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Baron2044 12 points ago

Yes, that's why we need to curb airlines emissions. Because Chinese Flu.

Ex-libtard 10 points ago

wonder why she had to say that, weird!

nachosamplerREBORN 9 points ago

Agreed, it’s not about climate change, wind/solar energy, illegal immigrants, open boarders, refugees, payoffs, riders/pork, etc...now she just as to act on this going forward.

I_LUV_WINNING 8 points ago

Dog Faced Pony Soldier for the Democrats- Nancy Pelosi is

PelosiHalitosis 8 points ago

Surprised she didn't just say; Look, fat, there'sh no malarkey in thish legushlashun!

Dereliction 4 points ago

Can some of the locals start heckling this old lying hag?

thelastlast 4 points ago

our politicians lie like three year olds:

"Nancy why are there crumbs all over your mouth?"

"Well it's definitely not because I stole 3 cookies from the jar, it's important you know that."

Smurfection 4 points ago

I wonder if she even understands that she's lying? Lefties have made everything so convoluted and intersectional in their heads that they have problems processing information in a straight forward manner. I wonder if lefties think we have to end Climate Change in order to find a vaccine? Their thinking is that jumbled up and confused.

msean3231 3 points ago

And ballot harvesting, it's all about ballot harvesting

goodguy 3 points ago

lying ass ugly demon child

deleted 1 point ago
Taffy550 1 point ago

My God, I wish to the Old Dog Faced Pony Soldier she'd just go to the rest home already. I am done listening to her and i am really done looking at her.