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I can think of a few non essential politicians and bureaucrats and government departments though.

I can think of a few non essential politicians and bureaucrats and government departments though.
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Ex-libtard 18 points ago

haha and everything can claim to be essential -- its all retarded -- likely because some Democrat made it up.

QuranIsToiletPaper 4 points ago

The economy as a whole is "essential," in the sense of the market in its totality being interrelated, necessary, and important. If prolonged government-enforced closure of all "non-essential" businesses leads to a decisive stock market crash and long-term economic depression, then those businesses are then proven to have been "essential."

stealthboy 16 points ago

It's a great term because then someone (as in Democrat Governors) get to determine what is essential.

Pede 12 points ago

When countries turn socialist, they determine which businesses are essential to take over and force the others to close.

TrumpSavedWesternCiv 5 points ago

Don't forget about the shitty republican governors too! (Looking at you Mike DeWine in Ohio)

DeWine is letting the director of the department of health make all the calls. No surprise she volunteered for the Obama presidential campaign!

Block_Helen 3 points ago

Don't tar all GOP governors with DeRINO, though. My guy Abbott is doing a good job of not trampling liberty.

CornPopStraightRazor 1 point ago

Bingo. Just like New York politicians opted to draft ventilator triage documents instead of stockpiling them years ago. They want the power to decide who lives and dies.

Scroon 1 point ago

Exactly. Control the definitions and you control the law. Control the law and you control the people.

msean3231 13 points ago

The term is meant to make people think only of the business itself, they don't look at the service and supply chains. Shutting down bars and restaurants has a knock on affect for trucking, delivery services, utensils and glassware, laundry services, food processing businesses, etc.

AHickey1995 11 points ago

Yep just another means of propaganda to move us toward the USSR. If you ever want to know how shitty to live in the USSR was watch this: https://youtu.be/fgm14D1jHUw

They were this excited about Pizza Hut.

MindsetRoulette 9 points ago

many counties across the country have been making this same argument. The courts are going to be backlogged for decades over this.

aristotle 7 points ago

My non essential business was suspended. As a result lots of vendors are not getting paid until further notic. Ultimately it impacts everyone. The reality is the bureacrat agencies are the ones who are non essential, the grunts on the ground are the most essential. Wonder how long it takes to jump start everything make no mistake this is all bad.

monk_of_trump 7 points ago


Erikabodereka [S] 5 points ago

I, well, I guess its got to start somewhere.

Rugar22 1 point ago

Lol guess we got to see those spring break titties so badly.

VaPnut 6 points ago

It's the fucking government that is non essential

Yucky 4 points ago

Exactly, who decides what's essential? Total BS.

RosieODonald 4 points ago

What are you talking about? Any meat that is not insect-based is not essential.

So are living conditions beyond what is provided by a pod.

Rugar22 4 points ago

This shit that's happening now is the reason why the government shouldn't be allowed to shut down businesses. Let the private industry make their own decisions.

myswedishfriend 3 points ago *

It's pretty essential to the people who own it. And the employees. An "essential business" as opposed to... what? A frivolous one? There are no frivolous businesses.

Edit: Except Dave and Buster's

myswedishfriend 3 points ago

The economy is an ecosystem, everything is interconnected and essential.

So the next time we want to build a highway, and it's held up because if some animal habitat that has to be moved, just claim that we are only concerned with "essential animals" to the ecosystem and the rest of the bullshit animals can go to hell.

Choctaw 3 points ago

All trades are non-essential. GFI went out, don't call an electrician. Tree falls on your house, don't call a carpenter. An emergency repair or fabrication, don't call a welder. Your house filling up with lovely sewer water, don't call a plumber.

I've actually been busier lately, b/c people need things welded and repaired. Contrary to the knucklehead commies, life goes on, the world doesn't stop b/c of them

ifightevil_MAGA 2 points ago

PPD21 is Obama Era

HockeyMom4Trump 2 points ago

Here in MN we have a stay home order. Only essential businesses can operate.

Apparently, shoe stores are not essential.

Liquor stores are essential.

SirPokeSmottington 1 point ago

Tons of non-essential businesses.

Hair dresser, nail shops, fabric shops, pool supply places, I could go on.

Erikabodereka [S] 2 points ago

It’s not the service, it’s the money. All the money that goes around from these services is essential. It all counts.

HockeyMom4Trump 2 points ago

Bingo. That nail salon is essential to the family that owns it.

Mandy 1 point ago

I'm essential I was given my paper that allows me to travel today.Fuck off bitches I'm free I do what I wAnt

SD_Pede 0 points ago

Grocery stores are essential.

Asian nail salons are not.

Might be smart to temporarily close the Asian nail salons during a pandemic so we can keep the grocery stores open until it's over.

Erikabodereka [S] 1 point ago

Gel nails might not be your thing, but those salons take in money that pay for electricity, water, rent, taxes, supplies, delivery drivers, etc.

HockeyMom4Trump 1 point ago

The nail salon is essential to the family that owns it.