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Wrexxis780 122 points ago

Ewww... don’t make me remember these....

magabirdlady 48 points ago

Talk about germs on that chair. Ugh!

brutustyberius 44 points ago

Yea, bring back Jennifer Lawrence’s Butthole.

MarySmith 28 points ago

Ugh. It's not fappening.

Toucansexual 6 points ago

Seen it. While not great, it's better than all of Katie Hill.

slrpnls 2 points ago

I think it's kind of funny how the Fappening took the bloom off the rose for so many people. Overnight Reddit got over their boner for the completely artificial girl who looks like she's playing dressup in every movie she's been in.

Jakefoy92 21 points ago

LMAO my guy

PolarBears4Trump2020 4 points ago *

A real request of Harvey's Executive Admin

faxinator 8 points ago


fusreedah 9 points ago

She looks real bad for 32.

faxinator 1 point ago

Rode very, very hard.

thelastlast 109 points ago

the way you know these people are insane broken arrows is that they have ZERO shame because that requires self-awareness. they lack the capacity. they are sub-humans.

she thinks she should still speak. and she thinks she is funny. mentally insane.

LibertyorDeath45 25 points ago

Exactly this. It would be one thing if they said "I think this is fine," or, "I know it's wrong, but I like it." But no, they have to go to that next step, "this is fine only when I do it, but you shouldn't."

Scroon 9 points ago

Theres are a shocking and frightening amount of people who literally think this way.

fusreedah 5 points ago

Her pinned tweet at the top of her twitter reads:

"I am so incredibly grateful to my friends and family who came together to support my effort to hold everyone involved in my cyber exploitation accountable."

Poor thing...

Omgwtfbbq 4 points ago

She posted all of that on a public website IIRC. She’s dumb not knowing how the internet works.

ViaAlpina 4 points ago

And if she supposedly cared about White people why the hell would she turn anti-Trump?

deleted -67 points ago
Mr_Dr_Jullian_Dunbar 57 points ago

Listen up faggot!

These fucking psychopaths have zero regard for human life, only care about power and literally want us all dead. Not exaggerating here.

When you have Bolshevik Bernie's supporters openly calling for putting people in gulags (IE death camps) with him having no regards to denounce these people then there is a big fucking problem.

When you have antifa faggots bike lock and nearly kill people with city mayors issuing stand down orders to police, then there is yet another big fucking problem.

BladderBeerPoopin 22 points ago

I hope all those antifa fags get the brutal ass raping they deserve.

tftx22 13 points ago

This dude gets it!

accountable 0 points ago

To all you retards downvoting about the gulag system, go read wikipedo or something. It was a system of slave labor that they tried to use to shore up their shitty commie economy. Not a holocaust death camp system. Fuck me some of you liberal lurkers on here are dumb shits.

accountable -16 points ago

The gulags were about free labor, not death.

christianknight 13 points ago

And the holocaust was about providing protection to jews from angry mobs...

accountable -1 points ago

There are books about it, and there are still many survivors around to speak to about it. I'd say shut the fuck up and read a book or something. Yep, I'm going with shut the fuck up and read. I'm talking about the gulags, not your false equivalency holocaust bullshit.

MorbidRabbit 1 point ago

So slavery then...

doodaddy 25 points ago

I'm not gonna call anyone "sub-human" but at some point you have to look at the behaviour of Nadler, Katie Hill, Pelosi, Schumer, Biden, ... and wonder how you could do that?! There has to be a difference. I think these people literally have no shame center in their brains. Imagine if you had no shame. You wouldn't understand what the problem is.

Gulleyfoyleismyname 13 points ago


Normally abnormal people don't do shit like that.

We fucking grow up and take care of own shit and don't do dumb shit to jeopardize our "cozy" little life.

ObongoForPrison2020 8 points ago

It's because they're minions from hell.

BestTimeToBAlive 5 points ago

It's also because they have zero morals or ethics. Just want power & money

RalphWaldoWiggum 13 points ago

It's not shameful to be a gay pede.

It's shameful to cheat on your partner. It's shameful to have a throuple and get caught because you're too stupid to think pictures won't turn up online.

Lacking any sense of shame is one of the key indicators of sociopathy.

Katie Hill is a sociopath, a sub-human. She deserves to be ridiculed.

sunnyingreenfield 10 points ago

You're fucking nutso, big problem between your ears. Believe me. Yuge.

christianknight 7 points ago

She is a WHORE. Her handlers are COMMUNISTS. They think we should all be murdered in camps.

tankmanban 6 points ago


Ingerimm 3 points ago

We don't know what she is, but its a safe bet to say she has some serious moral and value issues and has problems speaking and acting like a well adjusted adult.

You may decide to look past what she does and says and that is your prerogative, but most people aren't going to budge on their assessment.

AloweiseEdelHuberIII 2 points ago

No I agree with them

SeanMarcusGayle -26 points ago

Also people like you keep going on about SHAME, wtf do you mean by that?

I am guessing that is what your particular Cult stroke Belief is based upon...

phate451 8 points ago

Shame? You have none. No moral code. Do whats right in your own eyes. You don't see what's wrong with Katie Hill because you are a degenerate as well. You live in depravity and absolute moral corruption.

I quote you in one of your posts,

"Katie baby, you're looking good baby but maybe do a few tummy exercises?"

christianknight 5 points ago

Keep SImping. The old hag isnt going to have sex with you.

shaya1 56 points ago *

here's a link to her tweet. You know what to do


edit...apparently a half hour ago, she realized she started a fire storm with her hypocrisy .

Here's her latest tweet. This idiot has no shame


SideofB33f 37 points ago

lol best reply on her tweet is “there’s a throuple of things wrong with this”

sunnyingreenfield 8 points ago


Vests123 4 points ago

Too funny.

MoscowCommie 3 points ago

There's another one asking if she partied with gillum hahaha

deleted 2 points ago
PremiumPatriotPepe 17 points ago

Savage replies

Imransgarage 14 points ago

They do this hypocritical shit to blur search engine results.

Mr_Dr_Jullian_Dunbar 13 points ago

LOL, those replies are lit AF.

Staatssicherheit 10 points ago

Holy shit. It's actually real. What is wrong with that woman?

xiao_maga_part2 6 points ago

Always accuse your enemies of your own sins.

(But even for her this was a pretty fucking stupid tweet.)

MrBabySpam 4 points ago

Always accuse your enemies of your own sins.

I thought this was going to be from the 48 laws of power or something but its a quote is from Joseph Goebbels, minister of propaganda for Hitler!

MAGAmemnon 10 points ago

Found in response to her second tweet

“If this response is you doubling down, will your next response mean that you're throupling down?”

publ1us 1 point ago

Lmao. I think we have a winner

NormaJeanRocks 6 points ago

What is she replying to on this? Sorry dont use twitter

shaya1 4 points ago

Im guessing trump might of said that during an interview because i dont see any tweets where he said anything like that.

Vests123 3 points ago

It was during the press conference today.

MrBabySpam 5 points ago

You would think that first tweet was a knee jerk guilty conscious reaction but she goes on in that second tweet to double down! The utter lack of self awareness is astounding.

SuperMechaDon 39 points ago

Katie's more into sucking and fucking than hugging and kissing.

Hatefullynch 2 points ago

I'd let her

She has that mom bod with no kids

Liberal_Tear_Addict 28 points ago

Thank god they blurred out the penis in that one pic.

DefendTheWest 21 points ago

The "NAZI ERA TATTOO!!!"...thing was retarded.

Heard she was listening to Nazi Era Music, too!!

DankoJones84 23 points ago

The Iron Cross existed long before the Nazi party did. Calling it a "Nazi era" symbol is pretty disingenuous. I'm a fan of calling out Fake News even when it's used against the other side.

ZacPetkanas 12 points ago

The Iron Cross existed long before the Nazi party did. Calling it a "Nazi era" symbol is pretty disingenuous.

Of course you're correct but the MSM would never make the distinction for anyone not a leftist, so I'm fine with her getting the same treatment

AmazingAlphonseA 6 points ago

They set up the stage for that MSM treatment? Now they have to live with it.

DankoJones84 2 points ago

Two wrongs don't make a right.

DissenterInChief 5 points ago

They do if you multiply them together instead of adding them.

accountable 1 point ago

That's negative numbers you're thinking of. Not morals.

ZacPetkanas 3 points ago

Taking the high road gets you ineffectual leaders like GW Bush.

It would be great if we had a more civil public discourse but the leftists have killed that. Why do we pretend that it still exists? It only gets brought up when a non-leftist is blunt; like Trump.

tsacian 4 points ago

Its posted on here because SHE had called out Facebook to ban a group that was "racist" and one of her references is the Iron Cross used as a symbol. Its posted here to point out the hypocrisy.

LordSluggo 3 points ago

True, but unless you're in a Knightly order or 1870's Prussia it's still really weird to have

BeaverIslander 16 points ago

I'm having trouble remembering, wasn't she another democrat?

DerrickBowser 16 points ago

Keep revealing the deep degeneracy of these people.

The country is coming around to our side, more and more, because of it.

The American people are getting wise and angry about this kinda shit.

Erikabodereka 8 points ago

We are definitely not in the the minority. I had a conversation in the gym this am with a man that about the LA mayor and the Gov of Nevada. I was a little nervous to voice my opinion, BUT he asked. It was refreshing to hear that he shares my opinion and he even doubled down with 9/11 and a planned implosion.

DerrickBowser 4 points ago


Wallbuilder 4 points ago

We were NEVER in the minority.

2_Scoops_ICE_cREEEam 12 points ago

wow she really tweeted that ... why doesn't she change her to twitter to hasbeenkattiehill

astro_eng 12 points ago

The internet makes it so easy to expose these sick fake fucks.

magabirdlady 12 points ago

This almost falls into Gillum like territory.

spec17 10 points ago


noagendashow 9 points ago

does she have coronavirus?

BoughtByBloomberg 8 points ago

Is that white Gillum?

xBigCoffinHunter 8 points ago

Getting ready to eat here Pede

Side_of_Beef_Chucker 7 points ago

Nasty woman! 🤮

AmazingAlphonseA 4 points ago


cbonez416 7 points ago

Come on dude. I dont need to see this again. I just finished dinner. She is a fucking pig.

freespeech4all 7 points ago

LMAO the comments are golden on her twitter

WU_HAN_FRU 3 points ago

Best twitter thread ever!

PensivePatriot 3 points ago

People are blasting her with the pictures of her and it's fucking glorious

somenobody 7 points ago *

Keep in mind she's 22 in those photos. College age and she looks worse than lots of people in their late 30s. You wouldn't want someone taking care of a nation who can't even take care of themselves.

Edit: Just realized the 22 refers to the other woman. Whoops. Still though looks pretty ragged for only 32.

Spezdrinksassjuice 8 points ago

She's got a Mashed Potato body

slrpnls 1 point ago

32? I would've pegged her for mid-40s in that picture. Definitely aged a lot in the face.

Side-o-Beef_Curtains 6 points ago

I would rather eat bat soup out of a wu han porta potty than bang this shaved sasquatch

Slick_Willys_Nutsack 5 points ago

I wouldn't fuck her with AOC's dick

learntocode 2 points ago

What about with Big Mike's?

ampedUpAlligator 4 points ago *

Good god, the look on the brunette’s face:

“Hold on. It’s my day in the barrel. Next stop election. K Street after. Deep breaths. Deep breaths. Deep breaths.”

LoveTrumps---Hair 4 points ago

So where are the uncensored pictures for you know... science.

a_chill_bro 4 points ago

The fuck is a "throuple"?

publ1us 2 points ago

A buddy of mine was in one. It’s as screwed up as it probably sounds for the uninitiated.

Bernier4Canada 1 point ago

Remember the "two dates to the dance" trope?

Picture that but both guys are cucks.

Or... picture that but with one lucky guy and two "experimenting" women. Sadly I don't think that one's as common.

JamesSunderland 3 points ago

Isn't that a Georgian Cross?

GreatNW 3 points ago

Georgian Cross is longer and slimmer, this looks like an Iron Cross. Not something I would label "nazi" but it is popular with WP types.

Terstermernt 3 points ago

This needs a not safe for life tag.

PremiumPatriotPepe 3 points ago

The memes make themselves. Crazy Katie.

1776ThereIsaidIt 3 points ago

Damn she's nasty!

DONTRUMP 3 points ago

I wouldnt fuck that skank with you dick!...

  • don trump
NoatakTheWiser 3 points ago

I am still in shock that this fucker is 32...... Without her 70 pounds of make up she looks like she's in her 70s. She's aged worse than a democrat's tweet.

Jack_Dupp 3 points ago

Ugly fucking socialist cunt.

weallscreamforMAGA 3 points ago

Brushy brushy

GuitarsNwoodcarving 2 points ago

Like a fucking fiddle.

He knew she would forget the /s.

Tranny_Fluid 2 points ago


Centipedeboy 2 points ago


weallscreamforMAGA 3 points ago

I don’t even want to honk

magnokor 2 points ago

Her and Gillum will be the ticket to run in 2020 and replace Biden?

heyvern69 2 points ago

People who live in glass WHORE houses.

WU_HAN_FRU 2 points ago

Merciful Mother of God, what a hypocrite!

Alars 2 points ago

He was joking. She is both STUPID and TWO FACED.

Omgwtfbbq 2 points ago

He was making a joke, slore.

NostalgicFuturist 2 points ago

Ladies and gentlemen: the Democrats.

I say no more.

kitonok 1 point ago

Cant make this shit up. What the fuck?

AlteredBeast 1 point ago

Lol yuck. There are some pedes who thought Hill was worthy. Lmao Back to fapping to anime.

Some real bad genes and a trust fund going to waste there.

BonafideTarzan 1 point ago

Seriously, where is her pet goat? No one is talking about that poor thing. Probably sacrificed by now

JwPATX 1 point ago

Wasn’t the real scandal that she was paying ppl to hack opponents or something? She resigned over “this,” and the other thing was quieter.

deleted 0 points ago
SeanMarcusGayle -3 points ago

Old News but thanks for reminding us....

Katie baby, you're looking good baby but maybe do a few tummy exercises?