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America_No_1 84 points ago

Glad to see him calling out the obvious

Ghostof_PatrickHenry 33 points ago

It's all so infuriating. Watching these governors do everything they can to destroy the economy while still spreading the virus (Nevada) is such a disgrace.

I really hope these bastards face justice.

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Tylerlc22 69 points ago

It feels like to me this is KILLING the dems. Other than sleepy joe's one or two webcasts i haven't seen or heard anything about him or Bernie

ProphetOfKek 33 points ago

Bernie is cowering in the cuckshed.

CollusionsofGrandeur 14 points ago

The cuckshed of vacation home #4 or one of the previous 3?

iamjohnwick 9 points ago

👆asking the real questions

Chonk 5 points ago

LiKe ThOuSaNdS oF vErMoNtErS

ADAM_SCHITT 3 points ago

What difference, at this point, does it make?

BestTimeToBAlive 3 points ago

Who's Bernie? I totally forgot at this point.

2_Scoops_ICE_cREEEam 16 points ago

Bernie is trying to hold up the stimulus bill bcuz muh billionaires and corporations

txladyvoter 8 points ago

Becuz he wants unemployment to be more than the previous salary.

NotProgCensored 4 points ago

$24 per hr for unemployment? Sign me up.

SellTheSun 1 point ago

You may be in the wrong pl

independentbystander 3 points ago

Bernie quit complaining about "millionaiuhs" after he became one as the result of handing over the DNC nomination to Her Turn. Now it's only "billionaiuhs" that are the problem.

themightykekfish 1 point ago

He’s trying to rally the bros but they already yanged out for trump

Krey21 11 points ago

It most certainly is. Have you noticed the ramp up of fake news about the cronovris bill lately? Pelosi is in free fall and no ones there to catch her.

txladyvoter 5 points ago

Like trying to catch a falling knife.

Wrexxis780 2 points ago

Not just figuratively but literally. Most cases are in democrat areas

fac1 1 point ago

Doesn't matter, if they get nationwide ballot harvesting.

NocturnalPatrol 1 point ago

Bernie's popularity four years ago was magnified way out of proportion by Hillary Clinton's unpopularity. The DNC didn't screw him over by rigging the primaries. Their voters just don't want him.

QuranIsToiletPaper 45 points ago *


  • Meditations of Emperor Donald John Trump, Twitter, 2020
Brucesky420 15 points ago


Gospeedrcer 9 points ago

made me chuckle :)

TrumpTrain 32 points ago

6 weeks ago we knew not much and there was great fear. Now we know it doesn’t kill healthy people and we know who high risk people are.
With this new information, it’s no longer necessary to shutdown the entire national economy. We have screening and tests everywhere. All people are hyper aware of the situation and are no longer coughing and sneezing on everything like they normally do. The economy is begging to burst back up and Trump wants to help it.

YouKnowWhatItIs87 18 points ago

Yes, but evaluating this way would be called being a leader. Making tough, but sensible and responsible decisions, something a lot of state governors could learn at thing or two about. But instead, many buy into the media hysteria and rashly shut everything down (something I’m only learning now that a governor has the power to do). You’ve got states with less than 500 cases totally shut down, popular festivals cancelled and the list goes on costing $100’s of millions, yet our local airport still has flights in and out of JFK and La Guardia. Unbelievable lack of leadership. And Trump utters the idea of trying to get our economy running again, and he’s called a madman. I’ve never seen anything like this. States like mine could really carve out a huge competitive advantage by keeping things open the smart way, producing, shipping, etc. yet they’re cowards because if 1 person dies it’s on them, meanwhile we never hear about the 10’s of thousands that succumb to the flu, but the dumb as hell ‘Death Count’ stock ticker on many networks making 20+ deaths seem like the next holocaust.

SilverStarv5 8 points ago

Right there with you pede.

I imagine those who are unable to work or have lost their jobs are 100% cheesed off right now. I hope they clearly understand who cost them their ability to work right now.

terrapin1234 10 points ago

Does anyone else find it odd that all of a sudden it's affecting younger people in deadly ways? Just hearing about this in the past couple of days. The timing is just not right. It feels like they are doing whatever it takes to scare people into submission.

Ekgamut 8 points ago

I think they are lying or manipulate the statistics. I think they are lumping morbidly obese with young people. Or young people with terminal illnesses or any health problems.

Eyedaed 5 points ago

Read somewhere on Reddit they are using any cases that may have a hint of wuflu symptoms as the actual numbers without proper diagnosis.

On to something pede.

dingding22 1 point ago

You'll never get a legit diagnosis if you're younger because you won't ever get tested. Only like 0.01% of young people die to Kung flu, that can be a big number if we start talking like 0.01% of 1 million, but it's still not worth it to test for.

So all the actual numbers aren't actual numbers because a young person who's sick will literally go to a hospital, get treatment, get better, and leave without ever coming within 100 yards of a COVID-19 test.

The only time they actually test is if the person is so fucked, that the doctors need the extra information to know exactly what's wrong.

MAGAholic 7 points ago

Playing devils advocate here- 6 weeks ago it was still a meme. And we knew it wasnt killing healthy people when we shut the country down a week and a half/two weeks ago

RunningBuffalo 6 points ago

I think the experts kind of always knew this thing would eventually tear through the entire country. They put the draconian social distancing in place for two reasons:

  1. To maybe buy a little time to build up hospital capacity (and learn something from the testing numbers).
  2. To do something so that when the hospitals start getting crazy people won't set their hair on fire demanding that we do something even stupider.

We've had two weeks to mentally prepare people for the situation in our hospitals to get bad. But now when they do, we'll at least be able to offset that bad news with good news about lockdowns ending, rather than having both bad things hit at once.

Vegans4Trump 25 points ago


MegoThor 1 point ago

I know it, you know it, everybody knows it!

Lyndhurst 19 points ago

Get that cheap medicine that works in full production and to the hospitals and pharmacy's double quick. Attack the problem at the source. Kill the bug.

ProfessorRomendev 10 points ago

60% of cases are in New York.

Liberals just can’t escape their bubble long enough to realize that not everywhere is going to have the same problems as them. It makes total sense to slowly end lockdowns, at least in rural areas like mine.

But, of course, that’s assuming they actually care about helping America and not just focused on fucking the country over.

stepping_razor123 3 points ago

Its logical leftist thinking. If they think its OK to take from somebody who has something to give to somebody who doesn't to make things equal. They would want the whole country to suffer if one city is suffering to make things equal.

stjdalen 9 points ago

A little tweet to fire up the Fake News before the WH taskforce briefing

IAmNotSuicidal 9 points ago

Been at home so long...I'm starting to feel like a democrat.

VaPnut 8 points ago

Order the country back open TODAY! Let my people go! (back to work)

Esodo 8 points ago

Thank God he is calling this stuff out! I see dems calling for a 130 day lockdown or longer! Can someone tell me how that is sustainable??

Truglow 7 points ago

I say screw the money handouts. Maybe help for the small business community and the medical profession but this is ridiculous. I myself don't want other people's money. Handouts and democratic pork in this is going to come home to roost in a few years and it's not going to be pretty.

jgardner 2 points ago

Same here. If I get a bailout I'm going to buy stock.

freedommachine 7 points ago

Setting them up right before the briefing lol

CollusionsofGrandeur 3 points ago

He's the God tier chessmaster.

ampedUpAlligator 7 points ago

Bump. Set. Spike.

sharkman100 6 points ago

h1n1, zika virus, swine flu....no shut downs. FUCK THE MSM

iIndianaJones 6 points ago

I was just having this conversation with my best friend and my dad. It’s so glaringly obvious, and he knows it too. I saw a post on FB from a friend I’ve know for more than 20 years, suffering from TDS level 7, that said, GET THIS, “Trump wants to send everyone in the largest cities in America back to work, in hopes they contract the Coronavirus, because there’s a lot more democrats in NYC, Chicago and LA, and they will be dead before the election comes in November.” Oh yes people, this is what they actually believe. INSANITY!

DPerman1983 5 points ago

Local Dem leaders across the country are issuing muh mandatory stay at home orders (that aren’t even enforceable). They’re flexing their tyranny muscles. Fight back, peacefully. Enough is enough.

jgardner 2 points ago

In WA our loser traitor gov is citing the laws for martial law.

RatsCatsBats 5 points ago

Trust in Trump he’s got this

SimplePede 4 points ago

Isn't that crazy? The Dems need an act of God to win this thing, a God they ironically don't believe in and certainly can't exactly have endeared themselves to him by the shit they do

DrDT 4 points ago

I love this man. No homo.

FreeNow 4 points ago

We live in the era if Just In Time production so a lot of companies don't carry much inventory. We saw supply chain problems with China and we could have our own. Even if you keep critical businesses open, if their suppliers don't stay open you can have problems.

mumblenuggets 4 points ago

Democrat scum WANT the economy destroyed.

trump_is_cool 3 points ago

Is Trump making fun of people who are unable to walk normally because of an injury or illness affecting the leg or foot? REEEEEEE!

SurfandTurf 3 points ago

He’s right, you know.

MythArcana 3 points ago

Don't let Newsome shut down California for months! There's no possible way to bail out California.

AloweiseEdelHuberIII 4 points ago

If he did and the rest of the country reopens he is fucked

stepping_razor123 2 points ago

yes agree. Once the USA opens up for business the rest of the world will virtue signal and hum and haw for between 3 and 7 days to save face and then we're off to the races.

PresidentPreston 3 points ago

I don’t think the press really knows whether keeping the country closed will end up helping or hurting Trump’s re-election chances (so I may disagree with Trump there).

But it’s obvious the press wants hysteria, fear, paralysis, and isolation to last as long as possible. The entire population of the world currently finds itself craving the next virus-related informational tidbit and virus-related news story. And with everyone at home, most people have nothing much else to do besides watch 24/7 TV news and scroll through 24/7 news websites.

It’s as captive & eager an audience as the Media could ever hope to get. Clicks and eyeballs mean marketing dollars. You think they want that to be over by Easter? LOL

TL;DR: the Press is keeping this going for sure, but more likely just for selfish money reasons, not because they’ve concluded it will hurt Trump.

stepping_razor123 2 points ago

I disagree to an extent. The media know what they are doing. More ad revenue is great, icing on the cake. The real motivation is to shut the world down and hurt the economy until the election.

stepping_razor123 3 points ago

Yeee Hawwwww getting so pissed off and bored and this stupid shit. People LARPing all over the Wal Mart and the bank. The feminists and cucks have had their excitement and have enjoyed panicking everybody and creating lots of new rules but its MAGA time.

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Demig80 3 points ago

I've never seen so many pro-life Democrats in my life!

janetrosemarie 2 points ago

Yippee Ki-Yay.. Glad that he sent out this message of assurance.

knowIdotruth 2 points ago

I'm real people! Thank you!

SkyEater 2 points ago

Yes! Don’t let the fear-crazy infect everything. Be cautious, but keep in mind the big picture. Life will go on. To quote The 5th Element, Time is not important - only Life.

sagebrushfire 2 points ago

I LOVE how we finally have a president who tells these fucks that they are fucks. He calls these liars, liars. He takes NONE of their shit. They’re all traitors.

CaptainChrisPBacon 1 point ago

Ths how The Lame Stream Get Trump At All Costs Work WIth Fake News.

fuqdup 1 point ago

Technically, he's correct. The best kind of correct.

AbrahamLincoln 1 point ago

Fake news interfering in an election? Arrest the fuckers, that's the rules, right?

Staatssicherheit 1 point ago

Parts of the nation can probably reopen again soon. Particularly the rural areas. High density areas like NYC will probably be shut down for a while.

terrapin1234 1 point ago

This will rustle some jimmies. About time he called this out.

UpTrump 1 point ago

How long do you think CA will be closed for? Our governor said it's likely schools may not even reopen

Daisymae 1 point ago

Why isn't everyone talking about this? Dems behind the shutdown. https://thedonald.win/p/FMJUCRRY/wtf-covid-act-now-the-org-that-i/

SemperFree 1 point ago

Seems to me the Dem governors are also a big force. Thought we had a Constitution that all states, counties, cities need to adhere to?

States, cities, counties issuing shelter in place orders that appear to violate the Constitution.

Did I miss the Constitution being repealed and we becoming a facist communist nation?

deleted 1 point ago
nothomo 0 points ago

guaranteed we see once we open back up for business leftists intentionally getting sick and killing themselves by refusing treatment all in order to fluff up the numbers that make trump look bad

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AbrahamLincoln 5 points ago

Concern trolling identified.

trump_lsd -3 points ago

Go ahead and revoke my habeas corpus, Abe

Luvmyhub75 2 points ago

Trust potus. He knows what’s going on