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L0GICAL_V0TER 66 points ago

Thats one thing people arent weighing into this situation. We are about to bring all manufacturing jobs back to the states.

whocaresguy420 25 points ago

hopefully. will probably use it as an excuse for "guest workers"

lanre 20 points ago

Omg we need more H1B visas! Who can expect us to pay $6/hour for unskilled labor? It's unimaginable!

dacian-patriot 8 points ago

They need to tax our corporations less because we cant compete with chinese companies who have no regulatory boundaries and steal proprietary info

Necrovoter 1 point ago

The only thing we need from China is some rare earth metals. The rest we can figure out how to make cheaper here in the USA. It'll take some ingenuity, but we'll end up with better quality products.

catvideos3 1 point ago

The US used to be the place we got REM

DragQueenTruckDrag 7 points ago

Charlie Faggot Kirk

Sterling1 3 points ago

H1b Kirk

H4yw1r3 1 point ago

H1B isnt available for low paying jobs. I think theres a pretty high minimum salary for them

MangroveEarthshoe 17 points ago

Yup. And these are well-paying and good-benefit jobs too

The_VeryStableGenius 7 points ago

And with all this demand for manufacturing, critical manufacturing, you have to pay more to lure folk away from their brain dead jobs behind the counter or in warehouses. Then the lack of available labor for those, means that automation gets to speed up to replace it all because we deported all other cheap labor sources

YouKnowWhatItIs87 6 points ago

That’d be wonderful but I’ll believe it when I see it. More likely, big companies are going to continue buying from China and things will slowly get somewhere back to the old ‘normal’ plus they’re probably going to diversify and have operations across other Southeast Asian countries as some have been doing for years. Either way China will take a big hit. Idk much about the details of USMCA, but maybe Mexico gets a lot of new manufacturing jobs too. I just hope the companies who do bring back a lot of their manufacturing to the US make it widely known so we can support them, sadly they’ll probably be in the minority.

deleted 3 points ago
Necrovoter 2 points ago

I wonder if the Weaponized Autists could get a "Chinese Fentanyl Batches Found to be Contaminated with Covid-19" campaign going?

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Barabbas 24 points ago

Buy American, hire American.

China is asshoe.

Dialectic 9 points ago


Caferrell 5 points ago

If the Chinese perpetrated the COVID scheme on purpose, it looks like that was a really bad idea. They are now going to lose manufacturing, at least of sensitive products such as drugs.

dacian-patriot 4 points ago

The only way this will work decreasing tax rate on corporations in america so they can actually be incentivize to produce here.

5% of billions is a shitload more than 20% of nothing

CylonSupreme 19 points ago

Let's get these facilities going! No more foreign reliance!

Cnnisfakenews2 13 points ago

Let's be honest. Workers are partially at fault for this. The amount of union strikes is unacceptable. Look at the American airlines pilot strikes a month ago. Making six figures with great healthcare and still striking. If we really do want made in the usa we need to be reasonable

Choomguy 12 points ago

Unions are at fault, workers dont want to strike. Most guys i know in unions would prefer not to be, except the fuck ups. Which is why guys dont want to be in them. They’ve got useless workers that they share the load with, who they know should be fired but the union protects them.

zwiebelsaft 4 points ago

I’ve seen a union protect an illegal immigrant’s job after he threatened an autistic kid. Never again.

MuadDon 4 points ago (edited)

If we really do want made in the usa we need to be reasonable

American consumers are gonna have to square with the price of quality goods being higher than shit goods. In the apparel/fashion industry, specifically, our current cultural mindset is quantity over quality. People would rather have 20 shitty sweaters and jackets for the same price of 2 high quality sweaters, 1 jacket, and 1 coat. The entire apparel shopping mindset is built for Chinese shit manufacturing. You don't need to have a new winter coat every year. Buy an amazing handmade garment from an American apparel outfit, tailored to your unique body, and wear it for 10 years. Buy another after that if you want a different style, or keep wearing it. Learn to sew or go to your local tailor and get it fixed when things fray. It's a mindset we have to overcome as a society.

mastayoda420 2 points ago

Sure strikes are a problem but this is the pharmaceutical industry, they shipped production overseas to pay Chinese laborers a buck and a quarter an hour. Expect the price of drugs to skyrocket once these people start paying a living wage.

Caferrell 2 points ago

I agree completely.

spec17 11 points ago


Rojo4mac7 9 points ago

For our national financial health, it is imperative to have a strong manufacturing industry. I remember the years of being told "we are a service economy." Will be encouraged if this "crisis" rejuvenates our industry/financial health. USA!

TEXinLA 8 points ago

Who'da thunk it?

deleted 8 points ago
magafi 8 points ago

Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! -Democ.rats

BeardyMcBalderhead 7 points ago

In other obvious news, switching to Geico can save you 15% or more on car insurance!

(based on a radio commercial, where "putting on more clothes can protect you from feeling cold" was the obvious news reported).

Lawless 7 points ago

Trump signed an executive order to do this right?

ProfessorRomendev 6 points ago

It's almost like making things in America... would require Americans to make things!

(Globalist visa program notwithstanding)

de9ebkmd7 5 points ago

What luck! We just got a bunch of newly unemployed people.

dacian-patriot 5 points ago

They have to tax less or relax regulations.

The amount of loops, financial and regulatory ones, that US companies have to go through are the reason why most products are made in China.

I agree with EPA regulations, and some kind of minimum wage as well as child labor laws. CHina doesnt give af. No wonder we cant compete, only way to bringt these jobs back home would be little to no tax on these companies.

5% tax on billions is a shitload more than 20% tax on zero dollars

Scumbag-reddit 5 points ago

Bringing 800k more jobs back to the US will provide workers with more opportunity and higher pay, and here's why that's a bad thing.

Mean_MAGA_Facka 5 points ago

Economic security IS national security.

A new buzzphrase but only necessary because every presidential administration since the Clintons have been busily selling us out.

LeftistsLoveStreetSh 5 points ago

Now do the rest of the manufacturing industries.

vegeta_ban 4 points ago

I hope to fuck this happens, will massively increase my value since there will not be enough people to fill those positions.

tftx22 2 points ago


MyWoWServer 3 points ago

Great Post!

PotentialWizard 3 points ago

Never met an American citizen who worked at a Chinese factory.

StarGirl 2 points ago

Being a pharmacist pays pretty well too. We need more pharmacists, nurses and doctors. NO MORE CHINESE VIRUS PANDEMICS!

MeatloafFvck 2 points ago

This post needs a FUCK CHINA

45isthebomb 2 points ago

I'm shocked!

mercynurse 2 points ago

They had to do a study to conclude this


tftx22 1 point ago

The last time they did a study we got a bunch of unemployed.

123breadman 1 point ago

They are a bunch of liberals who hate America, what did you think they would be pro America?

tonightm97 2 points ago

It can't go back to the way it was. As there is always a risk now of China spreading new viruses around to world.

America has to always be ready to combat any future Chinese bioweapons.

zwiebelsaft 2 points ago

I just sent a friend of mine the screenshot. He works in economic development for the State of Mississippi.