How long has this been in the works? Hillary was suppose to President right now. Was this part of how she was going to crash the economy, and more?

Also, its worth remembering that Seth Rich died in an SEIU hospital. The same hospital Steve Scalise was taken to after he was shot. I always thought it was an important detail that when Trump visited Scalise, he brought his own personal physician with him. Maybe it's harder to off someone with the Presidents physician looking over your shoulder?