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deleted 20 points ago
Bigberthapede 12 points ago

He does this shit for clicks

Dudemanfoo 11 points ago

Never heard of this chick... does she do porn?

Hillarysudders 8 points ago

Trans porn, and pegs itself!

brutustyberius 2 points ago

Some stuck porn..

WishdoctorsSong 9 points ago

What blows my mind about these fly-by-night e-celebs who rose to popularity by backing Trump early and riding his wave is how they seem to not actually get this populist movement. This is not a SJW movement based on loyalty to people, it is a movement based on loyalty to ideas. In contrast to the left, the right actually has a consistent, well thought out ideology that is understood by its members. This makes it easy for us to quickly accept and later reject e-celebs as we are not a cult of personality but an idelogical movement.

CQVFEFE 3 points ago

This makes it easy for us to quickly accept and later reject e-celebs as we are not a cult of personality but an idelogical movement.

Correct. This is why I never understand the criticism of people by labeling them "ideologues".

If someone is committed to the soundness of their ideas rather than to ever-shifting personalities, isn't that integrity, remaining consistent in their thinking and sticking to their values?

Hillarysudders 8 points ago

What a fucking faggot.

Thenameshank 6 points ago

He’s always been a joke.

BasedMedicalDoctor 7 points ago

I saw people on our sub calling him Cernobitch years ago lol. I didn’t pay much attention to him one way or the other but now I see why they called him that.

Trumptastic88 4 points ago

This dude unquestionably has a mental illness. Unstable as Hillary clinton walking down stairs.

Dog-Emperor 2 points ago

His mom was Bipolar. Makes perfect sense. He got her brains and her vagina.

IncredibleMrE1 3 points ago

Cernobitch is the right-wing version of Louise Mensch.

CQVFEFE 2 points ago

Well, there goes Cernovich, whom Scott Adams idolizes.

Been saying this for years: Gotta take the "based Dilbert merchant" at about 80/20. When he's on, he's spot on, and his predictions often come before anyone else's. When he's off, he's really really off.

Like "Holy crap, for a smart guy you're such a gullible, naive fool, I'm stopping the video now" off. This happens with alarming yet reassuring consistency.

45squared 2 points ago

Trump “supporters” or “conservatives” that do this in spite of the never ending horrible shit the Democrats do, are losers and are showing their true colors. Get bent, asshole.

Ishmiester 2 points ago


Plutossextape1 2 points ago

Anyone have a link? Want to see the reaction he's getting.

MyopicVitriol 1 point ago

Oh thith guy.

ChickNorris 1 point ago (edited)

I quit following him on twatter a long time ago. He's not for anyone but himself. Whichever bandwagon he can hitch to and get as many lemmings to follow him, give him clicks, buy his book or otherwise listen to his BS... that's the bandwagon he's on.

brutustyberius 1 point ago

The libs will really love you over there. Now you can disappear, Fucko!