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Baron2044 4 points ago

This is what I keep saying. Stop patting NY on the back for doing a shitty job.

They didn't close schools until they have 1,000+ cases on March 16th.

Hospital workers are wearing garbage bags, because they didn't even start procuring supplies until March 6th.

They didn't put a stay at home order until March 22nd, when they had over 10,000 cases in NYC alone.

They are not even enforcing the order. In fact the Governor closed streets so that people can hang out there because they are crowding the parks..WTF.

This media spin that NY is somehow doing a great job is costing lives

HockeyMom4Trump 1 point ago

They think Cuomo is brilliant. Clearly, no.

Festival123 [S] 3 points ago

Blame Trump for people drinking fish tank cleaner, but Bill de Blasio refusing to close NYC schools likely resulted in this woman contracting and dying from the Coronavirus. Not to mention NY Hospitals have been experiencing shortages for at least a year. See this archived post:


"Nurses who spoke with the Post anonymously said supply issues that have plagued the Columbus Circle hospital for about a year became especially dire when COVID-19 patients began flooding in, so much so that the entire hospital recently ran out of protective gowns."

spec17 3 points ago

He’ll get what’s coming for him.

Truly sorry about the woman who passed far too young... RIP. ☹️

Xnyr21 0 points ago

It's not his fault just like it's not trump's.

LugNuts -1 points ago

She voted for it.