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awooo 83 points ago

I hope one of you pedes is making a big collection of these. It would be a shame to lose these precious tweets to the memory hole. Maybe thedonald.win could make a "did not age well" archive.

Qualmow 22 points ago (edited)

And I hope we are aggregating the data to show how this shit is an utter hoax.

Why is the only place you can use the bathroom on the interstate the truck stops? And why is it they are not considered an epidemic threat as they move through cities and states with impunity?

It is not a country, it is not a people. 48 states do not get this in 1 week from air travel.

This is a control game. No side is immune.

Local communities are where our future is at.

SwampDrainerLocal911 12 points ago

Every link should be an archive link. Screenshot it also. Don’t post it until it’s archived because these commie fucks are actively monitoring for anything that runs counter to their narrative.

terrichris 5 points ago (edited)

Like the scene in Jaws when the shark expert warns the mayor to close the beach on July 4th.

It would be bad for business and people may get upset.