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highenergywinning 16 points ago

Theyre already cooking up the next hoax. What will it be next?


Another mass shooting or series of fake bombs.

highenergywinning 11 points ago

yeah ive been saying we're due for a mass shooting. I think thatll be the Oct surprise

sagebrushfire 6 points ago

This. The killers who go to Sanders rallies will be relocated to page 12. The one who has a TRUMP bumper sticker will be across the USA Today: “Corona virus fears lead to mass xenophobia amidst Trump’s rabble rousing.”

RighteousViolence1 7 points ago

The dems will have to get a special counsel to look into how the administration handled the commie virus followed by another impeachment a month before the election.

highenergywinning 6 points ago

Sounds about right

LugNuts 6 points ago

They still have to finish with Bolton's breaking news... right?

free-money- 4 points ago

Some ongoing, manufactured shortage of food/goods, ostensibly as a result of the cOrOnAvIrUs would be my guess.

That or terrorists. It's been a little while since it was terrorists.

highenergywinning 3 points ago

Yeah i was thinking terrorists as well but it will probably be something more directed at Trump

deleted 3 points ago
flashersenpai 1 point ago

I thought there was another hoax blower?

PelosiHalitosis 11 points ago

It's already fizzling out.

cuckslasher 10 points ago

when i saw c-list celebs posting from hospital beds i knew this shit was over lol

Ex-libtard 8 points ago

no shit

phunxyn 7 points ago

They can try but it's partly their fault we are locking down healthy people and it's obvious to everyone. I think this whole thing backfires badly on the commie/globalist bunch around the world.

DontApologize 1 point ago

Agree. I am amazed at how the Commies can never set up a decent conspiracy..something plausible.

First it was the Russia thing - totally confusing people as to what Trump could gain from Russia - whose economy is less powerful then the State of Texas - and what Russia would gain from Trump. Even more strange - how could an a poor country control a foreign election - do they have some mind control device. The whole thing was cobbled together from some random drunk comment killary made.

The Ukraine thing was stranger still. Allege (falsely) that Trump forced a country to comply with demands before giving them aid. This did not happen but even if it did - it does not strike Americans as "bad". So why go with that?

Okay now the final one - convince everyone that 2 - 4 million people in the US are going to die. Let's say Trump holds it down to a bad flu season - say about 40k. Well if that happens doesn't Trump look good?

Who comes up with this stuff..? It just seem really really likely to backfire..

Lowlylurker 7 points ago

Yup, I wouldn’t be surprised if they pivot to trump over reacted bla bla bla. I kinda enjoy this tbh. The media was seething at yesterday’s press conference. That’s why they don’t want to show em anymore.bonus for us because it reinforces how pathetic they are to the moderates. Only true libtards enjoy being lied to and those miserable clowns are a lost cause

HockeyMom4Trump 1 point ago

Yeah, if a Trump were looking bad during the press briefings they’d want more, but he is winning over many more people than he reached at his rallies and they weren’t expecting that

latinolizards4trump 6 points ago

No it won't, they'll just stop waiting his briefings, which they already started

DrBJTester 5 points ago

Aren't we due for another round of Russia Russia Russia or is it going the be RACIST!?

As the Dimocrat lies get more ridiculous it's easy to just want to check out.

HungNavySeal300Kills 5 points ago

Woo hoo someone else using WuFlu, it's going to be the nickname for this virus just wait.

If we want to be real assholes just call it the Han Virus

Marble68 2 points ago

The panic is already over, they just have to wind it down. They got nationwide ballot harvesting, etc. Put a gun to Americans heads and pulled the trigger.

We'll be hard-pressed to ever trust elections again.

TheLastFourThings 2 points ago

I remember they used to bitch and moan about Trump “rarely having a news conference” with it’s been # Days since his last one. Well what do ya know he has a Press Conference every single day and they still bitch and moan.