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Proud_American 3 points ago

Molyneaux is a brilliant mind.

On a positive note, the grocery store by me which had previously been stripped was about half full with stock today and the produce was completely full and gorgeous

libman [S] 2 points ago

I've been saying this for decades: the Soviet Union didn't die! Communism just went back into its hole, to lick its wounds and gather up the strength to try again.

They realized that communist countries can't compete with freer countries on an open playing field. Anyone can look at USA vs the USSR, North vs South Korea, East vs West Germany, Cuba vs Chile, etc - and the difference is obvious. What they needed to do is homogenize the world - gradually, one step at a time - make USA more like the EU, make the EU more like Communist China, etc.

Intergovernmental competition has been the only effective restraint on the growth of tyranny, and that's exactly what they want to destroy. They want the whole world to resemble a North Korea, but for their slaves not to know that anything is wrong because they don't have any frame of reference...

Evei 3 points ago

There's such a long list of things that many people have been saying for decades only to be met with derision and ridicule. Now they just sit back and facepalm at the people who espouse these things as if they are the pioneers of such wisdom.

uvontheterrible 1 point ago

Maybe we should see how the One Europe government is working out first. So far, not so good.