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In 2005, the George W. Bush administration called for the coordination of domestic production and stockpiling of protective gear in preparation for pandemic influenza. In 2006, Congress approved funds to add protective gear to a national strategic stockpile — among other things, the stockpile collected 52 million surgical face masks and 104 million N95 respirator masks.

But about 100 million masks in the stockpile were deployed in 2009 in the fight against the H1N1 flu pandemic, and the government never bothered to replace them.

https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/us/how-the-worlds-richest-country-ran-out-of-a-75-cent-face-mask/ar-BB11GgLi In 2005, the George W. Bush administration called for the coordination of domestic production and stockpiling of protective gear in preparation for pandemic influenza. In 2006, Congress approved funds to add protective gear to a national strategic stockpile — among other things, the stockpile collected 52 million surgical face masks and 104 million N95 respirator masks. But about 100 million masks in the stockpile were deployed in 2009 in the fight against the H1N1 flu pandemic, and the government never bothered to replace them.
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WalkFastGoHome 109 points ago

Thanks, Obama!

Mavdick96 51 points ago

We don't call him 0 for nothing.

BladderBeerPoopin 38 points ago

What a cocksucking piece of shit.

FliesTheFlag 26 points ago

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Joan Rivers talking how Michelle Big Dick Mike is a Tranny and Obama is Gay


BladderBeerPoopin 9 points ago

I'll take your word for it. Yuck! No clicky....

TRUMPets 6 points ago

You know you want to 😁🤢🤮

Kosecant 6 points ago

it wasn't that bad. just a couple of vids of Michelle's dick showing through her pants and the last one is Joan saying that Michelle is a tranny

Dr707 4 points ago

Checks out

t-ara-fan 2 points ago

A few days before Rivers died?!?!?

MikesBigJockstrap 8 points ago

Cock sucking and cock receiving. Big Mike turns Barry's asshole into the grand canyon every night.

ScottyGunn 4 points ago

I gave you a click up just for your screen name!

BSnatch 7 points ago


5000wattsx 11 points ago

I'm sure that the media is still trying to figure out how they can blame Trump for the mask shortage despite him being a private business owner at the time.

womp-womp-twice 3 points ago

Well, that's easy for afterBerners. mUh lAtE sTaGe cApiTaLisM fAilS uS

the_big_cheef 3 points ago

I hope big Mike goes in extra dry tonight. This pisses me off.

Espot 3 points ago

That’s not the “change” he promised

Barack0bama 38 points ago

Oh shit, they are onto me

ObongoForPrison2020 10 points ago

Barry Obongo, you're a real one.

BladderBeerPoopin 3 points ago

Those are maggots, I hope.

gargoyle 2 points ago

user name checks out

fadingecho 30 points ago

Also, under Obama, Federal agencies were buying ammo like mad. Was that to transfer to the new ISIS groups or to keep the availability low?

Joesf23 23 points ago

C. All of the above I remember when DHS was buying all the ammo I went from pure hatred of zerO to pure Rage. 8 yrs of that radical maniac taking this country apart piece by piece. The guy was a mancharian candidate

fadingecho 1 point ago

Hate to say it, but it made me despise gun culture and the legions of opportunists therein. I have been a fan of all sorts of guns and can likely talk your ear off about calibers and such but I won't ever go to another gun show and will only deal with local dealers ever again.

I worked Wal-mart locally to get ammo purchase restrictions in place so the people buying up .22LR would be slowed down to 100 mph. Got banned from local gun forums for encouraging people not to buy that expensive 22LR back from them as they put it up for sale for double the price. I feel I was successful after getting several private messages encouraging me to keep on going with it but I also got some nasty ones calling me a communist college kid or other shit they could come up with regarding economics.

j_mobbin 12 points ago

Careful there, you’re thinking too critically and questioning of the one and only Obummer Regime. /s

fadingecho 8 points ago

"We are the ones we've been waiting for." - Obama

AlphaNathan 3 points ago

Yo i remember that

SBOJ_JOBS 21 points ago

Scandal free! Scandal free, I tells ya!

Now lets hear the story about how Obama stole from Fredy Mac amd Fannie Mae to fund Obamacare.

And then next maybe about the guns used to kill our border agents and Paris nightclub patrons.

SummonedDaedroth 1 point ago

Xi would say he's scandal free too. Weird

peaceloveguns 20 points ago

He really was the worst POTUS of all time

BladderBeerPoopin 8 points ago

No. FDR was worse.

jgardner 5 points ago

At least FDR loved America a little bit.

thechitowncubs 8 points ago

He confiscated Gold. Aided in the takeover of country by Federal Reserve AshkeNAZI's.

Centralized Production

Ended the most innovative period of human history, the roaring twenties.

Fuck that guy.

NC_patriot 2 points ago

Implemented the New Deal...

thechitowncubs 3 points ago

America's Great Depression by Murray Rothbard

FreedomFromGovt 6 points ago

Nobody ever mentions that FDR had a boner for fascism. He believed it was a system that could be successfully implemented in the US, and invited Mussolini to speak at a number of leftist think tanks in the states. After its luster faded, FDR was forced to fall back on his 'old high school sweetheart', communism. No mistake, tho., FDR was a Leftist with an insatiable appetite for big-gov centralized authoritarianism

ScionOfMaga 5 points ago

That's not enough. He was basically a socialist dictator

BladderBeerPoopin 4 points ago

Paving the road to hell is no excuse. Neither was his ignorance. Good luck putting that genie back in the bottle.

nethyek 5 points ago

You fucking racist! /s

solarsavior 8 points ago

He was half white, so poster is only half racist.

deleted 18 points ago *
uzi5v2 24 points ago *

Eh I hate him as much as the rest of you and yes we could have been more prepared if not for him, but blame belongs to China for more than likely literally bioengineering and releasing this virus.

*Seems like the comment I was responding to was edited. It originally said Obama was 100% to blame.

SirSeizureSalad 5 points ago

You might want to reread his comment above you lol

squanchingonpao 4 points ago

You have been spending too much time on Reddit and think people here are those nut jobs over there. The guy's post is satire.

I agree with your comment though. This place is the only place of reason.

Weird how not a single person on the entire Reddit site gives a shit about China's implication on all of this.

Trumper007 1 point ago

lolol I thought so too. We are a little trigger happy!

PartTimeHick 2 points ago

Manchurian candidate

Choomguy 1 point ago

Its our job to be prepared, and thanks to Obama, we weren’t.

mikejones 0 points ago

It was released in China. Unsure if bioengineered in China

68droptop 2 points ago

No, scientists have pretty much 100% confirmed it was a natural mutation. Were able to trace it back to almost the day from what I recall.

EDIT: Link to article


GuruNemesis 3 points ago

Yeah let's not get lost looking at blaming china for making it when all we need to blame them for is covering it up. That's bad enough.

ZacPetkanas 2 points ago

But the previous poster was asserting that it was released in China whether it was of natural origin or not.

I'm of the opinion that the lab had a naturally collected sample of this viruses and, as usual for Chinese quality control, it got loose. Sloppy bio-security and typical disregard for human life

Only_Rosie_ODonnell 12 points ago *

There's not a single mention of OBAMA in that article. Tell me it's honest and not biased reporting.

This is hidden at the very bottom of the article: "But about 100 million masks in the stockpile were deployed in 2009 in the fight against the H1N1 flu pandemic, and the government never bothered to replace them."

No, the fucking OBAMA ADMINISTRATION never bothered to replace them.

j_mobbin 9 points ago
  1. Shocked MSN published this, can’t believe they’d even question their lord and savior Barry-Husain-O.
  2. The communist party of China can eat a bag of dicks.
  3. This isn’t time to point fingers, but see note #2.
  4. China’s dominance of manufacturing, belt and road initiative is doomed. I’ll spend the rest of my life advocating against globalization and Chinese manufacturing.
  5. The people of China are some of the most hard working, good people and they’re being held hostage by communism.
Theman2c 5 points ago

The article only name-checks two presidents: Bush and Trump. It conveniently avoids Obama by just referencing the year. And even though it blames a shift to overseas production it then backflips back to support a “global” production model.

2_Scoops_ICE_cREEEam 2 points ago

it's from the NY TIMES

j_mobbin 1 point ago

Well chop my dick off and call me Caitlin, that’s even more shocking!

IncredibleMrE1 8 points ago

Used up someone else's stuff and didn't replace it? Typical socialist.

SirPokeSmottington 3 points ago

Someone in my household asked why Trump didn't replace them.

I'm presuming he didn't know?

ChaplainTappman 2 points ago

When every department is trying to undermine your success as CEO of the country, finding out about every nook and cranny that needs fixing is NOT easy.

BoughtByBloomberg 7 points ago

Hey look! He treated America like he treated the DNC's campaign funding. He left it broke and in debt.

ChaplainTappman 2 points ago

What were the numbers? $4m in the black in 2007, $14m in the red in 2015, and forced them to continue paying millions to his cronies throughout his years? Hillary easily blackmailed the party with her ponzie funding scheme in 2015, with DNC being $20m in the red after her failed run.

patslimmy1 6 points ago

Like he cares - he got his book deal, ocean side mansion, and a coordinated media campaign to make him look like the greatest guy to ever walk the Earth.

PaigeAshley 5 points ago

He was A National Disgrace on every level.

Toughsky_Shitsky 5 points ago


0bAmA's aDmInIsTrAtIoN wAs sCaNdAl fReE, yOu FuCkInG rAcIsTs!

MythArcana 4 points ago

Jimmy Carter should be feeling pretty good right about now. He's no longer the worst president in recent history.

ChokingOnARedpill 2 points ago

Top 5 Presidents of all time...you can include Trump but be realistic and don't make him number 1 (yet) since he hasn't finished his 2nd term....go...

BladderBeerPoopin 2 points ago

Reagan, Washington, Jackson, Teddy Roosevelt, JFK

For Trump, I'll sub out JFK.

ChokingOnARedpill 2 points ago

Good choices. I'll go Jefferson, Washington, Teddy, Eisenhower, JFK.

Bmonty 1 point ago

Could I ask why jfk?

ChokingOnARedpill 1 point ago

He was a uniter, universally loved. Sensible on foreign policy and race relations. Pushed for America being an innovator. Often sought advice from Eisenhower, despite party lines. Created the Peace Corp. Not everything was perfect, but he was what the country needed at the time. Plus, there's a reason he got took out and the modern democratic party began to form after him during LBJ.

Bmonty 1 point ago

Why jfk?

BladderBeerPoopin 2 points ago

He never had a shot. Incompetent and incapable, but nothing really major happened on his watch with long lasting implications. FDR fucked us for centuries to come with Social Security alone.

GodKingHarambe 4 points ago

Chad W; Virgin O

freespeech4all 4 points ago

Obama was lazy. I remember Trump said at his Fox townhall a couple weeks ago that Obama left open 140 judicial seats. Thats why Trump was on a roll with his appointments. Then again Obama was a puppet and his puppeteers may have forgot that detail too

Nrdrsr 3 points ago

they needed the money to cut off tranny dicks

Marble68 3 points ago

This is a trap story. "If Obama depleted the mask stockpile, why didn't Trump refill it?"

ObongoForPrison2020 2 points ago

Obongo was a real nibba.

Keiichi81 2 points ago

I'm frankly amazed that an MSN article would actually admit the blame for consuming our reserve of masks falls on Obama, who had 7 years to rebuild the stockpile and did nothing.

SirPokeSmottington 1 point ago

It didn't. He wasn't named.

Keeptherepublic 2 points ago

Bush by no means was perfect but he was a good man and in general has the countries needs toward the forefront. Obama not so much. Dems spend all the Tax money on illegals and now the when this stuff is needed it's not there. Bullshit.

learntocode 2 points ago

Saving masks is racist!

TrumpsPetMuskrat 2 points ago

When our family uses stored supplies of ours, it is a rule to notate what we use and then try to replace them during later shopping trips. How a government not even have the sense to do it is insane. It was in 2009 as well, they had 7 years to do it.

I can only imagine the President walking in and expecting something as simple as this to be done but you cannot expect anything of value from democrats. You rent an airbnb you clean up after yourself, you leave a campsite cleaner than you found it. You use government medical supplies, you restock after the danger has passed. This is not difficult; notate, then place the order. How much do you want to bet they left the White House in disarray after they left in January 2017?

runonce 2 points ago

Strange, it's almost as if he didn't give a fuck.

PotentialWizard 2 points ago

Barry is a typical Socialist. A taker, who contributes nothing.

SemperFree 2 points ago


Marble68 2 points ago

They'll just say Trump should have done it when he took office if it was a problem.

Dirk_Diggler 2 points ago

Unpopular opinion: Playing devil's advocate here. Didn't we have 3 and a half years to start replenishing the stockpile? I mean, I don't mind pointing fingers, but this just looks like "shifting blame." Or like throwing stones in a glass house. I mean, this isn't like leaving and empty toilet paper roll for the next guy when he takes a shit, this should have been on the radar long before this point, if we are going to decry importance of a stockpile.

Zwass777 2 points ago

Lol, joke's on you OP, CNN says he was scandal-free so this clearly never happened

givethismanacoat 2 points ago

Serious question. Why didn't Trump replace them?

Bimbam 2 points ago

typical leftist behavior

HillaryIsACunt 2 points ago

so typical

Kckroosian 2 points ago

Not surprised one bit

PepesCovfefe 2 points ago

Can you guys please give me a counter argument to a leftist I sent this to that says “trump had 3 years to restock”?

Coalville 2 points ago

Not as an answer to your question. But it really didn't help the situation that the "WHO" was bleeding our retail mask supplies dry via "pity donations" before the virus even reached out shores.

etnguyen03 2 points ago

When all this is said and done, Trump should make a stockpile

based_trekkie 1 point ago

We need to stockpile OUR industries WITHIN OUR OWN BORDERS!

Flyoverpede2 1 point ago

President Obummer dosen't care about Americans!

DonatesOthersOrgans 1 point ago


But not really since it's Obama.

Slash78 1 point ago

In the words of M Night Shyamalan: "What A TWIST!"

Navy_Seal_Jeb 1 point ago

Thanks okie doke

1776ThereIsaidIt 2 points ago

If if if if if if if if....

pmurTJdlanoD 1 point ago

Archived red pill for when China demands article get pulled down


doodaddy 1 point ago

I guess it was because there was simply no money available for that turd sandwich. You know how we didn't run up a debt under him equal to all previous President's combined? /s

lemagacentipede 1 point ago

Gosh I wish the government did something about this in the last three years.

Znut55 1 point ago

AND...Cuomo in NY who is crabbing about not having enough respirators did NOTHING for his state when the recommendation came out to every state on what to have on hand in case of an emergency. He was offered them at a great price in 2015 and did not find it important then.

FLIBS 1 point ago


Staatssicherheit 1 point ago

I don't blame Obama. Yet. Who in the Obama administration was responsible for using the masks? Find that person and get his statement. Did he say anything to Obama?

BSnatch 1 point ago

Can't even follow the simple "you kill it, you fill it" rule

Canadian-Bacon 1 point ago

New Headline:Trump Never Replaced Obama Mask Stockpile

B_Sack 1 point ago

Worst president in history.

UsurpTheNarrative 1 point ago

Im sure without reading Obama gave them to a foreign nation.

Juice 1 point ago

Every time the media pushes this shit we dig and find out the EXACT OPPOSITE is true. And every time, they ignore it and move on to the next absolute bullshit claim...

It needs to stop

deleted 1 point ago
ObongoForPrison2020 1 point ago

I find it increasingly interesting that GWB, who I still think was a lousy president, does actually appear to be not as bad as many thought he was at the time. Obongo, who was also a lousy president, manages to get worse and worse in retrospect.

Wesley2012 1 point ago

Obama wasn’t good for nothing except being adored by Hollywood lefties. Wtf?

higgles 1 point ago

Interesting that the article can't be bothered to mention who was president at the time. As if those masks were deployed by "someone" but we may never know who.

But this pandemic? Definitely Trump's fault! Not the dems running down the reserves. Not the dems playing partisan politics instead of passing stimulus bills. 100% Trump.

The corporate media is the enemy of the people.

YouKnowWhatItIs87 0 points ago

The Trump ‘mismanaged this crisis because not enough tests are available’ bullshit is really stupid to me. Someone correct if I’m wrong, but this was a new unheard of virus, of course we’re not going to have a stockpile of tests, yet companies are rapidly innovating and under Trump’s leadership we’ve tested more people in 8 days than South Korea has in 8 weeks with a population of 6 times the size. How anyone could buy into this is utterly insane. Imagine how a ‘Jeb Bush’ would’ve handled this, we’d be getting the Green New Deal and tons of other garbage spending. Only Trump can force Pelosi’s hand on this matter, any other candidate would’ve been too much of a pussy and just signed whatever so they looked good. OTOH, sad to say it because this really is unprecedented and the govt has forced the economy to hault, but now we’re going to have to live with and defend the fact that our President is going to sign the largest spending bill ever.

deleted -1 points ago *
Breakfaststout 0 points ago

They were not the ones who depleted the stock, how would they know to replenish unless some hold overs said something.

ebenezer_caesar -1 points ago

So who in the current administration’s fault is this. 0 has been out of office for 3 years. Shouldn’t someone have checked and fixed this in those 3 years?!

Ballind 0 points ago

Maintaining the status quo isn't the same as depleting a strategic reserve. Holdovers from the Obama administration in the agencies responsible for the reserve should be removed but you can't really hold incoming people responsible for combing through every action of the Obama administration and fixing them. You would have a point if it was raised to the Trump admin and a decision was declined but we would need to see evidence of that to make the leap

ebenezer_caesar 1 point ago

That makes sense, and I’m not trying to blame POTUS. I’m questioning the fact that there have been 4 directors of the CDC since VSG was sworn in - was it one of their duties or someone else’s?

Dirk_Diggler 0 points ago

That was the point I was trying to make. This went through multiple hands and there was ample opportunity to make plans to resupply. Whether thisnwas out of some financial or logistical hiccup or just being negligent is left to be seen.

Sometimes shit is easy to aquire, then when you go to maintain or replenish stock, red tape and different priorities can be a monster. Then when an emergency does happen, it turns into a blame game.

It doesn't have to be anyone's "fault" necessarily, but at the very least there should be an explanation.