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The dev team isn’t a dnc front but the initial set-up of the sight and creation of the privacy policy was set-up for potential ads to be implemented. This is old hat when a rift occurred in TD mod team half a year ago. It’s counterproductive to be trying to rehash it given the subreddit situation. Be vigilant of course but the comments just trying to create a divide again, it’s likely posted by anti-trumpers at this point.

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Honestly I couldn't care less if there were ads here (if that's what the drama boils down to). This site has been a great resource to see what the media doesn't show us, and how the media is trying to turn things to shit as much as possible.

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Legit, let em have ads

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Yeah it costs money to run this shit so who cares? Last post on reddit was a week ago. This is our home now.

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I thought home was in dem minds RENT FREE?

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Archive isn't working, can you explain more? I have seen some people talking about shadowman before doing this but I don't fully understand

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I read that whole thing and it sounds like a power struggle over the user base.


Fuck off

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I just hope it's not true. Would suck if the mods here are comped

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Those 'mods' went on to make r/the_congress I followed it for a while but it became yet another liberal trash heap for free ideas. Do the math.

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Who cares it’s better than reddit. Are they asking for your credit card?

Worst case they are studying us but the shilling is just as bad as ever so obviously they aren’t learning much.

It sounds like some of the mods were cucking out and they are mad about such a large splinter of the user base.

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They claim, to their shareholders, to be all about ratings and eyeballs - but when their ratings go up, and Americans get interested and educated, they shut it all down. There is no media market in this country, except for foreign governments and billionaire playboys like Jeff Bezos. Fucking presstitutes.

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Ownership of the press is not to make money its to make a narrative.

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Ain't that the truth though? I am pretty sure I would pay a bit of money every day to have some real journalism done in my home town about all the local stuff happening, fun human interest stories, local sports, etc. but damn it if that is impossible to do at a profit but as soon as something pops up that could be interesting the "journalists" snuff the story out in favor of moral preaching and hype for inane bullshit.

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The Epoch Times does this but not at the local level.

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I love their full page spreads about the crazy shit the communist party has done to Falun Gong members. It is so nuts, I can't help but nervously laugh and try to pretend it isn't real or perhaps they are exaggerating.

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Ths how The Lame Stream Get Trump At All Costs Work WIth Fake News.

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I wish he could talk about Fake Money without getting killed.

Paper money, give me a break.

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I want to know more about fake money without getting killed. Where do I look to get good reliable info?

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Why do you think Gadafi was toppled? He was talking about going back to the gold standard

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JFK too, maybe even Nixon's whole Watergate thing but that's getting a bit out there

JFK had speeches on secret societies, shadow governments, the fed... He really had it coming I tell ya

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Creature From Jekyll Island by G. Edward Griffin is the best book overall about American Banking since 1913.

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Somebody beat me to the punch. Creature From Jekyll Island should be required reading for every US citizen! It's incredibly well researched, drawing from literature and quotes from relevant people over hundreds of years. You might start with the bibliography.

It's available free online, but that comes with "online degradation" which means typos, exposed html code, etc. I could get the gist of everything except one paragraph.

This crisis might be an attempt at the final endgame of the financial elite that this book exposes, along with their tricks. Do read it all before November, please! It will definitely help you see the big picture right now, which I have started a thread to discuss. (Easy to find in my history because it's the only thing I've started in a long while.)

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Zimbabwe. Can't promise they won't kill you.

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So if the briefings are a 'rally' who is gonna chant "Lock Her Up?"

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Maybe we can get it trending on Twitter.

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During Obama 2009 H1N1 12,500 Americans dead NO societal shutdown, NO economic collapse, $0.00 (ZERO) stimulus bill

During Trump now Chinavirus 850 Americans dead to date. Societal shutdown, economic collapse, $6 Trillion Stimulus bill.

See the difference?

Just because the Deep State, Democrats and their propaganda department, CNNBC must try to STOP TRUMP AT ANY COST.

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I fucking love clown memes. Holy Kek

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They are getting smarter. I do enjoy these new campaign rally. Kek

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It's a like a time lapse of Orange Man bad.

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Maybe we shouldn’t call them fake news, we should call them malicious news.

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Malicious Intent News

The opposite of .win!

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Trump has been calling them Corrupt, repeatedly, and I'm not sure why it hasn't caught on with the rest of the world yet.

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The new campaign rallys? How do they not laugh at themselves as they type these headlines out. If you mean the only place to get truth from the leader we chose without the evil media lemmings being able to affectively push out their fake news shlop to destroy this country, then yea I could agree about the rally reference.

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LMAO. Good one, OP.

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Thanks. Took me an hour to find the right headlines in date order

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They aren't wrong though. They are massively helpful in getting the message out.

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Mental Gymnastics would be an Olympic sport if the Misleadia had their way

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Every pedocrat born is a new potential meme.

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All this means is the tiny little detail that Trump and the many good patriotic, loving and good anons out there are now the digital space news, i.e. 'the' news, i.e. the media.

"And we have an army, ‘kay, as a soldier and as a general, as a retired general, we have an army of digital soldiers. What we are now, what we call, what I call them, ’cause this was an insurgency, folks, this was run like an insurgency. This was irregular warfare at its finest, in politics. [14:11]"

"And that, that story will continue to be told here, but we have what we call citizen journalists, ‘kay, because the journalists that we have in our media did a disservice, to themselves actually more than they did to this country. They did a disservice to themselves because they displayed an arrogance that is unprecedented. And so the American people decided to take over the idea of information. They took over the idea of information [14:52] and they did it through social media." - General Mike Flynn

(my guess is he was the one who decided to go undercover WHILE BEING A TOP PRIORITY TARGET OF THE DEEP STATE THE ENTIRE TIME...it would not surprise me)


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Wish I could read that link, bakerlevi. Server is down. General Flynn is a good man.

Edited to add:

holy shit the bias in that article and especially the comments including by the author are insane!

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The media think they're in control of this country.


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Wuhan virus cure is the new campaign rally for Trump


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“If you try and cure your fellow citizens of coronavorus, you might as well be at a trump rally and fuck you”