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Witchstone 109 points ago

Publicly funded media all needs to stop. NPR and BBC have become communist mouth pieces. Cut the funds and watch them all wither on the vine.

plasmaburnz 49 points ago

communist mouth pieces

If that's a problem, we should cut off the entire education sector. It's worse when it's on children, mandatory, and for hours everyday.

Witchstone 27 points ago

You've got my vote. We chose to homeschool for that reason.

Examiner717 17 points ago

Yep. I never in a million years thought I would home-school my kids but we just started a couple years ago and honestly it's the best decision we've ever made.

We have a lot of indecision in our lives right and are always second guessing things now but my wife and I always say that homeschooling is by far the best decision we've made.

Witchstone 11 points ago

Same here. As a result Ive been largely unaffected by all of this shutdown nonsense.

DukeDicky 12 points ago

I used to pay 10k a year to have my daughter attend a Montessori school because we thought it was the "best" for her. We cut back on 'at home learning' while she attended and I noticed she was getting progressively worse in the areas we cut back on. Because we were adamant about not putting her in the public school system even though we live in an area that has one of the nicest public schools systems in the state, we decided to homeschool her and it's been the best decision for everyone.

BigMikesBigBlackCock 19 points ago (edited)

For the past year my 9 year old daughter comes home from school telling me how trump is a racist and such a bad man . I'm about to go have some words with her teachers and I am considering enrolling her in private school once schools reopen . These liberals like to brainwash them when they are young and don't know any better

Witchstone 8 points ago

Do it, brother. If not your training your kids to view the school, and by extension the government, as their family.

JoePCool14 4 points ago

Don't let that go on. You have to stop it now before it's too late.

xzars_folly 2 points ago

Indeed, politics have no place in the classroom. Kids are there to learn not be brainwashed.

Please_Clap 16 points ago

Revoke their White House Press credentials too.

leing15 1 point ago (edited)

They really shouldn't be allowed in the WH because this local NPR station (KUOW) is basically claiming that, because in their biased opinion, Trump is a habitual liar, they'll still report the "relevant" information from the briefings, but won't air it live.
I don't know what makes THEM the judges of what is or isn't true, but they think that, despite their clear bias against Trump, they are qualified to decide what the public needs to know because THEY think he is incompetent and a liar.

NOTHING contains more lies than any statement by Pelosi, Schummer, Biden, Sanders, Schiff, Nadler, Maxine Waters, and all other DemocRATS and their media people, but no media outlet that refuses to show Trump speaking to the public without them 1st being able to put their spin on what he says, refuses to show Trump-hating people lying live. And they don't ever fact check their statements.

BTW, a screenshot of a headline is never the best choice to provide as source, especially when it doesn't even show the full headline, which goes on to say that their decision was due to supposed "misinformation."
All OPs should do us us all the favor of providing links to the source rather than screenshots.

Then, in the short article, is the station's ridiculous explanation for such unprecedented (in terms of other administrations) insult to the POTUS:

“KUOW is monitoring White House briefings for the latest news on the coronavirus — and we will continue to share all news relevant to Washington State with our listeners,” the station tweeted. “However, we will not be airing the briefings live due to a PATTERN OF FALSE OR MISLEADING information & provided that cannot be fact checked in real time.”

Here is the archived page:

SirPokeSmottington 3 points ago

FWIW, they only get 8% of their funding from govt. The rest is donations from private entities.

an_original_username 4 points ago

that actually makes me feel better. we still need to take back the 8% though

missfrew 1 point ago

Our Australian national broadcaster abc is the worst of the worst too. Day's behind and full of shite and angry/sarcy/know-it-all facial expressions. There spouting the fishtank story today as a couple that ate fish medicine because of POTUS. What kind of fish takes medicine?

rickscarf 69 points ago

Isn't that the entire point of National Public Radio??? What good is NPR if they don't cover the President's updates during a time of national emergency? WTF

Tomato 35 points ago

NPR hasn't been good for a while now.

ProphetOfKek 22 points ago

NPR hasn’t been good for awhile now ever.

Oskar 8 points ago

Car Talk was awesome

Florida4Trump 2 points ago

I enjoy Live From Here with Chris Thele. It used to be Prairie Home Companion. It's all about the music now and no politics.

123breadman 20 points ago

NPR hates Trump. The keep showing shit like how Jews say Trump is more anti-Semitic than Ilhan Omar.

BlackFlag 2 points ago

Anyone who doesn't have AIPAC's cock in their mouth is antisemitic.

Brucesky420 2 points ago

They claim to be the party of science, yet they are actively not allowing the best and brightest doctors get their information out to their people.

They aren't the party of science, they're the party of "whatever suits my fancy"

SwampMidget 49 points ago

wife has NPR on constantly. i always got a chuckle of the pretentiousness of segments, w/ the folk music bumpers, & the semi-whisper voice overs. I recall almost continually soaring praise for all of Obama's programs ... Solyndra, cash for clunkers, "necessarily shutting down the coal industry".

They are staffed almost exclusively by spoiled, entitled, liberal women and gay men. They almost always only hire their own ilk.

Tomato 30 points ago

The concern trolling they spread over the impeachment case was so damn annoying. Always questioning Trumps defense while praising Shiff. You could smell the bias a mile away.

deleted 11 points ago (edited)
Imransgarage 2 points ago

That was as gay as I expected.

Brucesky420 2 points ago

Yes, having low testosterone than usual is also how they get their signature sound.

rbobjones69 4 points ago

Is she finally coming around to your point of view? My wife was the same but 5hey have list her. She still doesn't like Trump much personally but realizes now that he has our best interests at heart.

SwampMidget 5 points ago

yes. She's a staunch Trump supporter now....and she happens to be black.

solarsavior 2 points ago

NPR infects my wife's brain too. We have a chance though with her having to work at home due to the Chinese Virus. No more NPR for her on her commute home from work. Fingers crossed.

bahhumbugger 18 points ago

With the DPA active, can't he force them to produce content for the safety of all americans?

agile_a [S] 5 points ago

he should

MrFrogBottom 9 points ago

Lol who listens to NPR other than pseudo intellectual libtards anyway? Exactly nobody.

Oskar 3 points ago

Pretty much every suburban housewife

justwinning 3 points ago

Suburban housewives I know listen to Rush Limbaugh, maybe you live in Connecticut or Massachusetts? 53 percent of white women voted for Trump btw, not Hillary and we know city women are much more likely to vote Democrat.

Oskar 2 points ago

Ding ding ding! Got it on the 2nd guess. The commiewealth of Taxachusetts it is.

I make deliveries to rich suburban housefraus and they're mostly good little NPCs

Brucesky420 1 point ago

I used to, because they used to have some of the best coverage of science topics.

Now they're purely pseudo-science. They have pieces about global warming being racist, trans this and trans that, LGBT theorycrafting, why the world would be better if everyone had AIDS, and "women rule men drool" nonsense (don't get me wrong women are dope, but they're less about pumping up women and more about being anti-men). I kid you not, every single piece they do will include something to do with one of those topics. Even their god damn cooking show

TDS really threw them in a downward spiral at record pace as well.

_Cabal_ 9 points ago

Defund? They literally just got more funding in the "relief" package omnibus.

thedaynos 8 points ago

I keep saying it and I'll say it here. The general public NEVER sees or hears Trump for more than very specifically selected 10 second soundbites sandwiched in between their local news anchors explaining "and here's why that's bad". But now that EVERYONE IS HOME and they really have no choice but to watch trump without fake news filters. Fake news is realizing that this situation is not allowing them to spin as much as they want and that's why the approval ratings are skyrocketing.

This, just like everything else, is backfiring on them in spectacular fashion and it's awesome to watch. Trump can stand for 2 hours and answer all these gotcha questions without issue, as well as inject humor in once in a while.

I also love how Biden, a dude with no job and no responsibilities, exposed himself on Tuesday for not being able to do a few 15 minute softball interviews FROM HIS HOUSE without sounding like he didn't know where the fuck he was or why he was doing it.

BigMikesBigBlackCock 8 points ago

Last summer npr was running a story how the whole Seth rich thing is a white supremacist hoax because assassin's only shoot people in the back of the head . Npr needs to be defunded immediately I don't want any of my money going to those cocksuckers

Rodrigo 3 points ago (edited)

But NPR won'r mention how Donna ["Get Whitey"] Brazile showed up at a DC police station after Seth Rich was Murdered.

Lawless 7 points ago

Didnt they just fund this leftist propaganda for the next 5 years with the "stimulus" package?

Infuriator 4 points ago


sagebrushfire 7 points ago

Seattle. Enough said. The town just keeps doubling down on its quest to out “liberal” everyone. Be happy to watch them go down.

DJTrump2020 3 points ago

Yep, I got out of there and I'm much happier, although I'm pretty disappointed in the direction my new state (Virginia) is going. Thinking about moving somewhere more conservative, which actually wouldn't be that hard because the county I live in now borders West Virginia.

deadbeaf 5 points ago

"Dear Listeners,

We regret to inform you we do not trust your judgement and ability to interpret raw information, as it is beginning to conflict with our interests as an organization.

Going forward, we will be digesting these sources first and then proceed to give you the information you need to keep your mind from asking one too many questions.

We realize this may be insulting to the intelligence of some of our listeners, however in this case the overwhelming demand for sensationalism and panic has made us realize that those who possess the mental faculties for critical thought should not have been tuning in to our station in the first place.

Thank you for your understanding"

Oskar 3 points ago

I read that in the npr soothing voice, and now I'm ok with being misinformed

unicornpoop 5 points ago

Who still listens to NPR?

Oh wait, that's why they need to steal funding from our relief bill.

RichardNixon 4 points ago

bUt dEMoCRacy wILL dIE iN daRkNeSS !!!

MaxineWaters4Prez 4 points ago

American taxpayer says he will no longer carry the burden of funding NPR...

MAGANYficent 4 points ago

So Seattle NPR says they are going 24x7 propaganda then...

malooch 4 points ago

Defund NPR. Citizens need to cut the cord as well to stop subsidizing CNN and the rest through cable bundling.

BlissBatch 3 points ago

I wonder if they would've stopped covering Hillary's briefings if she was President. 🤔

behemoth887 3 points ago

lib media outlets not interested in running actual facts on their 24/7 lie stations

definitelyright 3 points ago

Fuck NPR

Greatest_adventure 3 points ago

Use the Defense Protection Act to demand broadcast: it's a public health crisis!

GEOTUSTRUMP 3 points ago

SO...what would you say you do here? -Bobs

deleted 3 points ago
PotentialWizard 3 points ago

"...Because, NPR said, Orange Man bad!"

AloweiseEdelHuberIII 3 points ago

I had a blast going to their Twitter. Lots of conservatives ramming the libtard running that place

DJTrump2020 3 points ago

Dude when you say stuff like that drop a link. Here it is: https://twitter.com/KUOW/status/1242925659023749120

Evei 3 points ago

National Propaganda Radio.

Shut it down, sell their assets, demolish the buildings, burn the bodies, salt the land, .....
... ok, maybe not that far.

Anyone3427 2 points ago

💯% agree.

Tomato 2 points ago

Good. The more social distancing the better. lol

IwilldestroyISIS 2 points ago

Sports dot Yahoo dot com

2016TrumpMAGA 2 points ago

All federal funding for media, the arts, and humanities needs to stop.

That's something you would not expect to hear from an historian (me). Let me explain why.

"It's a big club, and you ain't in it." Never have George Carlin's words been more true than when it comes to federal grants. Most of these are supposed to go to small, community backed groups. They don't. They go to members of the club. A few examples from one year in my state:

  1. A labor organizing group got $5000 to travel 200 miles and deliver a presentation on the history of organizing. They just happened to spend their time in the traveled to locale trying to organize illegal aliens. FYI, the trip and accommodations don't cost more than a few hundred dollars.

  2. A communist group got $5000 to do a presentation on communism at a local library. I've done library presentations before. They cost me about $5 in gas.

  3. A third tier theater group - "The Bitch Theatre" - got $5000 to perform "The Vagina Monologues" during the VM wave when every theater everywhere was doing the VM. The last thing the theatre world needed was another VM performance.

The connected leftists and establishment orgs get all the money. The big city art museum, symphony, and ballet get millions, but the smaller county libraries, historical societies and local theatres these grants were meant to support get ZERO. It's time to pull the plug on funding liberals.

Caferrell 2 points ago

There is no excuse for the US government to run a partisan political national radio station.

Mr. Trump should give the station to its employees, free and clear, with the caveat that the Federal govt. will not ever fund another dime of their expenses.

phate451 1 point ago

That bill just gave millions to them

WheeeeeThePeople 1 point ago

The new bill gives NPR/PBS $75 million. I want to hurl.

rbobjones69 1 point ago

Then there is no need for their attendance at white house press conferences. Revoke their passes.

ChAoSKEKMarine 1 point ago

They'll stop airing his broadcasts but they'll play shitty African drum music once a week for hours 🙄

xzars_folly 1 point ago

No....arrest the traitors. NPR, if cleaned of traitors, is a valuable public resource.

Of all the media organizations the government can clean out, one would think that media companies owned and operated by the government would be the easiest to clean.

GernBlanston1 1 point ago

Who listens to that shit anyway?

Rikvidr 1 point ago

I'm not sure they understand. Every single morning I watch these, and it's never on these networks, I either watch Breitbart's stream, or The White House's, whichever notification pops up first. And every morning I look at the number of people watching the stream. The two I mentioned always have the highest number of people. Never ABC, never MSNPC. None of those faggots matter to us.

justwinning 0 points ago

The FCC should take them down for blatant bias when they are obligated to be impartial.