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The_Sentinel [S] 1 point ago

Hey, 'Creepy Joe', don't you think that instead of trying to play the role of President so very poorly, perhaps, just maybe, you will answer in full to this direct complaint.

I choose to stand with Tara Reade!

Squidproblow 1 point ago

I wont. Glad all the liberal retards are backed into a corner on it. But go to the police If youre sexually assaulted not the twitter mob. If she did go to the police back then and they didnt do anything thats a different story. But i dont care enough to even look.

The_Sentinel [S] 1 point ago

Know that I respect your opinion, but I truly beg to differ.

The abuser will often manipulate, and usurp the freedoms and the rights that we all posses and the shock of it all is often overwhelming.

Tara respected this scum as though he were her father.

Sadly, this type of abuse happens all too often and it goes unreported. Yet, that does not make it okay.

Fuck the liberal retards, this is about JUSTICE!

Screw so much impeachment BULLSHIT. Hey Sen. Schumer, you over there, Skeletor Pelosi, when will this be fully investigated?