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And it works. Especially if you call their bosses. I will never doxx a person but we are LOSING the soul of this country to thugs. If someone is advertising their employer or school while making comments about how they want to see Conservatives and Libertarians die, I want to hear their employer's reasoning for keeping that person employed when millions of Americans could fulfill that position and be better representatives.

This all started when a leftist in my community kept suggesting he should cough on my sick father's doorknob. I keep seeing leftists acting like animals. I think it's time we start sticking up for ourselves.

And it works. Especially if you call their bosses. I will never doxx a person but we are LOSING the soul of this country to thugs. If someone is advertising their employer or school while making comments about how they want to see Conservatives and Libertarians die, I want to hear their employer's reasoning for keeping that person employed when millions of Americans could fulfill that position and be better representatives. This all started when a leftist in my community kept suggesting he should cough on my sick father's doorknob. I keep seeing leftists acting like animals. I think it's time we start sticking up for ourselves.
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JacksonsGhost 165 points ago

The worst thing that could happen is if good people did nothing.

cyberpunkstreetart 58 points ago

This x1000%

Ekgamut 27 points ago

Doing nothing is a choice as well.

Rex112 0 points ago

Things like this are a good start, but we need real action to make real change. Things would have to get worse before they get better, a sacrifice that I'd be willing to make if I wasn't alone.

nuhbin 98 points ago

I ain't mad at ya, some people have to be the ones that play by the enemies rules

DrCowboyPresident 57 points ago

It's way past time to fight.

Everquest4Life 20 points ago

I AINT IN NO WAYS TIRED! -Hotsauce McArkancide

Bluestorm83 38 points ago

It's not even playing by the enemy's rules, it's just self defense. If someone comes at you with harsh words, you cuss him out. If he takes a swing at you, you beat his ass. If he tries to stab you, you shoot him to death. If they try to destroy OUR lives, retaliation is not some sort of final resort that we only take with tears in our eyes, retaliation is basic necessity.

Somehow we've accepted this false story where we'll overcome by ignoring them. Bullshit. It didn't work when my mother told me to try that on my bully (ended when I'd had enough and forced a confrontation that would end either with him pussing out in front of the class and backing down, or me making him eat a fucking desk. He pussed out,) and it's not going to work here. You deal with a bully by standing up to him.

cluckingducks 8 points ago

Fucking moms.

Bluestorm83 1 point ago

My mom did the best she could, but there is a reason it takes a Woman AND A MAN to make a baby. My dad was never really in the picture (no grudge, I wish him all the best,) but thank Christ in Heaven for my grandfathers and then my Stepdad. Children, young boys especially, need that harsher side of the coin, to give us the challenges to overcome, the confidence to mature, the backup when things go wrong, and most importantly the carefully calibrated smackdown when WE go wrong, to get us back to a place where we can learn the right things again.

Conservativechick 7 points ago

My son was being bullied in 1st grade. Talked to the teacher, told him to tell the recess monitor etc. still going on. After a week of this I finally said, if he starts to bully you again, you punch him in the stomach as hard as you can.

Never got bothered again.

VetforTrump 3 points ago (edited)

Its the bullshit they're having on the playground. Someone insults you laugh, they try to hurt you, you fuck em up and make em pay for being g evil.

firestorm117 32 points ago

A good rebel learns the rules of their enemies, bides their time, gathers their plan and learns how to trap their enemies with their own rules. The biggest mistake the cocky can make is to underestimate a rebel that is patient. Look how they did that with Trump. He's seen the shit, he's seen friends and neighbors, fellow citizens and people he's cared about die due to negligence, incompetence, or just plain intentional inaction, and he's bided for years waiting to strike back.

MichellesMingy 94 points ago

Doxx away, the left has no problem with it. The majority of them deserve it.

BKav 59 points ago

It’ll likely lead to a pedo off the street too.👍

Afeazo 64 points ago

One time I got into an argument with a lefty and he made some comment about my post history, basically calling me a t_d troll “based on my post history”. I didn’t even check his account, I just said in a low blow easy reply “based on your post history, you are a pedophile”.

Dude was messaging me non stop for over a week. First reply was “okay you took my comments out of context” then he deleted most of his account and was threatening my life saying he would find me. Lol. These people are pedos, you don’t even have to look into it, just call them out and they will squirm.

HungNavySeal300Kills 36 points ago

That's good Jerry, we call that a blind hole in one. You expected nothing but you hit the bulls eye.

Talismanace 22 points ago

More often than not, even a blind accusation of some form of degeneracy will make em' squirm, even if it isn't true., But yeah the fact that dude panicked so hard to the point of threatening physical violence, methinks he's indeed a pedo.

accountable 0 points ago

You'll squirm like a little bitch too if someone starts calling you a pedo. Because EVERYTHING is on the line with that shit. It could even cost you your life. Yeah, if there's a reason to think an individual may be a pedo based on stuff they've done then fire away. But just to use blind accusation as a weapon? GTFOH with that evil shit.

VetforTrump 2 points ago

Said he find you? What a gift.

accountable -23 points ago

Yeah, these people are dangerous & evil. Baselessly throwing pedo accusations makes you the same.

Quest723 20 points ago


Democrat cities are Sanctuary cities. They release child rapists so ICE can't catch them.

Ergo, if you support Democrat policies, you support releasing child rapists. What kind of person supports child rapists escaping justice?

Other pedophiles.

accountable 1 point ago

Accusing randos of being a pedo without just cause is unjustifiable. With your "ergo" logic you're doing exactly what they do: accuse because "muh ends justify". GTFOH with that immoral shit.

Bluestorm83 3 points ago

Dangerous is not evil. Nor is proportional response.

accountable 1 point ago

Proportional response? Sure, 100%. But the response should be based on morals. Otherwise it's just a race to depravity.

Bluestorm83 1 point ago

The response should be based on not allowing their morality to be the one that's passed on because it's the one that wins.

accountable 1 point ago

That is, EXACTLY, my point. Thank you!

accountable 1 point ago

Downvoted for advocating basic morality? Don't wrongly accuse? It's one of the 10 commandments. Don't do that shit. Doesn't matter what someone has done, it doesn't justify you making false accusations. It really is that simple.

RaisedByWolves 0 points ago

I agree with you. It's a funny story but it's better to stick to the truth when fighting back. Idiot always works well as the definition of an idiot is someone who works against their own self interests.

accountable 2 points ago

"Hey, we should stick to the truth." => downvotes. Who are these people on here?

RaisedByWolves 1 point ago (edited)

Good question. We have spent years listening to the incessant lies and name calling coming from the left and I'm sick of it. Fuck anybody who would downvote the truth.

JerryJerryJerry 6 points ago

Adding to the list of Dem. petards:

Biden Rule

Nuclear Option

FBI reaching conclusions

Schiff's...God there's so many, so I'll just say "what rights?"

Waicool 49 points ago

Stand Tall Pedes!!!!! Call out these threatening, potentially dangerous, leftist haters

zwiebelsaft 36 points ago

Hey- I already won my battle. I had a boss that threatened my job for posting on T_D, and stalked me on Reddit. I reported his ass to HR with my evidence and a week later, he was escorted off the premises.

45isthebomb 3 points ago

That warms my heart. Should be one of those Hallmark feel good movies!

TD_Covfefe_Crusader 41 points ago

I reported one particularly unhinged individual to the FBI, but he is still posting the same violent threats and death wishes on social media multiple times a day. I'd report them to their employers but most of them don't have jobs.

Troll 39 points ago

FBI only goes after right-wingers.

TD_Covfefe_Crusader 20 points ago

Apparently so.

accountable 1 point ago

They go after people who are independent.

Troll 1 point ago

"Independent" refers to people who do not belong to a party. Did you mean "centrist?"

firestorm117 15 points ago

most of them still live in their parents basement though. Give their parents a call

TD_Covfefe_Crusader 16 points ago

Most of the ones I know are over age 65. Not kidding.

The guy I reported to the FBI is 66 years old.

polish_snausage 8 points ago (edited)

Wow. All the old people I know (and it's mostly family) are so based. I am so blessed.

My grandma has been treated terrible by some people her community because she supports our President. So sad

firestorm117 1 point ago

doesn't mean they don't still live in their moms basement

bill_the_butcher 39 points ago

Cause fuck em thats why

MarySmith 29 points ago

Try telling your rich ultraconservative friends that their banks, social networks, favorite businesses all hate conservatives, silence them, cancel them. I try to tell them it is escalating, don't they feel the warming pot starting to boil with their rich white meats in it. Futile.

TD_Covfefe_Crusader 26 points ago

It is frustrating that so many people are in willful ignorance or outright denial of the reality of this worsening situation. I have several friends who just don't want to hear it. They won't be able to ignore it for much longer, and the wake up call is going to hurt.

IncredibleMrE1 18 points ago

For many people, burying one's head in the sand is far more comfortable than facing reality.

DrCowboyPresident 16 points ago

They won't be able to ignore it for much longer, and the wake up call is going to hurt.

It needs to happen, and it needs to hurt. Hard times make strong men.

BKav 11 points ago

Wish I could triple upvote. Be ready for hard times if the Dems get their way. Also, use extra cash for guns and ammo.

And voila! We have all their toilet paper and hand sanitizer!! Ta da!

Please_Clap 8 points ago

This whole Wuhan Chyna Virus stay at home thing is waking up some of them.

MarySmith 5 points ago

What is truly disappointing, is where they have invested. Trump voters who spread their wealth across portfolios of companies who are complicit with the leftist cancel mob, and propagandist media complexes. WTH good does it do to watch Fox all day when you hold and create value in corrupt anti-Bill of Rights anti-white Sustainability and Diversity companies, all virtue signalling furiously after moving factories (and the entire US manufacturing core) to China for the last 20 years.

RosieODonald 9 points ago

That's because we are not fighting "just another voting block". It's a lot more sinister than that. This is the greatest poison ever concoted by the boomer generation and they probably see it as their last chance to change this country according to their misguided ideas:

Stefan Molyneaux and Diana West (James Comey is a Commie and more): https://youtu.be/N5RLR77bpr4

americathegr888 5 points ago

Actual ultra conservatives aren't the problem, milquetoasts are. Try telling most supposed conservatives that importing 900,000 legal immigrants that vote left per year is a bad idea just so we can virtue signal about the 100,000 that don't, or that importing people to drive down our own wages, EVEN LEGALLY, is a stupid fucking idea, especially when they've demonstrated they are nothing like Americans and never will be.

They'll call you a "NAHTZEE" just like the left will.

deleted 1 point ago
AngryCitizen 26 points ago

OP: A Patriot who realizes we are at war. At war with an invisible enemy - and it ain’t no fucking virus.

Mr_Dr_Jullian_Dunbar 4 points ago

Interesting how I read between the lines of Trump saying this very thing a few days ago.

AngryCitizen 3 points ago

That’s why he talks the way he does. He is a master at layering his speech with messages encoded for specific audiences. And I don’t mean necessarily in a conspiratorial Q kind of way.

Example: he will say “Crime is worse than it’s ever been!” at a rally. The obtuse will Fact Check it false, but if YOU live in a part of the country where crime IS worse, getting worse, always bad, or you’ve been directly impacted by crime, then YOU are the intended target of the message and it rings true for you. Others who aren’t TDS it just washes over them and has no real impact one way or the other.

He’s a genius.

Yucky 26 points ago

You're doing the right things.

Thugs only understand one thing: pain.

If you aren't inflicting some type of pain, they aren't listening.

firestorm117 12 points ago

people seem to think that the only way to take the high road is to not stoop to their level, which they've convinced themselves means to not fight back no matter how much they strike you. You can still fight back and maintain the high road. When cowards try to swing with sucker punches and dirty fighting, you take the swing and let them swing first, but just brace yourself and then grab them and drag them out into the street. Give them a good clean punch in front of everyone. You just have to fight clean when they fight dirty. Use their rules against them, but do it in a clean way. And knock them out so they don't get another chance to sucker punch you again.

cyberpunkstreetart 21 points ago

It's about damn time.

wompwompman 18 points ago

Yeah, I see nothing wrong with what you've done. I suggest everyone does this. It's time to take the fight to them. Give them a taste of cancel culture too and see if they will persist in it afterwards.

27Sandino 14 points ago

You seen that video going around of that father just slapping the hell out that pedo for talking to his kids, that would be me if someone threatened to cough on my sick father's door, I'd pretty much give the same speech too.

I'll turn the other cheek for almost everything but not this.

Butthurt 3 points ago

Good father. Showed restraint as well

DontGiveUp 11 points ago

Good job. I just contacted Campus Reform regarding an article that was released by my university's news website which equated attacking the Chinese Communist Party as xenophobic. I don't know whether or not Campus Reform will do anything, but I do know that it is about time the radical left (including their stranglehold over our education system) gets exposed as much as possible. Everyone here at Donald.win knows about the left's radicalism, but you'd be surprised to see that many people don't follow the news or only follow the mainstream media, so they know absolutely nothing of what the left is becoming. When I go back to the uni, I'll be sure to take pics of the "ACAB" phrase which is continuously graffitied on campus and send an email to the admin, Campus Reform, or whatever group I can send it to that may actually do something.

Please_Clap 10 points ago

I am just glad we can finally have this discussion. Reddit is Asshoe.

irongeek 10 points ago

seen these kind of comments on NextDoor app

Number2withfries 4 points ago

Next door is probably the most cancerous thing ever invented. Nothing but fucking busybody cunts of the worst kind.

DeusVult2020 10 points ago

How do we search for twitter posts like that tho?

snuggs316 17 points ago

go to any major conservative twatter influencer and read the comments. and of course, prez maga gets some hideous comments on his twatter feed. check any maga-congress critter's twatter feed after they detonate a truth bomb.

take your eye bleach.

TD_Covfefe_Crusader 15 points ago

Go to any Democrat's Facebook page and you are bound to see them or one of their friends posting shit like this. You won't have to search long, trust me.

remember1776 7 points ago

Evil wins when good people do nothing

DeusVult2020 6 points ago


zwiebelsaft 4 points ago

See- all I really do is call the left a cult. I don't actually want them dead. Their expression to want us dead is beyond the pale.

Censorddit 4 points ago

It's time to stop being the silent majority. And take back our country my any means necessary.

DragQueenTruckDrag 4 points ago

I dont like libertarians. They want gay education in schools because “freedumbs”

Mr_Dr_Jullian_Dunbar 3 points ago

Libertarians are like communists but without ideals

EndTheFed2 -1 points ago

Please provide context or a link.

thelastlast 4 points ago

agree x 1000.

they've all revealed who they are on social media. forever. that was their biggest fucking mistake of all time.

Perhelion 2 points ago

HERE, HERE! 👍🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

BiglyTrumper 2 points ago

You say it worked - how did it work? Were they fired? What proof did you have to give the employer? Was the threat made in public, in person? I agree with you, we need to fight back, but wondering how the reporting led to a result that "worked."

DrVSGGEOTUSPhD 2 points ago

What happened to the Nursing Home Patriot Killer douchebag?

myvoicecountsonce 2 points ago

Thank you pede, stay strong!

ErmaMaggard 2 points ago

I never thought I'd say this, but the time for civility has passed.

Based_and_proud 2 points ago

The difference here is that pedes get "doxxed" for simply supporting the sitting president. We don't even have to say anything other than post a pro-Trump meme and somehow that's grounds for discipline. Of course these psychotic leftists should be called out, thank you for doing it.

RosieODonald 2 points ago

I think this country has passed a threshold with the Democrats holding us hostage during the pandemic. We need to take action.

FluManChu 2 points ago

Any story of a Leftist getting harmed or killed makes me happy.

Troll 1 point ago

I was a /r/physical_removal moderator. You would have liked our maymays.

EndTheFed2 -5 points ago

Please self-check yourself into the insane asylum.

FluManChu 6 points ago

Shaddup faggot.

EndTheFed2 0 points ago

People are upvoting you for wishing harm on fellow Americans?! I don't, no matter how stupid they appear, or I am no better than they are. I have sympathy, mercy, or better, pity for them, but that doesn't mean I want them to die! Well, Hillary.. I suppose some of them should be sentenced, but the run of the mill leftist doesn't think for themselves, and unless they have committed some sort of crime don't deserve to die, and even then, I'm not happy if they die. That's sadistic.

Troll 5 points ago

That's not insanity. That's a normal and healthy reaction to tyrants.

EndTheFed2 1 point ago

We're talking about Leftists here, not the actual tyrants, at least, that's how I read it. The actual tyrants, they might deserve to lose a head or two, but that still doesn't make me happy. They have an eternal soul and have wasted the life God gave them. That doesn't make me happy. Rather sorry for them.

Troll 1 point ago

Leftists are tyrants whether or not they have power. I have a real big smile on my face when I think of the things pappy Satan can do to them. Ever hear about scaphism? Imagine being Steve Huffman, getting sent to hell, then being subjected to an eternity of infinite justice: infinite suffering. It's great stuff (not for him though).

EndTheFed2 1 point ago

True to your first sentence sadly.......... it's a fine line, I guess I'm opposed to you using the word happy, however, I almost agree with you now as there's more than one meaning. When Mussolini was hung, the people celebrated, they were happy. Considering how I see it again.

Troll 0 points ago

One should feel joy at the misfortune of the left. I, personally, laughed when Heather Heyer died because I know she went to protest alongside antifa and commit violent acts.

iwasbuiltforcomfort 2 points ago

I've been doing the same with people flaunting their illegal status in our country. I've reported close to 100 to ICE over the last few years. I have no problem with letting bosses know how their employees are representing their companies.

Fimbulwinter 1 point ago

People who make pathetic death threats online should be held accountable.

Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

BestTimeToBAlive 1 point ago

God bless you & your dad! I’m going to start doing this too. Enough of their hatred

magabigleague2 1 point ago

Would love to hear some of your stories.

Systemfree4 1 point ago

beat em at their own stupid games . I like it .

leftists_are_trash 1 point ago

I think it's time we start shooting leftists if they come onto our property coughing on doorknobs.

DarthFuckinVader 1 point ago

Hell yeah you ruin them. They wouldn't hesitate to do it to you. Never go high, always much lower, because they never expect that. Then again I hate them so..

eugenehkrabs 1 point ago

Damn straight.

kinbergfan 1 point ago

they only get serious about this if a right winger does it.

killacommieformommy 1 point ago

time for pleasantries and half measures have run their course, they have been playing us for this too long and feel empowered.

Conservativechick 1 point ago

Yes. The reason leftists have gotten so out of hand is that there are never any consequences for their actions. This is the perfect response.

AlaskaBear 1 point ago

Yup, one side of the eagle has been so conditioned to keep their mouth shut it makes and unhealthy bird.

khrysteen 1 point ago

I agree... let's!

americathegr888 1 point ago

You SHOULD doxx them. This isn't Reddit.

AlteredBeast 1 point ago

How about mongrels licking food then putting them back on the shelves?

Thank god for FB, you won’t hear about the car jackings from the faggot media around here.

rattle_snake_master 1 point ago

Say you work for some media outlet and need an answer quickly because you're "working on a deadline"

EDDIT_IS_CUCKED 1 point ago

If someone even suggested to me they would harm my elderly father, one of us would be in jail and the other would be in the dirt. You have more restraint than I.

VetforTrump 1 point ago

Don't worry about it. We may eventually have to do much worse than report them to their boss.

boreal_storm 1 point ago

These people are essentially children. Apply the paddle to their backsides.

tamagosushi 1 point ago

Thats the issue. For years they've taken advantage of the fact that we on the conservative/non-left side are decent people that want to get through their day and live their lives and be left alone. That's why we've sat back in silence while: -Hard leftists have totally infiltrated our university system, flooding it with bullshit social science research -Hard leftists have totally infiltrated our news/entertainment system turning them both into nothing more than radical propoganda channels -Hard leftists have infiltrated our "International" bullshit organizations like the UN and the WHO, turning them into anti-American, anti-Western pro socialist overlords.


These are EVIL people that will NEVER stop. NEVER. They are a cancer to our society and we should no longer treat them are our moral equivalent.

Not a call for violence but sitting in silence needs to END. When they start their ranting about leftists causes in public places, too many of us let them say their piece and move on. NO MORE. Tell them to shut the fuck up! No more backing down! When your obnoxious teacher or cousin starts ranting? Tell them to shut the fuck up. Take your professors to the school board. Post what they put online!

Keep doing what we're doing with these celebs---embarass them. Show the world who they are.

They have bullied us for years. Us! The strong side-the side that fights the wars and goes to work while they sit behind their computers maturbating to DailyKos. Its time for it to end.

utfanx2 0 points ago

If you believe they are a threat to others, report them to the police. Otherwise, let them say dumb shit online.

Butthurt 0 points ago

Yeah there’s nothing wrong with reporting threats of violence