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fazzman23 26 points ago

same people who made climate models that said NY would be under water are making these chinese virus models...

fool me once shame on you....fool me 7,437 times shame on me

deleted 10 points ago
muslimporn 4 points ago

A very basic projection on available data shows it can be very bad or completely fizzle out.

However, I am really now concerned by the data from China which looks too good to be true.

They sent kits abroad with 80% false negative rates? If that is correct, what about the kits they used or still use domestically?

dixond 2 points ago

The numbers from China are definitely, 100% pure bullshit. China's CCP is spinning shit so hard right now they will make the whole world dizzy if they can.

sun_wolf 3 points ago

If you tell any expert that their personal field of expertise will make them the heroes of the world and rich beyond their wildest dreams, but ONLY if the problem they’re advising on is “muh most dire threat to life on Earth”, how many of them are ever going to say, “Yeah, it’s an issue, but overall it is a fairly minor issue, and our time, money, and resources are better spent diversifying into a broad range of potential problems”? They will NEVER say that. There is just no incentive for them to say that. They will always play up the problem in the most alarming way possible. They will let the media go nuts with panic and hysteria because all that does is make them more relevant as “the experts”.

Now, if the pandemic experts were telling use that climate change was the world’s biggest problem, or the climate experts were telling us that virus pandemics are the world’s biggest problem, that might actually have some crediblity. But this? No chance.

Wsemenske 1 point ago

They made the mistake that, in order to scare people, they had to predict disaster in a couple months only to be proven stupid or liars. With climate change they at least have decades to move the goalposts or just create new lies.

underthesmellybridge [S] 13 points ago

In other words, the disease is not that dangerous.

And guess what... the cure is worse than the disease!!!!

JoeBob 4 points ago

Geee.... models not matching reality. Where or where have I seen this before???????

Oh!!! That’s right. The Global Climate Change fraud

Flipbarryfromreddit 1 point ago

Explain what you mean by the model

Redlaundryfan 1 point ago

Too bad for all the leftists hoping General Tso’s Germ would bring about the end of the world and socialism.