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genoze [S] 9 points ago

I have been trying to find when Joe Biden changed his position on this. I heard somewhere that it was only 9-10 days ago. Does anyone have any link to that story? I have a feeling that information will be very important come election time.

blackestknight 5 points ago

Probably some time in the last 12 days. Seeing how this is a 12 day old tweet. Meaning he's an idiot without any foresight.

nrjk 8 points ago

Um, the plan is to keep people where they are, guy.

He didn't even write this. It was some cumguzzler 30 something that writes tweets for Democrats over 50.

Notice how the style is exactly like a Hillary tweet: a feckless, weak, boring, milquetoast, soyfilled, focus group tested statement that says absolutely nothing.

BeauBidenBrainTumor 2 points ago

It's done under his name on his behalf. Slow Joe owns this one.

SoCalMatt 3 points ago

The left-"We need to social distance and shelter inplace until this blows over"

Also the left-"Let the virus travel the world freely via international travel"

Kaiheitai 2 points ago

Wow, that was only on 3.12. what's your non-travel plan to stop a virus that only survives by jumping from person to person, Joe?

Crockett 2 points ago

"We need a plan, not a, um.. plan."

-Joe Biden

JoeSnifDaKidz 2 points ago

The 30330 is really the running joke of his twitter. It’s like a constant repeat of the debate where he mixed up a website with a phone number. Idiot.

remember1776 2 points ago

Banning travel is one way to ‘combat it’, shit for brains.

Kbing007 1 point ago

"I've got the perfect plan to prevent coronavirus, oh? I'm out if time. Nevermind" -JB

PhantomShield72 1 point ago

Apparently, the only travel ban the Democrats like is one that prevents Americans from going to work...

MeatloafFvck 1 point ago

Joe go take you nap and juice & cookies will be waiting for you when you wake up

KingMob 1 point ago

JoooooeeeePeeeedddooooooo! Sniff Sniff, Where am I!

KingMob 1 point ago

Creepy Sleepy JoePedo.