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Siteless_Vagrant 7 points ago

They're already working on stricter laws now.


Government want your guns, so they can force you to do things you otherwise wouldn't do. There is no other reason whatsoever for gun control. Last years rally in Virginia woke 'em up as to how quickly we can all gather in one spot in large numbers. Expect much more crackdowns on 2A in the next year or so.

Barbs 1 point ago

The point is even if they try the voters won’t go for it. A lot of people just found a new appreciation for the 2A, and OP is wondering if that’s going to change public sentiment overall.

Siteless_Vagrant 2 points ago

My guess is that's going to go a lot like the big Crypto rush back when Bitcoint shot up to about $20k. There's going to be a lot of unpaid bills going to collections, buyers remorse, and the returns depts across the country are going to be overwhelmed. As far as public sentiment goes who knows.

chairborne101 5 points ago

Only if new gun owners vote to protect their new-found love for civil rights.

rickscarf 2 points ago

(they won't, because they would've had guns already if they cared about their rights. These are Ultra Fudds, the "fuck you, I got mine" crowd)

lanre 1 point ago

Doesn't matter since none of the politicians we vote for represent us.

PodunkTexas 3 points ago

"Guns? What guns? (Maybe should not say that while wearing my Certified NRA Instructor shirt...)

DrBJTester 2 points ago

My liberal friends have learned that guns don't jump up out of their storage cases and start shooting by themselves.

In other shocking news they feel safer being able to protect their family.

LibertyorDeath45 3 points ago

And they'll go right back to voting for gun control as soon as this is over.

357blackhawk 2 points ago

Most likely to be something like "OMG all those dangerous white nationalists are hoarding assault weapons! We've gotta pass something to stop them!!"

Liberty_Prime 2 points ago

Moar Judges! Once this pork package passes, cloture turtle will get back to filling the courts. A second term will do more to protect our rights than any one or two term Governor.

TJac 0 points ago

Trump crossed him and endorsed Tommy T. over the designated loser.No judges since then.

CrookedRecords 2 points ago

Not sure how old everybody is in here but I was definately watching the LA riots in April of 92. I remember the police evacuating and the legal opinions that they are not obligated to protect anybody and are not liable for what happens when they leave. I remember the roof koreans and I remember watching the trucker Reginald Denny being pulled out of his truck and nearly killed with that cinder block. You would think that after something like that there could be no question about our second amendment rights. Yet here we are... there are examples after examples ... Clive Bundy's, ruby ridge, the bungled operation at Waco, the battle of Athens for Gods sake... people , some people I guess have very short memories...

BeaverIslander 1 point ago

As long as we can take the house and keep the senate in November we will be able to keep shooting and protecting our families.

LibertyorDeath45 1 point ago

No. Only gun proposals out right now are bigger bans.

nuhbin 1 point ago

stricter in any state where Dems have the monoparty control, looser in any other states

sheriffs refusing to forcibly close gun stores is this emergency is a pretty good bellweather

deleted 1 point ago