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PyroSphere 146 points ago

Too bad congress is infected with a cancer called democrats. Led by two people who hate America. Schumer and Pelosi are both enemies of the republic. Their fellow dims are co-conspirators. They feel now is a good time to hold the country hostage, they will pay for that arrogance and evil.

mikeroolz 63 points ago

Elections have consequences. Lets make sure this doesn't happen again.

RedPaladin 37 points ago

If the dems get this bill passed, elections will never have consequences.

thisguy883 21 points ago


But the Senate will stop it before it gets to POTUS's desk.

And if the Senate backstabs POTUS, I hope he goes on air and explains why he will veto this thing so that everyone understands how truly fucked up the Democrat party is.

garythfla1 13 points ago

This is what I'm waiting to see....if the Republicans bitch and moan about the pork but pass it anyways "because people need help" or if they reach down and grab their balls and hold their ground.

Edit: Lots of people DO need help, not debating that but what Pelosi has put in this bill is bullshit. There has to be a line.

SuperSilly 13 points ago

This is where I am, too. My daughter is a waitress at a restaurant that is currently closed and, has no income. She is also a single mother going to college. As much as I hate that she is suffering because of this, I would rather that she move in with me than see this bill pass. This bill is disgusting. Crying Chuckie has only proven than he ranks BELOW Nancy Pelosi. The senate bill was done until that drunk-old-bag flew in on the red eye and put a stop to it.

raybiker73 3 points ago

I picture Nanzi Palsi freaking out and screaming because Cuck used a wire hanger for her clothes.

VetforTrump 6 points ago (edited)

I would rather die than let the dems win this evil game they started. Put the call out Mr. Prez the vets are with u

Ithrowawaay 10 points ago

I hate that I hear this in Crying Cucks voice.

Afrikaner_Vrystaat 20 points ago

So at what point do politicians get tried for treason?

RedPaladin 11 points ago

When a president whom is willing to go down in history as a dictator arrises.

Sad, but that's what it's going to take. Until there is a FAR-right president in office, the back and forth will continue.

streakybacon 16 points ago

I disagree with that. Treason is not neccessarily dictatorial but would require strong proof. Remember there was a coup against Trump...

RedPaladin 10 points ago

I'm speaking about how the media and the 99% liberal historians will write it.

streakybacon 8 points ago

What if we write it?

RedPaladin 10 points ago

That's going to take a lot of purging.

We've seen how history treats those who enact a purge, no matter how necessary it was.

IndigoAura 4 points ago

2024 will probably be the last chance for this.

thisguy883 8 points ago

2024 is going to be a wild fucking ride. That's for sure.

HilarityComplex 15 points ago

Hijacking the top comment for a public service announcement -

If you are in a state that has locked down all businesses except "essential businesses," be aware that lawn and landscape maintenance companies are most likely considered essential.

Lawn maintenance and landscape maintenance are considered critical infrastructure as lawns and green spaces need to be maintained to keep public health and safety maximized.

This has been confirmed by my state government and is most likely the case for all states.

Confirm with your state association and know that you can work if you so choose.

And if you're peering out of your blinds and see crews maintaining someone's yard across the street, for the love of god don't call the cops.

Let them tend to things that actually matter.

I know that this seems fairly random, but if one person realizes that they can keep pulling in a paycheck that otherwise would be worried sick then it is worth it.

Mother_of_gains 23 points ago

A lot of times you can call ICE on the lawn Care companies though

OrganicVandal 16 points ago

I think what he means is that if you don’t have a job, start mowing lawns.

ADAM_SCHITT 7 points ago


cuckslasher 4 points ago

ay caramba

turdinthepunch 2 points ago

in NY threatening to call ICE is a crime. This is why you do not threaten to call, you just call.

roscoeSteele 3 points ago

Lol new York can eat my nuts

TehAgent 9 points ago

Construction is also essential in my state. The wording is a little foggy but its there. For the time being I have all of my employees kicking ass out there today.

doug2 3 points ago

Lucky for me I sell automation components to manufacturers. I am considered essential, and should be, because our parts keep the plants running that make literally everything, including masks and ventilators.

HilarityComplex 3 points ago

And think about all of the businesses that you rely on for supplies and services. Once you expand that concept out to all "critical infrastructures," it becomes clear that in reality there are very, very, very, very few nonessential businesses.

sharkman100 3 points ago

I own a lawn fertilizing company. Still making sales!! Still making money!!

HilarityComplex 1 point ago

Lawn maintenance and landscaping crews are some of my biggest customers as well. I contacted many of them this morning to confirm with them that they were "allowed" to work.

Some are just starting out and were very worried about their employees and were very happy to know that they can keep helping them support their families.

Communication is key!

Small business runs this country.

grassshrimp 2 points ago

I'm in NJ, and although the legislation was kind of vague, all of the construction and landscaping jobs around me haven't stopped.

VetforTrump 0 points ago

Really, then why don't we mow the wilderness. Lawn care is not essential friend

HilarityComplex 2 points ago

Stop mowing and maintaining the lots and green areas in towns and you'll find out that it is a critical practice very quick.

All businesses are essential businesses, imo, but we're going by government mandated "essential businesses" at this point and they are saying that lawn maintenance and landscaping companies are essential to critical infrastructure.

So those people can work and they need to know that they can.

deleted 7 points ago
Hillarys_Diaper 4 points ago

March on Washington?

deleted 6 points ago
ADAM_SCHITT 7 points ago

Send Rand Paul back to work!

angryamerican1964 3 points ago

The Mussolini treatment comes to mind

Getfuckedcommietrash 4 points ago

We must destroy them and take back the house.

RobertSparks777 3 points ago

Don't forget Trojan horse Republicans.

DblFistinPiston 2 points ago

Trump is the cure for their bullshit. They are definitely getting stomped in November. House senate and white house coming next year. They just committed political suicide.

WolfLovesTrump 2 points ago

Is there a way for a president to give aid directly to the people & bypass congress?

As soon as people seen the results of hydrochloriquine & Azithromycin I think people will calm down.

So much happens behind the scenes. I trust the plan.

Ithrowawaay 81 points ago

Peak 🌎🤡

Let’s put industry killing, hyper regulation into a “stimulus” bill.

Sheer genius, Lloyd.

559throw 13 points ago

Peak world clown?

Ithrowawaay 9 points ago

Posted prior to my covfefe, but the hell with it, it stays.

IndigoAura 5 points ago

I didn't see anything unusual about peak world clown.

Seems totally fitting.

WOMP_WOMP_FAGGOT 6 points ago

That's how clown world we've become. It's now world clown. We've come full circle.

christianknight 2 points ago

Peak commie

RumDrummer 52 points ago

I'm baffled that they're just this stupid. With the country watching so closely they think they can shoehorn in their own agenda. They might as well just secede the election before the end of March because they're going to be buried in the landslide come November.

AloweiseEdelHuberIII 30 points ago

They may be that stupid.

See Impeachment for details.

AbrahamLincoln 21 points ago

And they didn't just try to slip in one or two things - if they had, it probably would have worked for them. Instead they submitted 1400 pages of random bullshit.

JW_Rock 8 points ago

Because they don't want a bill that helps the situation until americans are so bad off they are begging for socialism.

cuckslasher 3 points ago

degenerate scum

Count_Dyscalculia 12 points ago

Their beds are made by another Power System outside of The United States. The new Globalist Regime is attempting an overthrow of the current Power Structure in as many Nation States as possible, ours included. How do I know this? Occam's Razor leads to the simplest answers. How are they getting their money, Us or "Them"? Who benefits from their decisions, Us or "Them"? Who is immune from their decisions, Us or "Them"?

Every Decision, Every Policy, Every Platform. Everything they promote is designed to destroy the United States and the Constitution. Nothing they do supports that unless it is for a small timeframe with which to then gain an advantage (read 1st Amendment etc.) and the destroy the very things that helped them to gain power.

Example: Twitter......

Jack Dorsey is GAY. He no longer has to worry about being arrested for that, nor does he fear reprisals for that in his personal or public life. How was he and his kind able to do that? The 1st Amendment.....Freedom of Speech! Homosexuals were able to protest their conditions, make arguments against Laws banning them or having them arrested and in the end their arguments prevailed. All because they had FREEDOM OF SPEECH!

What does the CEO of Twitter do now? He takes every measure possible to restrict the Free Speech of anyone else despite that it's very existence was what enabled him to be openly Homosexual with no fear of reprisal.

These people are scum and they have a Totalitarian/Authoritarian Agenda and part of that agenda is that YOU are a "nothing person" and THEY are a form of Elites who have a form of Divine Right to rule over you since they've become successful in life to the tune of being Uber Rich while you slave away in your Job.

They hate you and want you dead. Period.

Hillarys_Diaper 7 points ago

They own the failure now. I hope trump uses the treasury.

PursuitOfTruth 5 points ago

Why wouldn't they try? They think the media will cover for them like they always do and the 40% of people in America who don't pay taxes probably won't give a shit, or even have a clue this is happening. And this is a golden opportunity for them to make a buttload of money from their donors, all in the name of fighting this evil virus.

You're probably not really baffled, you know why. We gotta get this virus solved and get back to draining.

deleted 3 points ago
texascpa 41 points ago

We all should know what the ultimate goal of the Dems is - force Trump to veto the bill so he becomes the bad guy.

thuggishruggishtrump 28 points ago

That shit ain't gone work, people are starting to wake up.

Omgwtfbbq 15 points ago

I’m surprised to see anti pelosi hashtags trending.

Hillarys_Diaper 12 points ago

Can you imagine if 0bama or Satan (Hillary Clinton) were president where would be on this very day? We would be sucking Chinas cock and buying their medical supplies hand over fist. Instead, China is falling into the grave they helped dig for us.

IntrepidBurger 7 points ago

Nothing riles up a Leftist like being told they aren't getting their free money.

ADAM_SCHITT 2 points ago

Even the leftist weather.com said the democrats blocked the stimulus bill.

RecoveringNPC 2 points ago

Don't worry, they will be fixed later this morning!

memespectator 17 points ago

They will start to realise that Trump will open up the rest of the country and that it is the Blue States that will suffer most and they will know it was the Dems who betrayed them.

Basedkekistani2020 11 points ago

Exactly, he probably wasn't going to win NY CA anyways with all the election fraud

Hillarys_Diaper 14 points ago

I saw this coming long ago. I have friends and Family in California. They are all exceedingly pissed and scared of California Governor. He is flying drones scaring the children and shit. RED PILL!!!!! My sister is now a die hard Conservative Black woman. People in these Blue states are going to bring the recession. The other states will be ok.

ADAM_SCHITT 4 points ago

Especially since California has a lot fewer cases than other less populous states. The shithole of LA county only has 537 cases. NYC has like 20,000.

Hillarys_Diaper 3 points ago

I'm born/raised/Escaped From/Refugee from Los Angeles Commifornia.... it makes sense why there are so few cases. People are not packed like sardines in Los Angeles. LA is comparatively spread apart. There are entire miles long stretches with very low human contact in los Angeles

thisguy883 2 points ago

There are lines around the corner just to go into my neighborhood grocery store.

They are letting people in slowly and locking the doors when too many people go in.

For the people who want socialism, THAT is what it's like every day, not just during a virus outbreak.

Hillarys_Diaper 1 point ago

In California?

thisguy883 1 point ago

Texas, actually.

buco 9 points ago

I doubt McConnell would even bring it up for a vote in the Senate.

Hillarys_Diaper 8 points ago

He's our turtle.

lexrc 2 points ago

Turtles live under water. He's a tortoise.

ADAM_SCHITT 2 points ago

But what about cocaine?

DAR1783 39 points ago


We will be going back to normal--or the new normal-- at the end of the 15 days.
The meds will work (I think they're already working)
The economy will jumpstart just fine
Our new normal will be practical measures---in our world, dumb people sneeze on stuff and illegals bring all kinds of diseases. Wash your hands and don't touch your face. Walk the other way when people sneeze and cough

msm/commies will come up with another fake scandal soon enough

Hillarys_Diaper 15 points ago

I think you are correct. The economy is Trump's expertise. He already has a date in mind. Philadelphia opens up on th 27th. Trump is a leader the Globalists wanted to keep from us.

AlphaNathan 3 points ago

Correct. I'd also like to unsee your username.

Hillarys_Diaper 2 points ago


IntrepidBurger 5 points ago

There will be a dip as it all restarts. Poor Q1 earnings results, some foreclosures and layoffs, etc.

It'll be pretty healthy well before election though.

CheckorHold 5 points ago

It pisses me off when someone can't wait to cough until after they walk by me. I hold my breath for a while when I'm walking by a spot I saw someone sneeze or cough in though.

DAR1783 3 points ago

I've been doing that for years. I'll turn around and speed off the other direction. Had a pretty bad flu that took weeks to fully recover from. Don't want to go through that again if I can help it.

SD_Pede 29 points ago

Climate change is the poster child for "The Cure is Worse Than The Problem."

NADSAQ 8 points ago

Half the climate zealots think humans are the problem and would gladly exterminate our species on behalf of Gaia Earth Mother.

TrumpsColossalBalls 3 points ago

The cure is worse than the problem seems to be the leading Democrat ideology for EVERYTHING at this point.

They identify a problem and then come up with the most unAmerican destructive way possible to deal with it.

School shooting? Revise the constitution to take guns away from legal gun owners.

These fucks are the scourge of the earth.

cuckslasher 2 points ago

the same people that support climate change action are also against any kind of mining in the west but galdly accept mines in 3rd world shitholes in africa and Asia


AloweiseEdelHuberIII 19 points ago

The Democrats have chosen this moment to show Democrat supporters how ignorant they are.

wallbouncing 16 points ago

The bill includes unlimited voters mailed by a designee, aka Steve can mail in 100 ballots of dead people now instead of finding individual people to go vote, so voter ID won't even matter.


Page 873

EDDIT_IS_CUCKED 14 points ago

Remember when Congress impeached Trump for "withholding aid" to Ukraine?

What the fuck is Congress doing now? Withholding aid from US Citizens. If it was ever abundantly clear that Congress does not represent you, now is the time.

Tomtoonami93 11 points ago

The green New Deal is completely nonsensical if you actually open it and read it. There is a section proposing that every house be converted to electric baseboard heat.

Anyone who has ever had a home with electric baseboard knows how inefficient and expensive it is. The power draw is nearly 200 watts per foot; the carbon footprint is insane. States who actually give a fuck about the environment have programs to try to slowly convert electric homes to Natural Gas.

The Democratic party is retarded.

RiverFenix 8 points ago

If the Plastic Straws fiasco was any indication, by 2030 we'll be back to burning wood stoves in the house for heating AND cooking...

Burning trees is better for the environment than letting them suck up all the CO2

cuckslasher 3 points ago


RiverFenix 1 point ago

Like a wooden dildo

SnipedYou 9 points ago

The difference between Democrats and Republicans is that Democrats want to put people out of work, Republicans want to get people work. The choice is simple.

deleted 1 point ago
AloweiseEdelHuberIII 8 points ago

Okay say the bill is severely compromised and McConnell says go with Trumps blessing.

Could Trump just EO the bill and say this will not be mandated, nor this, etc.

Hillarys_Diaper 5 points ago

His Executive Order would receive an almost instant block from liberal Federal Judges. Signing that thing would place Americain into point of no return. Actually, the Democrats are to stupid to realize that they're accidentally helping the American public by not allowing us to have extra debt. I hope trump resorts to using some of the China Tariffs to pay Main street America.

NADSAQ 5 points ago

What you’re talking about is Line Item Veto, which is the wet dream of every President and will never be given to any President.

TheNewRepublic 7 points ago

The president needs to hammer this hard and drive the point that the left is politicizing this from the beginning.

xxxMAGA420xxx 7 points ago

That tweet must have severely triggered the democrats. I've never seen 5 democrats replying to every one conservative on a trump tweet.

I can literally feel the REEEEing through my computer monitor.

Gmama2 5 points ago

The Bill should have 2 things: Aid to workers laid off during the crisis. Loans/grants to keep small businesses afloat.

Everything else can come later.

deleted 2 points ago
dakin116 5 points ago

I think even Tim pool is getting red pilled over this

Hillarys_Diaper 2 points ago

How so. What he say?

dakin116 1 point ago

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C_CxhOwdnU0 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KOTZMJMbyxc

i don't usually watch his stuff, but these were popping onto my feed yesterday

MAGA_Doge 4 points ago

Wait, wasn’t the “Green New Deal” a horribly written community college essay? It was some idiots ideas on what America should be like? I’m not sure if it was an essay, more like bullet points with absolutely no logic or math to support the ideas.

deleted 4 points ago
CheckorHold 3 points ago

Green New Deal is more like a Red Rehashed Manifesto that you can read about in history for all failed governments.

deleted 3 points ago
Centipedeboy 3 points ago

The problem is the president has to pass something, Nancy is absolutely disgusting for doing this. To me it is a sign that they probably think trump wins again and this is their chance to pass some liberal policy because they have an awful candidate.

HumphreyBeans 3 points ago

Trump doesn’t have to pass a Green New Deal. The failure to pass a workable bill is solely on the dems.

Centipedeboy 1 point ago

But if nothing passed what happens?

DeathBattleFan123 4 points ago

I've thought a lot about this in the last few days. I hope they pass something to help people and businesses, but if they don't, I have faith in the American worker and the American business owner. We will survive and prosper. Remember, prosperity comes from the American people.

Hillarys_Diaper 2 points ago

True Leader

VetforTrump 2 points ago (edited)

Just want to put this out there regarding the irus and the adreno home people. Adrenochrome causes iron ferritin chemically FEFE.

COVID - 19. FEFE. Perhaps Covfefe? Any other info. Look up wormwood. Interesting coincidence

LetFreedomRing 2 points ago

Democrats never cared about Americans.

King 2 points ago

maybe never shoild havbe shut them down

BurgerChef90 2 points ago

Just saw a comment on Fox on an article about the bill that said

"Is Trump going to run as a Republican socialist next time? His small remaining base would love that."

Is that a new NPC talking point? Somehow, the base is small, and yet, I hear a lot of folks on here and elsewhere who didn't vote for him in '16 but will in '20. And nearly every time I hear someone say they voted for him in '16 but won't in '20, they end up getting caught in their lie.

Also, another comment said "I've only read about this pork in the far right rag Fox, give me proof of it." I mean, they could have just the damn bill. That would have told them about the pork in it.

But also kind of funny to call Fox a "far right rag" considering it's been infiltrated by leftists for quite some time. If Fox is a far right rag, why isn't CNN considered a far left rag? Why is it leftists will call "right wing" media rags cause of their "bias" but ignore the fact that CNN, Washington Post, et. al. are in the pockets of the DNC and do whatever it takes to make the Dems look good and Trump and Republicans look bad? Fox is terrible, but they're still less biased than CNN every hoped they could be.

I guess being a hypocrite is a requirement for being a leftist.

masshole3 2 points ago




tonightm97 2 points ago

Emergency powers. Disband Congress and the Senate.

Get the money the American people need asap.

findthewarmspot 2 points ago

Sad that line item veto power was taken away. Bastards!

sharkman100 2 points ago


PotentialWizard 2 points ago

The Dems are hellbent on destroying America.

AntiLefta 1 point ago

Am I the only one seeing Nancy and Chucky's version of the bill as future weaponization of the information they're going to require from companies?

That is, I think they know they're going to lose hard in November, so they're trying to jam in what they can. Who is going to complain about companies being forced to report data on gender and pay and stuff when the entire nation is at stake?

Then, fast forward to coming election cycles - guess what information gets used and twisted to vilify companies that don't stand in line with the dems?

thedaynos 1 point ago

i fucking love this messaging. most libbies i know are not in favor of the green new deal. this is how you win on twitter when 99% of the media is against you..

angryamerican1964 1 point ago

I will be surprised if we make it to November without major riots against the democrats

Bbme19 1 point ago

I think democrats made it easier for President Trump to campaign against Joe Biden's VP pick. The economy would never come back with the green new deal (wow! Typing that out made me think, 'oh, what a nice name!')

GeoG85 1 point ago

Why don't we clog the bill right back?

Lifetime payments for America's Veterans, money for a Northern Wall too. More funding for Border Control, Law Enforcements.

deleted 1 point ago
rlst 1 point ago

Revolt. They want a civil war. They can have it. Lets show them that guns will beat milkshakes and soy lattes anytime of the day 😂

Dialectic 1 point ago

Fucking thank you! That's my man

blueeyephoto 1 point ago

hey Nancy, why don't you throw in some grant money to your university buddies to study farting butterflies. it makes about as much sense in this relief package as everything else you've proposed so far.

jcd_007 1 point ago

The Democrats see this crisis as political opportunity. People are dying, and the Dems are thinking about how best to force “woke” ideology on corporate America. People are losing jobs and the Dems are more concerned about attacking airlines to appease the climate cult. This is disturbing and disgusting. The left must lose in November.

independentbystander 1 point ago

For the DNC it is. The obstructionist opportunistic Leftist Democrats and their financiers are following their mantra of "By Any Means Necessary"/"Never let a crisis go to waste."

Pelosi is using this national emergency as an excuse to push irrelevant Greed New Deal policies and "diversity?"/Identity Politics Leftist Agenda claptrap that they can't get passed otherwise. It's using "riders" on a bill as a Trojan Horse.

sun_wolf 1 point ago

I like it. Great branding. It’s not the Green New Deal anymore, it’s the Ridiculous Green New Deal.

freespeech4all 1 point ago

what happened to his twitter? or is it just me? I click and it says something is wrong

Sketch 0 points ago

What's up my patriots!

dakkath 0 points ago

I fucking pray to god that ballot harvesting shit is removed.

Bidensdementia -1 points ago

Then don't sign it with any of that crap in it. Unfortunately, I think Trump will sign whatever he can get.

IndigoAura 2 points ago

I don't think so. He's trying to end the contrived panic and open the economy back up. He will let the dems hang themselves by bullshitting around with the relief package.