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Landslide_2020 126 points ago

And another thing. He don't take no crap from those dimwit Fake Media.

Daddy Trump don't play. Well. Maybe he does play head games with the TDS crowd.

kek_saved_the_world [S] 66 points ago

New American Founding Father..

Truly is our country's father and the media are spoiled brat children..

thelastlast 40 points ago

oh we're getting him up there. you best believe.

ClownTamer 9 points ago

I never thought I’d see the day when I’d agree with this sentiment. He’s the only real president we’ve had in decades that didn’t spend his time in office selling out America for kicks. I’d be willing to give him a third term at this point. He’s on meth and it’s made him unstoppable.

purple_nitrile 13 points ago

Can't wait to watch the movie about his presidency. I feel like I'm watching a hollywood film already.

ArchieInTheBunker 11 points ago

Not sure even the best director could pack all the MAGA and the drama into 2 hrs. Maybe a 10-part Ken Burns type documentary, but not made by cucks?

purple_nitrile 8 points ago

I could already see the amount of awards it would get. It would rival GoT viewerships. The amount of backstabbing Trump got and the backlash from the media, and yet he keeps winning like a hero against all odds. Fuck I want to watch it now.

Dsnazzy 9 points ago

You ARE watching it now ;)

Qwikphaze 2 points ago

But I want to relive it over and with friends and family.

BeauBidenBrainTumor 87 points ago

These conferences have also squashed the ability of Democrats, Biden in particular, to rebut and insult him. He's alongside experts navigating a crisis. They can't say much without the issue being reframed as "Democrats versus public health" instead of "Democrats versus Trump".

ArchieInTheBunker 14 points ago

I like how Biden said he's focused on managing this crisis. Managing what from his green screen basement?!

dukeofdoorcounty 59 points ago

3 million new unemployed every week. Each week essentially causing 2% drop in our standard of living through inflation. Two more weeks of this and the libs will be saying "fuck the old people and the vapers, turn the economy back on"!

CovfefeAndDoughnuts 32 points ago

Fuck Vapers big time. I’d rather breathe second hand smoke than baby stripper stank juice

Scroon 10 points ago

Accurate. LOL.

Major_Nutt 7 points ago

Yes, lets just get everyone back on cigs and the cancer rate will skyrocket.

CovfefeAndDoughnuts 7 points ago

American Tobacco agrees 💯

But seriously if you’re going to get nicotine be a man and Smoke Marlboro red soft pack

KAGAnoRINO 6 points ago

:Camel Non filtered wheezes into the chat

CovfefeAndDoughnuts 2 points ago

Hello good xir

dukeofdoorcounty 2 points ago

"After I lost one of my lungs, I cut my smoking in half"

Afflictionxx -4 points ago

Okay faggot. Enjoy your cancer.

CovfefeAndDoughnuts 24 points ago

Just quit

jomten 14 points ago

I quit vaping last year. But vaping is undeniably safer/cheaper than cigarettes. Phillip morris has been working overtime to try and destroy vaping. Democrats too, many of their pet projects depend on the taxes from cigarettes.

Aquamine-Amarine 7 points ago

Greg Gutfeld talks about this frequently. Vaping helped him quit smoking, and now he hardly ever vapes. He might have even quit vaping, I can't remember. Quitting an addiction cold turkey can sometimes be really dangerous, it's best to slowly transition off of the addiction. So in a smoker's case, start vaping instead and then eventually you'll stop vaping.

As for people like me who have never smoked, it's probably not a good idea to even start vaping. Vaping is more beneficial to people who are trying to quit smoking.

Taupkek 2 points ago

Actually, quitting smoking cold turkey is nothing but beneficial. Zero health risk. But its VERY hard to do, so vaping is a great alternative to cold turkey and helps tons of people quit.

jomten 2 points ago

No argument from me there. I have seen a couple of interesting podcasts talking about using nicotine gum as a cognitive enhancer. I definitely could do math in my head easier while I was on nicotine.

After I quit vaping doing inventory at the end of the week started requiring a calculator. Used to be able to do it all in my head. Its been over a year now and I still can’t do it without a calculator. Which is weird because I used to do it every week before. Anecdotal for sure but I know no one wants to point out positives for nicotine.

Wsemenske 1 point ago

It's actually the anti smoking lobby that is working overtime to stop vaping. Thry say vaping "causes more people to smoke" when in reality the people who vaped and started smoking were likely going to smoke anyway. Like you said, it's helpful to quit smoking though. But the anti smoking lobby has zero tolerance for vaping, which is just dumb. The tobacco companies own all the vaping companies, they don't care which you use.

DocOne 5 points ago

Hell yeah. I quit April 1 last year. The build up to quitting was worse than just doing it.

Major_Nutt 4 points ago

Or you could mind your own damn business and not tell people how to live.

CovfefeAndDoughnuts 0 points ago

...Says the member of the Vapist society promoting Medicare for all

Major_Nutt 5 points ago

Never said I vaped. I smoke cigars. I just don't like people telling others what to do because of some false sense of superiority.

CovfefeAndDoughnuts 3 points ago

I love cigars and miss them every day ❤️🙏🇺🇸 My broheem

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Dsnazzy 1 point ago

I've never smoked, can't even imagine vaping....but I've always like the smell of a good cigar and can see myself enjoying one from time to time. Are they less addictive than the alternatives, being relatively pure and all?

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Bluestorm83 1 point ago

Bitch, crabs are fucking DELICIOUS.

KekistanPM 23 points ago

The libs already hate the elderly. They made the "ok boomer" meme out of them.

Apparently our ancestors had a secret meeting and agreed to make sure that all their living descendants today would be broke and miserable.

deleted 11 points ago
Bluestorm83 2 points ago

You can get a temporary job at Walmart. They've reduced the 2 week hiring process down to one day, and though the job kinda blows, and the pay kinda blows, it's something to do, and a little income to help bridge the gap until reality sets back in.

Speaking of which, shit, I gotta get walking, my shift starts in an hour.

rx1994z 4 points ago

A lot of libs are enjoying this shutdown, stay at home order because they want the rest of us to be just as miserable as they are everyday (misery loves company).

squanchingonpao 1 point ago

They all know Trump wants us back to work. When liberals have no money, bank accounts drained and watch Pelosi and co talk about trivial shit, the red pill will be inevitable.

deleted -10 points ago
Block_Helen 8 points ago

Oh yeah and people need to be held fully accountable for propagating the panic.

Completely agree.

ashtrayhangover 6 points ago

Ok, Zoomer

patriotX 0 points ago

Aww you’re jealous.

j2daeww 50 points ago

My wife wanted to watch one of these the other day. She laughed and cheered. She also thought he was a piece of shit and was mad at my for supporting him. We are now officially a trump family.

Block_Helen 19 points ago

Wow, that's got to feel good. Congratulations.

MAGALOVER 5 points ago

Savor the flavor!!

My man!!

123breadman -1 points ago *

You wife watched one and thought Trump was a POS? And now you are a Trump family? Mah boi, I don't know what you are saying.

thatalexchick 6 points ago

Probably she used to think that before

j2daeww 2 points ago

Before the live conference she didn’t like him based on what her “influencers” said

rickscarf 42 points ago

This is a classic "rally around the flag" moment for our country. Trump's approval ratings are going 10 feet higher.

KekistanPM 12 points ago

And it's certainly not "rally around our government" because, except for a few genuine leaders like GEOTUS, they're all opportunists and at least a few are puppets of unelected shot-callers.

Side-o-Beef_Curtains 35 points ago

America loves to root for an alpha. Calmly handling the crises and rhetorically bitch slapping the press when they get uppity... Pretty fucking alpha.

dukeofdoorcounty 1 point ago

Kim Jun Un doesn't respect betas, either.

RansomVash 28 points ago

Another thing I would like to point out on the economic side of this. Under our current president the stock market is just yearning to recover

CisSiberianOrchestra 27 points ago

If this gets over sooner rather than later, I think we're going to see the economy bounce back pretty quick. After being locked down for a couple of weeks, the American people will want to get out of the house and spend money. They'll be going to restaurants, they'll be going to bars, they'll be traveling, playing golf, etc.

quiche_epinards 14 points ago

I have over $500 in gift cards just waiting to be spent.

Cyer6 3 points ago

My wife has some Kohl's Cash just waiting to be unleashed.

Block_Helen 0 points ago

If you can afford it, the best thing you can do for those businesses is to cut up the cards and not use them.

I personally can't afford to spend big or I'd be buying cards left and right.

TenFeetHigher 9 points ago

Businesses can't recognize revenue until they render goods/services. Buying gift cards now only helps from a cash flow perspective. Redeeming them later allows the business to claim the revenue and income from the goods/services provided.

Block_Helen 1 point ago

True, good point. But it does lessen cash flow later. In normal times this would be spread out, so maybe the thing to do is spread out your usage of the cards after businesses reopen.

ArchieInTheBunker 3 points ago

Dow 40,000

Wallllllllllllllllll 26 points ago

Pence is also in the spotlight and making a great impression. If he decides to run in 2024, voters will remember this.

unicornpoop 11 points ago

We will need a hard core motherfucker that runs on nothing but shutting down immigration and deporting illegals in 2024. It will be the last republican president for the USA as we know it if we can't get it done.

Dsnazzy 2 points ago

He has been rock solid and suuuuuuper smooth in front of the nation.

Wallllllllllllllllll 2 points ago

He really has, and it's surprising to be honest. I never really thought much of him, but every chance he gets he always exceeds expectations. Usually he is just a quiet supporter, so it actually means a lot more when we see that he can be a tremendous speaker when he wants to be.

tinkesquire 21 points ago

No, now the networks with TDS are cancelling the briefings. They have to keep the slaves on the plantation.

Afeazo 14 points ago

Media: Imprisons everyone at home to prevent Trump rallies

Also media: all of America is at home to watch trump speak unfiltered, America seeing who this guy really is and it’s not the fake persona media created for him

Media again: stops airing trump briefings because approval thru the roof

Viewer01 20 points ago

I said this from the start. Trump is a ceo. He doesn’t have all the answers, but he’s smart enough to hire the mother fucker who does. He gets all the view points and weighs the consequences.

Tallsie 3 points ago

It's not the hiring side that's important, it's the firing. Trump has shown us that you will get the talent that you need if you keep rotating in people who claim they can get the job done.

CisSiberianOrchestra 18 points ago

Trump's daily press conferences are drawing ratings similar to Monday Night Football, it's it's driving outlets like CNN and NBC insane to the point that they're trying to censor them.

IAbsolutelyDare 17 points ago

It's a mystery why they played it the way they did. In a single week they were seen - quite publicly - denying medicine to the sick and relief funds to the needy.

Then they branded the medicine that is proven to cure the disease with Trump's personal endorsement. 'Cuz why would they want to associate themselves with returning the country to health?

So much losing!

Maybe Biden can save them. (He can't.)

tchouk 12 points ago

But don't you understand that this medicine that has been available since 1955 and has been safely consumed by literally billions of people can be dangerous! Especially if you take the medicine in 100 times the dose by chugging aquarium cleaner.

Anyway, not at all like Kaletra, which is totally proven and safe and is consumed like candy

Jcholl9 16 points ago

This is what I've been thinking all along... But sooner or later he needs to give the democrats the middle finger!

Kryzine2 11 points ago

It’s working! I’ve personally witnessed these briefings cure TDS!

Cyer6 7 points ago

He and Pence look very professional, caring and in control. That's "Presidential" and they never thought he could do that. We knew it, but they didn't

KekistanPM 9 points ago

I think it's funny when shills accuse Trump of lying at these pressers. If he were lying than so is everybody around him. Everyone would have to be in on it and even right-wing media would pounce on him.

Then again, shills accuse Trump of lying about things he never actually said all the time...

NetscapeNavigator 7 points ago

They give him the gears for being overly optimistic sometimes. "It'll blow over in two weeks" was never a gospel truth divined from the oracle of perfect future clarity, and anyone with two brain cells to rub together could understand that.

Open for business after Easter? It's hopeful again, but setting a goal that's not too far in the future is fucking important, even if it's not 100% achievable. Economy and morale and outcome are all intertwined. Trump has damn good instincts and is backed by an incredible team on this. A team he put together while being impeached.

Keeping hope alive and pushing forwards is the right thing to do. It's scary for everyone, but that's what leadership is about. We keep the machine turning so we can recover, refine treatments, and kick the virus' ass. Then take back everything we never should have given to China.

DJTXLV 3 points ago

My station has had its reporters lying completely on this. Saying he wants to open everything by Easter. He never fucking said that. He said he wants to open whatever can be opened in the areas with low or no viral outbreak... and keep watching the areas that have large outbreaks. And he said 7 fucking times "you can do both at the same time."

Asshole lying fucking media. Constantly lying about what he says.

Dsnazzy 1 point ago


ordinary_love 8 points ago

It’s amazing how different the effectiveness of his public appearances are when uncut and taken out of context to make him look like an idiot. I remember the first time I actually listened to him speak in this type of context, a lot of preconceptions came crashing down.

MegaMagaMan13 8 points ago

All of these reasons are why Major Networks are now stating they won't air his press conferences anymore. They claim "they can't fact-check fast enough to keep up with his stream of lies".

In truth, they just hate how composed and presidential he is appearing, and they worry he will win over the public if he is allowed to continue unchecked.

AslanFan 7 points ago

Plus, after a week of successful hydroxychloroquine/Z-Pak treatments, critical cases and death rates will be going WAY down.

Dr. GEOTUS proven right again. Suck it, CHI-COM water-carrying libtards!

MAGA_conservative 7 points ago

At the presser today, one of the experts said our death rates were far lower than had been reported in other nations.

Very good news.

iIndianaJones 4 points ago


Gulleyfoyleismyname 3 points ago

His numbers are already up Tardy Chan Nostradamus!

MakeFreedomRing 3 points ago

Compared to Biden who can't even get a thought across without screwing it up one way or the other.. The Dems candidate is a hopeless crooked buffon.

goodguy 2 points ago

Their evil clouds their rotting minds.

SD_Pede 2 points ago

And most importantly, compare Trump on camera for two hours to Biden on camera for two minutes.

Biden should be in an old age home. Trump is a natural leader.

Pats5x 2 points ago

And the media will stop covering them live within next few days

ifyoustrikemedown 2 points ago

Yup. All the lefties blowing their wad yet again over this. The main advantage any incumbent has is that the media has to cover them daily, and the incumbent actually has power to do things. Candidates pay hundreds of millions of dollars for the exposure that the incumbent gets for free.

Coronavirus has both given Trump a new venue to shine and essentially halted the 2020 presidential campaign. Biden is MIA and a rapist.

You almost feel sorry for them.

Iridiue 2 points ago

I can't wait until the first tests of chloroquine come back. You know it'll be something like a 95-100% success rate and the MSM will still try to find a reason it's bad.

Flptplt 2 points ago

Don't get cocky. The left is absolutely off their rocker, they are all going to vote for whatever extremist the democrat party puts forward. Donald Trump has to do everything right to win

Keiichi81 1 point ago

There’s a reason many networks stopped playing the Q&A portion of his briefings, because it made the MSM look like a disgustingly rude pack of hyenas desperately trying to fan the flames of panic.

jschmid4 1 point ago

The God Emperor is rising in the light!

MAGAinControl 1 point ago

Stable GEOTUS.

BSnatch 1 point ago

them crats are in full meltdown mode son

JS_Mill 1 point ago

Any screen time the afford him, he sores.

Beastifus 1 point ago

Graduate Degree from 4chan.org

Flptplt 1 point ago

Don't get cocky. The left is absolutely off their rocker, they are all going to vote for whatever extremist the democrat party puts forward. Donald Trump has to do everything right to win