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UsurpTheNarrative [S] 14 points ago

"The Trump administration said on Tuesday said it will begin treating five major Chinese state-run media entities with U.S. operations the same as foreign embassies, requiring them to register their employees and U.S. properties with the State Department."

A good start. More needs to be done however.

K-Harbour 5 points ago

^^^^^^ BIG NEWS ^^^^^^^

handpeople 9 points ago

I can tell you this, they never would have allowed the Soviet Union to own a major stake in CBS,ABC,NBC in the 1980's. What Changed?

oldchangeling 7 points ago

I'd go further than that. You should have to be an American citizen to be an officer of any kind in an American corporation. In fact, you should probably need to pass a security clearance, one that needs to be regularly reviewed for renewal. As a DOD contractor, I had to, and I was neither vital to the nation's operation nor rewarded for my efforts with millions of dollars per year. Maybe exempt small corporations with less than some limit -- 5 million dollars per year or so -- to allow for start ups. But all publicly traded corporations would have to comply. Use the SEC to enforce. You could do it tomorrow!

Gyrfalcon 2 points ago

Citizenship requirement was removed in 1996. Not sure when the limits on ownership of multiple media outlets was removed, but for everything to be consolidated in 5 companies, it probably was part of the 1996 changes. It takes time for that many acquisitions to happen.

BeMyFren 7 points ago

If I remember correctly, Obama changed propaganda laws.

Tryhardneckbeard 6 points ago

This is the right answer.

K-Harbour 6 points ago

How about making freedom of the press an individual right, not a corporate right?

Titus70 1 point ago

Hillary Clinton's largest donor was an Israeli national who owns the Spanish language television station Univision



Why is the citizen of a foreign nation allowed to come here and donate vast sums of money to our politicians so we import more immigrants to be customers for his non-English language media?

Here's Saban with Pelosi and Schumer


Jeb4HOABoard 1 point ago

The enemy already manages our banks and by extension our money, and therefore our accounts. So yes, I agree.

Shazxofshadilay 1 point ago

That's like having a foreign entity be in charge of all currency creation... oh, wait

MAGA4Ever 1 point ago

I would go significantly further than this. I don’t think non-citizens should be able to own property here. Why am I competing for property with anyone who isn’t a citizen? Foreigners are the reason places like NY, CA, etc., are so expensive. They are world markets instead of national markets. It’s garbage. Foreigners should only be able to rent.

Sadly, I know the answer: $.