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Patriot76 5 points ago

I haven’t seen any, but if I do I plan to send their asses back to the shadows.

SauronWasFramed 3 points ago

One came here yesterday he was outed within seconds of posting. Sort by new

RussianBotBlyat 2 points ago

If this is an edit, this is great.

If this is not an edit, this is even greater.

Really_Elvis 2 points ago

Some don’t need deporting, cause they ain’t from here. Last nite I was in the Reddit dumpster being berated by 2 idiots. One from UK and one from Australia.

Foul mouth fools who want to tell me what’s best for Our Nation.

NFL and my hometown sub are the only subs not polluted. Of course I always call out the occasional nut job in my local sub.

I despise the anti American attitude of the Reddit dumpster fire.