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MindsetRoulette 15 points ago

I could be talked into that. No taxation without representation.. no representation without taxation...

plus, workers unite, right?

PapaPepe 5 points ago

And you thought that Bernie already had low turnout

YouKnowWhatItIs87 7 points ago

You really should have to pay taxes in order to vote, and I mean actually pay not file a return thinking you’ve paid and get it all back. This country would be in a lot better shape.

chestPainMcGriddles [S] 4 points ago

We haven't corresponded for ages. He went silent after I kept proving him wrong. Too proud to admit defeat. This email was originally just going to be about how things are going. His business is not essential and I imagine he blames Trump - even though we both are Canadian.

DinsdalePiranha 4 points ago

He seems to be doing fine for a liberal.

RiverFenix 3 points ago

Why not have the CDC go door to door so people can legally vote from the safety of self-isolation!

deleted 1 point ago