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Lawless 219 points ago

Uh no, Its because the left cant spin what he says if its live and his poll numbers keep going up.

The fascist left can't have that

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Side-o-Beef_Curtains 38 points ago

☝️ this guy gets it

lerm4comptroller 36 points ago


We already have a term for it in English that's been around nearly as long. I also like that there is a real tangible timeline with this term: it got coined when fake news was doing it up particularly hard, then they goaded us into war not 3 years later. The cause and effect here are obvious.

Also, everyone laugh at the retards at Wikipedia saying that it was McKinley's "manly self-restraint" got us into the Spanish American War and not the constant bombardment of articles from fake news outlets goading the public into demanding it.

kevinkevin 17 points ago

When the Lügenpresse starts failing, many will experience schadenfreude.

JustHereForTheSalmon 7 points ago

"hOw MaNy DeAtHs ArE aCcEpTiBlE?"

TicoMaga 6 points ago

Yeah I facepalmed at that too. And people wonder why Trump sometimes loses his shit on these fucking morons.

HockeyMom4Trump 41 points ago

Yep. Exactly this.

They thought they were going to end his popular Trump rallies,

They did not realize that nor it’s would see Trump unfiltered and appreciate him.

MAGARondonmonson 17 points ago

The truth is they wake up every day with this in mind, HOW can I defeat Republican/Conservatives and get Dem/Libs elected. And their whole world revolves around that.

PichaiLiedToCongress 3 points ago

Nailed it.

HumphreyBeans 3 points ago

Anybody who watches Trump speak uninterrupted and not some rerun sound bite instantly sees how much he is smeared. It also exposes the leftist spin on everything. They are desperate to shut us down. The truth cuts like a sword and wakens people up.

Centipedeboy 129 points ago

Who determines the “lies”? This is so silly. Just be honest and say you don’t want to show them because he comes across as a good leader.

I_LUV_WINNING 49 points ago

Billy the Intern at CNN determines the lies - he only has 4 weeks left and is 57 years old, but he knows a lot because his facebook timeline tells him Trump is wrong about everything and you shouldnt believe anything he says.

Skippy_theSwampBeast 17 points ago

Stelter has that much power at CNN?

HuggableBear 5 points ago


MaxineWaters4Prez 32 points ago

The news isn't supposed to interpret what people see. They're only supposed to deliver the information.

The people are supposed to interpret the information.

But now the news tells you what to think. That's not journalism, that's indoctrination.

luke21 7 points ago

They aren't content spinning and lying for their beloved Democrats. They don't want us to be able to see things for ourselves. We are reaching a breaking point with these media knaves.

Cardinalix 5 points ago

You are correct. The fact they don't even bother to hide it tells me this has been forgotten by the majority of the country.

Bramble 22 points ago

"If Trump doesn't add footnotes for multi year studies and meet the impossible expectations we never set for democrats, we will call it a lie."

Breakfaststout 13 points ago

I swear i see all of these articles pushing this new propaganda about lies lies lies, yet when you read the articles, they dont list any of the exact lies he is supposedly guilty of.

Mainly they seem to disagree with "opinions" he has not that he is saying things that are factually incorrect. Yet, when the media has "opinions" they are treated like facts. Its getting beyond rediculous this past couple days.

Ampman69 95 points ago

The more they say he's lying, the more I believe what he's saying.

MaxineWaters4Prez 25 points ago

If the MSM told me the sky was blue, I'd still go outside to check.

DJTrump2020 14 points ago

Don't even have to go check, just assume it's overcast and grey.

knowIdotruth 7 points ago

Sunrise is red, white, and blue.

doodaddy 18 points ago

Can anyone give me an example of a lie from these? I hear that Trump lies constantly in them, but I'm not versed enough on progressive double-speak to know what they mean.

I finally figured out how to use the word "racism" like 2 years ago. But I don't know what this word "lie" means yet.

SurrenderFreeman 9 points ago

Same here, no bias, no downvotes, i want legitimate lies he's telling because ive watched nearly all the pressers and he makes broad statements that are not definative about what he would like to do. Lots of maybes.

HeavyVetting 8 points ago

This has been the narrative ever since he got elected. "Trump lies!" But it's always stupid stuff like "he said they're delivering 10,000 ventilators, but it's actually 9,932!" or where they essentially just disagree with his opinion and pretend that means he's lying.

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CQVFEFE 7 points ago

Many presidents have shut down newspapers for lying. Lincoln eliminated hundreds.

IMHO Trump is biding his time until his 2nd term to go full Donald on the traitors in this country.

knowIdotruth 4 points ago

Muh party flip. Reeeeee!!!!

Nellie_the_Beaut 64 points ago

Don’t bother with anybody else (including Fox which is inconsistent in their stance on the POTUS). Just watch OANN - they broadcast every Trump press conference, chopper presser, speech and rally from start to finish with no interruptions. Like an American news network should.

CQVFEFE 5 points ago

I watch only OAN, NEWSMAX, and a bit of Fox Business. Maria, Charles, Stu Varney all rock

lurkwellmyfriends 1 point ago

Don't forget the Dobbs homey.

CQVFEFE 2 points ago

Yeah how could I forget him, I'm sure there's a few others in there too, Melissa Francis for example

the-new-style 3 points ago

James Murdoch's Wife works at the The Clinton Climate Initiative

The Fox lives in the Henhouse

astro_eng 3 points ago

RSBN is on youtube as well!

Fabius 1 point ago

I don't watch any of it.

Necrovoter 50 points ago

If they stop covering them, POTUS should turn their stations off completely. Just throw them in prison (with marks on the floor so they can stay 6 ft apart from each other). When they demand an explanation, just tell them it's because they used racist hate speech. When they ask for proof, tell them that POTUS can't expose the whistleblowers, they just have to accept it.

HuggableBear 53 points ago

Nope. Real simple solution:

You don't air my press conferences, you don't get White House access. Period. No one from your company walks on the grounds.

If you're not going to cover press conferences, then you have no reason to be there.

amilbarge00 18 points ago

Aren't they just considered entertainment anyway for legal purposes? Why do entertainers require press passes?

xzars_folly 2 points ago

Editorials...this "opinions."

It just goes to show you they have no subsence. Turn them off, get your news online.

x22 Report is the real news.

Leatherwood 7 points ago

Perfect solution. Sick and tired of their disrespect for POTUS anyway.

FOX should see their ratings go up. COVID-19 is having a profound effect on the lives of Americans, and people want to know the latest updates. If CNN and NBC don't carry daily updates, viewers will just go elsewhere.

HeavyVetting 6 points ago

"You're not airing this press conference, why are you here?"

CQVFEFE 4 points ago

Said this yesterday. Are you me? Cheers!

JudicialDredd 7 points ago

Can't stump the Trump

Wuzizname 42 points ago

What lies? And wouldn’t the media want to expose a lying president? It’s totally because they can’t spin enough bullshit to make him look bad.

Vests123 19 points ago

They're trying to make their viewers believe that what he said about the HCQ and Z pack in helping to treat the virus is a lie...just a guess and they can't have their viewers see how competent and caring he is and how much they've accomplished after Obama left them an antiquated system.

MaxineWaters4Prez 16 points ago

"Lies" according to the people who reported the president told people to drink aquarium disinfectant.

CQVFEFE 11 points ago

And constantly repeat the blatant, debunked lie that Trump called neo-nazis fine people and has never disavowed white supremacists.

Heinous, sedition-level lies.

lurkwellmyfriends 4 points ago

tRuMPfffF iS a RussIAnn aGeNT

jrgreen73 38 points ago

That’s fair. I cut away from NBC and CNN 24 hours a day.

Warren_Puffitt 38 points ago

I have a lib former friend and colleague (terminal TDS caused her to hate me) who is straight up losing her shit over Trump. Has lost touch with reality, and is thoroughly obsessed with seething hatred for literally everything he says or does, including the entire Chinese flu. Sadly, there is no helping her.

RighteousViolence1 15 points ago

These people are mad.

DJTrump2020 10 points ago (edited)

I'm hoping that when he gets re-elected there's a wave of suicides that the press then hypes up into a Twitter trend and like half the leftists all kill themselves in order to virtue signal. Nice little early Christmas present.

DissenterInChief 5 points ago

That's a job for 4chins. They've gotten someone to blow themselves up with a grenade, cut themselves and shave their heads for Justin Bieber, microwave and soak their iPhones, convinced public pools to close to fight AIDS, etc. They just need to come up with an effective marketing scheme to incite mass leftist suicides. Something along the lines of "#Suffocate4SocialJustice" or "#JumptoDumpTrump".

LoveTrumps---Hair 5 points ago

Stop, I can only get so erect.

AloweiseEdelHuberIII 4 points ago

Hope their angst takes them out

Fabius 2 points ago

Once the process of demoralization is complete, there is no returning from it. These people are lost forever.

EnoughGunControl 25 points ago

By “lies” they mean facts that they can’t handle.

Grady_Wilson 5 points ago

That is because they choose 'truth' over facts.

justwinning 24 points ago

A National emergency during a pandemic and they don't want to allow the President and his task force to give the public vital information. Can't the FCC get involved when public airwaves networks like NBC, CBS, and ABC are trying to censor emergency information? FCC make yourself useful.

Ironball 23 points ago

No problem. Then CNN and MSDNC don't really need press passes. Lock them out.

grassshrimp 21 points ago

Fake news keeps proving over and over and over again why they are the enemy of the people.

The biggest crisis in decades and fake news won't inform the American Public because they hate the President (and us).

K-Harbour 18 points ago

Sounds like fraud on the US government.

Maybe we need Mueller to lead a special counsel investigation into CNN and MSNBC collusion? Maybe they will obstruct Justice during the investigation?

SininStyle 16 points ago

The media is just mad Trump is being totally transparent and truthful. He is offering the latest information possible in every daily presser. Which means they at best all break the news at the same time.

Trump: hopeful that Hydroxyclroroquine and Zithromax will help

MSM: he's full of shit that anecdotal , false hope for the people, orange man bad

2 days later.... Governor of NY, Cuomo, announces New Drug therapy using Hydroxyclroroquine and Zithromax, FDA approved experimental drug.

Who saw that coming MSM? If only there were some signs. You would think transparency would be seen as amazing especially when it comes to whats happening with a pandemic . Not the first time, just keeps happening over and over and over.

Cyer6 8 points ago

Like a few people have said here already. Trump is looking good and his leadership is strong. His polls numbers, which still matters to them, are up. His approval on the economy and handling the crisis are way up. They see that and think that they're contributing to that. They can't have Trump looking good and think that they contributed to that somehow.

On one of Bongino's podcasts this week, he showed a clip of a Dem congresswoman who admitted to her "constituents" in a townhall that the reason for their obstruction on the relief bill is because it might give Trump "a win." I wish I could find that clip.

ObongoForPrison2020 15 points ago

Ahh yes. The bastions of truth and accountability.

Fuck the Fake News media. Their establishments should be razed. Literally.

Loscann 13 points ago

According to ratings everyone is watching fox anyway,

handpeople 13 points ago

Fox welcomes your viewers.

KM4JNW 40 points ago

OAN welcomes your viewers.

AloweiseEdelHuberIII 6 points ago

I don’t like fox

But I do like fox business news at certain times of the day

johnbillaby 11 points ago

It's weird how these trashy losers can never describe all of the many lies. They and everyone that listens to them are subhuman garbage.

kesquare2 6 points ago

I saw one tweet that quoted a "lie". It was Trump saying "I demand a "no stock buy-back" clause be put in the stimulus bill."

But.... that's not a statement.... its a request. It can't be a lie.

K-Harbour 9 points ago

If we can clean house at SEC, this obstruction by the networks will go away.

chuckachookah 10 points ago

What does the Securities & Exchange Commission have to do with that?

Do you mean the FCC (Federal Communications Commission)?

The stations won’t get their license pulled, so you have to hit them where it hurts most, their wallet. Don’t watch/click their stuff Tell all your friends to not watch/click the lies and garbage. And with no viewers, they’ll continue to lose revenue.

And, tell all your friend they’re better off here: thedonald.win

sun_wolf 3 points ago

Boycotts are good, but if the Chinese government is printing money out of thin air and secretly funneling it to these media corporations, we aren’t really in a free market situation.

Tellsyouhow 9 points ago

Surely their audience are intelligent enough to realise that they are hiding things if they cut away then cut back?

kesquare2 6 points ago

Nope. Look at the replies to the tweet.

So sad that so many are for censorship.

verycute 8 points ago

When they say lie, they mean something that they can't spin into 'orange man bad'. When the rest of the world says lie, they mean MSM spin.

Cucksworth 7 points ago

I'm confused: do they believe Dr Fauci or not?

Raging TDS aside, you'd think they'd want their viewers to be informed by a highly qualified medical professional - instead, they have their usual panel of ex-(insert profession) squabbling amongst themselves as to who can blame Trump the most.

Just disgusting

MichelleObamasBulge 7 points ago

Trump: Good morning, my f-

cuts away

CNN: There is no evidence to suggest this is a good morning. That President Trump would reference this debunked, far right conspiracy theory is.. frankly very dark. It's exactly the kind of thing Hitler did on his rise to power. Let's turn to our panel of token women, brown people, and self-loathing nancy boys to further analyzing just how bad orange man actually is

Nadlers_Belt 6 points ago

Then no need to keep them in the press pool, especially with seating so limited.

Worldwide_Handsome 6 points ago

Actually, if they would be willing to cut out sections they call "lies", then they will be forced to defend what they claim to be "lies". This would show the hypocrisy really quickly. If they don't cover the whole thing, they are not being held accountable as journalists for how they treat facts.

If Trump lies - out and out "Lies" - about something I would like to know about that as an informed citizen. But, they aren't lies - they are just statements that the media doesn't like because it doesn't fit the narrative.

Has the press, or the left, provided a sourced list of "lies" from the pressers? Or, are they just saying "it's good news so obviously all lies. We're not going to identify the lies, we're just going to say it's a lie"?

RighteousViolence1 4 points ago

Are you kidding? They will just scream “LIES” and never say exactly what was a lie or what their “truth” is.

Worldwide_Handsome 2 points ago

This is exactly the point. If they say the whole thing is a lie then they don’t have to support it. If they edit out what they think is a lie, they have to defend what they redact

Marshall 6 points ago

It's funny. That's what I've done with CNN and MSNBC. And I've never been back because they've never stopped lying.

mathteach314159 6 points ago

thEy R tHe ARbIteRs oF TRuTh.

qbeam 6 points ago

99% of the country wouldn't even know they stopped airing it because they weren't watching those networks in the first place.

Aluminoti 6 points ago

We now return to our regularly scheduled programming Creepy Joe's Basement

Mrsattorney 6 points ago

POTUS should just counter this by suggesting that if people want to continue to get important information, they should tune in to other media outlets that carry the daily pressers.

lifeisahologram 5 points ago

So CNN and NBC are gonna stop broadcasting lies? Cool I guess that means they are going to shut down permanently now right? Lol

-REEEEEEEDACTED- 5 points ago


zerofoo 5 points ago

NBC and CNN should stop airing everything.

Just turn out the lights, close the doors and go home.

bigdragonenergy 5 points ago

Fuck these cunts.

deleted 5 points ago
stealthboy 5 points ago

To them "lie" is just "something that makes us look bad".

MindsetRoulette 5 points ago

They realize their fear machine is what forced his hand to take emergency action to gain the authority to seize companies for the war effort... right?

Give em hell Lord Emperor Trump.

OneOfMany_MAGA 5 points ago

Trump should invoke the Business Production Act act force them to broadcast the updates.

Haven’t Dems be demanding he invoke the act to assist in managing the emergency? What could assist more than educating the public on the crisis and government recommendations.

jamesvien101x 4 points ago

I think people will be more interesting in what the president says then what these clowns are mind reading him.

Barbieblonde 4 points ago

Time to pull their broadcast licenses. Full Stop.

RedSocks157 4 points ago

They're doing this because Trump is showing leadership (like always) in a very visible way, and it's actively boosting his poll numbers. CNN can't have that now can they, the plebs will think what they tell them and nothing else!

iIndianaJones 3 points ago

Bahaha! They are doing so much damage to themselves, they don’t even know it. Playing right into Trumps hands. You want to silence the POTUS during a Global Pandemic and National Emergency because Orange Man Bad? I want all of you to Imagine if the media was controlled by conservatives(predominantly) and we just said ya know, Fuck Obama, we’re not airing his shit at all. Imagine, just imagine.

myswedishfriend 3 points ago

Really who is watching CNN if the airports are mostly empty?

Choppermagic 3 points ago

Pull their licenses then. They are not broadcasting public emergency news.

IAbsolutelyDare 1 point ago

Subverting the public interest, license revoked. I'm all for it.

MAGAJuice 3 points ago

If he's lying then let him look stupid on air, but them doing this only shows he's telling the fucking truth. These people need to be held accountable for their behavior. Fucking treasonous commie faggots.

deleted 3 points ago
behemoth887 3 points ago

the media: drumpf is super stupid here watch him live

the media: gets raped and tries to spin what everybody saw live

the media: oh shit stop watching him live that's illegal

BirthHole 3 points ago

They are not airing them because the focus group results show that people are supporting the president.

OGAmerica 2 points ago

The pretense that these stations are unbiased ended long before this.

CQVFEFE 2 points ago

Thanks for being a lie detector rather than just reporting and letting me decide for myself.

Airvh 2 points ago

Their channel wouldn't have much of anything if they did that for their own newscasters.

RobertSparks777 2 points ago

Take their licenses away. Those belong to America.

Greatest_adventure 2 points ago

Producers that swing from the CCP tree.

BytheDozen13 2 points ago

Well I do not know anyone with the Chinese Corona Virus, now do I know anyone with a brain who watches and listens to CNN or MSNBC.... So there's that!

jcd_007 2 points ago

They’re not even trying to hide their censorship anymore. They genuinely think this is okay.

Beat_to_Quarters 2 points ago

It's not their job to conceal White House pressers. If they think anyone is lying, they can "fact check" them later. Not censor live briefings.

Examiner717 2 points ago

Good, drive more people to fox news

rollo51 2 points ago

That's exactly the policy I have adopted regarding listening to the MSM.

CousinEddie 2 points ago


Don't talk about what youll do like little liberal bitches. Do it. I'd love to see the outcome.

Djohnsonsgagreflex 2 points ago

They needed full, unredacted transcrips of phone calls for the impeachment investigation. But the American people should only see Presidential press conferences through their filtered coverage because full context and content suddenly don’t matter. All they need to say is they’re protecting us from lies. I’m pretty sure I can parse through the BS and useful information on my own, thank you very much.

Caferrell 2 points ago

Hey NBC and CNN, why don't you go fuck yourselves with barbed wire?

Luvmyhub75 2 points ago

Every single time. These people are sick

redstampede 2 points ago

These bitches are scared of Americans seeing the real Donald Trump without their filter.

okayfilet 2 points ago

I took it from the top and then switched away after the first lie, and will return when the lies stop.

Thus, I didn't watch CNN or NBC for years.

dahnald 2 points ago

Does anyone have a non-hysterical left wing source that actually describes soberly what his supposed "lies" are? What the holy hell are they talking about? Every time Ive looked into these kinds of "he's lying" claims I just find them playing word games and nothing substantial.

dahnald 2 points ago

I suspect it's the same as the "he's racist!" claims. if you look into those the best they've got is:

  1. trump management in the 70s may have not rented apartments to black people
  2. the central park jogger thing

and that's it. Thin gruel.

sun_wolf 1 point ago
  1. It wasn’t about rental properties not wanting to rent to black people, but to welfare recipients. The reason is people on welfare tend to devalue a property and renters with jobs, who take care of their homes, actively avoid living in welfare slums.

  2. Trump published an ad in support of the death penalty for rapists and murderers. He never mentions or refers to the Central Park Five. It is the FAKE NEWS who decided they would be mind-readers and tell you that what Trump was SECRETLY thinking about was the CPF, and even though there is no evidence for that, they now repeat it as fact. It’s possible Trump may have thought they were guilty, but they were also found guilty in a court of law and EVERYONE thought they were guilty, so it’s hard to blame anyone for that. Are we supposed to automatically assume that every guilty person charged with murder is actually innocent?

Leatherwood 1 point ago

His "lies" are anything that doesn't come to the mockingbird media in their 4 am talking points. POTUS has taken control of the narrative by speaking the truth that Americans so desperately want and need to hear, and the MSM are powerless to stop him with their propaganda.

deleted 2 points ago
MAGAnic316 2 points ago

Are they talking about THEIR lies?

Because they'd have to shut down their entire network for that.

luke21 2 points ago

Put them in jail for sedition.

Pats5x 2 points ago

Remember when they complained that Drumpf never had press conferences? Fuck the media

Smurfection 2 points ago

It has nothing to do with truth and falsity. It has everything to do with how much they hate Trump. NPR, NBC and CNN never called out Obama for his lies about Obamacare. I didn't get to keep my health insurance plan or my doctor. My Health insurance premium went up. My access to actual doctors and clinics went down. NBC and CNN still won't fact check the abomination that was and is Obamacare.

dakin116 2 points ago

They would rather you watch their spin. What does a task force full of doctors and a president who's in constant contact with them know!?

SlimPickens 2 points ago

CNN would just be a blank screen most of the day if they cut away when a lie was told.

AloweiseEdelHuberIII 2 points ago

We need to have a file on this site that is easily accessed and contains all of their lies. And we update it. Then we run to other websites and post when topics like this come up

drsowells1fan 1 point ago

They have the word "lies" on endless repeat because it's effective. My retarded mother-in-law has been trained like a seal to say "Trump lies about everything" --it's her go to response....and she says it so smugly and with such authority....just like Noah.

FriendofTRUMP 1 point ago

Because nobody watches our president on your sorry little channels?

Ricky_CIA 1 point ago

Noah Shachtman? Oy vey!

OhLollyLollyPop 1 point ago

Watch their viewership drop. More people watch these pressers than MNF!

5121313 1 point ago

Great Executive Decision! Brings in less Advertisement Revenue for 'em. That's the ticket!

Dereliction 1 point ago

What vile, despicable scumbags.

xzars_folly 1 point ago

Dump them completely

Redirect your boomers to watching them directly on YouTube or OAN.

Fuck the fake news. Traitors the lot of them.

T-Bear 1 point ago

"If it comes out of Trump's mouth, it MUST be a lie."

That is THEIR attitude.


Our Lugenpresse can't do anything BUT lie, so I will restrain from viewing their offering of "information" until they begin speaking the truth in context.

It's their ad revenue going down the tubes, not mine....

HiGloss 1 point ago

Arbiters of "truth"

Bran1986 1 point ago

They pushed for daily briefings because they thought they could control the narrative and nail Trump. Polls show people are turning in and liking what the President is saying, they can't control the narrative so they pull the plug.

RedBloodedFather 1 point ago

So they're going to cut away once President Trump starts taking questions from the press then.

Fabius 1 point ago

Nothing more Americans love than being told what to think. Americans think for themselves.

Unfortunately, now you know why the Democrats love importing millions of people from the third world to replace Americans. Americans are the biggest roadblock to the new world order. They must be destroyed.

Etf88 1 point ago

Noah Shachtman IS A CUCK

NvJohansson 1 point ago

If allocated airtime was directly proportional to lying, CNN would never be on the air again. Ever.

AloweiseEdelHuberIII 1 point ago

Look at the pics of the two writers. That is a ton of soy.

rbobjones69 1 point ago

Then people who want the daily updates will go elsewhere. Good job, MSM.

Hexagon 1 point ago

If lies are to be the measure they should lose their press credentials.

wonderfulusa 1 point ago

They can do this because :


MegoThor 1 point ago

NBC and CNN not airing lies?


Titan93 1 point ago

The new definition of lie to them is "something that doesnt advance the DNC, deep state, or China's power"

kalokagathia 1 point ago

Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?

lurkwellmyfriends 1 point ago

And the lies are ... ?

TxAg 1 point ago

Whatever they don't like, which is basically everything.

CaptainChrisPBacon 1 point ago

Easy Fix Emergency Broadcast System. Than they have to air it. And also ithe first time they do not air it throw the channel out of the press coverage.

nachosamplerREBORN 1 point ago

So basically they get to decided what American’s here? That’s censorship.

Tryhardneckbeard 1 point ago

People are going to read this in History books and seriously skip forward about 100-200 pages.

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deleted 0 points ago